Heinlein Reader’s Discussion Group Thursday 10-11-2001 9:00 P.M. EDT No Topic – Planning Session

Heinlein Reader’s Discussion Group

Thursday 10-11-2001 9:00 P.M. EDT

No Topic – Planning Session

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Here Begins The Discussion Log
You have just entered room “Heinlein Readers Group chat.”

DavidWrightSr: Now it’s working

ddavitt: great

ddavitt: so; good news on Connie

DavidWrightSr: I haven’t heard back from her on getting set up. I expect I will sometime soon.

djindalian has entered the room.

DavidWrightSr: A newcomer?

ddavitt: Sure; or she is doing it on her own

ddavitt: Hi there.

DavidWrightSr: Hi. djin

djindalian: Sorta its djinn/dave hi y’all

ddavitt: I meant Connie, not you djinn sorry:-)

DavidWrightSr: Welcome to the group. I don’t believe you have been here before have you?

DavidWrightSr: Of course, I’ve seen you a lot on afh

djindalian: no, its usually pretty inconvienient for me. Off work today though

ddavitt: Glad you could make it

djindalian: me too.

ddavitt: No chat scheduled though; we are going to try and get a schedule sorted out

ddavitt: If you have any thoughts on future topics that would be great

djindalian: whats the discussion tonite?

ddavitt: New ideas always welcome

djindalian: oops

ddavitt: None tonight

ddavitt: No problem

ddavitt: We may have a guest author soon; Conie Willis

DavidWrightSr: We kind of let things slip through the cracks what with everything going on.

ddavitt: Connie that is.

DavidWrightSr: I’ve got to find some of her works, Any suggestions

djindalian: thats cool, I liked ‘to say nothing of the dog’

ddavitt: I enjoyed To say Nothing of the Dog

ddavitt: And one she did with Cynthia Felice, promised Land

DavidWrightSr: I’ll try to find them

djindalian: In fact, I read it cause I recognized the title, because Kip’s dad read ‘3 men in a boat’

ddavitt: Doomsday Book was good too…but I wasn’t so keeon on lincoln’s dreams; gripping but a flat ending somehow

maikoshT has entered the room.

ddavitt: Yes; she dedicates the book to Heinlein

ddavitt: I remember going after JKJ’s book after reading HSSWT when I was 11

ddavitt: I wanted to know about opening that can!

DavidWrightSr: I’ve downloaded it but haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

ddavitt: It’s very funny

djindalian: really funny

ddavitt: The soppy bits are funny too…not sure if that was intentional or not

djindalian: I always thought it was

ddavitt: I think they were, AG thinks they were serious

ddavitt: He was a Victorian writer; they did go in for hearts and flowers

ddavitt: But they are so overdrawn and usually something funny happens to interrupt the musings so i think they were a joke

ddavitt: Meeting them in TSNOTD was great

djindalian: That was funny, recognized them right away.

ddavitt: Have you read the sequel?

ddavitt: About the bike trip round Germany?

NuclearWasteUSN has entered the room.

djindalian: no didn’t even know about it

NuclearWasteUSN: Good evening all.

ddavitt: That is just as funny but has chilling bits when you realise WW1 was round the corner

DavidWrightSr: Hi Jim.

ddavitt: Hi there Jim, nice to see you

djindalian: hi

ddavitt: Three men On The Bummel

ddavitt: Probably can download it

djindalian: cool!

ddavitt: we have no topic Jim; just going to sort out a schedule if possible

ddavitt: How about your mars talk?

ddavitt: I saw you volunteer:-)

NuclearWasteUSN: LOL

ddavitt: You would enjoy hosting it

NuclearWasteUSN: I don’t think we are ready with it for tonight.

ddavitt: Oh no, but we can work it in and set a date, right?

NuclearWasteUSN: Certainly

NuclearWasteUSN: And you can even volunteer me to host it.

ddavitt: Just discussing Connie Willis as she is going to be guesting soon

ddavitt: I wil do:-):-)

ddavitt: How about 25/27 oct?

ddavitt: Or is Connie down for that?

