Heinlein Reader’s Discussion Group Saturday 06-09-2001 5:00 P.M. EDT The Future World of 2001

Heinlein Reader’s Discussion Group

Saturday 06-09-2001 5:00 P.M. EDT

The Future World of 2001

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Here Begins The Discussion Log

You have just entered room “Heinlein Readers Group chat.”

DavidWrightSr: Hi Guys.

SAcademy: Is DSL telephone company or cable?

AGplusone: Hi, Dave … we’re testing an url … phone company

SAcademy: company

AGplusone: verizon.net in my case

geeairmoe2: My brothers have cable modems. They gush with enthusiasm about them.

billdennis2nd: DSL is phone company and many phone companies have decided to back away from installing and offering

SAcademy: Is it really $50 a month?

AGplusone: Yes

SAcademy: Too much

AGplusone: true

billdennis2nd: The URL didn’t work for me

AGplusone: but … the convenience is better

billdennis2nd: Does it have an unnecessary underscore?

AGplusone: what browser are you using

geeairmoe2: Our local version of Time/Warner offers it at $39.95.

ddavitt has entered the room.

billdennis2nd: I am using IExplorer

ddavitt: Hi everyone

AGplusone: that’s nice … we had a promo … at that price. Hi, Jane

billdennis2nd: Hello

geeairmoe2: Hello.

billdennis2nd: I got free installation, two months service at 19.99 a month.

billdennis2nd: Then it goes to $39.99 a month

AGplusone: very nice deal

AGplusone: They had 40 monthly for about a six month period, but recently dropped that

AGplusone: we’re talking about DSL connections, Jane

SAcademy: What does it do specifically?

billdennis2nd: Actually, cable modem is faster

SAcademy: You get online faster. How much faster?

ddavitt: Yes, I don’t know what they are.

AGplusone: Very much greater speed and allows you to use your phone at the same time

billdennis2nd: Provided everyone on your block isn’t already using a cable modem.

ddavitt: Oh, I know now.

AGplusone: I’m getting about seven times the speed of a 56 k modem right now Ginny

maikoshT has entered the room.

ddavitt: It would be handy to unblock the phone but it costs more

AGplusone: which isn’t all that great

AGplusone: but is better

SAcademy: Using this is the only reason I have a telephone!

ddavitt: Can’t afford it; people will have to wait till I’m done and ring me then

SAcademy: I’d throw the phone out otherwise.

billdennis2nd: Lets just say I can bring up the Illustrated Catalog in about five seconds.

AGplusone: I kept telling my wife that was a fringe benefit of being on line … no phone interruptions

ddavitt: Really? I have started to use this to talk to my mum in the UK but I like hearing voices too

billdennis2nd: You know, the one with RAH’s cadet photo at the top

AGplusone: but she wanted to be able to call me while I was on line

AGplusone: I’m finding I cannot send urls in this space we have now with the AIM chat rooms

AGplusone: That is a pain in the butt

billdennis2nd: I can’t see ANYONE using dial up modems in five years. THis is just sooo much better

SAcademy: Where did you get that picture, please?

AGplusone: The cadet photo?

billdennis2nd: I didn’t get it. I saw it on this web page.

SAcademy: Yes.

OakMan 7111 has entered the room.

ddavitt: David’s company is doing something called M Ergy

OakMan 7111: Hello all

ddavitt: Or something; wireless internet in remote areas

ddavitt: Hi Jon

SAcademy: Good afternoon.

AGplusone: Hi, Jon …

ddavitt: Can log on at 70 mph …on a train. I’m probably getting this all wrong

AGplusone: Okay, it’s the hour. Do we have a start time, anyone?

billdennis2nd: I would send the link, but I can’t paste it in this chat room

AGplusone: Yes … a real pain in the butt.

ddavitt: You go David πŸ™‚

AGplusone: https://www.heinleinsociety.org/_Site/Society/BldDrive/SignUp.asp

billdennis2nd: Gee, what is the topic today.

ddavitt: 2001

OakMan 7111: Why we fell behind RAH’s predictions so badly

AGplusone: we’re testing the page, Jon …

ddavitt: Why aren’t we in flying cars

ddavitt: That sort of thing

billdennis2nd: I’m gonna sign up later on david. I can’t believe I never did before.

billdennis2nd: Oh, I don’t think we fell behind all that much.

AGplusone: The part of the novel I found interesting was something I’d seen before

AGplusone: the predictions of which way my own town would develop

billdennis2nd: Didn’t RAh predict that traffic on the highways would be regulated by computer?

