Butler Public Library Donations

In the current issue of the Heinlein Society Newsletter, Winter 2012, I reported two people had taken up the challenge to Pay It Forward by donating books to the Butler Public Library. Michael Cassutt donated an autographed copy of his latest, Heaven’s Shadow, and Mary Matthews, author of Splendid Summer, donated a copy of The Colored Cadet at West Point by Henry Ossian Flipper.

Today an email came from Linda Hunter, director of the Butler Public Library, reporting that another person has donated books to the library after reading the Heinlein Society’s newsletter! Joe Cerri sent Three Men In a Boat, by Jerome K. Jerome, and Mona Lisa Overdrive by William Gibson.

Thank you , Joe, for Paying It Forward!

The Butler Public Library is the hometown library of Robert A. Heinlein. After his death in 1988, his wife, Virginia, advised the library of her husband’s wish to expand the library. Funds from the Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Foundation enabled the renovation of the library, and construction of a new wing, the Heinlein Addition. The library is partially supported by the Heinlein Foundation (not associated with the Heinlein Society), with revenues from some of Heinlein’s novels. The library is not tax supported and relies heavily on donations.

Book donations are always welcome (they need not be Heinlein titles), as are cash donations. Send to:

Butler Public Library
Linda Hunter, Library Director
100 W. Atkison
Butler, MO 64730

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