Heinlein Reader’s Discussion Group Thursday 03-09-2002 9:00 P.M. Another Robert’s Mysteries

Heinlein Reader’s Discussion Group

Thursday 03-09-2002 9:00 P.M.

Another Robert’s Mysteries

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Here Begins The Discussion Log

You have just entered room “Heinlein Readers Group chat.”

SAcademy has entered the room.

SAcademy: Goof adternoon David.

SAcademy: I meant “good” Sorry aabout that.

SAcademy: Maybe I had better lie down–my typing is poor today.

SAcademy has left the room.

SAcademy has entered the room.

SAcademy: Hello David. What time does this start?

SAcademy has left the room.

AGplusone has entered the room.

AGplusone: I’m here if you’re back from shopping, Dave.

AGplusone: … matter of fact, I’m here if you’re not. πŸ™‚

Paradis402 has entered the room.

AGplusone: ‘lo Denis

Paradis402: Hi David, Hi David

AGplusone: ‘tother Dave’s shopping with wife. Just has his ‘putor hooked up and on for the log.

Paradis402: Oh. I see. Good talk on Thursday?

AGplusone: Fairly good. Read Requiem?

AGplusone: L.A. Requiem, rather

Paradis402: RAH or Crais?

AGplusone: I just noticed that, btw

Paradis402: I’ve only read Demolition Angel. Last December. He writes very well.

AGplusone: I’m rereading Demo Angel just now, since we’ll probably be talking about it over the next two weeks. Yes, I agree he writes well.

Paradis402: Reminds me of Robert (Heinlein) a bit.

AGplusone: He drops more than Heinlein references in …. do you know of Michael Cassutt?

Paradis402: No.

AGplusone: sci-fi writer (a few novels) and Hwood Screenwriter.

AGplusone: He names a minor character “Michael Cassutt” in Demo Angel

Paradis402: I don’t get around much. Picke up Demolition Angel at WalMart.

AGplusone: I talked to Michael about it (met him at a booksigning by Willis up in NoHollywood). Asked him if he knew Crais. He does, and knew of the use of his name.

AGplusone: Grinned at me.

AGplusone: Cassutt the character never appears. Simply a name identified as a further victim of the bad guy.

Paradis402: Nice boy. I was not aware he knew Heinlein until you guys mentioned it.

AGplusone: I think so.

Paradis402: I mean Crais.

AGplusone: Yes

AGplusone: Years back he did a bit of posting on RAH in the alt.fan.heinlein newsgroup

Paradis402: Refreshing style of writing. I”d been reading mostly the main best sellers.

AGplusone: occasionally, more than a regular.

AGplusone: I like his style. He can do poet if he wishes.

Paradis402: He must be very busy now.

AGplusone: He must be. Finished and mailed off his script on Demo Angel just about a couple months ago

AGplusone: Has sold both Angel and Hostage, his latest, to Hweird

Paradis402: I read that in Devember. Did I time warp?

AGplusone: the script?

AGplusone: Or Angel?

AGplusone: Angel didn’t hit Paperback until recently

Paradis402: No the book. Paperback from WalMart. Demo Angel. You mean the screenplay?

AGplusone: both Angel and Hostage (and maybe several of the rest) have had hardbound editions

AGplusone: screenplay

AGplusone: sorry: used script ….

Paradis402: I swear I read it in Pigeon. Before Christmas. In paperback.

Paradis402: OK:-)

AGplusone: Did you see his echo of Chandler’s “Santa Ana” wind passage I quoted way back four weeks ago or so?

Paradis402: David, my mind has been so swamped with stuff since I’ve been here, I hardly remember who I am.

AGplusone: Talked to Ginny IM today. I think she’s getting better. Was complaining about the cost of the bills from the doctors. Sure sign of recovery.

Paradis402: I hope so. Very upsetting for me. Scared me a lot.

AGplusone: yeah, me too

Paradis402: If she gets feisty, she’s getting better.

AGplusone: That’s what I felt.

Paradis402: She never stops. I can’t do half of what she does.

AGplusone: If I can do half what she does now when I turn 65 I’ll be happy.

AGplusone: Not that I will do it. I’m lazy.