OakMan 7111: me, too. I thgink it’s the pic that’s messing up Netscape

ddavitt: LA you mean?

ddavitt: The smog goes doesn’t it?

AGplusone: I enjoyed the descriptions made 30 years ago

ddavitt: Is that still a problem now?

AGplusone: Not too serious, certainly not as serious as they were around 1955

AGplusone: we rarely have alerts that amount to much

AGplusone: and he was correct about the town developing westward toward the beach towns

billdennis2nd: There are several predictions of his that I believe (just off the top of my head) that WOULD have

ddavitt: Less coal fires? Or didn’t you have them in sunny LA?

billdennis2nd: come true had there been political will to implement

ddavitt: That’s what made our peasoupers in London

AGplusone: they cut out trash incinerators and almost all coal burning

billdennis2nd: I remember within the past couple of years a report on TV ….

AGplusone: actually all of it, plus oil … and went to natural gas

billdennis2nd: About a system that allowed cars to drive at top speed down the highway

AGplusone: saying what, Bill …

billdennis2nd: within a few feet of each other

billdennis2nd: It was supposed to prevent congestion and accidents

billdennis2nd: They showed five cars whipping down the row in perfect formation

OakMan 7111: IIRC, it required sensors in the pavement as well as in the car

AGplusone: They keep edging that way … but getting folk to surrender control would be a big step

billdennis2nd: I don’t think so, OakMan

billdennis2nd: Yes! It is all psychological

AGplusone: Remember in Methuselah’s Children, how they have an option for local control?

OakMan 7111: Bill, I’m Jon Ogden

billdennis2nd: People wouldn’t FEEL safe

DenvToday has entered the room.

AGplusone: Hi, Ron

billdennis2nd: hello

DenvToday: Good afternoon everybody!

billdennis2nd: I recognize almost everybody ….

OakMan 7111: Hello Ron

AGplusone: When Mary is driving with Laz she goes back to local control, which means her own control?

DenvToday: Hello!

ddavitt: Hi Ron afj

ddavitt: afk

AGplusone: We all, sometimes, use a form of what may be coming, “cruise control” for highway driving …

AGplusone: how do we feel when we do that?

OakMan 7111: I wouldn’t feel safe if someone else had a local control option…

billdennis2nd: I am going to have to leave soon. This program is almost done downloading.

Dehede03 has entered the room.

billdennis2nd: bye

DenvToday: Hello Dehede

OakMan 7111: bye

billdennis2nd has left the room.

Dehede03: Howdy folks.

AGplusone: Hi, Ron (dehehe) meet Ron (DenvToday) … πŸ™‚

AGplusone: “de”

DenvToday: Nice to meet you!

Dehede03: Ms Academic how are you today. Howdy Ron and Dave

DavidWrightSr: Everyone, Please check Bold button.

SAcademy: Just fine, thanks.

AGplusone: Jane, btw, what did you all decide about next chat subject.

AGplusone: on, okay?

billdennis2nd has entered the room.

billdennis2nd has left the room.

ddavitt: dunno

Dehede03: On

ddavitt: baby on knee alert

ddavitt: hang on

ddavitt: Any luck with Robert Crais Dave?

Dehede03: A thought has been running through my mind; but I don’t know how we could ever make it a topic

DavidWrightSr: Sorry. I’ve not had a chance to check with him yet. Promise to do so today or tomorrow

AGplusone: What’s that, Ron?

ddavitt: Ohterwise we can move up the racism chat; who proposed that one?

ddavitt: ga Ron

AGplusone: time for suggestions is now …

DenvToday: I had a thought once. I think it was 1994. I lied down and it passed.

ddavitt: What about the one that came up in the Thursday chat; overlaps with other things.

ddavitt: IE; lots of us like cats, Buffy, detective novels….

ddavitt: what’s the common factor

Dehede03: I was noticing the auto biographical comments


Dehede03: On page 13 of TEFL he has his favorite drink

Gaeltachta has entered the room.

ddavitt: Hi Sean!

AGplusone: Manhattans?

Gaeltachta: G’Day Everyone….. Hi Jane

AGplusone: Hi, Sean

Dehede03: Brandy Manhatten.

Dehede03: But how do you turn those scattered comments into a subject

DenvToday: Hello!

AGplusone: It would be hard to draw conclusions as to what were autobiographical, what weren’t

SAcademy: Ron, that was Robert’s favorite!

ddavitt: What do you want to do with them exactly?

ddavitt: Build up a picture of favourites?

