Remembrances of the Centennial by “Thinker”

Many thanks to Geo Rule for his detailed record of his (and Deb’s) activities at the Centennial.  This accounting is very well written at just the right level of detail for a newbie like myself.  Geo included many names of people who are continuing to support the legacy left us by Robert A. Heinlein.  The article contains pictures that helped me place names with faces and explains how their lives are linked with RAH.  I learned the names of other Heinlein scholars I was not familiar with and about Geo’s and Deb’s roles in bringing the Heinlein archives online for all us to use.  I also became aware that the number of lives and careers RAH influenced is far greater than I had imagined.

I could go on remarking about the highlights from Geo’s writings, but it would be far better if you’d just go read it yourself.  Geo’s smooth style makes for easy reading by the average reader such as myself.  I hope someday to go to one of the conventions myself to meet all these wonderful people I keep reading about but until then I hope Geo and others keep writing reviews to keep me informed.  THANK YOU GEO AND DEB from one of Heinlein’s newer children.

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