AGplusone: I wish I could find some time to write.

Paradis402: We’re getting close to that now. I feel like 90. Too much mileage.

AGplusone: Rode hard, put away wet, eh?

Paradis402: Yup. Sins of youth or too much work.

AGplusone: Right. How are your lungs, btw

AGplusone: They took a lobe out of mine ten years ago.

AGplusone: Hasn’t come back yet.

Paradis402: No problem. You lost one… like Robert.

AGplusone: Not the whole thing, but a third of it.

AGplusone: Causes me to breathe hard when I climb stairs.

Paradis402: I don’t think it will grow back. Cloning?

AGplusone: Probably not in my lifetime.

AGplusone: But I hope one day for some

Paradis402: Or mine. Medicine needs good engineers. They don’t have any.

AGplusone: They’ll get some.

Paradis402: I hope so. That’s their only hope.

AGplusone: If’n the peasants don’t rush the castle with torches and pitforks

AGplusone: pitchforks

Paradis402: The problem with health workers is that they are scared of computers and new technology. This is nationwide.

AGplusone: Surprising …

AGplusone: not merely the workers in the hospitals, but the researchers too?

Paradis402: It dismays me. FDA and such bureaucracies don’t help.

Paradis402: Yes. Research is a study in self exaltation, not true discovery.

AGplusone: Government is frightened of computers. Case in point. LAPD has never had a good computer system.

AGplusone: And I know the guy who tried to build their first one.

Paradis402: True. It’s idiotic.

AGplusone: They all have the silly notion that it’s hardware they need

AGplusone: new hardware every couple years

AGplusone: then they want a new set of software, custom, for their operation …. reinvent the dogsled every three years

Paradis402: They are so wrong. But not much can be done to clue them in.

Paradis402: The Japanese and Europeans are way ahead of us here.

AGplusone: Read about the 12 gigaflop test on the new dual 900Mhz G-4 Mac?

Paradis402: No.

AGplusone: Fast

Paradis402: I can imagine.

KultsiKN has entered the room.

KultsiKN: Hi, all!

AGplusone: And two years from now, you’ll need that to run GameBoys

Paradis402: Hi Kultsi.

AGplusone: Hi, Kultsi. DWrigh is off shopping with wife.

AGplusone: But his ghost is logging

KultsiKN: It’s been around before πŸ˜‰

AGplusone: Should we wake up Ginny?

Paradis402: I would try if I were you.

AGplusone: ‘kay

Paradis402: Thanks.8-)

AGplusone: Invite out.

KultsiKN: Nice RayBans, Denis.

Paradis402: She may be having AOL problems again. It’s been ailing all week too.

Paradis402: Thanks Kultsi. I only wear them here.

fgherman has entered the room.

AGplusone: Hi, Felicia

KultsiKN: Hi, Felicia!

Paradis402: Hi Felicia.

fgherman: Hi all

AGplusone: Do you or Joel know (or read) Robert Crais?

fgherman: no, and no

AGplusone: Shame. Nice guy. Good writer.

fgherman: at least, I don’t

fgherman: Can’t really speak for Joel

AGplusone: Like mystery-detective books?

Paradis402: He is now At IgA , WalMart, KMart etc.

fgherman: some of them – usually historical mystery novels for me

fgherman: Ellis Peters, Lindsey Davis

AGplusone: Some of those are neat. what’s the series about the Roman everyone talks about?

fgherman: Marcus Didius Falco – great stuff

fgherman: I buy them in hardcover

AGplusone: Yeah, that one. I’ll have to read one one day

AGplusone: Who writes those?

fgherman: Lindsey Davis

AGplusone: thot so

AGplusone: Crais writes some nice L.A. located stuff.

fgherman: Some guy named Chandler did that too, I understand

AGplusone: Two clowns named Cole and Pike … Cole bumbles around shaking cages, and then Pike comes and bails his butt out.

AGplusone: Crais knows it. He wrote a nice echo of Chandler’s opening — the one about the Santa Ana wind — in his last Cole-Pike novel. Red Dawn, mebbe, is the name of the Chandler.

