Membership Subscriptions Changeover December 2021

Members of The Heinlein Society:

As a volunteer organization, we attempt to provide good customer service with 21st-Century tools via the internet at the lowest cost possible so most of your membership dues may go to our charitable programs.

Sometimes, things change and we need to react and it causes a little more work for our membership. We recently made the decision to change our credit card payment processor to standardize our reporting internally.  Unfortunately, with the way our online store is set up, that means that subscriptions made before December 2021 will need to take a couple of extra steps to process their payment in the coming year. 

Here is a high-level description of the process steps:

#1. Subscribers will get an invoice when their payment information fails to go through (because THS changed payment processors).
#2. Members will have to pay the invoice manually by going to our secure website and entering in payment information. (There will be a secure link in the invoice.) It can be the same payment information as before.
#3. On successful payment, our developer support team has written code that will update your record ‘back’ to a subscription.
#4. After that point, the subscription will be auto-renewed.  (You may turn off an auto-renewal at any time through your account settings.)
I do apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience with us.  We attempt to answer emails as fast as possible, but all of our direct support to you are volunteers.  You are always welcome to email if you feel you have an unresolved problem.
John Tilden
President/Chairman, The Heinlein Society

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