Amy Baxter – Heinleins Adopted Granddaughter – on Shark Tank TONIGHT!

Heinleins’ Adopted Granddaughter on SHARK TANK

“When your hero adopts you at age 12, there’s little that seems out of reach.” —Amy Baxter, M.D.

Amy Baxter, MDAmy Baxter, the Heinleins’ adopted granddaughter, will be on SHARK TANK on ABC tonight, February 28, 2014 with her business Buzzy4Shots.

Read more about Amy, on being the Heinleins’ adopted granddaughter, and her medical pain relief invention here on the Heinlein Society website at: Heinleins’ Adopted Granddaughter, Medical Inventor.

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“As a pain researcher, I became interested in this issue when my son developed needle phobia after a horrendous set of shots at age 4. He showed no signs of getting over the fear, and it dawned on me that if nothing was done, as an adult he would leave my home a healthcare avoidant.”

Visit the Buzzy® website for more information, and to order a Buzzy® of your own.

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