AGplusone: Then Crais cites RAH as inspiration … posted those photos of the bombshelter on his website.

fgherman: I saw those

AGplusone: How’s Joel doing? His mystery detective have a publication date yet?

fgherman: I’m sure it does – I don’t remember it off the top of my head

AGplusone: I’m waiting to ‘read’ it IRL!

fgherman: The good news is that Baen just picked up the rights to all of the OOP stuff

AGplusone: OOP?

fgherman: OutOf Print

AGplusone: oooooW, wow!

AGplusone: that is good news!

fgherman: That’s kind of our feeling

AGplusone: Good reason to come to San Jose, eh?


fgherman: He didn’t pay *that* much for them

AGplusone: We’ll let you and Joel sleep in our bathtub …. wadda say?

fgherman: But it’s the second invite we’ve had to ConJose this week

fgherman: I’ll mention it to him

AGplusone: Good. Tell him the wrong name, okay?

fgherman: the wrong name?

AGplusone: sumbody else’s

AGplusone: I forgot I wasn’t a college sophomore still …. bathtubs indeed!

Paradis402: David, I think Ginny may be having puter problems again. Maybe Snowy has chewed off the phone line so she could rest.

AGplusone: shudda least offered the rug … or a sleeping bag.

AGplusone: Yes, I think that’s possible. Have you or Joel written her recently F?

KultsiKN: She’s online, though

fgherman: A *real* gentleman would have offered his own bed

AGplusone: Yes, she is … but she’s been tired a bit lately, K

fgherman: I haven’t chatted but I saw her on yesterday.

KultsiKN: W. or w/o him?

AGplusone: My wife will tell you I’m only an Ersatz Gentlemen, try as she may

fgherman: I won’t touch that line


KultsiKN: You were leading with your chin

fgherman: Heck, I can’t even *dress* Joel.

fgherman: πŸ™‚

Paradis402: πŸ˜€

AGplusone: I know. It’s hard to cope with us. I think we’re really from Luna, not Mars.

AGplusone: Mention to Joel I think he might enjoy the Crais visit we’re getting ready for in two weeks.

AGplusone: Please

AGplusone: Guy’s got an interesting mind.

fgherman: Will do, but he’s writing the sequel to Homefront

KultsiKN: Did I get it right: Thursday only?

AGplusone: Thursday only is the way it’s looking unless we so overwhelm him he decides to do a Saturday

KultsiKN: πŸ™

AGplusone: 3 hours is scary if you don’t do these things. Joel and Felicia were very very unusual folk

fgherman: I’ll take that as a compliment

AGplusone: so intended ….

Paradis402: David, do you know if Crais ever housesat for the Heinleins when he was younger?

AGplusone: Doubt it. I don’t think he ever even wrote them.

AGplusone: Just admired them from afar

Paradis402: Oh. Ok.

AGplusone: I mentioned to him he ought to EMail Ginny, but I think he’s a bit reserved about doing that.

Paradis402: She would enjoy it. I’m sure.

AGplusone: Don’t think he’s from Colo Sps, although he must have lived there when they remodeled the house about five years ago … or visited opportunely

AGplusone: to get those photos

AGplusone: he’s from Louisiana

Paradis402: Crais is Joual for I Believe.

AGplusone: Arcadian?

AGplusone: Credo

Paradis402: Joual is boonie french canadian. Even more difficult to understand than Creole.

AGplusone: very interesting ….

Paradis402: A joual is a cheval.

AGplusone: I figured he was Cajun …

Paradis402: A draft horse.

Paradis402: We’ll have to ask him if he speaks Creole.

AGplusone: I think we should.

AGplusone: His writings are a bit different concerning Louisiana than Burke, another well-known detective mystery writer, of course.

AGplusone: But there’s some common themes. James Lee Burke

fgherman: Gotta go deal with my kids

fgherman: later

fgherman has left the room.

AGplusone: He wrote one of the Cole-Pike novels set in Louisiana.

Paradis402: I must read more of his books.

AGplusone: He’s very good.

Paradis402: Poetic. And more.

AGplusone: Very complicated mind … the books are a fun exercise in ‘art’ … which will scare people.

AGplusone: but it’s true

AGplusone: He’s having fun writing them

Paradis402: That’s why he’s good.

