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Virginia Edition

We’re Giving Away another Virginia Edition in 2024!

  For the eighth year in a row, the Society will raffle off a complete set of the Virginia Edition in September, 2024.  All you have to do is join or stay a member!   A  $45 Regular membership is all it takes to enter.  The rules follow: Eligibility: “Regular” members who join or renew their…
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Discord Server–THS Party Event

We’re inviting THS members to join our Discord server and spend some time with us the evening of our party at WorldCon. President JT makes no promises about how much interaction with people at the physical party there will be (we’ll try), but there’s no reason people can’t hang out in the DisCon3 channel at…
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A Note if you are having trouble Joining or Downloading The Heinlein Journal

To all Members or Prospective Members: At the moment, “guest” functionality is disabled on our website store “Cart” system.  If you are a member that previously has just had a PayPal ‘subscription’ (not through the website payment cart system) you may never have had an account on the website.  If you are new to us,…
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2019 Raffle Winners Announced

  We are pleased to announce Walter Luffman as the winner of our third ‘Virginia Edition’ raffle giveaway (pictured above)!  Walter was announced as winner at the end of our 2019 Annual Meeting held September 8, 2019.  Walter lost many of his RAH books to a house fire years ago, so he is really looking…
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Membership Cards

  The majority of the membership has received their permanent membership cards, with the exception of our newest members and some of our life members.  If you have not received a card, please contact our Membership Chair, Ken Walters, at .      

The Heinlein Journal

Heinlein Society Announces Re-Launch of The Heinlein Journal

September 8, 2019– The Heinlein Society (a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to “Paying Forward” the legacy of Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein) today announced the re-launch of The Heinlein Journal, formerly edited by Founding Editor and Heinlein Scholar, William H. Patterson, Jr. The first re-launch issue (Volume 2, Issue 1) is free to all, as is…
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Interview with Eric Gignac | Have Space Suit – Will Travel Graphic Novel

The Heinlein Society: Have Space Suit – Will Travel is the second graphic novel you’ve adapted from Robert A. Heinlein’s works. Did you even take a breather after Citizen of the Galaxy, or did you just plunge right in to the next project? Eric Gignac: We took a bit of a break, but we also…
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THS Receives Permission from Patterson Estate to Continue The Heinlein Journal

The Heinlein world was shocked when RAH’s biographer, William H. Patterson, Jr., passed away suddenly on April 21, 2014, just as the second volume of his epic biography of RAH was about to be published. We here at THS were more than shocked. Bill was not just a colleague in the Heinlein legacy vineyards, but…
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THS Offers Lifetime Membership

For the first time in its 15 year history, the Board of THS has authorized a “Lifetime Membership”, available immediately. It will be priced at $750, which at current annual membership rates works out (for the bookies amongst you) to a bet of 21 years and change to break even on your investment, assuming no…
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Citizen Of The Galaxy Comics Out In All Fine Comic Book Shops

You all know that Citizen of the Galaxy was put out as a high quality graphic novel earlier this year, but for those who missed the Kickstarter campaign, it has now been picked up by IDW, (the third largest distributor of graphic novels) and is being distributed nationwide in three issues ($3.99 per issue). From…
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Since the first shipment in November 2013 we have shipped 4,767 science fiction books to the military.  This includes 1,420 mostly hard cover books shipped by The Heinlein Prize Trust.  The Heinlein Society is also pleased to announce the Trust is donating the cost of shipping for the H4H program.  The program is a huge…
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