Heinlein Reader’s Discussion Group Saturday 07-08-2000 93rd Birthday Celebration

Heinlein Reader’s Discussion Group

Saturday 07-08-2000

93rd Birthday Celebration

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Here begin the AFH Postings

 You have just entered room “Heinlein Readers Group chat.”

stephenveiss has entered the room.

KultsiKN has entered the room.

stephenveiss: hullo

Pnther5o5 has entered the room.

KultsiKN: Hello, all!

Pnther5o5: Hey.

AGplusone: Welcome, all, a little hello but “hey”

gfoXcook has entered the room.

stephenveiss: Just fixing a spelling error on the pic page 🙂

AGplusone: hello=try “early”

AGplusone: Hi, Greg, early, but hello

gfoXcook: hey.

gfoXcook: I gotta go do some yard work anyway. Thanks for the invite, BBIAB.

AGplusone: Had a nice dinner with Steve, “the Prince” last night. Must report he is neither fanged nor particularly odd in person and got photos

KultsiKN: What’s the last ‘B’?

AGplusone: bit?

KultsiKN: Could be.

AGplusone: ‘be back in a bit”

AGplusone: John, you know Greg, Kultsi, and Stephen?

Pnther5o5: Well, we’ve never met as such:-)

AGplusone: John’s an actual writer and some day … I gotta ‘sit down and talk’ with him.

KultsiKN: Nice smile! Hello, John!

stephenveiss: Heh – hi, John! 🙂

AGplusone: We were talking Thursday about a writer named Stephen Hunter that some of us enjoy … anyone know him?

KultsiKN: David, ya gonna get those pics scanned & distroed?

Pnther5o5: And in ruthless self promotion I will now give you the site for sample chapters.

<=”” a=””>Pnther5o5: http://www.baen.com/chapters/W200007/0671319418.htm?blurb

Pnther5o5: 🙂

AGplusone: As soon as I develope them I’ll scan and send them to Stephen for the AFH picture page. Everyone know it?

Pnther5o5: The samples are finally posted.

Pnther5o5: No, where is it?

AGplusone: I had develop … Steve, you have the site url to it?

AGplusone: If you do, show it to Pnther505

stephenveiss: The pic page? Not right now – I’m uploading an update (spelling :-)) – gimme 5, and it’ll be back up…

AGplusone: Okay … you’ll enjoy the page. Some of the ugliest alleged humans on earth, John, their beautiful families and cats.

KultsiKN: Yea, I went and reported the error to Steph just before we started, and he started jumping the walls…

stephenveiss: Hehe – yup 🙂

stephenveiss: Spelling errors do *not* look good 🙂

KultsiKN: John, isn’t the cover a bit different now than before?

AGplusone: Let me go out and check John’s page … whilst waiting … was a really good dinner … steak and scampi … yum!

Pnther5o5: I do about half the work on my own ste and at first I couldn’t get the damned image links to work.

stephenveiss: brb

Pnther5o5: Turned out it was a dreamweaver quirk.

Pnther5o5: I think that Arnold changed it for a cleaner JPG.

Pnther5o5: That is alot closer to what it looks like; I’ve got hardcopy now.

Pnther5o5: Very metallic. Nice cover.

KultsiKN: I remember a Ramboish pic…

KultsiKN: 🙂

Pnther5o5: 🙂

Pnther5o5: Ram_bette_.

Pnther5o5: Ram_bo_ is the guy in the background.

AGplusone: Bette looks much more appealling

AGplusone: Only fourteen schools, huh?

Pnther5o5: It’s actually as much a tribute to the Dean as I could do.

KultsiKN: That’s what we are missing! A Ram_bette_ movie!

KultsiKN: Oh well — Nikita…

Pnther5o5: Only. I counted the two times I was “homeschooled” as two schools because it was two different places.

AGplusone: Maybe she’d know better than to fire off a rocket with the rescued POWs in the back of the chopper …. eh? Made real cripspy critters of them if it was IRL.

AGplusone: crispy … musta had too many G&Ts last night

Pnther5o5: Agggh. Don’t get me started. How about the 60mm mortars hitting right at his feet? Not a scratch.

Pnther5o5: I will say I _try_ for a semblance of reality in my stuff.

AGplusone: Right!

KultsiKN: You don’t get a scratch if they don’t go off.

stephenveiss: back…

KultsiKN: Fixed?

Pnther5o5: There are things that make you go “hmmmmm…” but nothing absolutely egregious (well, I’m in an argument with an engineer about the materials in the grav-gun rounds but who cares????:-))

AGplusone: I read an interesting book recently, however, by “First Blood’s” author … Freebootrr sent it to me.

Pnther5o5: Well the _book_ was fairly good.

Pnther5o5: I was a big Morrell fan for a while. but they were really _bad_ books in a way.

AGplusone: A Villa expedition story … it was, and I couldn’t believe what they did in the movie …

AGplusone: Howso?

Pnther5o5: Real serious page turners. Then at the end I’d hurl them across the room I was so angry that I’d read something so crappy! And it was usually aobut 5AM after staying up all night.

Pnther5o5: 🙂

Pnther5o5: Just really impossibly unbelievable but _well_ written so you couldn’t put them down.

AGplusone: I had the same reaction to the Freebootrr story … the ending sucked!

Pnther5o5: He’s like that.

stephenveiss: Almost fixed. Hang on….

Pnther5o5: I think I read most of his stuff.

AGplusone: Too much 60-70s angst

Pnther5o5: “Brotherhood of the Rose” is absolutely great. For sucking as bad as it does. I heartily recommend it!

Pnther5o5: 🙂

AGplusone: One thing I like about Hunter is none of that …

AGplusone: have you read Hunter, John?

Merfilly8 has entered the room.

Pnther5o5: Hey, are any of you guys going to ChiCon?

AGplusone: Hi, Filly. Happy Birthday!

Pnther5o5: No, I must say I’ve been sort of limited in my reading lately.

AGplusone: … and girls …

KultsiKN: Hello, Filly! Belated HB!

Pnther5o5: I’ve been a bit busy.

Pnther5o5: Happy Birthday.

Merfilly8: Thank you much for the wishes.

AGplusone: He’s got three very good ones out and a new one I just read a reveiw of in the LA Times Sunday

Merfilly8: and good eve to all

KultsiKN: A bit far off, ChiCon is.

stephenveiss: Hi filly – happy b’day 🙂

stephenveiss: Fixed. Addy is http://www.bigfoot.com/~afhpicpage.

AGplusone: And to you … g’evening.

Pnther5o5: 54 Days.

Pnther5o5: Baen has a suite so alot of the “Barflies” are intending to attend.

KultsiKN: Not in time, in distance.

Pnther5o5: Ah.

AGplusone: Last night I had the first Manhattan I’d had in years … asked Ginny what Robert would drink to celebrate his birthday and she said: Brandy Manhattan, so I had one.

Pnther5o5: Swim!:-)

KultsiKN: So, that’s where the Brandy Manhattan part comes from!

AGplusone: LOL, yep.

KultsiKN: In the beginning of TEFL

AGplusone: Is there one … damn, never noticed it. Where exactly?

KultsiKN: John, was that a recommendation? I swim like a stone! 🙂

Merfilly8: Learn

Merfilly8: 🙂

AGplusone: Me too. Took forever to make First Class Boy Scout … sink like a stone.

Pnther5o5: Try the backstroke, it’s good for people who can float well.

KultsiKN: Laz asks for something to drink, and Ira recommends Brandy Manhattan.

Pnther5o5: 🙂

AGplusone: Too little body fat …

AGplusone: … then.

KultsiKN: I ain’t got that much fat on me yet — can’t float.

AGplusone: Bartender didn’t put the orange peel in mine. Used to it.

AGplusone: Same with me.

Merfilly8: Best way to learn swimming is prior to walking

KultsiKN: You shouda told that to me mommy, Filly.

AGplusone: Used to drink Canadien Royal Manhattans …

Merfilly8: When I get my time machine out of pawn, I will

Merfilly8: please excuse the font changes…I’m hunting one I like

ddavitt has entered the room.

AGplusone: Hi, Jane

ddavitt: Hi all.

Merfilly8: Hey hey Jane

Pnther5o5: JANE!

stephenveiss: hi, Jane..

KultsiKN: Hello, Jane! How’s tummy?

ddavitt: Sorry I missed Thursday; I was OUT!!!

siannon prime has entered the room.

Pnther5o5: Sorry, it’s a Bar thing.

Merfilly8: Hey Janie

ddavitt: Feeling fine thanks, getting bigger every day 🙂

Merfilly8: forget the extra e

AGplusone: Hi, Jani … need your help. What goes in a Manhattan?

siannon prime: Hey, all! Is that Greg over there??

siannon prime: Long time no see!

JoshuaGCrawford has entered the room.

AGplusone: Sure is, he’ll bbiab

KultsiKN: Wish I could see it — love the looks of expecting moms…

AGplusone: Hi, Joshua, welcome to Jani’s bar!

siannon prime: Manhattan … bourbon and something?

Pnther5o5: Brandy and sweet vermouth and fruit.

Pnther5o5: Cherry or orange.

ddavitt: Yuck!

siannon prime: That’s the one

AGplusone: Can be Brandy … or Canadien …

JoshuaGCrawford: gday, it’s bruce from afh. i’ve not used aim before so, forgive any mistakes

Pnther5o5: Was specified “Brandy Manhattan.”

ddavitt: Hi Joshua/Bruce

Pnther5o5: Can be any whiskey.

siannon prime: Wel, I didn’t see that bit, John! I only just got here!

ddavitt: Which do you prefer for here?

Pnther5o5: Is this _MY_ fault?

AGplusone: crush sugar cube in bottom, drop bitter drop on it before you start … slice of orange, squeeze of lemon juice and booze is what I was taught.

siannon prime: Of course 🙂

Pnther5o5: Did I ask you to show up half an hour late and more than a dollar short?

Pnther5o5: Hmmmm?

Pnther5o5: 🙂

Gaeltachta has entered the room.

siannon prime: Short of *what*, dear? 🙂

AGplusone: Put a cherry on top.

ddavitt: Late? I thought it didn’t start until 5.00?

siannon prime: Hiya Sean!

AGplusone: Hi, Sean …

Merfilly8 has left the room.

Gaeltachta: Hi Jani.

Gaeltachta: Hi all.

ddavitt: Hi Sean

JoshuaGCrawford: it’s late here. 7am!

AGplusone: Doesn’t … we start in one minute.

Merfilly8 has entered the room.

Merfilly8: grr

siannon prime: Revolving door, Fill?

AGplusone: got back quick tho, didn’ you?

siannon prime: No kilt to hamper her 🙂

Merfilly8: My own stupidity…hit X instead of dash

SAcademy has entered the room.

stephenveiss: heh

siannon prime: Dash? oh – !

AGplusone: Hi, SA …

siannon prime: Hi SA 🙂

SAcademy: Good evening.

Merfilly8: Good evening ma’am

ddavitt: Hello!

SAcademy: Hello.

AGplusone: In East LA the greeting used to be “Hi, Ese … ”

ddavitt: So did you get Harry Potter jani/Stephen?

SAcademy: I forgot the time.

AGplusone: You’re right on the button!

siannon prime: I’ve only read the first one 🙂

Gaeltachta: I haven’t seen any posts on afh for 24 hours…. anyone?….. Good evening SA.

ddavitt: Mine was hand delivered this morning; no post on Saturday in canada; very special circs.

siannon prime: Jammy so and so! Is it good?

AGplusone: Had a Brandy Manhattan and nice dinner with Bill, Ed, and Steve “Prince” last night. We toasted!

ddavitt: It’s huge! Aboout the size of TEFL:-)

JoshuaGCrawford: there’s some posts coming in on my server, just these last couple of hours

ddavitt: Just started it..been bed shopping for Eleanor all day

SAcademy: And did you enjoy it?

siannon prime: Wow. And *does* he…? or haven’t you got thatfar yet?

AGplusone: Absolutely … reports that Steve has fangs are largely exaggerated … got nice photos too.

ddavitt: No; literally only the first couple of chapters under my belt…

siannon prime: Send pics!! I insist!

ddavitt: But I wouldn’t tell you who died 🙂

Gaeltachta: Nice night David?

SAcademy: Yes, what ever happend to the last set ot pictures?

LadyS122 has entered the room.

AGplusone: Bartender made the Manhattan without the slice of orange I’m used to, however. Yes, very nice, Sean.

siannon prime: No don’t – I’m about 3 books behind you, anyway

siannon prime: 🙂

Merfilly8: evening Helen

AGplusone: I’ve been derelict … photos coming up this week. I promise.

ddavitt: Look forward to seeing them.

LadyS122: “ello everyone

siannon prime: Me too

AGplusone: Hi, Lady!

ddavitt: Hi!