AGplusone: maturing depictions

AGplusone: noticeable improvement

AGplusone: Kultsi, are any of his things available in Finlandia

AGplusone: they’re well worth reading and a lot better than the genre run of the mill

AGplusone: particularly the latest ones

KultsiKN: I haven’t checked the libraries; might be in a bookstore in Helsinki

AGplusone: He’s been on NYT bestsellers lists with the last two

AGplusone: top fiction, not top genre

AGplusone: NYT=NewYorkTimes

Paradis402: I am very hard to surprise any more. But he surprised me with his style of writing. Very pleasing.

AGplusone: I really haven’t seen anyone write that well in the genre in a while. He’s close to Chandler

Paradis402: Much better than Koontz.

AGplusone: And he’s doing a lot better in character development

AGplusone: than Chandler ever tried

AGplusone: Don’t think Chandler ever tried that, to tell the truth

AGplusone: What I liked about L.A. Requiem was a little tricky. Both of you read the premeeting posts?

AGplusone: Because I didn’t mention this in the posts.

Paradis402: Yes. Rather rapidly.

AGplusone: Spoiler material:

AGplusone: The entire novel is one about revenge on Pike by someone

AGplusone: Someone very unexpected.

AGplusone: And that someone is an inperfect clone of Pike.

AGplusone: parallels in development all through their life history, except for one thing: a very Heinlein thing.

AGplusone: The murderer doesn’t and Pike READS

AGplusone: when they were growing up.

AGplusone: murderer turns out to be a nightmare …. Pike, somehow, a human

AGplusone: despite common horrid child abuse, etc. …

Paradis402: Good trumpeting. David.

AGplusone: Well, it’s really worth reading

Paradis402: Yes

AGplusone: and pretty subtle the way Crais does it

AGplusone: reason I mention this here, is it was in Thursday’s log, but log’s not up yet.

DennEditor has entered the room.

DennEditor: Howdy

AGplusone: Hi, Bill?

DennEditor: yep

SAcademy has entered the room.

AGplusone: Hi, Ginny, welcome. Have a nice nap?

DennEditor: I forgot all abou the Readers chat today …

Paradis402: Hi Den, Hi Ginny.

SAcademy: Sorry I went to sleep over the keyboard.


AGplusone: We figured you might have. Where ya going?

DennEditor: I’ve done that Mrs. H.

DennEditor: I am moving to other side of town

DennEditor: Into a MUCH larger house

AGplusone: Shucks, I was hoping you’d say you were hired by the NewsTrib to square away their act.

AGplusone: or ChiTrib

DennEditor: I don’t know how much I can contribute. I have’t read the books scheduled to be discussed.

AGplusone: Don’t need to have ….

DennEditor: Chi Trib is a possibility πŸ˜‰

AGplusone: Sumbody needs to straighten them out …. πŸ˜‰

DennEditor: But I don’t want to live in Chicago. I have pretty much settled for good in Peoria.

AGplusone: Sum of ma best frien’s live in Peoria

DennEditor: ALL chain papers need to be straightened out. Yuck.

Paradis402: Can you BOLD Den?

DennEditor: Thanks DaVE.. πŸ™‚

DennEditor: YEP

Paradis402: Merci πŸ™‚

AGplusone: I’m slowly watching the changes being done to the LA Times since the Trib bought the Chandlers out.

AGplusone: Actually, they’re not too bad, yet ….

DennEditor: Ever read “The Powers that Be” David?

AGplusone: Probably not.

AGplusone: About the NP industry?

DennEditor: Details three big media families, Chandlers, Ochs and the pople who owned Time Mag (name escapes me)

AGplusone: whatizname …

DennEditor: yeah … wife became a Congrescritter

AGplusone: owned a bunch back WWII

AGplusone: how quickly thy glory fades

AGplusone: What was that fellow Ginny. owned Life, etc.

DennEditor: Well, these families all had quirks that sometimes lead to lousy journalism … but they had better papers than these lousy chains

AGplusone: Who are the Ochs?

AGplusone: the Trib?

