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Since its inception in 1997, The Heinlein Journal has been the leading source of scholarship on Robert A. Heinlein, publishing work by some of the best known names in Heinlein scholarship. James Gifford, Robert Gorsch, Ph.D, Robert James, Ph.D, William H. Patterson, Farah Mendlesohn, Leon Stover, Ph.D, Edward Wysocki, Ph.D, and a host of others have published their research in The Heinlein Journal.

The Journal was founded by William H. Patterson and ceased publishing on his passing in 2014. It was reestablished under the auspices of the Heinlein Society and in 2019 began publishing twice a year.


Latest issue


The Heinlein Journal #31 – Winter 2023-’24 – 44 pages

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Free issues

These two issues are provided free as a thank you to our members, a celebration of the rejuvenation of the Journal, and so new subscribers may get an idea of what the Journal publishes.

Issue 2.1 Fall 2019 – 43 pages (PDF) $0.00

The Heinlein Society is pleased to announce that The Heinlein Journal has been rejuvenated, with Issue 2.1.

Featured Papers:
“The Moon is a Harsh Fortress: Campbell, Hubbard, Heinlein, and the Gravity Gauge” by Alec Nevala-Lee
“Introduction” and “Sentiment” by Farah Mendlesohn

Emerging Scholars:
“Teens in Trouble: Comparing and Contrasting Tunnel in the Sky and Parable of the Sower” by Josh Kimbler


Issue No. 24 July 2014 – issued September 2019 – 36 pages (PDF) $0.00

This is the last issue of The Heinlein Journal original editor Bill Patterson prepared before his passing in April of 2014.

“William H. Corson (1909 – 1981)” by John H. Seltzer

Special Presentation:
“A partial listing of Critical Materials about Heinlein and his fiction” compiled by Bill Patterson

Abstracts & Critiques:
“A Critical Reading of THE HEINLEIN HERITAGE: A CRITICAL READING OF THE FICTION by Thomas D. Clareson and Joe Sanders” by Bill Patterson

A Conversation About MST3K, among Brad Linaweaver, Bill Patterson, Bill Ritch, and J. Neil Schulman

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