AGplusone: Welcome to Jani’s Place …

siannon prime: Is Lady, Helen?

LadyS122: Yes..

Merfilly8: Yep. My pop’s wife

siannon prime: Hello, LadyH! 🙂

Merfilly8: mom to my bro and sis

AGplusone: We’re celebrating Robert Heinlein’s 93d birthday!

siannon prime: Are we doing protocol, David? <G>

SAcademy: He would have said, “Happy Birthday to me!”

ddavitt: A day late….but we can still celebrate….:-)

Gaeltachta: 🙂

ddavitt: <raise glasses>

siannon prime: 🙂

AGplusone: We tried a little thing Thursday … went around the room and everyone told each other what story or book of RAH’s most influenced him or her and why. Okay if we do that today?>

AGplusone: First, yes, raise glasses high! To Robert!

Merfilly8: okay with the junior woman of the room!

siannon prime: <clinking glass> Fine by me, David

KultsiKN: Wait, wait… I’ll fill mine.

ddavitt: But not so acrimonious! 🙂

AGplusone: And to Ginny!

siannon prime: Hear hear!

Merfilly8: To Ginny and the Master!

ddavitt: To Robert and Ginny!

Gaeltachta: Here here….

siannon prime: Robert and Ginny!

stephenveiss: Hear hear!

SAcademy: Thank you all on his behalf

Major oz has entered the room.

ddavitt: <throw glass at fireplace>

Major oz: I have my gift……where’s the bar?

siannon prime: Here tis, Major …

AGplusone: <stopped doing that when Victoria got older and empire got tired … but we’ll never stop!>

ddavitt: Do you want to start David?

AGplusone: Hi, Oz.

Major oz: hi, all

JoshuaGCrawford has left the room.

AGplusone: Join us in the toast we just drank to RAH and Ginny, Oz, and we’ll get started.

ddavitt: Any conclusions on age of reader and most influential book btw?

Major oz: skal

AGplusone: No conclusions … not done yet …

AGplusone: und skal

JoshuaGCrawford has entered the room.

SAcademy: Heree’s to our noble selves.

Merfilly8: the revolving door goes again

AGplusone: Okay … Alphasortabetically, going from A with screen name (we’ll skip me) … everyone ready?

siannon prime: Okay …

Merfilly8: sure thing boss

stephenveiss: OK…

Major oz: ga

AGplusone: Which is first words in Rocket Ship Galileo, by the way …

AGplusone: Jane, you’re up …

ddavitt: Well, for me it was Space Suit, I’d never read any SF and it just grabbed my eye in the returned shelf and I picked it up. Never looked back..I was 11

ddavitt: I got out Rolling Stones too and actually read that first IIRC

AGplusone: Why most influential apart from being the first?

ddavitt: It was the gateway to a whole new genre

AGplusone: If any …

AGplusone: Like a door opening up! And the sun.

ddavitt: Plus it led to so many expansions of my character and way of thinking

ddavitt: Ok, I’m done 🙂

AGplusone: Okay, Sean … your turn …

dwrighsr has entered the room.

Gaeltachta: Tunnel, then all the Juveniles followed. But Tunnel opened the door. I related to all those kids ……..

dwrighsr: Hi everyone. Sorry I’m Late

AGplusone: … and …

Gaeltachta: COTG as well, I guess, shucks…… can I say ALL of them?

AGplusone: Hi, Dave, going around the room again for ‘most influential’ and why.

Gaeltachta: Done….. 🙂

AGplusone: Just relationship to the kids … what sort of relationship, Sean?

AGplusone: What about those kids attracted you?

ddavitt: Did it make your school curriculum seem awfully dull Sean?

Gaeltachta: To me they were real people…. I was 12 at the time….. nothing else I had read was so directed to me.

Gaeltachta: I enjoyed school Jane…. that was where I found my first Heinlein books.

Gaeltachta has left the room.

ddavitt: But they never sent you on field trips like that…:-)

AGplusone: [my daughter says my questioning is directly related to my cross examination techniques … some use rapier, me, I’m noted for broadax) … I found in those kids something very appealing … something else.

Gaeltachta has entered the room.

AGplusone: WB, Sean …

Pnther5o5: I hadn’t thougt about Tunnel in a long time.

Pnther5o5: What was the name of the “the most dangerous creature?”

LadyS122: stobor

ddavitt: One of my favourites…stobor?

Pnther5o5: Beware the stobor.

Pnther5o5: 🙂

Major oz: Much better than Lord of the Flies

LadyS122: I kept waiting for robots to show up

Pnther5o5: More realistic as well. IMO.

ddavitt: Well, it was older protagonists

siannon prime: I liked LotF 🙂

Gaeltachta: Tunnel had so much atmosphere……

AGplusone: Something else about those kids … they were all strivers, optimistic types, no angst amongst them … and no deep gloom.

ddavitt: I hated it cos of Piggy dying

AGplusone: I wanted to be like them.

ddavitt: Yes; no one cracked under the strain of being stranded…

siannon prime: It was realistic tho – Piggy *had* to die. Logical

ddavitt: But that was their ultimate goal I suppose

AGplusone: Unlike those unreal twerps in LotF …

siannon prime: Hmph!

ddavitt: Plus did they ever give up hope?

LadyS122: hehehehe

stephenveiss: LotF?

siannon prime: Lord of the Flies

Major oz: LotF was very trendy — in that the social opinion makers of the time wanted the dismal outcome to illustrate their political agenda. Tunnel simply told a heck of a good story.

AGplusone: little robots … doppy joes set loose in Lord of the Flies …

AGplusone: Beware of the Stobor!

stephenveiss: ah

siannon prime: Trust me to talk about something not-RAH …

ddavitt: For all they knew, Earth had been hit by an asteroid and they were lost for ever but they did the best they could; very Heinleinian.

ddavitt: Never surrender!

Pnther5o5: They just settled down to be locals.

Pnther5o5: Like in TEFL.

Gaeltachta: Yes Jane….. and gritty as well.

siannon prime: No retreat, no surrender…

AGplusone: Kid doesn’t need to be told “life sucks, and after that we die”

Pnther5o5: I think it was the fairly recent connection to the Plains settlers.

Pnther5o5: “You just buckle down and survive. That’s what you do.”

AGplusone: But a lot of the recent generation has been told just that.

Major oz: who was LotF author….Golding …something like that?

Pnther5o5: Well, “Life is hard, then you die.” Is true.

ddavitt: They didn’t just survive; they tried to recreate the world they’d come from;did more than they needed to. Put in that little bit more effort. Admirable.

ddavitt: William Golding

siannon prime: Golding, yes

Pnther5o5: But what is lost is “Life is hard, but beautiful. And when you die if you have had the beauty as well as the pain you are a human.”

ddavitt: Why lost?

LadyS122 has left the room.

Major oz: Golding’s outlook was pessimistic for humanity — RAH was always optimistic.

siannon prime: I think some people just get all the pain, though

AGplusone: Life is brutal, nasty and short … like my football coach but when he smiled … the sun came in.

Pnther5o5: Nah. Some get more than others.

Major oz: ….but it beats the alternative

AGplusone: I’d rather see a smile occasional when I was a kid.

ddavitt: The colony had sorrow; but it had marriages, babies, dancing; happy times. Just before they are rescued they are content.

AGplusone: occasionally

Pnther5o5: But most of the time you just struggle with reality.

Gaeltachta: They had been trained to survive, but not necessarily how to live together….. this they learnt themselves.

AGplusone: When you’re a grown-up, not when you’re eleven or twelve

ddavitt: Yes; hardest lesson of all and one that can’t be taught, only learned.

Pnther5o5: Nah, even being a kid is a struggle with reality.

AGplusone: “To seek, to strive, and not to yield …

AGplusone: “To sail beyond the sunset …

Pnther5o5: “Who dares, wins.”

Pnther5o5: 🙂

siannon prime: I think being dumped in a survival situation scrapes off a lot of the crap you’ve learned, which is unnecessary accretion…

AGplusone: Heinlein was so victorian, so Tennysonian …

Pnther5o5: Well, there is _different_ accretion in every society.

ddavitt: That may have been why they were happy; they hadn’t got round to inventing money…:-)

Major oz: I like my accretion

siannon prime: Not Victorian in the censorship sense, tho

AGplusone: No, not that sense.

Pnther5o5: The accretion we have in _this_ society…some of it is necessary. It is just different from survival accretion.

ddavitt: But they did have lawyers 🙂

siannon prime: You said the l-word! 🙂

Major oz: Oh……..ACretion — I thought you said SEE…….well, whatever

AGplusone: Be nice, Jane, or I’ll go back and employ my well-trained questioning techniques on you …

Major oz: next…….

ddavitt: No worries over job security, hassle from families, road rage etc…

siannon prime: Accretion – yes, some is necessary, but you do load up with a lot of rubbish as well as what you really need.

ddavitt: I can take it! 🙂

AGplusone: Okay, next up … Joshua!

siannon prime: I think RAH was pointing this out with the survivalist groups.

AGplusone: [in your dreams …] Wanna give it a shot, Joshua …?

AGplusone: First meeting exemption and all allowed …

JoshuaGCrawford: well, i only started reading his work a little over 2 months ago

Eeyore3061 has entered the room.

BPRAL22169 has entered the room.

Gaeltachta: Lucky Joshua…

AGplusone: Okay … for starters, which story are you reading now?

ddavitt: So it’s all fresh in your mind….and you still have ones you haven’t read <envy>

AGplusone: Hi, eeyore! Welcome.

ddavitt: Hi new people

Pnther5o5: One of my nemesis’ from the Baen board. Michael.

Pnther5o5: 🙂

AGplusone: And Hi, Bill, how’s your smile this morning?

JoshuaGCrawford: i haven’t got many books, but I’d have to say most influential was moon is a harsh mistress, ‘cos it was the first I read. Not reading anything at the moment. just picked up farmer in the sky at the library yesterday

Pnther5o5: Eeyore that is.

Eeyore3061: Hi Everyone. John just pulled me in

BPRAL22169: nemeses?

AGplusone: Welcome Michael …

ddavitt: farmer is another one with exciting field trips

Eeyore3061: Nemeses?

BPRAL22169: nemesises?

ddavitt: Can you have more than one?

Pnther5o5: I was just reading an interesting article on pluralization of that sort of suffix.

ddavitt: And she was female 🙂

siannon prime: Welcome, Michael!

siannon prime: Welcome Michael

AGplusone: What did you enjoy the most in Moon, Joshua?

Pnther5o5: And nemesis’ is the onlly way it would be wrong!:-)

Eeyore3061: Hey, just because I pointed out that the scope on the rifle was a Civil War era one…:-)

Gaeltachta: Nemesii…..

SAcademy has left the room.

siannon prime: Did you know Artemis is a male name? I only found that out recently

BPRAL22169: Well, that’s another way . . .

ddavitt: Really? Diana and all?

JoshuaGCrawford: The whole idea of living on the moon, i think. I hadn’t really though of living off-planet before (besides reading heaps of asimov)

Major oz: …..sure — he was Jim West’s buddy……

RMLWJ1 has entered the room.

siannon prime: Predates the female Gk goddess, apparently

AGplusone: [cranking up old Sharps to shoot nemesii discussing Civil War era scopes … old 50/75 heavy version …]

Pnther5o5: And this is Leon, who is not one of my nemesisissisiss

Eeyore3061: :snicker:

Pnther5o5: Hisssssss

RMLWJ1: Hi, folks.

BPRAL22169: nemisorum?

AGplusone: Hello Leon, welcome to Robert A. Heinlein’s birthday party.

Pnther5o5: Nemisi, nemiso, nemisae. Nemisamumomus.

siannon prime: Nemisuar, for the Nrodics…

ddavitt: Yes, I liked the idea of living off planet; always thought I’d be able to by the time I grew up 🙂

siannon prime: Nordics!

RMLWJ1: lol

Major oz: Dump your gift on the table and step over to the bar.

siannon prime: Nordics

LadyS122 has entered the room.

JoshuaGCrawford: maybe i can later, i’m only 23

ddavitt: Hope so!

BPRAL22169: We have plenty of people living off planet already — but they “share” space with us.

Pnther5o5: Amo, amas, amat, amamus, amatus, amant RAH.

BPRAL22169: amatis.

ddavitt: Very cryptic Bill!

Major oz: ahhhhhh……youth….

AGplusone: We’re going around the room and discussing which Heinlein story influenced each of us most, and why. Joshua, who just started reading Heinlein is telling us him impression of The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress.

BPRAL22169: tch tch

Eeyore3061: Define “grown up”

ddavitt: I can go to bed when I want to….