DennEditor: Adolph Ochs … German Jewish family that bought the NYT. GrandDaughter married a Sulzburger

AGplusone: Ah …

DennEditor: I mention Jewish because it played a part in how they played the news

DennEditor: Tried VERY hard to not appear to be Jewish

AGplusone: it would have

AGplusone: one way or ‘tother

DennEditor: Col. McCormick owned the Chi Tribune

AGplusone: My uncles in Rockford, Mt. Morris, and Kenosha used to read the Christian Science Monitor rather than the Trib

DennEditor: very anti-British and isolationist. Hated FDR with a passion.

DennEditor: CSM has a very good reputation.

AGplusone: Oh, yeah. You can guess who my uncles thought the sun rose and set upon.

DennEditor: Yeah, my family too.

Paradis402: Who?

DennEditor: Of course mr grandmother was a JFK delegate at national dem convention

AGplusone: as was my mother

DennEditor: I am a HUGE disappointment to them ….

DennEditor: REALLY! Small world

AGplusone: So was I when I voted for Goldwater in ’64

DennEditor: Ouch! heh heh heh

Paradis402: I voted for Goldwater too.

DennEditor: Of course, I voted for neither Gore nor Bush

AGplusone: but they didn’t poison me, altho I suspect my now-sainted mother may have thought about it

DennEditor: Heh heh

DennEditor: If Goldwater had kept his mouth shut about the Bomb, he may have stood a chance.

AGplusone: Instead they treated me the way the cap troopers treat fellows who refuse to get into the capsule ….

AGplusone: as if I was sick …

AGplusone: and probably wouldn’t get well.

ddavitt has entered the room.

AGplusone: Hi, Jane.

ddavitt: Hi everyone

Paradis402: Hello Jane.

DennEditor: Yeah, but you were right … Howdy Jane. We’ve been discussion cold war presidential politics

DennEditor: discussing

ddavitt: Wow; how did you get onto that from Crais?

Paradis402: We all agree.:-\

ddavitt: That’s not a proper political discussion then!

DennEditor: Well …. I haven’t done the assigned reading, so …..

AGplusone: We’re just blithering. Bill Denis is moving, and we had hoped he’s been hired editor of the Chicago Trib or something … that led into politics

DennEditor: A political discussion with disagreement? As a libertarian, I am not used to that.

AGplusone: normal alt.fan.heinlein thread drift …. around the world in 80 seconds

ddavitt: Heh, yes.

Paradis402: We are all nice folk, if a bit lunatic.

AGplusone: Except for thee and me …. and I’m too sure about which of you is “thee”

ddavitt: That’s a hard comment to answer Denis

Paradis402: πŸ˜€

DennEditor: As to job situation … I am pretty much stuck here. I am too old to be a reporter anymore and my libertarian beliefs make me ill-suited to liberal or conservative mind set at most newspapers.

ddavitt: So what’s next, Bill?

AGplusone: How’d you like my wife’s tale, Jane? Didn’t intend it to be nasty, but it’s a bit intense when I tell it.

DennEditor: Well, libertarians never agree. What is next? Doing the best job I can here. I may be overstating things a bit. But I am the odd duck whenever I get together with newsie friends.

ddavitt: I did like reading it; thanks. Helped a lot

ddavitt: That must be hard Bill

AGplusone: that old Foss woman is the second cousin of the Marine with the MH they talked about

AGplusone: And she was bigger than he was.

DennEditor: Yes. IT is assumed in any get-together that all are liberals. Just as businessmen assume that all other business people are Republicans.

ddavitt: Oh, while I think on; is there a meeting tomorrow for THS?

AGplusone: no

AGplusone: Be next week. People out of town, recovering from ‘minor’ illnesses, etc.


ddavitt: OK

ddavitt: I have a library meeting set up for Monday night

AGplusone: It all counts …. could use help on the News page if you had time, Bill.

ddavitt: Did you get in touch with Sarah Hoyt David?

AGplusone: Yes, looking forward to hearing about it, unless you want me to lurk

ddavitt: Re the essays?

AGplusone: Yes, I did.

ddavitt: Great!

DennEditor: Sure. If I have time. I just got Webmaster duties dumped on me at work.

ddavitt: Up to you; love to have you if you have the time, otherwise, I’ll circulate the log

AGplusone: Good. Call me collect. You have my number?