Dehede03: They would make a darn fine treasure hunt though

Dehede03: I don’t know Jane

ddavitt: certainly would.

Dehede03: Interesting as all get out

Dehede03: But what do you do with them

OakMan 7111: I’d love to do a collection page for ’em at THS.org…

Dehede03: Well I thought of that Oakman but they turn into a project to give to someone else

AGplusone: We might try tieing them into the biographical sketch, assuming everyone can find it on line.

SAcademy: collection of what? Drinks? I’ve been trying to get Denis in

AGplusone: The little glimpses of what may have been photos from his life …

Dehede03: I commemorated his death by donating blood this year

ddavitt: I don’t see him SA

AGplusone: like the little boy out in back yard who looks at Haley’s comet

Dehede03: Right

Dehede03: So I was thinking of doing one of his favorite feasts for his birthday.

geeairmoe2: news://news.sff.net/sff.people.gwilliam

ddavitt: Well, Tim Morgan and I are tracking down all the dedication people so expect cries for help soon.

geeairmoe2: I posted the link David wants us to check out on my newsgroup.

ddavitt: That should be fun; looking at why those particular people got that particular book

Dehede03: Oh yes,

Dehede03: good idea

SAcademy: Believe it or not, I just got “The group is invalid” from AOL

ddavitt: Ginny is our secret weapon if we get totally stuck.

AGplusone: Who, btw, are the folk to whom the dedications in Door Into Summer refers, Ginny?

Dehede03: Yes, but we don’t want to come up with a project for Ginny to do.

SAcademy: What names?

ddavitt: No; we are determined to do as much of it ourselves as possible

SAcademy: I can’t remember.

Gaeltachta: A.P. and Phyllis Mick and Annette Aelurophiles All

AGplusone: “A.P. and Phyllis, Mick and Annette, Aelurophiles all.”

ddavitt: A.P and Phyllis, Mick and Annete

ddavitt: Beat me

AGplusone: And

DJedPar has entered the room.

ddavitt: Hi there

Dehede03: Yes, I have wondered about them in many books

AGplusone: Sean got the capital “A” in All correct.

OakMan 7111: hello DJ

AGplusone: Hi, DJedPar

SAcademy: AP is William A. P. White, sometimes Anthony Boucher. Phyllis is his wife writes mysteries.

Dehede03: Hello, DJ

Gaeltachta: Ha!

DJedPar: Hi, finally made it.

ddavitt: She is P D james isn’t she?

[Editors Note: This is false. Boucher was married to Phyllis Price; P(hyllis).D. James was married to Dr. Connor Bantry White]

AGplusone: And an aelurophile is?

SAcademy: Good for you Denis.

DavidWrightSr: Djepar is Denis.

ddavitt: Cat lover!

AGplusone: Hi, Denis, welcome

DJedPar: Among other things

SAcademy: Maybe P. D. James. I’m not sure abaout that.

ddavitt: I think she is..but I will check. Thanks! That’s great. Another one down

AGplusone: What did A.P.White do in real life, when he wasn’t writing?

ddavitt: Rephrase that!

ddavitt: It sounds insulting πŸ™‚

AGplusone: πŸ˜›

ddavitt: As if writing isn’t a real job

AGplusone: note the little tongue sticking out

SAcademy: Rocket to the Morgue, and other mysteries. He edited F&SF magazine.

ddavitt: He’s the one who did Rocket To The Morgue

ddavitt: GMTA

SAcademy: Along with Mick MacComas.

ddavitt: The Mick from the dedication?

geeairmoe2 has left the room.

Dehede03: Believe it or not I bought Rocket….. a few years back off the shelf.

DavidWrightSr: Wasn’t he the one that told Robert early on that you never stopped being a writer?

ddavitt: Yes.

SAcademy: Yes, that would be he.

ddavitt: I got Rocket a few months back; fun!

Gaeltachta: Same here……

AGplusone: What I’m wondering about is the role models for the personalities of

Dehede03: Still in print.

AGplusone: John and Jenny Sutton

SAcademy: It’s where Gifford’s press name comes from.

ddavitt: is it? mine was used

ddavitt: that’s right

Gaeltachta: I bought a *new* copy…….

Dehede03: Wasn’t one book dedicated to “Sarge?”

AGplusone: were the Bouchers at all like the “Suttons” in personality — not asking about nudism

ddavitt: Yes; Starship

SAcademy: Starshhip Troopers I think was dedicated to Sarge.

Dehede03: Thanks Jane

ddavitt: I have a list by me with them all

AGplusone: (or the “Whites” … ?)