NuclearWasteUSN: Do we want to call for all the Martians the group can come up with, or should we limit it somehow?

ddavitt: Have to limit it to books people can read in the time

ddavitt: No point having too many…

ddavitt: Concentrate on H books and a couple of others maybe

ddavitt: I haven’t read rainbow mars

maikoshT: I suggested 25/27 for Connie, but haven’t had confirmation yet

ddavitt: couldn’t get into it but I will try again

NuclearWasteUSN: More fantasy than SF, but a fun read, just to see all the Martians again

ddavitt: well, you can be thinking about it Jim and doing a lead off post for afh

ddavitt: Can save it until the date is confirmed

ddavitt: usually that gets posted the Monday or so after the saturday chat

NuclearWasteUSN: No prob, will leave the dates open until we know for Connie.

ddavitt: Great!

ddavitt: There, that’s two sorted…

NuclearWasteUSN: Rainbow Mars has a very slow start. I put it down twice.

ddavitt: (This is easy)

ddavitt: I love their books usually..

ddavitt: especially the Dream park and Heorot ones

ddavitt: I want to go to Dream park one day!

NuclearWasteUSN: LOL I want to go to the Ring World

ddavitt: Now again, couldn’t get into those…

ddavitt: Oh well…

NuclearWasteUSN: Got a bit repetitive.

ddavitt: Dave, what was the position on Robert Crais again?

ddavitt: Is he available later on in the year?

NuclearWasteUSN: By the end I wanted the puppeteer to kill Louis.

maikoshT: I have never had any response from him. I don’t believe that the address I had for him was good

ddavitt: Don’t tell me! I may read them someday…I have one on my shelves I think

ddavitt: Did AG speak to him though at the book signing? memory going

maikoshT: I’m not sure. I know he spoke to Connie

ddavitt: And Felicia said she asked Lois Bujold to come

ddavitt: We could follow up on that maybe

ddavitt: djinn; anything you’d like to see discussed?

djindalian: nothing special

ddavitt: I know we had a poetry topic in the pipeline

ddavitt: Looking at the way H’s favourites influenced the books; Kipling, tennyson etc

ddavitt: That’s another one that needs some reading

ddavitt: Need an easy one or two as well

ddavitt: Ones people can discuss without too much effort involved; especially as they get busy with Christmas and such

ddavitt: We have had our Thanksgiving; halloween next

NuclearWasteUSN: An easy topic seems harder to come up with.

ddavitt: we never discussed the con either

ddavitt: but that moment has passed perhaps

ddavitt: I would have liked to hear about the panel discussing farmer in the Sky that AG was part of

NuclearWasteUSN: the con of which pro?

ddavitt: :-)world con

ddavitt: with that awful pun..millenium philcon

ddavitt: ,groan>

ddavitt: or giggle…depending

ddavitt: holidays in Heinlein…that’s easy..he didn’t seem to have any

ddavitt: I don’t recall Christmas on the Moon?

maikoshT: A lot happened to Kip over the Labor Day weekend πŸ™‚

ddavitt: True!

ddavitt: And he got to do it twice

ddavitt: I never knew what that was as a child in the Uk; we don’t have it

NuclearWasteUSN: ISTR a reference to Christmas on the moon, and there is the Diner in Cliff and the Calories.

ddavitt: have August bank Holiday on the 30th

ddavitt: But the characters don’t all sit down and sing caros sort of thing

ddavitt: carols

ddavitt: It has become irrelevant on Mars, venus…

NuclearWasteUSN: Or was not part of the story.

ddavitt: when there’s no December, how can there be a Dec 25?

NuclearWasteUSN: True.

ddavitt: may have to do with religion and not wanting the books to be connected to one

djindalian: wasn’t one of Mannie’s family a preacher?

ddavitt: But christmas is, to many, a secular event

ddavitt: with the Sabbath on a saturday

ddavitt: that was a bit of a dig I always felt

NuclearWasteUSN: Yes, Greg I think.

maikoshT: Sabbath is Saturday πŸ™‚

NuclearWasteUSN: Either that or a reference to the 7th Day Adventists

ddavitt: mannie didn’t have feelings about the faith; he just liked Greg and didn’t want to hirt his feelings

NuclearWasteUSN: Or the Jewish faith

maikoshT: We Orthodox distinguish between Sabbath and Sunday

ddavitt: Is it? I’m all confused now

ddavitt: Sorry.

maikoshT: No Problemo

ddavitt: Anyhow, the reference to them calculating it seemed to be a bit of a joke

NuclearWasteUSN: IIRC Sundown friday to sundown Saturday.

maikoshT: True

ddavitt: I’m going to go check it; brb

NuclearWasteUSN: Alex mentioned Christmas, but in just as backhanded a way. Not much celebration.

ddavitt: ah!

