Friday, May 24th: Podcast Featuring Bill Patterson at Baen Books.


May 24th there will be a podcast featuring a lively discussion between Wen Spenser of Baen books and Bill Patterson, Heinlein Scholar, author of the Heinlein biography, and publisher of the Heinlein Journal (subscriptions available through the Heinlein Society).

Baen Books Podcasts

The podcast has two purposes — to talk about the new edition of Star Beast (Bill Patterson wrote the intro) being released by Baen, and to kick off a series of future podcasts as Baen brings out new additions. The podcast will post at the URL below on May 24th at noon Eastern Time.

For further information go to Baen’s Bar forum. You’ll need to join the forum to get access. It’s an easy process. Once you’ve joined the forum go to this address to see additional discussion information posted by Wen.

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