Dehede03: and SAcademy

Gaeltachta: “Sarge” Arthur George Smith

AGplusone: [John and Jenny, of course, being the characters in the story into whose backyard, so to speak, Dan

AGplusone: drops in]

ddavitt: Yes…that was funny; their being nude really threw him

ddavitt: threw

ddavitt: He didn’t know if he’d made it back to 1970 or not

Dehede03: Oops, I had thought John and Jenny were RAH & Ginny

ddavitt: nice twist

AGplusone: πŸ™‚

OakMan 7111: another example of a heinlein hero leraning that no every one did things the way he did

Dehede03: Sorry

AGplusone: RAH making himself a Lawyer? Good Lord!

DavidWrightSr: John was a lawyer!!

ddavitt: They didn’t feel like that

ddavitt: They were nice but ordinary

Dehede03: the mind of John felt incisive

DenvToday: Horrible thought. Only thing worse would be a literary critic.

DavidWrightSr: Of course, didn’t you know? All of RAH’s characters were himself πŸ˜€

Gaeltachta: They seemed like nice people…….. for nudists! j/k

ddavitt: I have to go eat. I will stay online. brb

AGplusone: come back … we need to decide on a topic

AGplusone: we once had a topic–lawyers in Heinlein–is it time for that again?

DenvToday: I’ve been on a “juvenile” binge this week. Citizen of the Galaxy, Starman Jones, The Rolling Stones.

DenvToday: All since Monday.

AGplusone: Miles vs. Sutton … etc. …

OakMan 7111: I envy you Ron

Dehede03: And I am re-reading my all time favorite, TEFL

DenvToday: I fell in love with Hazel Stone all over again.

Dehede03: I haven’t plumbed that one’s depth yet.

DavidWrightSr: I’m 999 pages throught the German version of ‘The Past Through Tomorrow’ only 100 or so to go

AGplusone: There’s another thing in Door Into Summer that I always loved …

AGplusone: the figure of the great failed scientist … Tesla, I really believe

AGplusone: considering that he really conducted all those experiments in Colorado

Dehede03: BRB – my lunch of bean soup has turned vicious

AGplusone: do we have any ‘great failed scientist’ figures today … the cold fisson or fusion guys, for example?

DavidWrightSr: You mean that the inventor of the time machine was supposed to be based on Tesla?

AGplusone: I always thought so, perhaps, Dave

DavidWrightSr: Interesting.

AGplusone: What great failed scientific discoveries do we have today that looked promising in 1970?

AGplusone: Are there any?

Gaeltachta: Scientists don’t seem as famous nowadays………

DenvToday: We’re still working on fusion–cold or otherwise.

AGplusone: that is true, Sean …

Dehede03: It isn’t a great one, but the channel wing airplane

DJedPar: Ginny, do you have any idea who Jenny was based on?

Gaeltachta: So if they fail…… no one knows……

Dehede03: We have the volantor 400 testing this summer after years of experimentation.

AGplusone: is the channel wing the one that is based on sunpower and flies effectively as long as there’s sun

DavidWrightSr: Well, we can now dictate and have a machine print it out.

AGplusone: shinning down on it

AGplusone: or something else, Ron?

Dehede03: No the channel wing had a C shaped wing wrapping around the bottom half of the prop

DavidWrightSr: So ‘Dictation Daisy’ is real.

AGplusone: It is … I’ve been trying IBMs ViaVoice lately

AGplusone: and the Drafting Dan is just a program now

Dehede03: But the Volantor 400, if successful will totally change transportation

SAcademy: I am afraid I don’t have any idea who Jenny was based on.

AGplusone: Nice portrait — Jenny’s character.

DJedPar: 😎

AGplusone: πŸ˜€

DavidWrightSr: Amused at Dan for never having put his invention to use for himself.

AGplusone: Yes …

DavidWrightSr: As I mentioned Thursday, the remote teller machine is now a reality.

AGplusone: It’s them trees out thar, kain’t hardly see the forest.

AGplusone: The voder … Stephen Hawking!

Dehede03: Dave you forgot to add “no how.”

DJedPar: Aren’t the current CAD drafting programs, Drafting Dan?

AGplusone: Yes, that’s what I thought I referred to …

Dehede03: In a sense but wasn’t drafting dan mechanical

AGplusone: except he didn’t anticipate the “mouse” ….

Dehede03: CAD is strictly a piece of software

Gaeltachta: Cars were mentioned …. any scientific development there?

