2018 Annual Meeting Instructions –September 9, 2018, 3pm EDT

The Heinlein Society is running its Annual Meeting as a teleconference. We will be discussing results of our 2018 work, announce the results of our elections, and briefly talk about our plans for the 2019 year, which officially starts for us September 1st. While all members are invited to participate, if any votes are taken only Regular or Lifetime members may vote.

The minutes of last year’s Annual Meeting will be available here: https://www.heinleinsociety.org/2018/09/2017-annual-meeting-minutes/

To participate, dial the phone number below and then enter the participant code when prompted.

To see presentation materials for the meeting you must also log on through the URL below. If you have ever used a teleconference service with a”GoToMeeting” or “WebExMeeting” this is a similar process.

To Participate:
On September 9, 2018, shortly before 3:00 p.m. EDT/ Noon PDT dial into:
Phone: (515) 739-1525
Participant Code: 883394 and then enter the “#” symbol

To use VOIP calling through the application if you have a microphone and speakers on your device, go to the meeting link below, enter your name and email address, and then connect using the VOIP link (phone icon). You may also look up international dial-in phone numbers through that interface or through this link.

To view the materials that are being discussed as they are being discussed, you need to ALSO be running the FreeConferenceCall browser software at the same time. You do NOT need to absolutely do this to participate in the meeting. To use it you will need to download their software—a “browser extension”– from within your browser. It’s free, and you can remove it from your browser extensions after the meeting. You may check your setup prior to the meeting date. There is a detailed list of FAQ questions answered regarding connection issues.

If you are not comfortable with working with browser applications, then we recommend you download the presentation at the link below and follow along with the teleconference conversation.

MEETING SLIDES: https://www.heinleinsociety.org/2018/09/2018-annual-meeting-slides/

(The meeting slides will be available for download no later than the morning of September 9, 2018.)

When you click on the Meeting Link below and join a meeting for the first time the webpage will ask you to run software. You may need to disable virus scanning software or add to your computer’s firewall setting for the application to work. Look for popup windows or boxes that ask you if it is OK to Allow or make changes the first time you connect to the meeting.

PLEASE type in the name and email in the Meeting Logon to be the name and email we have for your Heinlein Society membership, as that is how we will first attempt to take a Roll Call.

MEETING LINK: https://join.freeconferencecall.com/theheinleinsociety

Click on the “Join Online Meeting” button on the page and allow FreeConferenceCall to run.

We will guide you through the open question-and-answer session periods with specific instructions on how to contribute when the time comes during the meeting.

We wish to start promptly at 12:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time, but that depends on achieving a minimum quorum at that time. Please try to call in 5-10 minutes early, in case there are problems phoning in. When you phone in, your name will be taken and membership status confirmed as part of “sign in.” Please read the 2018 Minutes beforehand. Consideration of last year’s Minutes is required, but we prefer not to use up meeting time (and people’s phone bills) to read them in situ.
As required by Article IV, Section 1, of the Bylaws of The Heinlein Society (PDF file at https://www.heinleinsociety.org/bylaws/), the Annual Meeting of the General Membership of The Heinlein Society will convene on Sunday, 9 September 2018, beginning at Noon, Pacific Daylight Time. If you are in a different time zone, you are encouraged to make use of the “World Clock” internet sites to double-check (including the use of Daylight Savings Time) the start time in your area. The email distribution and website posting of this Notice satisfy the requirement of timely notification in Article IV, Section 4.

To participate in the Annual Meeting, you will be asked to (a) register with the teleconferencing service via your computer; (b) use a login name and email address that is obviously similar to your information on the membership rolls; (c) separately phone in to one of the provided phone numbers; and (d) read the Data Package, before the Meeting begins, that will be available about a week before 9 September, containing the Meeting Agenda, Minutes from the 2018 Annual Meeting, and the various reports by the Board. As you log in, your name will be checked off against our membership list for the purpose of determining attendance and Quorum, even if you leave mid-meeting. Some people have experienced problems registering and logging in the first time, so we encourage that part of the process to be done well before the start time; you can do the actual phoning in a few minutes before the start time.
Visitors are welcome, but according to the Bylaws only regular members (US$45.00 dues paid anytime between 11 September 2017 and 9 September 2018) or Lifetime members may vote at the Annual Meeting. Motions and seconds will be entertained by open microphone. Because a mass voice vote may be difficult on the teleconferencing service, we will probably ask for votes in the negative, e.g., “Are there any objections to….” If there are no objections the motion will be recorded in the Minutes as “by acclamation.” If a split vote occurs, we will poll on audio by name from the attendance roster for “Aye” or “Nay”.

If you have any questions or comments about the Annual Meeting or your membership status, please address them to Geo Rule at .

/s/ Geo Rule
Vice President-Secretary
The Heinlein Society

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