AGplusone: Again, Joshua, why interested you most in the novel The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress?

ddavitt: He said; living off planet….

siannon prime: [excuse these multiple comments, AOL is hiccupping on both send and receive here]

RMLWJ1: lol

JoshuaGCrawford: sorry about my slow responses, i’m on a 33.6 modem here

AGplusone: Off planet? ‘splain, please … in the Moon, and how it was done?

AGplusone: GA … we’ll all wait.

Merfilly8: David, did you work as an interogator? 🙂

SAcademy has entered the room.

AGplusone: For 30 years, Filly

siannon prime: David is a retired shark…

ddavitt: lawyer Filly; same difference 🙂

Major oz: work?

JoshuaGCrawford: what do you mean ‘how was it done’? they were on the moon, that’s pretty much off-planet

AGplusone: How they lived on what little there was. Even the air wasn’t free?

ddavitt: Did it upset you that they wasted the moon by using it as a penal colony?

AGplusone: Is what I meant …

Merfilly8: Wasted?!

Merfilly8: oh, sorry

ddavitt: That bugs me; should be a privilege, not a punishment

Merfilly8: Joshua, that’s my pet book, and was my first too

AGplusone: Wasted … Sean and anyone from Georgia might disagree too …

JoshuaGCrawford: i live in australia. we were a penal colony once too. but we got independence, and so did luna

siannon prime: Oz was a penal colony – not *wasted* now!

AGplusone: Yes! And so did Georgia ..

ddavitt: But it was looking at the Moon from the wrong POV IMO

Gaeltachta: I related to that as well Joshua…. 🙂

ddavitt: It worked out in that the weak were winnowed…same as OZ I suppose

AGplusone: A New Beginning in a way. Moll Flanders …

AGplusone: she went to Virginia IIRC

ddavitt: But it still seems a waste in that it was viewed as exile, not a new beginning…

Major oz: I still don’t understand what you meant by “wasted”

AGplusone: Viewed by whom?

Pnther5o5: Or Georgia.

Pnther5o5: 🙂

Pnther5o5: Winnowed that is.

AGplusone: LOL!

Merfilly8: Hated seeing where Luna evolved to in The Cat Who Walked Through Walls, much like Richard

RMLWJ1: Mmm. Virginia had her share of transportees, but was not a prison colony.

ddavitt: Scientific possibilities not expolited, the colony came close to starvation thru neglect

Major oz: OH…….thought you meant wasted in the sense of destroying the country / environment / etc

ddavitt: No….waste of the whole shining opportunity that harriman dreamed of

siannon prime: I like “expolited” …

Merfilly8: ex-polited….ex worded?

ddavitt: Sorry; if I check for typos, speed goes down and i can’t keep up

Merfilly8: no, ex citied

ddavitt: 🙂

siannon prime: I was thinking politicians <G>

Merfilly8: <snicker>

AGplusone: All the colonies had their share of transportees … and exiles … writing a story now about a fellow named Waller. His ancestor was younger brother of Waller the poet who had to make himself scare when he was implicated in plot against Cromwell.

siannon prime: or even ex-polited, as in bad manners

ddavitt: I trust you all to know what I mean by now 🙂

siannon prime: 🙂

ddavitt: ALL my friends are telepathic!

Merfilly8: hmm. that could get you in trouble, dearie

ddavitt: I’ll risk it…..

Merfilly8: lol

siannon prime: depends on the friends..

AGplusone: Okay … Eeyore, are you a Heinlein reader?

Merfilly8: I don’t want my SOs or my friends tapping my brain

AGplusone: Because if you are, you’re up next …. <veg>


AGplusone: And I’ll use my Sharps to keep the background noise down for you too

siannon prime: Filly, you’re too Freudian… <G>

Pnther5o5: That’s how the Ringos got here. We were wanted in France for desecration of altars.

siannon prime: Whose altars??

Merfilly8: I resent that! I never subscribed to Dr. Fraud

Gaeltachta: Eeyore is from the Winnie the Poo universe on tau axis?

AGplusone: If not, then Kultis is up!

RMLWJ1: snicker. Richelieu, eh?

AGplusone: Kultsi …

KultsiKN: I was past twenty when I read the first RAH; one of my teachers has an extensive library of SF, and I browsed that, and read all RAH books, of course. Can’t say which was the first, but I think TEFL has had the deepest impact on my life.

Pnther5o5: Catholic. Which made my dad marrying my very catholic mom a scandal in its day.

siannon prime: Joke, Fill, honest 🙂

Merfilly8: I know. No bad

ddavitt: Did you identify with Lazarus Kultsi?

KultsiKN: Nice typo, though, David — that means ‘dearie’…

AGplusone: Why did TEFL have that impression … ?

RMLWJ1: How so? Your dad not a Catholic, John?

AGplusone: LOL ..

Eeyore3061: In that case I’ll lie, say no, and pass the ball to Leon. I have to run to the Rx to get a load of meds for my girlfriend. We just got back from the ER a bit ago after she had an assma attack

Pnther5o5: Nah, Ringos had been protestant since 1600s. We were even tasked by the governor of Delaware to drive the Catholic swedes back across the river.

ddavitt: Hope she’s feeling better soon.

siannon prime: Mixed marriages not done in orthodox Catholicism…

AGplusone: Sorry to hear that Eeyore. Hope she’s well quickly and stop back.

Pnther5o5: So when my dad married my mom it was a big scandal.

RMLWJ1: snicker. Was just starting up when I was a youngster.

siannon prime: Eeyore, best wishes

Pnther5o5: Good luck Michael.

KultsiKN: All the interaction… perhaps the theme of ‘love’ was why.

AGplusone: Bill, either you or Oz ready to take over for a bit? I have to drive my wife to the airport in a few minutes ….

siannon prime: I thought Swedes were Lutheran?

Eeyore3061: She is, sleeping now, the X-Ray didn’t show any phenomua but the healed scars from cracked ribs were a surprise.

Major oz: go, Bill

BPRAL22169: I’m sorry — what is the question?

Merfilly8: Kultsi, expound on themes of love please

siannon prime: Nasty, Michael. Give her our love

Pnther5o5: Well, this was in the US. Given the times, they might not even have been “Swedes.” But I’ve got the letter around somewhere.

Major oz: Bronski ranks Malmuc

BPRAL22169: Or are we referrubg to another Bill again?

Major oz: “d”

AGplusone: You or Oz need to take the conn in a few minutes …

AGplusone: but Andrea’s not ready yet.

AGplusone: About ‘love’ Kultsi, please do.

RMLWJ1: Hmm. Might have been from Maryland, John. they have a common border.

BPRAL22169: Oz, can you do this — I am jumping up and down getting ready for the trip tomorrow.

ddavitt: It’s quite an unusual book in that there are episodes of action interspersed with LOTS of chat

stephenveiss has left the room.

KultsiKN: Filly, like you I found the concept of loving many fascinating. 🙂

siannon prime: Is that the con, Bill?

Eeyore3061: Thank you everyone, I’ll pass it along to her. Leon can pass so details as we talked earlier about it. File, Create Short Cut. Done.

Eeyore3061: :poof:

stephenveiss has entered the room.

AGplusone: See ya, eeyore

Eeyore3061 has left the room.

ddavitt: I would have liked to see a _few_ rows over who’s turn it was to do the dishes though….

Major oz: hokay, as long as my propane-powered ISP (which puked and died thursday) holds out

ddavitt: Whose…

AGplusone: About ‘love’ the ‘eros’ ‘agape’ etc., definitions or more than that, Kultsi … ?

AGplusone: Thanks Oz

Gaeltachta: brb – must have coffee…….must have coffee….

siannon prime: Kultsi, please go on …

AGplusone: It’ll only be 30 minutes or so …

BPRAL22169: (Lives close to the airport)

Major oz: Just say when

AGplusone: ’twill

ddavitt: We can muddle along for a bit….<g>

RMLWJ1: lol

KultsiKN: At the time I did some soul searching and found that you really can love several people simultaneously.

Merfilly8: I found the concept of love multiplying to be very true in my life

Major oz: I will be the “muddler” — cheap insider fly-fishing pun

ddavitt: lazarus was particularly annoying in the love discussion IMO….so know it all.

RMLWJ1: How about a Royal Coachman?

BPRAL22169: Water divided is water multipled.

KultsiKN: Later on I found out in RL that this is not true for all people 🙂

AGplusone: why ‘so know it all’ do you agree he was ‘know it all’ Kultsi?

siannon prime: That’s true

Merfilly8: too true

Major oz: It’s OK for dumb brookies

BPRAL22169: That was very Twainian of him — and taken from “What is Man?” I believe.

ddavitt: It was a bit too idyllic to be true at the end…

Pnther5o5: Leon, I’m thinking of the story you were telling last night:-)

RMLWJ1: Actually, I’m one of the barbarians that favour the #000 brown muddler, more commonly known as a worm.

AGplusone: That’s victorian attitude, again, Jane. I find that refreshing …

ddavitt: He set them up, laughd at them and told them the _true_ answer….show off…..

RMLWJ1: snickers. basketball, anyone?

Major oz: Philistine……..


AGplusone: felt he was talking down to you again, did you?

RMLWJ1: More or less Scots, actually.

Pnther5o5: I”ve got you both beat. I favor wire and a telephone generator.

ddavitt: Would 23 centuries give you 23 times the edge on Galahad and co?

siannon prime: Laz talks down? I’m losing track here!

Major oz: …or a DuPont spinner…..

RMLWJ1: We discussing fishing or intelligence gathering, John?

Merfilly8: Laz went down hill in my opinion, through his appearances, but every so often, the Laz of MC shone back out

ddavitt: I don’t think so myself. I would think one would hit a ceiling after a while

Major oz: Now where were we……..?

Pnther5o5: Fishing.

ddavitt: NO fishing!!!

ddavitt: I am married to an addict….

RMLWJ1: Mmm.

Pnther5o5: Not even for compliments?

ddavitt: Well….Ok then 🙂

AGplusone: 23 might equal out to twice or thrice the wisdom though ….

Major oz: Who’s next?

RMLWJ1: Doesn’t do well with aluminium boats, IIRC.

ddavitt: Yes, I could go with that…

siannon prime: Good point David 🙂

AGplusone: Going alpha bet first letter user name

Merfilly8: Yes, but he also knew his ‘wisdom’ would not help. In the long run, man must learn by experience

AGplusone: Who’s next after K

Major oz: and so far…….?

LadyS122: Guess I’m next

BPRAL22169: Someone has objected to my font, so I agreed to change it.

Major oz: go, lady

siannon prime: Bill, I object to that one <g>

AGplusone: yep, Lady’s up

Gaeltachta: Object to your front?

Merfilly8: I couldn’t find one I liked, Bill

stephenveiss: brb – this version of AIM is buggy….

stephenveiss has left the room.

AGplusone: GA, Lady. Most influential story on you and why, specifically.

siannon prime: I might well object to his front, but just now I object to his font 🙂

Merfilly8: Jani, you’re bad

stephenveiss has entered the room.

LadyS122: I think it is a toss up between TMiaHM and TSBtS… Both because of the group marriage (at 19, it made sense in a theoretical way, and at 25 it makes sense in a real way <G>) plus I wanna be like Mama Maureen

RMLWJ1: What’s wrong with italic whatevers, Ma’am?

siannon prime: Front has 2 meanings in Britspeak, also 🙂

Merfilly8: enlighten me, Jani

LadyS122: I am still too abrasive at times, but I am trying

AGplusone: (I want to marry a girl like Mama Maureen)

KultsiKN: Me 2!

ddavitt: Really?

Major oz: Not me — Friday is my choice

AGplusone: To ‘front’ is Vietnam war slang too …

Merfilly8: I’ll take a Hilda or a Hazel

siannon prime: Front as in personal appearance (I don’t like your face <g>) front as in attitude, arsiness, being “up-front”. Feisty.

Merfilly8: to run this household

RMLWJ1: deety.

Major oz: ……and then when Jubal yells “FRONT……”

BPRAL22169: As in “Front and Center.”

ddavitt: Oscar is nice….or an older Kip or Rod maybe….

LadyS122: I like the give in til I get my way thing, but I am not even close

Merfilly8: which is an old bell hop cry, I thought

AGplusone: Maureen does that, doesn’t she. Very Nineteenth Century, isn’t it?

Gaeltachta: Thorby for you girls?

siannon prime: Oh, yes, that too, Front of the queue to serve 🙂

ddavitt: I like it when she starts fighting back

LadyS122: so does Hazel’s daugher in law

Major oz: What in Moon appealed to you, lady?

ddavitt: Won’t do laundry for guests and stuff

siannon prime: Girls, Sean?? Care to rephrase?

