Planned Giving

Did you know that if you have assets, you have an estate and need an estate plan? Your plan can help protect your loved ones after you are gone, but it can also be used to support the Heinlein Society through “planned giving.”

We have designated those special people who have let us know of their planned giving as members of the “Howard Families” within the Heinlein Society.  If you’d like to be such a member, contact us at .

Howard Families Members

  • Virginia Heinlein, 2003
  • Stephen C. Jordan, 2013
  • William H. Patterson, 2014
  • Geo Rule, 2016
  • Deb Houdek Rule, 2016
  • John Tilden, 2016
  • Douglas Cox, 2019
  • J. Thomas Roth, 2020
  • David Newhouse, 2021
  • Michael S. Hakulin, Sr., 2021
  • Darlene Love Ainsworth, 2022
  • Gunar Phil, 2022
  • Pam Somers, 2023
  • Richard C. Griffiths, 2023

It might seem very complicated, but it could be as simple as the following:

Share the sample bequest language for the Heinlein Society with your estate planning attorney: “I, [name], of [city, state, zip] give, devise and bequeath to the Heinlein Society,  3553 Atlantic Avenue, #341, Long Beach, CA 90807-5606, [written amount or percentage of estate or description of property] for its unrestricted use and purpose.”

If you’d like more Estate Planning Information follow the link or contact us at .