DJedPar: Maybe he disliked rats!

AGplusone: perhaps … maybe Pixel ate all the mice that showed up

DavidWrightSr: in 1955, the paradigm of computers still hadn’t taken hold, so mechanical was the normal way to think

AGplusone: Or Pete!!!!

Gaeltachta: Both in 1970 and 2001….

DJedPar: πŸ˜‰

Dehede03: But consider that the desktop came around 1980 and in NOB he had a pretty good representation

AGplusone: Which of RAH’s cats was most like Pete, Ginny? Did he ever train one to travel

DenvToday: Yet to be invented: sausage, black olive and pepperoni pizza for under 500 calories.

AGplusone: in a bag, or drink ginger ale?

AGplusone: Or know one …. ?

AGplusone: that did

SAcademy: Pete was our Pixie–Blassingame Pixilated Arroyo

AGplusone: Every once in a while, someone says Door would be the easier one of his novels

DenvToday: Wonderful name. I wish mine was as impressive.

AGplusone: to make a movie, but I keep thinking, how would you get a cat to play Pete.

DenvToday: Computer Graphics for Pete.

DJedPar: Ask Snowy. He do it in a minute.

SAcademy: Oh, they were all impressive. We also had Taffrail Lord Plusbottom

AGplusone: Have to have a lot of takes to get “Pete’s finest hour!” …

DenvToday: lol

AGplusone: and lots of dead extras for Belle and Miles

SAcademy: Anyone remember the Pirate?

Dehede03: With the special effects we have today Pete’s finest hour might not be too tough.

DenvToday: Eliot would have been impressed by that name!

AGplusone: Some how Pete always put me in mind of a Bobcat … j/k

Dehede03: SA, I don’t remember the pirate but that tickles my memory.

AGplusone: Pirate is the one in Puppet Masters

DavidWrightSr: Jane and David. I’m going to have to leave for a while. I have two machines recording, but…

AGplusone: right

DavidWrightSr: should you see both of us drop out, could you please record and send me the log.

AGplusone: ‘kay, Dave

DavidWrightSr: Thanks. Try to get back soon.

AGplusone: The thing we don’t have … is supercats! Now if Andre Norton had ever met Robert, maybe they could

AGplusone: have bred a species … Pete, plus her genetically enhanced cats, a la Star Man’s Son …

DJedPar: Speaking of cats, does anyone else think the Heinlein crater on Mars looks like Taffy?

Dehede03: Isn’t it strange that we have superintelligent talking mules & dogs in SF but not cats.

OakMan 7111: Pride of Chanur

AGplusone: except for Norton’s ones …

Dehede03: Pride of chanur has them OM??

Dehede03: Great

DenvToday: Ron, I think it’s because most cats would consider having human intellect a comedown.

AGplusone: maybe we feel that a superintelligent cat would take over the world and do away with us?

OakMan 7111: Nope they’d keep us around to handle refrigerator doors

Dehede03: There are two Rons here. May I be Dee??

DenvToday: Of course.

AGplusone: Or have us make refrigerator doors they can open easier than they already do?

OakMan 7111: I suspect that they >like< having us open doors

AGplusone: Put a little piece of wood on the bottom of the door they can hook their claws into …

DJedPar: There’s an idea – a cat door for the fridge.

AGplusone: problem is you’d have to make the door very light so they can get out when they find the light doesn’t

Dehede03: Right and make getting under the sink easier for toddlers

AGplusone: stay on.

Dehede03: LOL

DenvToday: A cat with opposable thumbs would rule the world in short order.

Dehede03: That sounds like Little Fuzzy

AGplusone: Not sure they don’t have opposable thumbs already … I’ve watched mine open wooden doors into rooms

AGplusone: by hooking his claw underneath

AGplusone: and pulling

AGplusone: so long as the latch isn’t fully caught he can do it

SAcademy: Does Bob do that?

OakMan 7111: I wonder if the ability to figure out the environment of man is unique to cats and dogs

AGplusone: Yes, all the time

Dehede03: If we did a feast for RAH’s birthday what should be the menu.

AGplusone: I can’t keep him in a room

OakMan 7111: or if other species could do it, if we made pets of them

Gaeltachta: These cat inventions go against the master-servant relationship….

AGplusone: which makes it interesting when someone visits with a dog

Gaeltachta: Cats don’t *wan’t* these tasks….

AGplusone: because he is very territorial

OakMan 7111: I agree Sean

SAcademy: I can keep Snowy in a room by staying there myself.

