The original Heinlein Forum on Prodigy, formed in 1991, started the idea of having “Gatherings” in 1993 with the first Heinlein Forum Gathering at Truman Reservoir in Missouri, not far from Heinlein’s birthplace of Butler, Missouri.

The Heinlein Forum, still alive and thriving now on Facebook, is the oldest continually operating Heinlein-themed Internet forum. Many members, volunteers, and directors of the Heinlein Society began their Heinlein-based fellowships, friendships, and even marriages, on the Heinlein Forum.

Thus, this section of the Heinlein Society site featuring our convention, party, and other activities is dubbed Gatherings.


Heinlein Centennial Remembered

Kansas City 2007 – from the original Heinlein Centennial site

Luna City 2017 – from the original Heinlein Nexus and Centennial sites

The Family Meeting of 2012 AND Lazarus Long’s 100th Birthday!Coming in August 2012

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