Merfilly8: I’d take a man like George from TSBTS

Gaeltachta: Ooops….. Ladies 🙂

Merfilly8: steady and dependable, a bit old faSHIONED

siannon prime: Sean 🙂

ddavitt: Why is girls wrong? Doesn’t bother me…no, thorby not my type

Merfilly8: I don’t mind being a girl…

Pnther5o5: Gals? Chicks? Chickies? Broads?

ddavitt: I say “lads’

LadyS122: the presentaion of the marriage.. Filly’s dad introduced me to Heinlein and it mdae a lot of sense (and me to marry him) 🙂

Gaeltachta: But he’s rich….. and I would have a beer with him.

Merfilly8: I’m abrasive in my continued use of chick to mean females

ddavitt: “Boys night out”, “Girls night out” <shrug>

AGplusone: Over hear, Lassy is a dog …

AGplusone: here

Major oz: To some, “girls” connotes immaturity.

Pnther5o5: Boys will be boys.

ddavitt: But no one could think that meant US!!!:-)

Merfilly8: Told Ebon she was a grown up the other day…she was offended

AGplusone: [and so, now that I think about it, is “Lad” Alfred Payson Terhune’s book]

Merfilly8: she cycles between five and seven, normally five, mentally…except when she’s vamping

AGplusone: What else, Lady, anything?

AGplusone: [okay, Oz, you’re up next]

LadyS122: I think that was the biggest.. although Heinlein’s works in general did open up SF to me more than anything else

Major oz: hokay

LadyS122: I’m done

AGplusone: Go Oz …

Major oz: I didn’t pick up one until the age of 24-25, but SIASL was my first

Major oz: My most impressive fills two categories.

stephenveiss: brb – I need a drink 🙂

Merfilly8: hey no underage drinking!

AGplusone: {And we’ll take a five minute break after Oz finishes, for refills … Jani]

siannon prime: Have to be coffee, S, I just finished the OJ!

stephenveiss: Heh – only water of coffee – havent decided yet..

stephenveiss: OK, I’ll wait until Oz finishes…

AGplusone: which two categories …

siannon prime: Water of Coffee – a mystical distillation..

stephenveiss: water of = water or…

stephenveiss: 🙂

Major oz: My most gripping scene, that follows me everywhere, is the flying in the air cave in The Menance from Earth.

ddavitt: I always wanted to do that!

siannon prime: Yes – it’s almost a dream sequence

Major oz: There is a lyracism there that I cannot shake — for 35+ years so far.

stephenveiss: That would be fun…

ddavitt: Bit like hang gliding maybe…

stephenveiss: If some theme park managed to do it, they’d make a packet!

Major oz: But for influence, it is Zeb’s characterization of “education” in NOTB

siannon prime: Luna Enterprises?

KultsiKN: They have free falling on an air cushion somewhere.

Major oz: I did exactly what he did, for the same reasons, and found the same results.

Gaeltachta: How to get a degree without really trying?

siannon prime: Not the same as flapping wings and steering, though 🙂

AGplusone: [btw: Did you ever jump the new chutes, John? Not the T-7s and T-10s they had when I was in]

Pnther5o5: Not the “LOPO”s Low porosity.

Major oz: With a passel of engineering degrees, I got my PhD in “education” because it was the cheapest, easiest, silliest way to do so

Pnther5o5: It was all T-10s and MC1-1Bs which were semi-directable T-10s.

AGplusone: I envision the flying sequence a lot like what might be possible there, except no sculling … darn it.

siannon prime: Education quals have nothing to do with educating children IMO

RMLWJ1: Really.

AGplusone: Can you imagine being about to scull! Wow!

Pnther5o5: You know, you _could_ do it, engineering wise.

Pnther5o5: All you would need is a serious updraft.

Pnther5o5: Expensive as hell to maintain, but you could do it.

Major oz: It was in “Higher Ed” — kind of a prep school for deans and prex’s.

AGplusone: Like the one described in Menace in the middle of that cave …

Major oz: But INCREDIBLY specious…..authority based.

Pnther5o5: Take a big natural or artificial cavern and put fans (this is simplified) in the upper and lower portions.

Major oz: I had great fun

siannon prime: PHD ed quals – I’ll clarify that a bit <g>

Pnther5o5: You could do it. I’d never considered that.

AGplusone: And 1/6 gravity makes it real possible …

Pnther5o5: And it _would_ be a hell of a moneymaker.

KultsiKN: Too much strain on the arms, I think, John.

Pnther5o5: No, I’m talking about right here.

Major oz: but you glide, mostly

AGplusone: Yeah, agreed, but imagine 1/6th G

Pnther5o5: make the majority of the lift dependent on a fixed wing.

ddavitt: Well worth going to the Moon; to make it into a theme park….< not sure if I’m happy or sad about this…>

AGplusone: Like the ‘baby wings’ she wants to put Ariel in …

Pnther5o5: With only some lift and drive based on skulling.

RMLWJ1: Yeah. Hell, I’d even try it, and I’m widely know for not approving of jumping out of perfectly good aircraft. At least, not unless they’re about to be rendered not-good.

Major oz: Another was a scene, cant remember where (perhaps Wateer is for Washing) about ballet in 1/6 G

KultsiKN: That would do, yes.

Merfilly8: TCWWTW

Major oz: Illusions that haunt me.

Merfilly8: for low g ballet

AGplusone: Like the feeling of skating, eh, SAcademy?

SAcademy: Harsh Mistress. Just what I’d like to do to line jumpers!

AGplusone: And RAH and Ginny both skated, a lot!

SAcademy: Sure did. Figure skating. Dancing on ice.

siannon prime: I envy your balance and confidence – I’m a lousy skater 🙂

AGplusone: Almost like flying when I see a Hamill do it …

Merfilly8: Never ice skated before

LadyS122: I dunno, My dad (a pilot and former paratrooper) says that people who jump out of airplanes are more sane than people who stay in them til they land, cause they realize they belong on the ground, and take the fastest route to back to it. <G>

Gaeltachta: I have *never* ice-skated as well.

AGplusone: Okay, gotta go, Oz, you have the whole con … be back soon.

ddavitt: we had a cross posted thread on afh about skating on the Moon

siannon prime: A civilised xpost – I remember that one

Major oz: Who was the world class skater from ten or so years ago that always finished second? Whe wore blue sequins and skated to “Where are the clowns” Magical

AGplusone: I’ll leave the ‘puter on

ddavitt: Someone had read the Puddin story on a skating group; nice to have friendly visitors

siannon prime: Yep, exactly

ddavitt: See you soon David

siannon prime: I love watching ice dancing, just wish I could do it 🙂

Pnther5o5: Guys, I ahve to go offline.

Pnther5o5: maybe later.

RMLWJ1: Later, John.

ddavitt: See you soon John

RMLWJ1: have a good one.

siannon prime: Bye David, John. See you soon

Major oz: you are next, John

SAcademy: It’s not easy, but it can be learned by anyone.

Pnther5o5: Seeeeeya (I always wanna go “Ta” but it’s to derivative of Lois.)

Gaeltachta: Skating on Mars in RP sounded like fun!

Merfilly8: RP?

stephenveiss: red planet?

Gaeltachta: Red Planet

Merfilly8: ahh yeas

Pnther5o5: Starship then TEFL. And I discovered most of the truth and fiction of TEFL while dating “Ellsworthy.”

Merfilly8: I have a poor memory

Pnther5o5: And all the truth of Starship.

Major oz: Filly, I think you got skipped — you appear to be next.

Pnther5o5: Seeeeya.

Pnther5o5 has left the room.

Merfilly8: are we breaking first?

Major oz: All in favor……..

siannon prime: SA, I don’t have very good co-ordination, so it’s something I’ve never really persevered at (real life interfering). But I agree, anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it…

LadyS122: Aye

stephenveiss: Aye – me needs liquid 🙂

Merfilly8: need to return some coffee

Major oz: …appears to have support……

ddavitt: I doubt I’ll ever bungee jump though….

siannon prime: Liquid break upcoming 🙂

Major oz: agenda suspended (yeah, like it was in effect) for ten minutes

stephenveiss: hehe

stephenveiss: BRB…

Major oz: back at 1813EDT

siannon prime: No discipline, Oz, I agree 🙂

Major oz: oops

Major oz: 1913

LadyS122: You were right the first time Oz…

Major oz: oops 1813 was correct (retired too long)

Gaeltachta: When I was growing up…. we didn’t have ice-skating anywhere here, just roller-skating. But my kids have been ice-skating heaps. I think it’s something you get used to as a youngster.

RMLWJ1: Mmm. Bungee-jumping around here is done off a bloody tall bridge over the New River. Which isn’t very deep at that point.

KultsiKN: it’s 0113…

LadyS122: just be back in 10 🙂

Merfilly8: quick question for the “Gulf” talk…would be best to read Friday again, so it can be contrasted/compared?

siannon prime: Kultsi, you are correct 🙂

ddavitt: I think they go together Filly; if only to contrast how the superman ideal fades

Major oz: even that was wrong……is’s 1823

Merfilly8: They do go together, but I’m barely into “Gulf” and I see a strong contrast building <thanks Bill>

Major oz: local plus ten then correct for edt, etc……boggle, boggle……see ya in ten

Major oz: Kultski, you from NZ or AU?

Gaeltachta: Ha!

Merfilly8: Neither

ddavitt: Finland

JoshuaGCrawford: it’s 0813 here in east oz

JoshuaGCrawford: well, 0817 now

SAcademy: Lovely place, Finland.

Major oz: ……yesssssss, from Finland…..

KultsiKN: Hear, hear!

Major oz: duh

ddavitt: My husband has Norwegian relatives; is the scenery similar? )Or is that a deep insult?)

SAcademy: If I couldn’t live here, I’d live in Finland.

KultsiKN: SA does know what she’s talkin’ ’bout!

SAcademy: I sure do!

ddavitt: Finland gets mentioned at the start of NOTB I think; saunas and no Black hats possible….

Merfilly8: yep

Gaeltachta: “Finland, Finland, Finland…. the place where I most like to be.” To quote a famous singing group 🙂

Major oz: Sorry, Kultski; it was Joshua I meant to ask. Wherefore cometh the term “OZ” for Australia?

KultsiKN: Jane, it’s not an insult — we get along well with the Norwegians. No, the scenery is not similar, our place is flatter.

JoshuaGCrawford: prpnunciation: oz-tralia

Gaeltachta: Pretty common usage Oz = Australia

JoshuaGCrawford: i’m off to see the wizard…

KultsiKN: Oz, please, not ‘Kultski’ — too Russian-like…

Merfilly8: I like your name, Kultsi!!!!

Major oz: sorry……somewhat goofy today

siannon prime: I would like to see Finland, too, but it looks more probable that K will be coming to the UK…

KultsiKN: And, if you do like David, spell it Kulti, you get ‘dearie’…

Major oz: Only been through there, on my way to and from the Baltics.

Major oz: I must say, it is EXPENSIVE by my standards

Merfilly8: I looked up the exchange rate…pretty rough

KultsiKN: It’s expensensive by my standards as well — and I must live here 🙂

Major oz: But,,,,,,if you go to the second basement at the airport, you can find the crew cafeteria that is amazingly cheap.

RMLWJ1: lol

KultsiKN: Oh, you mean the airport prices… Now, that’s something else…

Major oz: ….stayed at a “coffin hotel” for $75 — but at least they had porn (broadcast) on the TV

stephenveiss: Back – hmm – hot black coffee + open computer case. Methinks I’d better find a better place for me cup 🙂

Merfilly8: 1 US dollar to 6.02 Finnish marrka (sp)

Major oz: …..so we are back

KultsiKN: Open the CD drive…

Major oz: Ready, Filly?

Merfilly8: yes sir

Major oz: go

stephenveiss: kultsi – hehe

Merfilly8: TMiaHM

Major oz: and……?

Merfilly8: It broke me out of the fantastic sci fi of Burroughs and Smith

ddavitt: That’s a good thing?! <g>

Merfilly8: as well as gave me a clue that my thoughts on Alternative families were out there

Major oz: So you read Doc before RAH?

Merfilly8: Long before

Merfilly8: I was already 11-12 when I read Moon

Merfilly8: had read the Lens by eight

ddavitt: They are a totally different experience; but equally lovable characters

Major oz: pretty good for one so young

Merfilly8: I never was able to get into the ‘hard’ sci fi until I met TMiaHM

RMLWJ1: Can’t recall which I’d read first, Burroughs or Heinlein. Both were pretty close together. Although I’m inclined to say Heinlein, with Rocket Ship Gallileo .

ddavitt: Worsel is as much fun as Sir Isaac….

Major oz: Why did that do it for you?

Merfilly8: I loved Mike, and identified with Mannie and Mike in different ways

Gaeltachta: ERB’s Mars ,Venus and Tarzan stories were first for me. Heinlein was different…. and better (for me).

RMLWJ1: Mmm. The adventure aspect, I guess. I’d always been into that as a boy. Read lots of Kjelgaard.