AGplusone: If I lurk I can lurk another name if you wish

DennEditor: If I did, I lost it in the last move. You can email it to me.

ddavitt: No need; why?

DennEditor: oh. D’oh

AGplusone: ‘kay …

AGplusone: So, did you leave Thursday before I asked folk to compare Pike and Sobek?

AGplusone: Jane?

ddavitt: Just as it was happening

ddavitt: What conclusion did you come to?

DennEditor: So… why is this Crais fellow so great a writer?

ddavitt: He’s very readable and the books are exciting

AGplusone: If you compared the two, their background, analogizing, what differences and simularities would you find?

Paradis402: You have to read him to find out. Really. Surprising!

ddavitt: End of Voodoo River was great

AGplusone: Aw, you just like turtles, Jane.

DennEditor: Is he a great as John Grisham? (ducking)

AGplusone: better

Paradis402: Yes. IMO

ddavitt: I still think that Sobek was incapable of love in the way Pike had for karen and the wife of the policeman

ddavitt: He wasn’t a balanced personality

AGplusone: but why … what difference in their life made that lack appear in the ‘copy’ of Pike?

ddavitt: Dunno; Pike certainly had abuse and hardship which some claim causes a cycle of abuse later on

AGplusone: Everything Sobek went through Joe went through (at least by analogy) except one trait or characteristic

ddavitt: Pike defended his mother…

AGplusone: and the cat


ddavitt: nasty bit:-(

ddavitt: He defended the weak

AGplusone: what in Joe’s life made him do that, i.e., here comes the hint:

ddavitt: Sobek would have attacked

AGplusone: “Die for a rose.”

ddavitt: ?

ddavitt: Spit it out David or I’ll get testy:-):-)

AGplusone: Somebody comments about Joe’s type in one little paragraph, about how his sort can “die for a rose”

AGplusone: remember?

ddavitt: No…

AGplusone: Remember when Aimes breaks his arm?

ddavitt: What’s it mean; for an ideal?

AGplusone: yes

ddavitt: Sobek wouldn’t die for anything

ddavitt: Pike is a hero type.

AGplusone: Remember the weird trait about Pike that Horse, the other gunnery sergeant mentions to Aimes?

ddavitt: With a death wish and a deep drive to survive to counteract it

ddavitt: He’s odd but interesting

AGplusone: No. What do Horse always find in Pfc Pike’s footlocker?

ddavitt: Umm…book, poems

AGplusone: Ummmm

AGplusone: ‘die for a rose’

ddavitt: The book is yards away; I will go fetch it

AGplusone: Page 141

Paradis402: A picture of Elizabeth II?

ddavitt: Got it

AGplusone: Pike is a reader …..

AGplusone: Read what Aimes thinks about that

ddavitt: Lights just flashed; we have a storm.

AGplusone: Aw, heck … thought for a moment it was the light engendered by my brilliance … ah well

ddavitt: The best warriors are poets? Hmm

Paradis402: Pike reads Heinlein?

ddavitt: That too:-)

ddavitt: No, I don’t think he does

AGplusone: Not mentioned in this book ….

AGplusone: he simple reads everything

ddavitt: Lucy’s son does

ddavitt: He says the Samurai were poets?

AGplusone: he does

ddavitt: And that men don’t die for the flag or family but their buddies next to them

ddavitt: That’s understandable

AGplusone: Aimes thinks that most soldiers will only die for their buddies, but poets will die for an ideal …. like a cat about to be burned with kerosene

ddavitt: But a rose…that’s not a buddy, that’s a symbol

ddavitt: Ah, gotcha

ddavitt: Tired today

ddavitt: Brain all fuzzy

AGplusone: and since Aimes wants LRP Marines, who will go it alone if need be, he really wants Pike

AGplusone: That’s the only difference in kind I can find between Pike and Sobek (taking into account the analogies)

ddavitt: It’s enough

AGplusone: And I think, Crais very subtle point of the novel.

ddavitt: Interesting to see who doubts Pike and who believes him totally, no matter what the evidence

ddavitt: He inspires trust in some, unease in others

ddavitt: Depends on your conscience maybe

AGplusone: fear rather than unease

ddavitt: Lucy fears him.And the cat doesn’t like her. She’s doomed

AGplusone: he’s really scary

ddavitt: Not to a friend

AGplusone: yeah, poor Belle Darkin


ddavitt: He’s like the ultimate security blanket

ddavitt: And very sexy; maybe Lucy felt uneasy about that; split loyalty

AGplusone: unless that cat changes his mind ….