NuclearWasteUSN: Si?

ddavitt: sundown Tuesday to wednesady

ddavitt: spelling!

ddavitt: in the local time of the garden of eden

NuclearWasteUSN: OK, that works.

ddavitt: was THE sabbath

ddavitt: for Greg

ddavitt: most Loonies, it was Sunday

NuclearWasteUSN: Alex also mentioned the millenial calculations, and the calculations for the age of the Earth, and how no two groups could agree, so he used brackets.

ddavitt: I knew it was something different

ddavitt: Yes; all that discussion of dates in job was interesting.Wonder how much research H did>

ddavitt: And if he found it amusing..

NuclearWasteUSN: Probably background from his youth.

ddavitt: Yes..that comes through a lot in that book

ddavitt: I remember the revival tents coming to my town

NuclearWasteUSN: I remember discussion of the same people and dating at Kings Christian School in Lemoore growing up.

ddavitt: Figures are slippery

NuclearWasteUSN: And figurers are sliperier

ddavitt: Too true!

ddavitt: Alex dismissing fossil evidence made me smile wryly

ddavitt: Maybe on his world, it was only young

ddavitt: not millions of years old

NuclearWasteUSN: I have seen the same thing in politics, science, etc.

ddavitt: what, ignore facts that don’t fit your pet theory?

NuclearWasteUSN: Perhaps Mr. Hammes contention that all systems of belief are religions has something to it.

NuclearWasteUSN: Yes, exactly that.

ddavitt: I could accept that to a certain extent

NuclearWasteUSN: Or discount them with another contrived theory.

ddavitt: You can make a god out of anything

ddavitt: if you try hard enough

NuclearWasteUSN: Except me.

NuclearWasteUSN: If nominated I will not run, if elected I will not serve.

ddavitt: You don’t want to be worshipped and adored, Jim/:-)

djindalian: Church of Nuke

ddavitt: Has a ring to it

NuclearWasteUSN: Nope, I like arguing too much.

NuclearWasteUSN: Been having way too much fun of late.

ddavitt: I would like to be world dictator and sort things out but not a goddess

NuclearWasteUSN: I am waiting for LV to notice the Bugs Bunny gambit.

ddavitt: And I would only be it until things were tidy

NuclearWasteUSN: LOL

NuclearWasteUSN: Famous last words

ddavitt: I haven’t been following it much so that means nothing but it sounds fun

ddavitt: You don’t trust me? ,quiver of lip>

ddavitt: It wouldn’t take long to sort out.

NuclearWasteUSN: I have taken his usual position and he is arguing mine. He is gradually coming around to my way of thinking just by being denied his usual tools

ddavitt: I’ve coped with birthday parties for 6 year olds; i can handle anything

djindalian: hmmm…. there are some heads of state that could use a good spanking…

NuclearWasteUSN: Ever gone cutting wood with three year olds?

ddavitt: LV is Ok; he has been around long enough to be part of the bar furniture

NuclearWasteUSN: I like LV, just disagree with his politics.

djindalian: LV seems to have mellowed quite a bit too.

ddavitt: I am in charge at the school bus stop most days and am getting a reputation for being firm but fair…

NuclearWasteUSN: Then again, I disagree with most everyone’s politics.

ddavitt: And I’m bigger than them of course..

ddavitt: I don’t have any as such…just certain ways I think about things

ddavitt: I can’t label myself as anything in particualr

NuclearWasteUSN: I live near the high school. Had the kids convinced I ate people so they did not hang out in the alley, but now some of the kids I know are in high school. *sigh* I have to clean up after them every day now.

maikoshT: BTW, if there is anything that you wish to have deleted from the log, please let me know.

ddavitt: I just wish people would be more like me and my friends

ddavitt: Nice that is πŸ™‚

ddavitt: i pity the man whose garden is by the stop

ddavitt: the little brats keep running all over it,, onto the road, throwing balls, stones as cars go by

ddavitt: I hold Eleanor right by me and glare

ddavitt: But now I tell ’em off

NuclearWasteUSN: Oh goodness I am in heaven.

ddavitt: Why?

