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2019 Dublin Worldcon Planning

By Keith Kato Who’s ready to plan for next year! For those already thinking about the next Worldcon, here are some things to consider. Lodging will be snapped up quickly, and may be more expensive than in Helsinki last year. Keep an eye on the website; hotel rates will be released on January 9,…
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Mission & Vision Meeting at the 2018 San Jose Worldcon

By John Tilden A THS Goals, Mission & Vision Meeting was held Wednesday 15 August 2018, approximately 6:30-8:30 PM, at the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose CA, Room 1090. A meeting of this type first occurred at the 2016 Kansas City Worldcon, and allowed Society members to have extended conversations with Board officers, other Directors, and…
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Heinlein Society Announces Results of 2018 Election and Leadership Transition

September 12, 2018—The Heinlein Society ( announced today the results of their recent annual election for the Board of Directors, and the annual reorganization of the Board of Directors and election of officers for the Society’s FY19 (September 2018-August 2019) year. Meeting on September 9th for their 17th annual meeting of the membership, held online…
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2018 Annual Meeting Instructions –September 9, 2018, 3pm EDT

The Heinlein Society is running its Annual Meeting as a teleconference. We will be discussing results of our 2018 work, announce the results of our elections, and briefly talk about our plans for the 2019 year, which officially starts for us September 1st. While all members are invited to participate, if any votes are taken…
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2018 Annual Meeting Slides

The 2018 Annual Meeting Slides Will be posted here: 2018 THS Annual Meeting_v1

2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

The draft 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes are here: THS Annual Meeting 2017 Minutes_version3

THS Offers Electronic Delivery of “Discovery of the Future” Heinlein 1941 Guest of Honor Speech

Time moves on. Once upon a time, the famous “4E” recorded Robert A. Heinlein’s Guest of Honor speech to the 3rd Worldcon, Denvention, in 1941, on disc. Many years later (Oh, roughly sixty), Ginny Heinlein, a founding director of THS, authorized the Society to offer this recording as an audio CD as a members-only premium,…
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2018-2019 Academic Year Scholarships Winners Announced

Head over to our scholarships page to view our winners and finalists for this year.


by Keith Kato If there is one community that understands “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch,” it is Heinleiners. The Heinlein Society operates off membership dues and donations, for which we are always grateful. The Board of Director’s vision is to expand our programs, and have initiated two grant request proposals in…
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Final Updates For THS Worldcon Activities

By Keith Kato This is the only edition you will see before the San Jose Worldcon 16-20 August 2018. Drop by The Heinlein Society’s Fan Table for last-nanosecond information. ON OR BEFORE 31 JULY: The Hugo and Retro-Hugo ballots are due by this date. You must be a Supporting Member or higher of Worldcon to…
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Heinlein Society Receives Record Number of Scholarship Applications

We are currently working our evaluation process. Thank you to all who submitted. See you with the results on July 7th!


by Keith Kato Are you excited about Worldcon? We certainly are. Here are The Heinlein Society’s official confirmed events: Wednesday, August 15: Field trip to the Heinleins’ Bonny Doon house and the Heinlein exhibit at UC Santa Cruz, plus Mission and Vision gathering for Society members. Remember to reserve your spot at both events! Details…
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2018-2019 Academic Year Scholarships Application Deadline Approaches

Just a friendly reminder that Tuesday, May 15th, is the final day of eligibility for STEM undergraduates to submit their application for the three $1,500 scholarships being offered by THS this year. Don’t be late! Head over to our scholarships page to download the application!


The Heinlein Society’s plans for the upcoming San Jose Worldcon are slowly solidifying from conjecture to actuality. Here is what we’re planning, keeping in mind that “no plan survives first contact with the enemy”. THSers Michael and Peter Spierig just released their latest movie, “Winchester”. For the curious, the Winchester Haunted House is about 5…
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THS Opens 2018-2019 Academic Year Scholarship Applications, Honors Kondo and Pournelle

The Heinlein Society has opened applications for the 2018-2019 academic year award. Interested parties should head over to our Education page and download the PDF application form to be filled in and emailed, here. The award has grown in value every year since its inauguration in 2012, and this year is no exception. This year’s…
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Neal Stephenson Named 2018 Heinlein Award Winner

The Heinlein Award selection committee has chosen Neal Stephenson to be the 2018 winner. Stephenson is an eclectic writer, working across several sub-genres of speculative fiction (usually with a noticeably “hard S-F” edge), and is prolific in technology writing as well. He’s also a consultant for Heinlein Prize (awarded by the Heinlein Prize Trust) award…
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H4H Report 11-4-2017

H4H REPORT November 4, 2017 The Heinlein for Heroes program continues shipping SF books to deployed soldiers, veterans, military families and VA centers all over the world.  In October we shipped 180 fanzines to the 5 VA centers in the Chicago area in addition to our regular shipments.  H4H has become one of our most…
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Ensign’s Prize Offer now open to Non-Members!

The Heinlein Society is offering sets and individual copies of some of Robert A. Heinlein’s better known novels and short story collections to the general public. These books were gifted to The Heinlein Society by Virginia Heinlein, widow of author Robert A. Heinlein, after her successful prosecution of copyright infringement by the publisher. The settlement…
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Jerry Pournelle (1933-2017)

By Caroline Seals and Keith Kato With deep sadness we report that science fiction icon and Director on The Heinlein Society’s Board of Directors, Dr. Jerry Pournelle, passed away Friday, 8 September 2017, during a mid-afternoon nap.  He and Larry Niven had just returned from DragonCon in Atlanta, GA, and in his final blog entry…
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Heinlein Society Names Walt Boyes to Open Board Seat

Acting unanimously at their regular monthly meeting, the Board of Directors of THS appointed Walt Boyes to serve the first year of the late Jerry Pournelle’s current term. Dr. Pournelle had been duly elected by the membership of the Society to a new three year term shortly before his untimely passing on September 8th. Under…
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Pournelle Family Requests Memorial Donations to SFWA Emergency Medical Fund

As the entire science fiction world knows, science fiction community (and Heinleindom) icon Jerry Pournelle passed away on September 8th. We will have more to say about that shortly in our Newsletter, but for now we wish to pass along to you the family’s wishes for those of you (who like us) wish to memorialize…
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Virginia Edition Raffle Winner Announced!

We are pleased to announce Libby Sharpe as the winner of our first ‘Virginia Edition’ raffle giveaway!  Libby was announced at the end of our 2017 Annual Meeting held yesterday, September 10, 2017.  The contest was open to all Regular and Lifetime Members.  Members who had joined for the first time within our last fiscal…
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2017 Annual Meeting Instructions

2017 ANNUAL MEETING NOTICE: The Heinlein Society is running its Annual Meeting as a teleconference. We will be discussing results of our 2017 work, announce the results of our elections, and briefly talk about our plans for the 2018 year, which officially starts for us September 1st. While all members are invited to participate, if…
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2017 Annual Meeting Slide Presentation

The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Society will be held on Sunday, September 10th, 2017, at 4 p.m. EDT, 1 p.m. PDT, online. Members of the Society will receive an email with instructions on how to attend. 2017 THS Annual Meeting

2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

Click on the link below to review the meeting minutes from last year’s Annual meeting.  The first order of business in the 2017 Annual Meeting on September 10th, 2017 is to approve these minutes.  Time  is important because some attendees might be on a toll call.  Please read the minutes before the meeting.  Regular and…
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