DenvToday: “Women and cats will do as they please. Men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” – RAH

Gaeltachta: Yes…. that’s the quote!

Dehede03: Pretty girls and butterflys……..

AGplusone: Odd, in Summer, they experimented with cats …

AGplusone: with cold sleep.

AGplusone: Didn’t think they did a lot of that.

OakMan 7111: In Aliens, Ripley saves the cat and takes it into cold sleep with her

Gaeltachta: The cat in _Alien_ “Jonesy”….

OakMan 7111: gmta

SAcademy: They do use cats in psychology experiments!

DenvToday: Starcat Jones?

Gaeltachta: πŸ™‚

AGplusone: wonder what position PETA (yuck) takes on cats being used. I’ve heard they think them slaves and best

AGplusone: subjects for extinction.

DJedPar: The Aliens cat looked like Pixel

AGplusone: At least that’s what they say when they demand license fees and leash laws for them

OakMan 7111: Peta wants leash laws???

AGplusone: Yeah, and $300 license fees for unspayed cats.

DenvToday: Oak, PETA is in favor of anything–as long as it’s mandatory.

AGplusone: [that fortunately went no where before the LA City Council a year ago]

OakMan 7111: Amazing. there seems to be no good idea that cannot be made bad by putting it into

DenvToday: I’d be in favor of a $300 fee for unspayed PETA memebers.

OakMan 7111: the hands of a few dogmatics

Dehede03: The councilmen wanted to stay in office?

AGplusone: I think so …

AGplusone: Denv: LOL

DenvToday: Dogmatics and catmatics

Gaeltachta: Was it a cat I saw?

OakMan 7111: No these seem more like Ass-mathics

OakMan 7111: gee, it wasn’t that bad a pun…

DenvToday: lol It was quite good!

AGplusone: It’s odd, another thing about prediction … can we say anything about his ever making

AGplusone: a true ‘political’ prediction about form of government that wasn’t a mind experiment?

AGplusone: a la, Starship Troopers, or Moon Is A Harsh Mistress?

DJedPar: That’s a tough question.

AGplusone: It seems he made a lot of examples, good and bad …

DenvToday: Thank goodness Rev. Scudder hasn’t taken power–yet.

AGplusone: the abbreviated administrative process in Star Beast for example

AGplusone: as a good one.

SAcademy: We both predicted the 1964 election, and got out of the country in time.

OakMan 7111: Our President’s favorite philospher was Jesus, so we’re getting there

AGplusone: “Do unto others … ”

SAcademy: I didn’t like either one., so I didn’t vote.

AGplusone: can we think of other ‘good predictions’ made from any of the books?

AGplusone: examplars of improvements?

Dehede03: Looks like the sun screen is coming along

SAcademy: Depends on what you call improvements.

AGplusone: The Troopers’ mandated ‘responsibility’ …

DenvToday: TEFL starts with the perfect form of government–a benevolent dictatorship tempered…

DJedPar: The water bed?

DenvToday: …by the occasional assassination.

AGplusone: sorta tough on the glorious leader, of course ….

OakMan 7111: Keeps him on his toes

DenvToday: AG, it keeps politicians humble.

Dehede03: Gotta go guys, time for dinner.

OakMan 7111: bye de

AGplusone: maybe what goes on today in news reporting of private lives is ‘an occasional assassination’

SAcademy: Bye Ron

DenvToday: Bye Dee.

Dehede03: Bye folks.

Dehede03 has left the room.

SAcademy: He really slammed the door, didn’t he?

DenvToday: lol

AGplusone: the business about the two Bush girls a form of close miss to keep the benevolent dictator’s mind on

AGplusone: something besides ‘bidness’? πŸ™‚

DJedPar: πŸ˜€

AGplusone: poor kids

OakMan 7111: a couple of folks who could have embaressed Clinton ended up dead


DJedPar: Is that surprising?

DenvToday: The problem with press “assassinations” is that the scoundrels (such as Clinton) ignore it, and the..

SAcademy: Quite a few of them if you read Drudge!

DenvToday: …good ones (such as …um..uh…) won’t run because of it.

AGplusone: do you really think they ignore it, Ron … ?

AGplusone: I’d think it wears them down.

DenvToday: David, perhaps not ignore. But a Clinton simply can’t be embarrassed.

SAcademy: LOL

AGplusone: keeps them from really getting into a serious malignant dictatorship

AGplusone: maybe

DenvToday: Actually, I did think of a good politician. Barry Goldwater. To a lesser extent, Reagan.

ddavitt: I’m back and all full of lime and cilantro salmon in pitta bread.

