July 2023 Email to original PayPal Subscribers–“Change in Payment Systems”

The following email went out on 9 July 2023 to our longest PayPal subscribers.  Rest assured you are still members with an active subscription. This cancellation on PayPal was necessary to have users do renewals through our website.

Dear Member:


Thank you for being a member of The Heinlein Society with a recurring PayPal subscription for membership.  Since we first offered that payment method in 2016, we upgraded our payment system on our website at the end of 2019, and we now need to transition to paying through one integrated system.  Recurring payments are still possible through PayPal or most major credit cards. We are only sending this email to members who signed up and are recurring through our old-style payment setup with PayPal.


Accordingly, you may have gotten an email from PayPal that your subscription was cancelled with us. THAT WAS INTENTIONAL.  You are still a member until your year of dues is up.


Our website will email you when your subscription is coming due in the next year, and you may go in at that time to put in your method of payment again.  

PLEASE DO NOT “rejoin” until you get that email from The Heinlein Society.

Your user account with the Heinlein Society is linked to the email you are getting this email from us, and you may ask for a password reset on it at any time. If you never had an account with us, a password reset is your first step.

Our website will also ask you to update some additional personal information that is useful to The Heinlein Society for demographics.  We never give your information to third parties without consent.


     When you renew, please go to the “My Subscription/Subscription” area of “My Account” FIRST and you may set a new recurring subscription (upgrade) from the one that is listed as “on-hold”.




If you have any questions about this when you get your next renewal email, feel free to contact us.


We are grateful for your patience with our all-volunteer team and your continued support!


Will Hamilton

Membership Chair

The Heinlein Society




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