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Heinlein Education

Educator’s CD Available as Download

The Heinlein Society Educator’s CD is now offered as a downloadable zip file free to all educators, including library and home-school educators! In the years since it was first produced, the Heinlein Society has distributed this CD free of charge to any and every qualified educator or librarian who has requested one. We have distributed…
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This I Believe

“THIS I BELIEVE” by Robert A. Heinlein Robert A. Heinlein wrote these words in 1952 and delivered them to a national radio audience in a broadcast interview by Edward R. Murrow. His wife, Virginia Heinlein, read them when she accepted on his behalf NASA’s Distinguished Public Service Medal on October 6, 1988, awarded him posthumously.…
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David Silver Memorial

If you’ve seen our February newsletter, you know that a past president of The Heinlein Society, David Silver, passed away on February 4th. We have information on his memorial service. The service will be Monday, April 21, 2014 at the Los Angeles National Cemetery, 950 S. Sepulveda Blvd. LA 90049 (just north of Wilshire) at…
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2014 Heinlein Society Scholarship Contest Open

March 16, 2014 The Heinlein Society is pleased to announce our third annual scholarship essay contest for the 2014-2015 academic year. We are increasing the amount of the two scholarships we award to $750. The scholarships will be awarded to undergraduate students of accredited 4-year colleges and universities majoring in engineering, math, or physical sciences (e.g. physics,…
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Virginia Edition Publishing Supports Heinlein For Heroes

PRESS RELEASE FROM THE VIRGINIA EDITION PUBLISHING COMPANY: HOUSTON, October 22, 2013 – Beginning today all Virginia Edition sets purchased will also receive a $110 donation of Heinlein books to the Heinlein For Heroes (H4H) program on the purchaser’s behalf. H4H is a military appreciation program. Its goal is to place Heinlein’s books, and other…
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Heinlein For Heroes Donations Pour In!

Since our launch at LoneStarCon August 29, 2013 donations are starting to flood in, books and cash for books, to go to our troops and veterans! But we need more. We started with a legacy gift of $1000. Since then we’ve received: Oct. 8th – The Heinlein Prize Trust, Robert A. Heinlein’s main literary estate…
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Heinlein For Heroes is a program for placing books, especially Heinlein books, into the hands of active military personnel—particularly those deployed—and into the hands of veterans in veterans’ hospitals. Organizations already exist who identify military commands and hospitals with a declared desire for various kinds of reading material. Science fiction is one category always in…
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Own Heinlein’s Bed!

How would you like to own Heinlein’s ‘second-best’ bed? Ebay auction during LoneStarCon! (This event has passed) Robert Heinlein designed and built this bed with attached side tables for himself and his wife, Ginny. After Ginny’s passing in 2003, the bed came to The Heinlein Society. Now is your chance to own it. After unsuccessfully…
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The Heinlein Maneuver

Was Heinlein right or wrong in his descriptions of planetary orbits and spaceship maneuvers? Hard science fiction author, and astronautical engineer, G (Gerald) David Nordley takes a look at the Heinlein Maneuver from The Rolling Stones.

Readercon Blood Drive – Saturday, July 13

Blood Drive info at: On Saturday, the American Red Cross Bloodmobile will serve Readercon for the first time for a Heinlein Society Blood Drive! Your consistent support over years means so much, especially during midsummer. Thank you! The ARC and the Heinlein Society will have token gifts of appreciation for all who present…
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Scholarship Winners for 2013

We’re very pleased to announce the winners of this year’s scholarships for the 2013-2014 academic year. This year we received a total of 18 applications from students in 7 countries. Although only two scholarships were advertised, we in the scholarship committee found ourselves with the nearly impossible task of reducing the field of candidates to only two.…
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Friday, May 24th: Podcast Featuring Bill Patterson at Baen Books.