DenvToday: Yum!

ddavitt: The Bush girls makes me laugh; they’re 19!

DJedPar: Bring me some, please.

OakMan 7111: Maybe, we’ll see if Hillary tries to continue the reign of the royal family

ddavitt: Legal age is 18 in UK so i can’t get worked up over it

AGplusone: I thought it was sixteen

ddavitt: All gone.:-(

ddavitt: No; that’s sex.

DenvToday: Oak, scoundrels always try. What’s depressing is that the mob allows them to do it.

ddavitt: Logic/ We don’t need no stinkin’ logic…

DenvToday: Bye the mob, I mean the poplulace, not Don Corleone. Although Hillary wouldn’t be above it.

ddavitt: Can be a married and/or a mother but can’t drink or vote

AGplusone: Seems to me, if a president doesn’t attact assassination attempts, Drudge type even, then

AGplusone: he’s not doing enough to bother with.

AGplusone: ‘tother side of the society becoming inbred

OakMan 7111: Or they’re more worried about the Veep

AGplusone: [there’s that too]

ddavitt: Are you all done on the topic then? Or is this just the natural drift towards politics? πŸ™‚

DenvToday: Jane, I’ve been amused by the way the American media are SHOCKED that 19-year-old college…

ddavitt: And alcohol…and food….

DenvToday: …students try to order liquor.

AGplusone: No, we’re talking about political predictions, Jane … what ones did RAH make?

ddavitt: Heh:-)

ddavitt: I was in pubs from about 17.

AGplusone: politics doesn’t play much of a role in Door Into Summer, why is dat?

SAcademy: So was I Jane.

ddavitt: made an idiot of myself, got a few hangovers, learned my lesson

OakMan 7111: As if there weren’t any in the future

AGplusone: If it’s his most predictive novel, why didn’t he predict political changes?

ddavitt: Too touchy

ddavitt: Or realised that they might be unrecognisable

AGplusone: maybe they don’t really matter enough to bother with … you suffer politics IRL

OakMan 7111: Or his editors took them out?

Gaeltachta: I think his economics lesson was…… expect the unexpected…..

ddavitt: Or just not part of Dan’ s POV; he was an inventor and quite an intovert

ddavitt: introvert

AGplusone: if they bomb Sandia, if you’re upwind, then live goes on

AGplusone: life

ddavitt: It’s his take on it, not an overview

SAcademy: Have to learn sometime.

ddavitt: Oh yes.

AGplusone: The ‘changes’ occur because of what? An international political event … a war?

ddavitt: One thing about Door that provokes some comment on afh is the atitude towards spaying cats.

OakMan 7111: What about the future of Friday – seems like that’s where we’re headed, sometimes

ddavitt: Did Mr heinlein change his views on that at al?

AGplusone: that’s true

ddavitt: It’s so necessary now, with the humane societies full and feral cats on the rise

AGplusone: one way we’ll be governed is ‘divide and conquer’ …

OakMan 7111: Microsoft versus AOL?

ddavitt: I felt a pang when we had our two done but the Humane society insist when you adopt

AGplusone: California vs. Texas will leave it open for that

AGplusone: by-n-by

DenvToday: Jane, I’m sure your cats are very happy.

ddavitt: Belle was made to seem a villain for wanting to have Pete fixed..

OakMan 7111: Presumably, CA is trying to get Alaska to ally with it, to insure sufficient energy?

DJedPar: Belle was an archvillain!

AGplusone: governments will matter less and less, because there will be a break in the connection and …

ddavitt: Wel, I don’t know but I don’t want them making kittens that end up where we rescue them from

OakMan 7111: Belle would have enjoyed watching Pete get fixed

AGplusone: confusion and government won’t matter

ddavitt: Our friend is a vet who goes there each month to put down the ones that noone chose; harrowing job

DJedPar: The bitch!

ddavitt: She had bad motives

ddavitt: But spaying/neutering isn’t evil

DenvToday: IMHO, RAH was against anything that robbed the individual of his/her nature. That would include…

DenvToday: …fixing, I think.

AGplusone: Do feral cats really do anything that matters, except keep you awake nights in your back alley?

ddavitt: Sure..but it’s needed.

OakMan 7111: And Belle was using Pete as a standin for Dan.

ddavitt: They die.

OakMan 7111: Ferals die quite sadly

ddavitt: They live hungry and unloved.

DJedPar: In farmland they freeze to death on the road.

