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The Heinlein Maneuver

Was Heinlein right or wrong in his descriptions of planetary orbits and spaceship maneuvers? Hard science fiction author, and astronautical engineer, G (Gerald) David Nordley takes a look at the Heinlein Maneuver from The Rolling Stones.


Considered by some to be one of the more confusing of Heinlein’s works, the novel THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST was written late in his career. It begins with the fastest falling in love sequence since ROMEO AND JULIET and ends with a party at which many of RAH’s characters and many of his real…
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My Virginia Edition Arrived!

My Virginia Edition of the Complete Works of Robert A. Heinlein arrived and has a new home on shelves in my office! My goodness… with as many things having to do with Heinlein and his legacy I’ve been involved in (Heinlein Archives, Heinlein Society, Heinlein Prize Trust, and more), I didn’t think a book set…
Read more Double Star Book Discussion will be having a book discussion of Double Star by Robert Heinlein September 15, 2012 at 2pm in the Oak Park Public Library. “One minute, down and out actor Lorenzo Smythe was — as usual — in a bar, drinking away his troubles. Then a pilot bought him a drink, and the next thing…
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All You Zombies: Reviewed by David Wright

“All You Zombies” by Robert A. Heinlein Reviewed by David Wright ©2004 This short time travel story of Heinlein’s appeared some 18 years later than “By His Bootstraps” with which it bears much in common. It is considered by many to be the ultimate in time travel stories. A young man who appears to be…
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The Long Watch

The Long Watch: Johnny’s On the Spot! by David M. Silver©1997 “The Long Watch” is a short story first published in American Legion Magazine (December 1949), in a “heavily edited” form, later republished in original form in the collections The Green Hills of Earth (1951) and The Past Through Tomorrow (1967). This précis is written…
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Coventry: Reviewed

Coventry: Reviewed by David M. Silver ©2001 “Coventry” is an oft-ignored short story in The Future History Series chronologically and conceptually taking place between the novelette “If This Goes On . . .” (ASF, Feb-Mar 1940, rewritten and expanded for collection 1953) and the novel Methuselah’s Children (ASF Jul-Aug-Sep 1941, rewritten and expanded for book…
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Citizen of the Galaxy – Review

Review by Alan Milner: Published by Charles Scribner’s Sons as a so-called juvenile novel, Citizen of the Galaxy appeared in 1957, at the height of the civil rights movement. Originally entitled The Chain and the Stars, the author cut it heavily before submission to Scribner’s, intending it for a juvenile audience although it encompassed adult matter. He also cut and slanted a serialized version intended for adults that appeared from September to December the same year in the magazine Astounding Science Fiction.