PODCAST FEATURING BILL PATTERSON at Baen Books. May 24th there will be a podcast featuring a lively discussion between Wen Spenser of Baen books and Bill Patterson, Heinlein Scholar, author of the Heinlein biography, and publisher of the Heinlein Journal (subscriptions available through the Heinlein Society). Baen Books Podcasts The podcast has two purposes — to…
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Heinlein Publishing News: Citizen of the Galaxy Graphic Novel

Heinlein publishing history was made on March 26, 2013 when the Kickstarter project to fund a graphic novel version of Robert A. Heinlein’s Citizen of the Galaxy achieved its funding goal! With several days yet before the funding date of March 31st, pledges continue to come in from over 260 backers pledging amounts of up…
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Citizen of the Galaxy Comic, #2

Citizen of the Galaxy Graphic Novel

A Kickstarter program has been started to turn Heinlein’s Citizen of the Galaxy will be the first graphic novel adapted from Robert Heinlein’s Virginia Edition.

Heinlein Society Announces 2nd Annual Scholarship Program

February 10, 2013   The Heinlein Society is pleased to announce our second annual scholarship essay contest for the 2013-2014 academic year. There are two $500 scholarships which will be awarded to undergraduate students of accredited 4-year colleges and universities majoring in engineering, math, or physical sciences (e.g. physics, chemistry), or in Science Fiction as…
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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Robert A. Heinlein, his works

Robert A. Heinlein, his works Updated Feb. 2013 and reviewed by William Patterson, Robert James, PhD and J.H. Seltzer. ©2003-2024 – no reproduction or distribution without consent of author. This material may not be copied and put on another website without permission. Where can I find free copies of Heinlein’s books and stories to read…
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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Robert A. Heinlein, the person.

Robert A. Heinlein, the person Updated and reviewed Feb. 2013 by William Patterson, Robert James, Ph.D. and J.H. Seltzer. Homes question reviewed and corrected thanks to Heinlein Forum members John Welsh and Tom Losh, June 2023. ©2003-2024 No reproduction or distribution without consent. This material may not be copied and put on another website without…
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Recent News

New Treasurer – John Tilden was elected to the Board of Directors as new Treasurer of the Heinlein Society. Welcome, and thanks, to JT for helping to Pay It Forward. more… New Blood Drive Chair – In the wake of the sad loss of our friend and Blood Drive Chair, Scott Hann, a volunteer has…
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Scott Hann – A Tribute

We’re sorry to have to convey some very sad news. Scott Hann, our blood drive chair, has passed away. On November 7, Scott stopped breathing as was rushed to the hospital. He was put on life support, but remained unconscious. Efforts to revive him were unsuccessful. With no hope of recovery his family made the…
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Centennial Credits

The Kansas City Centennial event was the effort of a group of Heinlein scholars and admirers who rose to fill the void and ensure that the celebration of Robert Heinlein’s 100th birthday happened in grand style. The consensus seems to be that we succeeded. Thanks Where Thanks Are Due We had the support of more…
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It’s Your Turn

Below is what was written in 2008 after the Heinlein Centennial had ended. Sadly, the Heinlein Society at that time had officially taken no part. However members of the Heinlein Society, and those now in positions of leadership and volunteering at the Heinlein Society, were a part of the Centennial. Now, with a revitalized Society,…
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Beyond the required Annual Meeting, the Heinlein Society also spent considerable time and effort to create a strong presence at Renovation. The Society’s Information Table was manned essentially all daylight hours of the convention.  As the Table was outside the secured room where Dealers, Exhibits, and Art Show were held, it had to be set…
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Heinlein Society 2012 Scholarship Program

The Heinlein Society is pleased to announce that for the 2012-2013 academic year we will be offering the first of many scholarships. There will be two $500 scholarships awarded to undergraduate students of accredited 4-year colleges and universities majoring in engineering, math, or physical sciences (e.g. physics, chemistry), or in Science Fiction as Literature.

PCA/ACA Heinlein Paper Award

The Heinlein Society is offering a $500 prize for the best Heinlein paper presented at the PCA/ACA (Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association) conference April in Boston. The 42nd Annual PCA/ACA National Conference will be held at the Copley Marriott Hotel in Boston from April 11 to 14, 2012. The Popular Culture Association (“PCA”) with the…
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2011 10th Annual Membership Meeting

The Heinlein Society’s 10th Annual General Membership Meeting by Keith G. Kato The 10th Annual General Membership Meeting of The Heinlein Society was held at Renovation, the 69th World Science Fiction Convention, on Friday, 19 August 2011, 2:00 PM PDT, in Room D05 of the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, 4590 South Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada 89502-6013,…
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