Merfilly8: Mike for his loneliness, and Mannie for his down to Luna good sense

ddavitt: Mike was tragic; a child who died when the game turned real….

Major oz: Any effects on you?

Merfilly8: I still bawl, end of Cat and Sail notwithstanding

Major oz: …..other than general outlook

ddavitt: Don’t think he ever really thought of it the same way the humans did.

Merfilly8: I’d love to see the approach to marriage Luna had come true

Merfilly8: regulating what is a family by law never made sense to me

Gaeltachta: About dieing Jane?

KultsiKN: Too difficult to tax, Filly. No way.

ddavitt: Extended families with many generations living together is quite old fashioned; current set up is unusual.

Merfilly8: that’s what it boils down to, taxation rather than logic

Major oz: Holdover from when it WAS necessary

RMLWJ1: I guess I was in eighth grade or so when I read Stranger. Might have been as young as fifth, hard to recall. Do remember it was in the adult side of the library, not the kid’s side.

ddavitt: No, the whole revolution bit Sean; he only joined in out of friendship with mannie, not conviction

Gaeltachta: Yep…. I see.

ddavitt: And mannie only joined because of Wyoming

Merfilly8: But Mike was convinced by the end

ddavitt: Was he?

Merfilly8: he became the heart of the revolution in my eyes

Major oz: Do you think so?

Merfilly8: I always got that impression from their final conversation

ddavitt: Not sure….he killed people on earth but did he realise the implications?

Major oz: Do you think he ever really understood the concepts/

ddavitt: Not an Asmovian robot.

ddavitt: Asimovian

Merfilly8: I think he grew up hard over the space of the revolution

JoshuaGCrawford: maybe that’s why he shut down in the end. an asimovian 1st law violation

Major oz: …..or was he just a REALLY good tool of the revolution?

ddavitt: He could just as easily have made friends with someone in Authority and helped to squash the Revolution it seems to me

Merfilly8: and the catatonia (death) he went into was more of a reaction to having to deal with the consequences

ddavitt: Could be…

Merfilly8: but that is all MHO

RMLWJ1: Fair theory, anyhow.

ddavitt: Mannie though too much of his physical parts had been damaged by the attack

Merfilly8: Biggest RL impact was gaining a mutiple spouse household

KultsiKN: Or Mike srepped aside to make room for the new republic to grow?

KultsiKN: stepped, I.M.

ddavitt: But it could have been more than that; image of scared child hiding is awful

Merfilly8: Good thought, Kultsi,

Major oz: ……and it seems to work for you and yours

Merfilly8: So I’m done

ddavitt: I don’t think he would have been able to sacrifice like that…but you’re right; he would have been a liability in the end

Major oz: Kultsi, have you been up?

KultsiKN: To what+

Merfilly8: He nurtured the new life of the revolution by sacrificing himself

Major oz: …taken your turn?

KultsiKN: Yes.

Major oz: hokay

ddavitt: Tree of liberty needs blood of patriots?

Merfilly8: good analogy

Major oz: RML, looks like you’se next

Major oz: go for it.


RMLWJ1: Well, as I said, the first RAH I read was Rocket Ship Gallileo. Liked it. Liked the adventure aspects. At some point I wandered into the adult side of the library and found more RAH. Even better.

Major oz: ?

Major oz: disregard

Gaeltachta: Bye all. Have to pick my daughter up from a “sleep-over”. Enjoyed the special occasion today 🙂

Major oz: bye, G

Merfilly8: See you Sean

RMLWJ1: Later, then.

Gaeltachta has left the room.

KultsiKN: See ya, Sean!

siannon prime: G.day Sean

Merfilly8: dollar short and a day late

RMLWJ1: Was there some other topic that I’ve managed to miss here?

siannon prime: Don’t you start 🙂

siannon prime: John threw that at me when I came in 🙂

ddavitt: Heinlein’s birthday

Major oz: How has it affected your life (if it has)

ddavitt: How do you think RSG compares with the other juveniles?

Major oz: And what work sticks with you the most.

RMLWJ1: Heinlein’s birthday in and of itself hasn’t. Heinlein sure as hell has .

Merfilly8: it affected mine…found out he was deceased not long after beginning to read his works, it seems…and found out because I looked up who shared my birthday

RMLWJ1: Well, much better written than the Tom Corbett stuff I’d been reading prior to that.

ddavitt: RSG was perhaps less original; more of a standard adventure but it has its moments

Major oz: Tom Corbet, Spaaaaaaaaaaaaace

Major oz: Cadet

Major oz: really bad TV show fromthe 50’s

RMLWJ1: Bear in mind, I was thereabouts of fifth or sixth grade at best. Ten to twelve years old.

siannon prime: I was thinking Tom Parris, Spaaace Cadet – sorry 🙂

stephenveiss: hehe

ddavitt: Have to go and eat; back soon.


Merfilly8: c’ya

siannon prime: Eat! Ice cream and pickles! Eat! <G>

stephenveiss: Mmmmmm, sound gooood 🙂

RMLWJ1: Pretty much branched out from there into anything with RAH’s name on the spine after that.

KultsiKN: Together?

siannon prime: Stephen, are you pregnant???

Merfilly8: ,–is eating, lasagna

dwrighsr: Well, I liked Tom Corbett, but I was not very discriminating in those days, There wasn’t a lot of really good stuff on TV and all SF was ‘bad’.

stephenveiss: hehe – not sure 🙂

Merfilly8: That’s how I introduced on Zelazny, RML

siannon prime: <snort>

Merfilly8: read Sign of the Unicorn, then picked up all his other stuff

siannon prime: Filly, do you like Lord of Light? (my favourite)

Merfilly8: yes

stephenveiss: /me is a fan of LoL, too 🙂

Merfilly8: Was lucky enough to meet him just prior to his death

RMLWJ1: My family all read. At the same time I was reading RAH, I’d picked up Mitchener’s Hawaii.

Major oz: RML, did The Master’s works cause any epiphany, or make you vote for Sen. Snort, or anything of the like?

RMLWJ1: RAH? How wonderful.

Merfilly8: No, Zelazny…should be more specific

JoshuaGCrawford: i;m falling asleep here. gotta go. ‘morning all

JoshuaGCrawford has left the room.

stephenveiss: heh

stephenveiss: bye 🙂

dwrighsr: Come Back Real Soon Now~

siannon prime: I have met someone who corresponded with him – but that’s the closest I got 🙂

Merfilly8: he needed coffee

siannon prime: RAH, not Zelazny

RMLWJ1: Actually, was interested in the contrasts of RAH’s extended family and those of another author who was writing at the time — sort of popular fiction — Robert H. Rimmer, a retired printer.

Merfilly8: Zelazny let me talk to him for five-ten minutes before he had to go sit on a panel…that’s when I found out who he was 🙂

dwrighsr: RML. Have you read all of RAH’s works yet or are you in that enviable position of still having unread works to find?

Merfilly8: That’s me!!!! yippee!

RMLWJ1: To my knowledge, I’ve read all of them. Might have missed a short story or so.

Merfilly8: fourteen more juvies to read, if I remember correctly

RMLWJ1: BTW, I’m Leon Jester, AKA the Curmudgeon on Baen’s bar.

Merfilly8: may have been twelve

siannon prime: Not another Curmudgeon! Are there no Yoofs these days? <G>

Major oz: yoof?

RMLWJ1: It’s hard to keep track, I’m short about sixty to seventy-five feet of bookshelves, and my son keeps ‘borrowing’ them.

Major oz: is that like “yoots”?

dwrighsr: Something bright died in me when I realized that I had read them all and all I had to look forward to was to re-read. (of course, I had been re-reading them for 30 years or so already :-))

SAcademy has left the room.

RMLWJ1: Yeah. Me too.

Merfilly8: I’ve probably reread Moon the most…at least once a year.

siannon prime: Yoof as in wide-eyed arrogant Youth. the opposite of the Crusty Curmudgeon 🙂

Major oz: Siannon, methinks you are next.

SAcademy has entered the room.

dwrighsr: Off Topic. Do you BAEN people have a regular time for meeting?

RMLWJ1: Been a cynical DOM for years. Since I was 18 or so, and found out that the French Foreign Legion had to fight for France, instead of the Legion.

SAcademy: Bumped again

dwrighsr: Welcome Back.

SAcademy: Thank you

Major oz: gfoXcook: Welcome to Robert A Heinlein’s 93 birthday party. We are giubg around the room getting everyone’s first book and what, of His writings, has impressed and affected you the most.

KultsiKN: The highway of Internet is bumpy… 🙂

siannon prime: Okay … I don’t have a favourite, I can’t remember when I read the first one (although ST, SiaSL and IWFNE came along in a bunch when I was about 12 – 15) WB, SA, I’m rambling… bear with me

RMLWJ1: Well, we kinda hit things around 09:00 EST [GMT -6] then there’s a lull around 12:00, things pick up again around 16:00 or so.

Merfilly8: We’re bearing you

Maugham9 has entered the room.

dwrighsr: Another newcomer. Welcome Maughn

Maugham9: Hello all

RMLWJ1: Hello.

NitroPress has entered the room.

dwrighsr: Hi Jim. Welcome

siannon prime: I go back, and back again to RAH every time I find something which is relative to *me*, and what I’m learning. Some I read again and again, some (the miltary novels) are a closed book – pun intended.

NitroPress: Hi, all.

siannon prime: Hi Jim, I’m waffling. Sorry …

NitroPress: Waffle away. I prefer french toast.

Merfilly8: With an iron?

Merfilly8: If so, I’ll take two

Major oz: Welcome all. Drop Robert’s gifts on the table, get a drink fromthe bar, and prepare for your turn at telling the assemblage about your first (Heinlein) and which affected you the most.

NitroPress: Family joke: we all pronounce it to rhyme with “baffle.” Drives waitresses etc. crazy.

Maugham9: Easy as pie. For me, the first was TEFLove

NitroPress: I had hoped to have the gift of announcing NSP’s next title, but details are holding it up. The “virtual” announcement date remains 7 July.

siannon prime: Job, SiasL, Magic Inc are the ones I generally return to … but on the whole I use RAH as a touchstone for “headology”, social analysis, whatever you like to call it. I love his clarity of vision, and his downright common sense.

Major oz: Any specific results in your life?

RMLWJ1: Job is probably the only one of RAH’s books that I haven’t re-read.

dwrighsr: Job is probably my least favorite. Only read it 5-6 times

Merfilly8: that would be Revolt in 2100 and IWFNE for me as no re-reads

siannon prime: My own clear-headedness (what little I have!) is mostly a result of looking at RAH,s superior observation of humanity.

Merfilly8: I loved Job…but had recently read Anthony’s Incarnations of Immortality as a backdrop for it

Major oz: Superior in “from above” or as in “better than most”?

siannon prime: And his wonderful talent for telling all and explaining nothing – you have to learn for yourself.

Merfilly8: superior as in better observatory skill?

siannon prime: Observe, analyse, draw own conclusions. Become an individual, not a victim of propaganda

BPRAL22169: more than better facts — a better paradigm to order and interpret them.

Major oz: I like to think of it as “Education is a process, not a result”

siannon prime: Teaching people how to think, not what to think

Merfilly8: Hooray for that one, Oz

Major oz: Much as I would like to say it’s mine, the Jebs taught it to me at age 13.

RMLWJ1: Folks, it’s about 19:00 here in Roanoke. I’m off for a bit to eat, will check in when I return. It’s been nice chatting with all of you.

Merfilly8: Nice seeing you

stephenveiss: bye..

AGplusone: Yiall come back, RML

siannon prime: Ditto 🙂

Major oz: y’all come back, heah ?

RMLWJ1: Will do.

dwrighsr: See ya. Y’all come back real soon now. ya hear?


KultsiKN: C’ya, Leon!

Major oz: Yo, David. These people are UNRULY

siannon prime: 🙂

Major oz: I had to threaten them

Merfilly8: did not

RMLWJ1: Later, all. Have a good weekend, to those I miss when, as Mac said, I return.

dwrighsr: Welcome back David.

RMLWJ1 has left the room.

BPRAL22169: Ok, he did it not because he had to , but because he wanted to.

Merfilly8: plbbt!

Major oz: ……yeah…..what he said……..

Merfilly8: whose turn? Jani, anymore to expound on?

Major oz: Stevenveiss, you are next

stephenveiss: ok

siannon prime: No … I guess I’m not a very good RAH reader 🙂

AGplusone: [hope you threatened ’em good, Oz. You still got the conn … I’m catching up. Fascinating discussion … I should leave more often].

Merfilly8: I liked your comments!