NuclearWasteUSN: My wife got me Applets and Cotlets.

NuclearWasteUSN: A candy from my youth.

ddavitt: what on earth are they?

NuclearWasteUSN: Have not had them in many years

ddavitt: ah..describe, I love candy

NuclearWasteUSN: Fruit with nuts and sugar.

ddavitt: wine gums and fizzy sweets mostly

ddavitt: in a bar?

NuclearWasteUSN: Yes

ddavitt: I haven’t seen them before

NuclearWasteUSN: Well, little bites, about like a bite sized Snickers.

NuclearWasteUSN: There are from Washington State.

ddavitt: I know what you mean..we called snickers, marathon in the UK

ddavitt: but now the name has changed

NuclearWasteUSN: Never seen them outside of Washington, my wife has heard me talk about them and found them online

ddavitt: same with opal fruits becoming starburst

ddavitt: and oil of ulay, oil of olay

NuclearWasteUSN: http://www.libertyorchards.com

ddavitt: you can find anything online. Anone see Buffy last week?

ddavitt: They found the urn of osiris on ebay

NuclearWasteUSN: Try finding Tillamook cheddar for a reasonable price. *shudder*

NuclearWasteUSN: rofl

ddavitt: books though….I have found books I’ve lusted after for years.

ddavitt: Still way out of my price range but at least I know they’re there

NuclearWasteUSN: This is true, and books I lost long ago, along with title and author.

ddavitt: who makes Tillamook?

NuclearWasteUSN: Made in Washington/Oregon

ddavitt: ask OJ

ddavitt: he might be able to get it for you

NuclearWasteUSN: Tillamook creameries.

ddavitt: i miss the range of cheeses we had in the UK

NuclearWasteUSN: Best cheese in the world. Wisconsin is a poor second rate.

ddavitt: Hmm..I dunno about that

ddavitt: but I like very mild cheeses.

NuclearWasteUSN: You might like this area. Or the Tillamook Creamerie, wonderful tours.

ddavitt: David is the other way; loves Stilton, blue

ddavitt: smellier the better

NuclearWasteUSN: Extra sharp white cheddar

djindalian: stilton is good!!

ddavitt: I like double Gloucester sorts

ddavitt: It’s mouldy!!

NuclearWasteUSN: Sitting on the table warm so it is almost as spreadable as butter

ddavitt: smells like sweaty socks

NuclearWasteUSN: Tastes like ambrosia.

NuclearWasteUSN: Mellow cheeses have always seemed a waste of time to me.

ddavitt: chacun a son gout

NuclearWasteUSN: Like decaffeinated coffee, alcohol free beer/wine, bridal suite without a bed.

ddavitt: No; just a gentle, subtle taste

NuclearWasteUSN: You sound like my wife.

ddavitt: on granary bread with a good cider and lots of Branston pickle

ddavitt: a lady of taste obviously!

NuclearWasteUSN: She married me πŸ™‚

NuclearWasteUSN: Good bread and pickles, now that I agree with.

ddavitt: ever had branston pickles?

ddavitt: They do have them in canada but they’re British

NuclearWasteUSN: No, we usually put up our own.

NuclearWasteUSN: (Only way to get a decent hot pickle.)

ddavitt: hot…you are like mu husband

NuclearWasteUSN: I will look for them next time I cross the border.

ddavitt: he loves spicy food, I hate it

ddavitt: Bp aren’t spicy

ddavitt: just tangy

NuclearWasteUSN: When I make chili I have to make a pot for her and one for me.

ddavitt: We are off topic!

ddavitt: This always happens…

ddavitt: food then alcohol take over!

ddavitt: πŸ™‚

NuclearWasteUSN: Extremely, but then, I have not been volunteered to do the easy chat.

djindalian: causing hunger too

ddavitt: I will have to vanish in a minute

ddavitt: Baby has been a monster recently and I’m low on sleep

NuclearWasteUSN: I know. BRB going to cut some ham and cheddar and slap it on 7 grain bread

ddavitt: She was good last night so I’ve got fingers crossed

ddavitt: OK

ddavitt: So, looks like we can fit Connie in whenver she likes, Jim will do mars and…we need a quick topic to fill in a gap

maikoshT: So we have either Connie or the Martian thing next time depending on whether or no Connie gets back and lets me know that she is set up . Right?

