Scott Hann – New Blood Drive Chair

We’re sorry to have to convey some very sad news. Scott Hann, our Blood Drive Chair, passed away on Saturday, November 23, 2012. We are very grateful to Scott for his service in Paying It Forward. He will always be remembered. more…

The Heinlein Society welcomes our new Blood Drive Chair, Scott Hann!

Scott HannScott is taking over management of the Heinlein Society’s extremely successful Blood Drives program. Under the long-time leadership and dedication of Mike Sheffield, and the donor-building skills of Alan Koslow, MD, the Heinlein Society’s blood drives have become some of the most successful in the entire United States. The DragonCon blood drive, in fact, may be the single largest, most successful, blood drive anywhere.

Scott Hann takes over overall management of the Heinlein Society blood drives after seven successful years volunteering to work at the GenCon blood drive.

Heinlein Society Wants YouScott lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, working for Xerox and writing. His first novel, The Red Menace,” was published three years ago. “It’s SF, set in 1950, lots of flying saucers and Martian spies,” Scott describes the novel. Of his new role as the Heinlein Society Blood Drive chairman, Scott says, “Each year I’ve worked at GenCon, I’ve gotten an incredible sense of accomplishment at the lives we’ve contributed to saving. Each one seems like a personal victory for me.”

Welcome Scott, and thank you for Paying It Forward!

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