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Heinlein For Heroes Sends Over 23 Thousand Books

This fiscal year, we’ve made 372 shipments, totaling 4,484 books distributed. Since the program’s inception, we’ve sent 23,584 total books to our heroes. The Heinlein For Heroes program (H4H) sends free books to troops, veterans, and military families. We send only to individuals or units that have requested SF material. Clearly many of our military…
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H4H Report 11-4-2017

H4H REPORT November 4, 2017 The Heinlein for Heroes program continues shipping SF books to deployed soldiers, veterans, military families and VA centers all over the world.  In October we shipped 180 fanzines to the 5 VA centers in the Chicago area in addition to our regular shipments.  H4H has become one of our most…
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H4H Report May 7, 2017 H4H is right on target so far this fiscal year having already completed 200 shipments.  The new total is 10,000.    Do you have extra books that you can send us?  Please ship them to: Heinlein 4 Heroes,  c/o John Seltzer,  2906 Alvarado Dr,  Bellingham,  WA,  98229.   We take cash donations…
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  HELLO AGAIN FROM THE H4H SHIPPING CENTER Shipping to our military veterans continues; we have been fully funded for FY2016.  Thanks to everyone who donated money and books to the H4H program.  Please continue to help us as the program continues to grow.  We have now sent over 8,000 books to our troops all…
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The Heinlein 4 Heroes program has shipped a grand total of 6,459 books.  The program has now hit it’s stride and we know we can sustain shipping 3,000 books and 300 shipments per year. Got any old science fiction books?  Ship them to us and we’ll ship them to people from the military who are…
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This thank you came to Heinlein for Heroes today.  Thanks to everyone that is supporting our H4H program. November 28


The total keeps growing.  We now have shipped 5,419 books.  Special thanks to Geo Rule, Vice-President of The Heinlein Society; he has donated 195 Heinlein books. You can donate too; H4H needs science fiction books and takes audio books.  Even if well worn or slightly damaged we’ll take them.


With the shipment of books going to the VA Hospitals today, the trust has shipped 1,420 H4H books, almost all of them hardbacks, to the the men and women of the armed services.   The books including postage were donated by the TRUST and sent out on behalf of THE HEINLEIN FOR HEROES program.


August 6, 2014 To the Heinlein Society: >             I am writing this letter as an expression of my thanks, for the books you sent to us, the 108th Sustainment Brigade. In the moments of waiting, as are common in military service, the books you sent us provided many hours of entertainment. I specifically enjoyed Heinlein’s…
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The Long Way Around To Pay It Forward by Betsey Wilcox, Lt Col, USAF, NC (Ret)

The Long Way Around To Pay It Forward How a war connected me to Virginia Heinlein and then to other veterans through Heinlein For Heroes. I am a retired Air Force officer who has been reading Robert A. Heinlein books since I was 11 years old. It is safe to say that his writings were…
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Old Friends, Influences, and Paying It Forward

Old Friends, Influences, Paying It Forward and the Joy of Synchronicity by Robert L. Slater A few weeks ago Deb Houdek of the Heinlein Society invited me to become a part of Heinlein for Heroes. Deb and I go way back to the Heinlein Forum on Prodigy, the ancient geek times of the internet. She…
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Thank You From H4H

Thank You Members and Supporters! Heinlein For Heroes Passes 1000 Books Sent Our thanks to all those who have donated books and money to Heinlein For Heroes: Thanks to all of you for your wonderful support of H4H. Following our appeal for help, you stepped up! Many people sorted through their collections and sent us…
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Heinlein For Heroes Ships 199 OVER 997 Books!

We honor Veterans’ Day today, November 11th, with the announcement that the Heinlein For Heroes program has shipped 199 over 350 10,000 books directly to our military personnel and their families! This November 11th… think about making a donation of books, or shipping costs, to our heroes. Heinlein For Heroes is a program sending requested…
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Virginia Edition Publishing Supports Heinlein For Heroes

PRESS RELEASE FROM THE VIRGINIA EDITION PUBLISHING COMPANY: HOUSTON, October 22, 2013 – Beginning today all Virginia Edition sets purchased will also receive a $110 donation of Heinlein books to the Heinlein For Heroes (H4H) program on the purchaser’s behalf. H4H is a military appreciation program. Its goal is to place Heinlein’s books, and other…
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