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UPDATED Society Activities at MidAmeriCon II

By Keith G. Kato The Heinlein Society’s activities at the 2016 Kansas City World Science Fiction Convention, MidAmeriCon II 40th Anniversary Heinlein Blood Drive: The convention committee has now scheduled THREE days for 40th Anniversary Heinlein Blood Drive: Thursday, August 18 through Saturday, August 20, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM each day. The blood…
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Worldcon 2015 By Keith Kato

Representatives of The Heinlein Society attended Sasquan, the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention, held on Wednesday August 19 through Sunday August 23, 2015 at the Spokane Convention Center and affiliated hotels in Spokane, Washington. Sasquan’s Guests of Honor were artist Brad Foster, SF author David Gerrold (whose first career sale was “The Trouble With Tribbles”…
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Westercon 2015

By Keith Kato Representatives of The Heinlein Society attended Westercon 68, the traditional 4th of July weekend western regional SF convention, held on July 2-5, 2015 at San Diego, CA’s Town and Country Resort Hotel. Westercon’s Guests of Honor were author Spider Robinson (in absentia), artist John Picacio, fan Seanan McGuire, additional guest Mira Grant,…
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Readercon Blood Drive – Saturday, July 13

Blood Drive info at: On Saturday, the American Red Cross Bloodmobile will serve Readercon for the first time for a Heinlein Society Blood Drive! Your consistent support over years means so much, especially during midsummer. Thank you! The ARC and the Heinlein Society will have token gifts of appreciation for all who present…
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Chattacon 2013 First Time Blood Drive

KC Charland shines as our new blood drive coordinator for the Society at Chattacon in Cahattanooga, Tennessee.  Blood Assurance, the service provider she chose, says, “We were very pleased with the drive overall, and the willingness of the donors to share this life saving gift. The efforts of ChattaCon have always been greatly appreciated and…
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Scott Hann – A Tribute

We’re sorry to have to convey some very sad news. Scott Hann, our blood drive chair, has passed away. On November 7, Scott stopped breathing as was rushed to the hospital. He was put on life support, but remained unconscious. Efforts to revive him were unsuccessful. With no hope of recovery his family made the…
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Scott Hann – New Blood Drive Chair

We’re sorry to have to convey some very sad news. Scott Hann, our Blood Drive Chair, passed away on Saturday, November 23, 2012. We are very grateful to Scott for his service in Paying It Forward. He will always be remembered. more… The Heinlein Society welcomes our new Blood Drive Chair, Scott Hann! Scott is…
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Dragon Con 2011 Blood Drive

Dragon Con 2011 Blood Drive report by Alan R. Koslow. The Heinlein Society’s 2011 Dragon Con Blood Drive is possibly the most successful blood drive in the entire United States!

Dragon Con 2008 Blood Drive

A report on the Dragon Con Blood Drive 2008 by Dr. Alan Koslow, M.D. The Heinlein Society first started sponsoring the Robert Heinlein pay it forward blood drive at Dragon Con in 2003. From the very first year it has been our biggest success, thanks to the great support of the convention and the wonderful staff of LifeSouth

Torcon 2003 Blood Drive

Heinlein Society members pitch in across the globe by Mike Sheffield, Over Labor Day weekend in 2003 some 4,500 science fiction fans descended upon the city of Toronto, Ontario for Torcon III, the 61st World Science Fiction Convention. Naturally, the Heinlein Society was there as well to, among other things, hold a blood drive.