ddavitt: ideas anyone?

ddavitt: Sounds about right

ddavitt: that’s the 25 ans 27 Oct

maikoshT: Right

ddavitt: and 8 and 10 of Novemeber

ddavitt: any books we haven’t done for a while?

ddavitt: they make easy topics

ddavitt: because most people know them well enough already

ddavitt: How about looking at the stories where resistance groups fight back and analysing the effectiveness of their strategies?

ddavitt: free men and Sixth Column for instance

djindalian: That might be fun.

ddavitt: Topical but sort of inspiring

ddavitt: Do we have a host here then?

maikoshT: Would that include the Venerian colonists in Between Planets or something more unstructured?

DenvToday has entered the room.

ddavitt: I was thinking more of when the US is invaded

DenvToday: Greetings all

ddavitt: but we could bring in BP, sure

ddavitt: Hi Denv

NuclearWasteUSN: Not sure.

DenvToday: Hello πŸ™‚

ddavitt: Just discussing topics for upcoming chats

ddavitt: About what Jim?

DenvToday: I can’t stay long. I have to be up early.

NuclearWasteUSN: Needed to scroll forward. n/m

ddavitt: we are about done I think

ddavitt: there wasn’t a topic tongiht so we ended up on food:-)

DenvToday: Always my favorite topic.

NuclearWasteUSN: How about some of the short stories as topics?

DenvToday: There’s a topic for discussion–RAH and food

ddavitt: Certainly is.

ddavitt: Comes into lots of the books

DenvToday: Indeed. He always makes me hungry.

NuclearWasteUSN: I would have to have my desk covered in snacks and apple juice.

ddavitt: Which ones Jim?

ddavitt: We did the FH ones fairly recently

NuclearWasteUSN: Any of them that we fancy, just throwing out an idea, not volunteering again yet.

ddavitt: Could look at the weirder ones in menace

ddavitt: or 6 X H

ddavitt: Goldfish Bowl, water is For washing

ddavitt: Thaose ones; the overlooked ones

ddavitt: You volunteered once; that’s enough:-)

NuclearWasteUSN: Goldfish bowl is one of my favorites.

NuclearWasteUSN: Egads, I heard that in the Navy.

NuclearWasteUSN: Usually just before a nasty assignment.

ddavitt: Ok, I propse a few of those neglected stories as a filler topic for emergencies

ddavitt: With the one about resistance fighters somehwere too

ddavitt: Jim, dave will let you know which date is the Mars chat

ddavitt: And we’re all done!

DenvToday: See you all on Saturday.

NuclearWasteUSN: OK, I will work on the post and flesh out the topic

DenvToday: I do have my dates correct, don’t I? It’s this Saturday?

maikoshT: Sounds good.

NuclearWasteUSN: Bye Denver πŸ™‚

ddavitt: Looking forward to that

ddavitt: Well, no, not really Denv

DenvToday: Oh.

DenvToday: lol

ddavitt: I don’t think there’s anything planned for this saturday

DenvToday: No wonder I’m confused.

DenvToday: A week from Saturday?

ddavitt: Tonight is a blank chat

ddavitt: two weeks:-)

ddavitt: on the 25th and 27th

DenvToday: I haven’t been getting the mailings.

ddavitt: it will be a guest author; Connie Willis or a chat on mars

maikoshT: And probably no need to meet this Saturday since we don’t have a topic.

ddavitt: No, and I will be in Algonquin park with the bears

ddavitt: so I definitelt won’t be there

DenvToday: I’ll see you on the 25th.

DenvToday: Bye ’til then!

ddavitt: Great

ddavitt: Night all

maikoshT: See you all then

NuclearWasteUSN: We don’t need to go to the park for that, we have a pair just outside of town here

DenvToday: Night

DenvToday has left the room.

djindalian: night

ddavitt: I don’t want to meet them..bears are scary

NuclearWasteUSN: Good night all. πŸ™‚

djindalian has left the room.


ddavitt: See you all , thanks for the input

ddavitt: me too

maikoshT: Log officially closed at 10:20 P.M. EDT

ddavitt has left the room.

NuclearWasteUSN has left the room.
Final End Of Discussion Log

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