AGplusone: Lucy is the love of Cole’s life these past four novels since Voodoo River

ddavitt: Course, Elvis is more like Pike than we know at first; the cartoon shirts hide it

ddavitt: But he’s pretty tough too

AGplusone: I think he’s divided the one into two characters … Good guy, bad guy, to sell a POV

ddavitt: Like Hilda and jane in NOTB; both brave but Hilda would say Gesundheit as she fled a volcano

ddavitt: Elvis is Hilda

AGplusone: annoying, yes

ddavitt: He can’t keep quiet even if it earns hima beating

ddavitt: He has toned down a lot since the first books

AGplusone: some growth

ddavitt: But yes, he’s so rude that I’m surprised he has any clients

AGplusone: he’s getting older and wiser

ddavitt: He has very high standards, again like Pike

ddavitt: Don’t we all?

AGplusone: that was one thing. Ever meet a trial lawyer with a good bedside matter?

AGplusone: manner

ddavitt: Never met a lawyer.

ddavitt: Apart from you.

AGplusone: lucky you

ddavitt: Not common in UK

ddavitt: Oh..maybe when we sold a house for 5 mins as we handed over a huge cheque

AGplusone: huge checks bring out the little nice in them

ddavitt: David says I have to go help with baby baths

ddavitt: So I’ll pop back later if I can

AGplusone: ‘kay … see you Monday, maybe.

ddavitt: Hey; I got a free book:-)

AGplusone: lucky you … fumigate it

AGplusone: make sure it’s not from Mr. Red

ddavitt: Play nice.

ddavitt: Night all.

AGplusone: nite Jane

Paradis402: Nite Jane

ddavitt: Eleanor says I have to do a smiley

ddavitt: :-):-):-):-):-):-)

ddavitt: Now she’s happy

Paradis402: πŸ˜€

DennEditor: OT: When is Mr. Panshin going to stop posting in AFH so much?

AGplusone: Eleanor is nice

ddavitt: She’s giggling about that one

DennEditor: Hello Eleanor πŸ˜‰

ddavitt: She certainly is

AGplusone: πŸ˜›

Paradis402: 😎

AGplusone: Tell her that’s a tongue

DennEditor: ;-]

DennEditor: O:-)

AGplusone: bald spot?

ddavitt: She says that’s funny too but Bil’s is puzzling her; it’s not a graphic; how come?

DennEditor: halo.

Paradis402: Demo Angel

ddavitt: Ok, I’m being called from above and it’s not an angel

AGplusone: Ah! Probably because it’s not in AOL’s standard set

DennEditor: cause I tried to make a different smiley, but hit the wrong button

ddavitt: See you all soon.

ddavitt has left the room.

AGplusone: ’tis three thirty here, folk …

DennEditor: brb

Paradis402: Break?

AGplusone: yeah, why not … back at 45 past the hour?

Paradis402: Ok

AGplusone: afk … to root for Henry Bibby or Bill Walton’s son, haven’t made up my mind, for ten minutes

AGplusone: 15:45 back

AGplusone: Bibby’s doing me proud!

AGplusone: Bibby, UCLA ’70 my class

Paradis402: Commodore Ginny AFK?

AGplusone: I think she is ….

AGplusone: possibly dozed off …. propose we adjourn?

Paradis402: Good idea.

AGplusone: Okay, Crais visiting in two weeks from last Thursday.

AGplusone: Do Demo Angel and Hostage on the message boards on afh

Paradis402: Great. See you there. Hope Ginny feels better.

AGplusone: thanks … nice to see everyone.

AGplusone: Log closing

Paradis402 has left the room.

AGplusone: bye

AGplusone has left the room.

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DenvToday: Hello David and Mrs. Heinlein

DenvToday: Has the discussion broken up already?

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Final End Of Discussion Log

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