LadyS122: hehehehe

Merfilly8: because they are very true, to me

stephenveiss: I haven’t read all that much RAH so far – I read as an when it comes into our local bookshop.The first one I read was NOTB, so thats significant because it introduced Heinlein to me, but after that I’m not sure…

Maugham9: A rather relativist observation…

siannon prime: I think what RAH wrote is not RAH the person, but what is in the books is there for anyone to find – and then grow up, in their own way, from that. Not very lit-crit, I know 🙂

Maugham9: that was for merfilly

Major oz: I have been told that NOTB is one of the ones you do NOT want to start with.

Merfilly8: NOTB opened me up to a few moe authors, actually

Merfilly8: more

Major oz: Have you found the others of His that you read colored by having NOTB first?

siannon prime: My fault, I threw it at S because of the maths

stephenveiss: I was told not to start with it, but still, after a few gos I got into it…

dwrighsr: I have never been able to determine if Heinlein really influenced me or was he just the best that I had ever found in articulating what I thought and believed. (found verry, verry few things over the years that I disagreed with him on)[usual caveat. Going by what he wrote. I was always a little unsure as to what he himself actually believed]

stephenveiss: (of couse, I was told this after I’d read it :-))

Merfilly8: went from Moon to Sail, and Sail is the one that did me in for all prior work

siannon prime: David, I don’t think he put his own “beliefs” into the books.

Merfilly8: I like to think RAH followed his paths of thought literarily to chase the possibility…how he lived was a different story

dwrighsr: Well. some of them have to be there. they are consistent with few of his non-fiction articles, but as for others, I don’t know. Didn’t matter to me

Merfilly8: I prefer not to know too much of an author’s personal beliefs…finds it colors what I read

dwrighsr: His characters were real enough for me.

Major oz has left the room.

ddavitt: I’m back…hello to all the people who arrived whilst i was munching; no, not icecream and pickles, tortillas filled with…stuff.

Merfilly8: Oh wait…his ‘unrealistic’ women?

siannon prime: Yes, Filly, that is right. So many threads on afh trying to get to *the real person* behind the books… I prefer looking at what he said, and working it out from there

Merfilly8: I love McCaffrey, but got indignant over seeing her use that dig in an interview.

dwrighsr: Being ‘real’ for me has nothing to do with whether or not they are ‘realistic’.

ddavitt: Joining the dots just doesn’t always work does it?

Merfilly8: She made up for it by having a base on the moon named for him

ddavitt: She’s been around for a looong time; friends with Asimov I think.

Merfilly8: very much so from her bio

siannon prime: His characters are, to me, unrealistic, and I had trouble getting over that at first. Now, I don’t care. I don’t read him for kitchen-sink realism

Merfilly8: and a nother sci-fi writer strongly influenced by Kipling

ddavitt: In what way Filly?

Major oz has entered the room.

Merfilly8: McCaffrey has many Kipling references…the Planet Pirate series in specific, and Freedom for another

Major oz has left the room.

KultsiKN: Stephen, any others than NotB?

ddavitt: Couldn’t get into the Freedom series.

Merfilly8: (Sassinak smacked of COTG, which is Kipling-ized in a lot of opinions)

siannon prime: Stephen is a bigger fan of Sail than I am … must be a bloke thing 🙂

BPRAL22169: I gottired of McCaffrey after Killishandra Ree, Space Slut.

stephenveiss: Hmmm – as for having an influence, not really, since the ones I’ve read havent really influenced me a great deal – they all have slightly, but no specific one…

ddavitt: Huh? Three books, two lovers?

siannon prime: Your fonts are showing, Bill…

siannon prime: 🙂

Merfilly8: three books, four lovers

LadyS122: gotta go all.. enjoyed the chat

Merfilly8: bye Helen

Maugham9: ta

ddavitt: She seemed quite restrained to me…

siannon prime: G.night Helen – nice to meet you

dwrighsr: dos svidanije

ddavitt: Bye!

dwrighsr: sorry ‘do svidanije’

Merfilly8: better than her usual monogamous heroines…strong til they marry then they fade

BPRAL22169: vsyevo xorosova

dwrighsr: vam tozhe

Merfilly8: au revois

siannon prime: A bientot

Maugham9: guten nacht

BPRAL22169: “So long, farewell, auf wiederseh’n, goodbye.”

LadyS122 has left the room.

ddavitt: Sound of Music!

KultsiKN: …itŠ!

KultsiKN: So there!

siannon prime: BillP is wearing the black suspenders again <BG>

Maugham9: sound of mucus, you said?

siannon prime: Under the dirndl

ddavitt: I still want to know why Bill thinks Killa is a slut….

KultsiKN: Me 2!

ddavitt: I _liked_ her….

KultsiKN: Ditto

Merfilly8: I liked Lars…Yum!

Merfilly8: ooops

AGplusone: Hi, Maugham …. I think Oz is fighting his way back still … through the kerosene powered ISP …

BPRAL22169: I actually enjoyed those two books, but after McCaffrey discovered *Lerve* that was enough.

AGplusone: WB Oz

siannon prime: Was it Eros or Agape, Bill?

ddavitt: So you just didn’t like Crystal Line?

Merfilly8: Maugham, Bill, and both Davids, and Jim have to speak up!

BPRAL22169: No, I enjoyed the books . . . but I was done after that.

ddavitt: The constant eating got a bit annoying

ddavitt: So you withdraw the slut comment? ,g>

siannon prime: Definition of slut, anyone?

gfoXcook: hey. quite long for a bit, eh? #;-}>

BPRAL22169: no — that was what i call the book inside my head; just as I call Niven-Pournlle’s book The Mote in herbie’s Eye

ddavitt: She was quite Friday like in a way…

siannon prime: Another slut, I suppose…

ddavitt: Hi greg.

Merfilly8: And now Greg needs to add his bit too

siannon prime: Hi Greg, long time no see, etc 🙂

Merfilly8: I’m liking these stories of how Heinlein fits in to all of your lives

NitroPress has left the room.

BPRAL22169: Well, actually, it’s more like my life fits into Heinlein, it seems to me.

gfoXcook: add my bit? O_o

Merfilly8: 0101010

AGplusone: Okay, while Dave Wright helps Oz fight his way … we’re each telling each other what Heinlein story most influenced me and why specifically, Greg

gfoXcook: ah yes. I prefer bytes, after all. Anyway, took a nice long 1.5 hour swim.

siannon prime: Filly, I reckon that a lot of people go through stuff, think about it, extrapolate from it, and pass on their wisdom. RAH is different in that he had a lot of experiences in his life and didn’t settle for any one of them – and then he wrote books and disseminated the wisodm.

gfoXcook: Ahhhh. Sorry I missed Thursday’s chat, my radio show went overlong.

siannon prime: wisdom, that was

Merfilly8: I have no wisdom…only random encounters with intelligence and stupidity

AGplusone: And since … alphasortabetically, we skipped you while you were getting your hair wet, you’re up unless Maugham is ready to go … Greg.

gfoXcook: Well, let’s see. Heinlein taught me that science fiction wasn’t all TV and movies, basically. Specifically? I started with Number of the Beast, and it was the first story I read in which the characters really appealed to me, along with the science fiction.

gfoXcook: He’s the person who also gave me the confidence to move from engineering to writing.

Merfilly8: Wow, really?

gfoXcook: and I may be working at Tor Books soon.

AGplusone: Great!

Merfilly8: NOTB gave me a hard time starting it…took a few times, but it became a favorite

siannon prime: You have a lot. So does Paula <g>

gfoXcook: Have two connections into St. Martin’s Press in Manhattan. Just need to save some money here in Houston, and move to NYC this winter, basically. Then go back for the formal interview and hiring process. Assistant editorship, here I come.

Merfilly8: Congrats. I’m still having trouble pushing my writing seriously

gfoXcook: (might meet Orson Scott Card or Robert Jordan sometime)

dwrighsr: I had problems with it at first, especially the shifting POV, but it has grown on me.

siannon prime: Good on you, Greg 🙂

AGplusone: Wonderful, wonderful … I’ll try to avoid the temptation to send you my draft if I ever finish it <hah!>

gfoXcook: Well, feel free to try with me in 3 years or so, if I’m still at Tor. The great thing about St. Martin’s Press, even though they’re owned by Macmillan UK in London, which is now owned by Heimholtz in Germany (not sure if that’s the precise name)… asidef rom that:

gfoXcook: you can move around creatively, from imprint to imprint.

gfoXcook: want to work on Orb sf? Forge horror?

gfoXcook: Tor fantasy?

ddavitt: Sounds fun!

gfoXcook: Let’s Go travel guides. St. Martin’s press literary, how-to, etc. etc. military, mystery (Minotaur)

siannon prime: Orb sf???

gfoXcook: I dislike how the houses have all been bought up by each other, but there are some benefits for editors.

AGplusone: Military fiction?

gfoXcook: Orb’s the side imprint of Tor, just like Forge is, now. I had no idea of the existence of Forge until I came in to gather information from St. Martin’s press in June. They’re in the Flatiron building, one of my favorite skyscrapers of all time.

gfoXcook: and now I might get to work in that building. Heh. Dream come true, for the past 2 years or so.

gfoXcook: yeah, Coonts is on St. Martin’s Press, for one thing.

gfoXcook: some Heinlein and Asimov, too, on Orb.

AGplusone: Coonts is more speculative than historical fiction … same deal for that?

gfoXcook: I won’t get to work with authors right away, but maybe in a couple years if I don’t screw up.

gfoXcook: They’re quite wide ranged. I’m sure there’s plenty of authors along the spectrum from speculative to historical.

siannon prime: Gotta go, guys, I’m trying to do research here in-and-amongst! Happy birthday, see y’all later 🙂

gfoXcook: In fact, I have seen some historical fiction novels in their catalogue.

ddavitt: Bye jani!

gfoXcook: Bye, Jani.

AGplusone: See ya, Jani. Who wants to tend bar?

gfoXcook: I turned 23 on June 30th, BTW. heh.

dwrighsr: Night jani we’ll try not to mess up the bar too much

gfoXcook: I’d offer, but I only know how to make about 5 drinks. (sigh)

gfoXcook: shall learn more once I’m living in NYC, I’m sure. heh.

KultsiKN: Bye, Jani!

stephenveiss: bye…

AGplusone: You can manage to get the Remi from the bottle to the glass can you?

gfoXcook: That I can do.

gfoXcook: In several ways. It’s the recipes I don’t have down, mostly. #;-}>

siannon prime: S’okay, David, I have someone on another ng trained to scrub the floor after the trolls and JMA leave it in a mess <BG>

Merfilly8: bye Jani

gfoXcook: I also clean up ASAP after myself, so no worries about the mess (unless you can’t afford to lose a drop of the liquor, for financial reasons, then I might not be the tender for you!)

AGplusone: Try one of your less imaginative ways now please … traffic was brutal.

Merfilly8: sorry, was looking up Diane Duane for Kevin

gfoXcook: but back to on topic…

AGplusone: (And I am now temporily wife-less. Sob!)

siannon prime: I found her on another *org ..

gfoXcook: After the initial impression Number of the Beast had on me in HS…

Merfilly8: oh no…the dreaded on topic

siannon prime: Diane, not your wife!

gfoXcook: I’d say that the books that have left the most imprint upon me are… Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Stranger in a Strange Land… Ummm… Time Enough for Love, still my favorite subjectively (if not objectively). What else.

Merfilly8: do you read his juvies, Greg?

gfoXcook: I feel like such a horrible Heinlein fan, but I just have a problem remembering names sometimes without visual aids. The two novels I’m about to describe, as well:

Major oz has entered the room.

siannon prime has left the room.

gfoXcook: the one in which the protag uses a revolver instead of a laser weapon to duel.

Merfilly8: hey hey…Major Oz is on!

gfoXcook: and…

ddavitt: Beyond This Horizon

ddavitt: Hamilton Felix

dwrighsr: WB Maj.

gfoXcook: and this one really makes me sad, that I can’t remember the title, the one about time travelling from 1970 to 2000, which I read 3 years ago or so.

Major oz: I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak

gfoXcook: Yes, Felix! Of course.

Merfilly8: Door into Summer

Merfilly8: prob not

AGplusone: How was the raw ether …

dwrighsr: Boy you people are fast!!!

Major oz: My ISP must have been changing propane bottles……

Merfilly8: I can never remember

gfoXcook: I haven’t really read any juvies, no. Cept for short story collections that had them. No novels.

Merfilly8: am I right on the time travel one?

ddavitt: Then go and read them! 🙂

AGplusone: Door Into Summer is correct

ddavitt: Yes Filly

dwrighsr: Sounds right to me

Merfilly8: yes! <Happy Dance!>

gfoXcook: as I said the last chat I participated within, I have about 10 Heinlein books to read.

dwrighsr: I hate you 🙂

ddavitt: <sigh of envy>

AGplusone: Lucky sucker!

gfoXcook: yes, Door into Summer is correct.

Merfilly8: I’m the slow poke with Heinlein titles, acronyms, etc

gfoXcook: I know names as soon as I hear/see them. Silly memory.

gfoXcook: oh, and Friday.

gfoXcook: I need to read Job, badly.

AGplusone: Wait ’til you mind achieves senior status …

gfoXcook: Oh, also, To Sail Beyond the Sunset.

gfoXcook: I’m already scatterbrained enough that senility will set in for me by age 30, I’m sure.

dwrighsr: As long as you remember plots. you’ll be ok in the publishing business

gfoXcook: true, true.

gfoXcook: as long as a plot makes an impression, I remember it, the settings, the events, the characters, etc.

Merfilly8: I still have not regained my memory from progesterone poisoning last year 🙂

gfoXcook: not necessarily all the names of settings, characters, etc. But I remember them.

gfoXcook: And a rose by any other name, after all. But ah well.

Merfilly8: How’s your mind doing, Jane? can you remember one minute to the next?

gfoXcook: Just like I remember most of you, but it kills me I can’t keep track of names unless I’m around often enough. :::wishing brain had more capacity:::

dwrighsr: Anyone remember Fred Brown’s Keith Winton in ‘What Mad Universe’?

ddavitt: I can finish a book and not know the hero’s name….but I have been like that for years 🙂

ddavitt: Comes of speed reading

AGplusone: If you had to pick one story, or one part, or one incident, or one passage in one of the ones you mentioned, which would it be … Greg?

Major oz: I appear to be in the minority that likes Job, eh?

AGplusone: To read for the last time …

gfoXcook: One story, for overall importance in my life?

AGplusone: Yes

gfoXcook: The story of Lazarus and Dora from TEFL, then.

AGplusone: Any why that one?

gfoXcook: learning to let things go, in my life, be they lovers, friends, and be they dead, or just departed.

ddavitt: I loved the idea of Job; I wanted to find out what was happening and why

Merfilly8: i like Job

BPRAL22169: Mrs. Heinlein said that was what she took out and read just after RAH died. It was her personal memorial of him.

KultsiKN: I like Job, too.

Maugham9: LAzurus and Dora still make me moist

ddavitt: It is all of Heinlein’s work in microcosm

gfoXcook: My best friend in middle school died in 1990, my girlfriend from 1995 to 1999 ended our relationship… my mom’s parents died in the early 90s.

gfoXcook: lost a cat and a dog recently.

AGplusone: Which is sadder … when Buck dies or Dora?

Merfilly8: That is a very touching story.

ddavitt: Ooh…tricky one….

gfoXcook: almost lost another dog last week. My dad’s had two heart attacks this year. The lists go on and on. And having lived in Houston, then Kobe (Japan), then Philadelphia, now Houston, soon NYC (and maybe New Zealand or San Fran first, for a short time)… and been to 30 countries, 48 states…

gfoXcook: To sum it up: my life is about loss, to me, looking back.

ddavitt: Both died after long fulfilled lives

Merfilly8: you’re a strong one then

gfoXcook: but I am a lot happier about it lately than ever before, and TEFL taught me lessons I didn’t really learn till I experienced things myself, or rethought them, or revisited them.

dwrighsr: Look on the bright side. new things to see

ddavitt: With the people they loved. No need for sorrow….

dwrighsr: new friends to know.

gfoXcook: Yes, but strength comes with problems, like too much self-reliance, refusing to ask for help when it’s truly needed, not wanting to burden friends, and… numbness from pain, at times.

Major oz: But the things to balance all that are going to be especially great.

Merfilly8: I shut down after ’86 because of so many deaths. Heinlein woke me up in some ways, discvovered him in ’87

gfoXcook: I don’t think that Buck dying or Dora dying is sad. Lazarus living is what’s sad to me.

AGplusone: Which is sadder, when the Montgomerys, steal Buck’s marker, or when Laz keeps wanting to suicide before he tells us about Dorable Dora …

AGplusone: Yeah

Merfilly8: probably coinci dence, but I started living more after readfing Moon

Maugham9: I’d say the Montgomery’s theft

gfoXcook: There truly is time enough for love in our short existences, whatever comes after this world, if anything comes at all.

gfoXcook: And I’ve learned to fall in love again, quite recently.

dwrighsr: Sad is not an emotion that I get with the Montgomery’s, just anger

Merfilly8: I cry when I read Minerva’s upset over trying to look like her, before Laz goes timetripping

ddavitt: Lazarus is like Alex; who gave him immortality and why?

gfoXcook: And I know now how it can sometimes be so different even though love itself can be the “same.” Life’s lessons, to me, hit me deeper along with art or education or just general anecdotes from friends… then those things on their own., I truly must learn things the hard way, otherwise I repeat mistakes.

ddavitt: Hope it works out Greg

gfoXcook: I’d say the why matters more than the who.

AGplusone: I’m reading a book right now where they kill a man’s dog, and he decides he has to go back to home in the hills of Arkansas … “to bury my dog” … that emotion of anger is one I understand.

gfoXcook: Life? It always does. That’s the beauty of it. #;-}>

AGplusone: And so would Bob Lee Swagger, the man who goes back to “bury my dog”

gfoXcook: and someday it works into death, too. I’m not scared of death, due to dealing with it for so long now… but I’m trying not to be numb to it, either, to live each day like it’s the last, without panicing and trying to squeeze things in.

ddavitt: The idea that there can be no growth without pain is hard to accept but I think it is valid in many ways

Major oz: Bob Lee Swagger ???????? What’s his NASCAR number?

gfoXcook: All that matters to me now: being content with my life (not necessarily happy), making life easier, or more fun, for others…. and feeling as few regrets as I can when I die, whenever that comes.

BPRAL22169: As Don Henley just said: “Sometimesyou get the best light from a burning bridge.”

gfoXcook: It’s very valid. At least in my life. But I didn’t really have many choices.

stephenveiss: OK, I’m of to bed in a few.

stephenveiss: See ya 🙂

Merfilly8: nite Stephen

AGplusone: Pretty close, Oz … one of them good ol’ boys … he takes his rifle back to “bury mah dawg”

gfoXcook: Not till now, at least. See ya.

dwrighsr: When the ship lifts, all bills are paid, no regrets.

gfoXcook: exactly.

stephenveiss has left the room.

KultsiKN: Nite, Stephen!

gfoXcook: or even overpaid (on the bills)

dwrighsr: That’s unAmerican 🙂

gfoXcook: I am a guest in this life, like a guest in any household.

gfoXcook: I try to leave things as good as they were when I entered, or at least a little better.

Major oz: One of the best gifts I gave my terminal brother was a web site that advertised Bass Plugs shaped like NASCAR race cars. He laughed for weeks.

ddavitt: I wouldn’t have my current happiness without a couple of years of hell; at the time it made no sense but now….getting to the point where you can see the point is worth it all.

gfoXcook: Now now. I’m unAmerican, too. Would be whether I had lived outside the country for 3 years or not, I think.

KultsiKN: No, Greg, you are the master of your life…

dwrighsr: Makes me think that maybe there is some redeeming grace in the younger generation. I was beginning to doubt it.

gfoXcook: the thing is, America isn’t America anymore, basically.

gfoXcook: but I live my life the way I do because I am the master of it.

Major oz: It never was

ddavitt: Life is unfair….at the time. looking back puts it into perspective.

gfoXcook: And in some ways, looking back, my life is a film.

gfoXcook: That was written beforehand, by some unseen hand.

gfoXcook: But the director, and actors in my life…

Merfilly8: My Husband is the most patriotic man I know. But he feels America is a belief this country has strayed from in many cases

gfoXcook: they’ve changed things from the original screenplay.

gfoXcook: They’ve altered the book the life was based upon.

gfoXcook: And I am grateful for that flexibility in my life.

gfoXcook: (IOW, that’s how I rationalise the free will/predestination argument for myself)

AGplusone: And the process is one of rewrites, eh?

Major oz: As though Oliver Stone was in charge?

gfoXcook: And reshoots.

gfoXcook: And recasting.

gfoXcook: And changing locations.

AGplusone: Each time to best please the Director … in the mind.

gfoXcook: And getting new props and costumes. Whatever. #;-}>

BPRAL22169: Sounds more like Apocalypse Now . . .

gfoXcook: well, to please the producer, too.

gfoXcook: After all, someone has to pay for all of this. ^_^

gfoXcook: I might end up working on films soon, too.

AGplusone: LOL!

Major oz: But nobody will buy tickets……..

Major oz: …..too depressing.

gfoXcook: My best friend in high school, who went to Cornell, is in the MFA program for film at Columbia.

gfoXcook: LOL! I didn’t mean all by me.

gfoXcook: I’d love to edit his films, if he needs an editor.

gfoXcook: or do some writing for him, perhaps.

gfoXcook: What I’d really love to do, actually, is cinematography.

Maugham9: solipsistically, we all buy the only ticket to the only show in town.

gfoXcook: but I’m not good enough as a photographer, even.

ironmike12345 has entered the room.

AGplusone: the urge to write is overpowering in this group …

dwrighsr: Hi Mike. welcome

gfoXcook: I doubt any films we make will be shown outside of Columbia University. ^_^

AGplusone: Nice catch, Maugham.

gfoXcook: Heya.

AGplusone: Hi, Mike

ironmike12345: who is this?

gfoXcook: Yeah. I like the only ticket to the only show in town phrasing, as well. Very nice.

gfoXcook: Thou art God? O_o

gfoXcook: er. This is god, I mean? Heck if I know. #;-}>

Merfilly8: been writing for near a decade

Merfilly8: still not taking it serious

AGplusone: And, with that … Maughham, I think it’s your turn on “What was the best Heinlein story that most influenced me and this is why …. ”

gfoXcook: what do you write, or try to write, or not mind writing?

Major oz: ……and been selling for how long?

Merfilly8: that’s my prob, Oz…failure to follow thru

gfoXcook: BRB, getting towels and socks and undies out of washer and into dryer.

gfoXcook: Send your manuscripts to me, Mer. I’ll find a place for ’em. ^_^

Merfilly8: Goth romance, sci-fi, classis sword and sorcery

AGplusone: Mike, we’re celebrating Robert A. Heinlein’s birthday, yesterday would have been his 93d.

Maugham9: While TEFLove was the first, MIAHMistress grabbed me the most.

Merfilly8: thanks Greg

Major oz: I had the worst misfortune that can befall an author. My first piece was bought by the first place I sent it and published unedited.

Merfilly8: why unfortunate?

Major oz: Lots of pink slips since then (not counting newspapers)

KultsiKN: Did your head swell?

Maugham9: You got accepted, Major? My condolences.

Major oz: thought it was no sweat / no work

AGplusone: And … why Maugham?

Merfilly8: The first we ever tried never got in the door…cancelled the call for that kind of story

gfoXcook: I have a friend in Toronto who’s written a fantasy novel.

gfoXcook: I will try to hook him up in a couple years, if I can.

Maugham9: Political view, as well as the alternate lunar society.

Major oz: Got two going now — no SF.

gfoXcook: Those are things I will gladly do for anyone who isn’t in things just for the money, but… they’re hard to do until you have some seniority at a plac,e and even then, of course, you can’t just get anything you want approved. #;-}>

gfoXcook: I’m also looking into Random House and Hartcourt Brace and Co.

gfoXcook: Harcourt, rather. Famous for writers like T.S.Eliot, back in the day.

Major oz: Maugham……..?

AGplusone: I thought political views were more like it. I never saw Moon as one monolith with one name.

gfoXcook: Random House is a bit too huge for me, I think. But I dunno, should interview there, just in case. Moon is a Harsh Mistress, BTW, I think may be my most loved objectively story of Heinlein’s.

Major oz: Objective (ly) ?

Maugham9: The Prof’s advice to the constitutional convention–“Freedom, like fire and fusion…” brilliant stuff. I liked the way RAH questioned the basic premises behind taxation, representation.

Major oz: ….expand, please/

gfoXcook: I just love the level of commentary on the world. I mean, every story of his has some of that, but the mixture of human nature and global political nature and every level in between in stories like TMIAHM and Friday really appeals to me.

gfoXcook: I use objective and subjective in a rather incorrect (for dictionary meanings, at least) capacity, when talking about films, songs, books, etc.

ddavitt: I have to go now; Eleanor’s bedtime. Night everyone, I enjoyed the chat.

AGplusone: Night Jane

dwrighsr: Night Jane.

Merfilly8: nite Jane

ddavitt has left the room.

gfoXcook: When I say I love something subjectively, I mean mostly in a nostalgic, or powerful feeling, or emotional way, that touched me personally.

Maugham9: ta

gfoXcook: G’… er… oops.

BPRAL22169: It is that time, Isn’t it.

AGplusone: Gedding close …

gfoXcook: but when I say objectively, I mean that I appreciate the more literary aspects more, such as timely commentary, or commentary on historical events, or just humanity’s history in general, or our psychology, or anything.

dwrighsr: We’ve never let that stop us 🙂

gfoXcook: With TMIAHM, I appreciate both sides, and all shades of grey between.

Major oz: Is another toast in order before everyone runs off ?

gfoXcook: But it doesn’t have as strong a personal link with my life as TEFL does.

gfoXcook: I should reread it, though.

Maugham9: May you live as long as you love…

gfoXcook: And… and…

Major oz: and……

dwrighsr: and love as long as you live

gfoXcook: sleep as long as you like? #;-}>

Merfilly8: Question: Mike’s or Prof’s death brings the most sniffs?

Major oz: HOKAY !!!!!!!!

gfoXcook: Hmmm.

J P Ogden has entered the room.

Major oz: prof, no contest

gfoXcook: Not sure.

J P Ogden: hello all, sorry I’m late

gfoXcook: why?

AGplusone: Prof … I agree that Mike had to do so the republic could live

KultsiKN: Hello, Jon!

dwrighsr: Mike’s. Prof had run his course, but Mike was just getting started.

Maugham9: Mike’s, the prof had accomplished what he wanted, Mike was a growing boy

gfoXcook: I’m afraid I don’t remember the particularities of Prof’s death.

AGplusone: do=combines “die” and “go”

gfoXcook: could someone summarise, please?

Major oz: But I look at it from the other side. Prof wore out — mike suicided.

Major oz: Prof couldn’t do it. It was Mike’s choice

gfoXcook: sometimes suiciding is a product of wearing out, though. so… either way. I dunno.

Maugham9: They won, The prof leads cheers, topples with coronary

AGplusone: I think Mike just took a sabatical

KultsiKN: Prof was giving a speech. Died.

gfoXcook: I guess I’d base it upon rereading…. upon which death left a bigger gap in the people’s hearts who loved the character.

gfoXcook: Oh, right.

gfoXcook: No. Can’t feel sad for Prof. Only for Mike.

gfoXcook: IMHO, that is.

J P Ogden: Prof dies at moment of his greatest victory — mike dies at moment of his

Merfilly8: mannie saw mike as a kid, prof as a father

gfoXcook: Prof had his dream fulfilled, he left the audience wanting more. He exited the stage to a standing ovation.

ironmike12345 has left the room.

gfoXcook: That is the way to go. Who could ask for a better death.

Merfilly8: yes

AGplusone: Prof goes like the Twain character in “If this Goes On … ” at his finest moment, but I don’t believe in the swan song bit.

gfoXcook: And yes, to Mannie, one was a live lived fully.

AGplusone: I think the swan should be able to go relax and have a nip or two afterwards

gfoXcook: the other a life only begun. So thus, Mike’s life was more wasted than Prof’s was, if the term “wasted” can even be used. Let’s say instead “less fully lived”

Merfilly8: sorry no caps..trying toentertain one daughter

gfoXcook: what do you mean by the swan song bit?

Major oz: Years later, I associated Mike’s “death” with Ahnold (Terminator II) lowering himself into the molten metal.

Maugham9: If you could sit down over dinner or drinks with any three characters who would it be? For me it would be the Prof, Jubal Harsaw and Hilda

AGplusone: Mike cannot really live until he has (1) companions of his own species, and (2) embodiment …

gfoXcook: Hm. I didn’t read TMIAHM till long after I first saw Terminator II, so I suppose I can’t comment. #;-}>

gfoXcook: three characters? Hmmmm.

AGplusone: Think it would have to be Prof … neither Jubal nor Hilda would be enjoyable companions the first time around

gfoXcook: Dora, say a year before she died. Friday. And…….

Major oz: Andy Libby, Zeb Carter, and Kettlebelly

gfoXcook: this last one is going to be insanely hard to choose. I might have to go with Zeb as well.

AGplusone: Kettlebelly

gfoXcook: who’s Kettlebelly?

dwrighsr: Woodrow Wilson Smith, Lafe Hubert and Lazarus Long

J P Ogden: Any three he ever wrote about: thats easy: Isaac, Arthur, and Robert <grin>

AGplusone: You’ll find out next meeting. Read “Gulf!”

Major oz: ga AG

gfoXcook: Ahhhh. No time to read Gulf in such a short span.

J P Ogden: Or read Friday

gfoXcook: If anyone has a time freezing device, I could use it.

BPRAL22169: Definitely Isaac. And “Mist on the Waters” to interpret

gfoXcook: I have read Friday. Refresh my memory. O_o

AGplusone: Kettlebelly (Hartley Baldwin) is a major character in both.

Merfilly8: Libby, Hilda, Hazel

gfoXcook: ah. Thanks.

gfoXcook: I never mind spoilers, BTW.

AGplusone: Marjorie’s father

dwrighsr: Actully, Maureen, Tamara and Ishtar

dwrighsr: I’m no fool 🙂

gfoXcook: because to me, the book/film/art/song/etc. isn’t truly experienced for me until I have done it myself, so… it’s always different. Each time around. Each read through. Each listen. Each viewing.

BPRAL22169: Maybe Hamilton Felix.

J P Ogden: Funny, there are times when I would like to be LKaz…but I wouldn’t invite him to dinner

J P Ogden: Laz, even

Merfilly8: Or Jubal, Anne, and Mike

AGplusone: JP, we all answered one question tonight … what is the Heinlein story that most influenced me and why … wanna take a shot before we close?

gfoXcook: English lit, if nothing else (and it taught me plenty else, about academics and other things, too), has taught me to appreciate books after movies, or movies after books, say, when the book always comes first. I can go in either order and not feel “ruined” on the book.

Maugham9: Or would I be greedy and pick Minerva, Deety and Tamara

gfoXcook: I wish I’d learned that prior to the Starship Troopers movie, but alas.

gfoXcook: Deety! Hell yeah. ^_^

J P Ogden: Thats easy: TMiaHM…I switched careers to programming because of it

KultsiKN: I’d pick Minerva, Mannie and Hazel…

gfoXcook: what were you in before coding?

AGplusone: Nope. Maureen, Sister Magdalene, and Marguerite are the three I pick …

gfoXcook: Arghgh. Maureen.

gfoXcook: Can we pick 5 instead of 3? These college entrance application type essays always have it “3”

Merfilly8: I’d rather go Carol or Eleanor from Sail

J P Ogden: With troopers as a close second…volunteered for the Army during the East Asian War Games period

gfoXcook: What’s the damned appeal of 3?!? :::bangs head on table in frustration::: #;-}>

Major oz: …..never liked Maureen

Merfilly8: I liked Eleanor more than Maureen

AGplusone: The ones in which we came in second … as Hunter put it.

gfoXcook: Let’s go best 3 out of 5! No, best 4 out of 7! no… arghgh!

Major oz: We need a “meeting of minds” (the old Steve Allen PBS show) for RAH characters

J P Ogden: Gfo — I was a director/producer in legit theatre

gfoXcook: were you satisfied at first, or at any point, with that|?

BPRAL22169: What a great idea, oz!

gfoXcook: I know some actors, and one writer, in theatre, but no directors or producers.

J P Ogden: Major — lovely idea

Maugham9: <Maugham sits in shocked silence that anyone could claim to not like Maureen>

BPRAL22169: That’s flabbergastingly great! Let’s do it on the group this fall.

gfoXcook: :::agrees with Maugham::: (gasp) #;-}>

J P Ogden: Bill, I agree

AGplusone: <she’s too intimidating to some of ’em, M>

Maugham9: Where others sate…

gfoXcook: Steve Allen had a PBS show? When was this, specifically? or if that’s not answerable, was it prior to or after his late night talk show?

Merfilly8: i need to go. both girls are needy

Maugham9: after

BPRAL22169: About 10 years after

J P Ogden: post “Tonight”

Merfilly8: c’y’all l8r

gfoXcook: Ahhh, clinginess. To touch, to grab, to hold and pull close.

gfoXcook: G’night. Nice meeting you.

J P Ogden: gbye Merf

Merfilly8 has left the room.

AGplusone: Yep … and it’s time to say “Goodnight, Gracie”

KultsiKN: Bye, Filly!

Major oz: I will never forget he hosted Jane Austin, Atilla, and Pagannini on a show.

gfoXcook: I better go as well. Party tonight, CD release of a band in Houston I’m invited to as a result of being a DJ.

BPRAL22169: Actors would portray 4 different characters — Socrates, benjamin Franklin, the French philosophe who published naughty books, and someone else i can’t remember. There was a book of that published.

gfoXcook: Jane Austen, you mean?… and Atilla the Hun? O_o

J P Ogden: Remember the Trek episode where data was playing poker with Einstein, Newton and (the real) Hawkings?

gfoXcook: that sounds hilarious. I wonder if the pbs website has any transcripts.

AGplusone: And I have to drown my sorrors in a spousal overlord unit-less house … hehehe …

BPRAL22169: Mix up the centuries and the disciplines — was wonderful.

gfoXcook: yeah, I know the one you mean.

AGplusone: I thought so, Bill

gfoXcook: I’ve seen every TNG ep.

gfoXcook: so that was kinda a parody of the show, eh?

Maugham9: It was a bit annoying when Audrey Meadows (Allen’s wife) played every female guest, but a great show none the less. Anybody know if the tapes are available?

AGplusone: One of the things I liked most about James Burke’s series …

BPRAL22169: I’m so sorry for you — now read some Heinlein to take the nasty taste away.

Major oz: Oh, yes…..and marie antoinette was there also (Jayne Meadows)

gfoXcook: I love discovering parodic things long after I first saw the parodies.

AGplusone: Connections

gfoXcook: Connections is a great show. Love that.

gfoXcook: Seen several eps, a few years back.

gfoXcook: But the guy I miss is the University of Miami stargazer guy, after Dr. Who in the 80s.

BPRAL22169: Get SageMerlin back to do one of the characters. Baslim?

gfoXcook: good ol’ PBS.

gfoXcook: I miss all the old BritCom shows they don’t show anymore here on Houston’s PBS (the first one, in fact)

gfoXcook: Now it’s all the 90s ones.

J P Ogden: Wow, would love to “meet” a Baslim

gfoXcook: I miss Allo Allo.

gfoXcook: And… and… Faulty Towers, of course. And…

AGplusone: But … Saturday, July 8, 2000, 5:07:14 PM, PDT, and sadly closing one of the better logs we’ll read in a while ….

BPRAL22169: Fawlty

gfoXcook: ohhhhh. Did anyone see the Tripod show?

Major oz: try BBC America on Dish Network

AGplusone: “Goodnight, Gracies … ” and “Mrs Calabash, wherever you are”

Major oz: Waiting for God is priceless

Major oz: See you all next time

Maugham9: “Here’s to us, and those like us. Damn few, and they’re all dead


J P Ogden: Mr. Silver, you are showing your age <grin> and mine since I know what you are talking about

gfoXcook has left the room.

J P Ogden: Absent Friends!

BPRAL22169: I did too– does that mean I’m a boring old fart (too?)

dwrighsr: And mine. David send me the log. you can send only the part up to where I came in if you want. I’ve got the rest

Major oz: da

Major oz has left the room.

J P Ogden: nope noone in here is a BOF

dwrighsr: how about an ‘EOF’

dwrighsr: 🙂

J P Ogden: LOL

Maugham9: I aspire to that status, but not too soon, please.

J P Ogden: I’m old enough to think it has to be 9999

BPRAL22169 has left the room.

AGplusone: Thanks everyone for coming … this room is open 24/7 everyone by the way.

AGplusone: I’ll send it Dave

dwrighsr: Thanks.

Maugham9: Night all. This was fun.

J P Ogden: WQell, nite all, glad I made it even if i was late… You are good people

J P Ogden has left the room.

AGplusone: So’re you, Jon … bye everyone.

Maugham9 has left the room.

AGplusone: Nice to meeting you Maugham.

AGplusone: And Happy Birthday, Ginny

AGplusone: Night kulti … hehehe

dwrighsr: night ‘dearie’

KultsiKN: Yeah, it’s getting early. Nite, Davids, Ginny!

SAcademy: Nite to all.

AGplusone: Have a nice breakfast for me …

SAcademy has left the room.

dwrighsr: Good morning then

KultsiKN has left the room.

AGplusone: G’nite, David. G’nite Chet.

dwrighsr: Wow. this was a good one. sure beats all that arguing we had the other night

AGplusone: True but each was interesting in ways

AGplusone: Let me take a break and I’ll get the log out to you. Sun’s still shining here.

AGplusone: And I’m going to breath some air …

dwrighsr: Thanks. I’ll get it edited and on-line tonight.

dwrighsr has left the room.

AGplusone: ‘kay, thanks again Dave

Final End of Discussion Log

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