AGplusone: well, so too do all living things

OakMan 7111: But Cats are different, david

AGplusone: including human beans

ddavitt: Well, all our cats but one have been fixed.

Gaeltachta: Feral cats here kill native animals…….

AGplusone: how do we know they die any more sadly than Bob will die, pampered and fat?

ddavitt: I think they have had longer lives, safer lives. As a ‘parent’, it’s a choice I made

AGplusone: Bob kills native animals …

AGplusone: haven’t had hummingbirds since we got him

DenvToday: Jane, I’m sure you made the right choice.

AGplusone: nesting, anyway

DJedPar: That’s true about living longer.

ddavitt: Mac brought in abird and a chipmunk today. He is on a killing spree

Gaeltachta: Yeah….. so does Rebel…… but not as many……

OakMan 7111: David, pets animals are not meant to be abandoned

AGplusone: I agree

AGplusone: but, assume they’ve been abandoned, what difference does it make that they are around

DenvToday: Oak, many are. A friend of mine runs an animal shelter in CA. People abandon their pets in the…

ddavitt: It’s nature…but so am I so if I can I rescue them.

DenvToday: …mountains when they’re tired of them.

OakMan 7111: But we cannot, litterally cannot, make pets of the number of cats that can be born each year

AGplusone: agree … and we never did …

AGplusone: been feral cats since the dawn of time

OakMan 7111: I used to go with a group to the UMASS dorms 3 days after the end of the school year

AGplusone: who do they bother except people who think their sleep is being interrupted

OakMan 7111: We usually found about a dozen cats left with a bowl of water to last them the summer

DenvToday: However, the same holds true about deer hunting. PETA types do their best to obstruct hunting, but..

ddavitt: david, that isn’t a factor; I’ve never been disturbed by them, at night

OakMan 7111: Their pai bothers me, David.

DenvToday: …thousands of deer freeze and starve to death during out winter.

OakMan 7111: pain

ddavitt: I just hate to see them half starved and scared

DenvToday: our winter, that is.

AGplusone: bothers me too, yet it’s their life …

ddavitt: Plus, in Canada we have rabies

AGplusone: get rabid squirrels here

ddavitt: Which makes them a potential danger to humans

OakMan 7111: Ron, I agree. I have some concerns about Hunters culling the best instead of the worst

ddavitt: or our pet cats

AGplusone: if they’re rabid they kill off the squirrels in the parks by poison

OakMan 7111: but other than that, the herds must be culled

SAcademy: College kids would take cats out to the country and abandon them there.

DenvToday: Oak, I agree.

ddavitt: Scum!

AGplusone: haven’t got around to spaying squirrels yet

ddavitt: You have to do what you can david.

DenvToday: David, that’s why God invented cars.

AGplusone: … at least I think they haven’t …

OakMan 7111: They’re trying to chemically spay the Beaver in western mass

AGplusone: probably be spraying them with oral contraceptives eventually

DenvToday: Oak, you might want to rephrase that. lol

AGplusone: really?

ddavitt: For me, that means not adding to the cat population if the resultant kittens will be killed

OakMan 7111: the swimming flattailed rodents population?

AGplusone: well, that’s your responsibility, Jane … but why spay them?

DenvToday: much better. rofl

ddavitt: I wouldn’t have had babies if i thought they would be born to hunger and pain.

AGplusone: why don’t you just get them the pill, or inplants

ddavitt: I don’t like to keep cats in.

ddavitt: If they go out, they will get pregnant/impregnate others

ddavitt: fact of life

DJedPar: They live a lot longer if they stay in.

AGplusone: So will your daughters

OakMan 7111: Born to Die is not something I would wish on any member of a species that had the

ddavitt: Tho here in canda, cats are kept in lots more than UK; i get barbed comments

DJedPar: Ditto.

OakMan 7111: special agreement we’ve made with dogs and cats

DenvToday: Farnham’s Freehold. Slaves were fixed.

AGplusone: where did the dog and the cat sign up for that?

ddavitt: You are anthromprhosizing

OakMan 7111: Want Kipling’s theory?

ddavitt: spelling..but you know what I mean

AGplusone: sure ….

SAcademy: Yes, please.

OakMan 7111: It was warmer and they got fed

ddavitt: cat Who walks…

ddavitt: Good story

AGplusone: Well, next time my neighbor gets hungry I can feed him and then spay him too?

DenvToday: SA, as I mentioned before, I reread The Rolling Stones this week. Did David Gerrold every…

OakMan 7111: But the Dog agreed to do whatever man wanted – the Cat couldn’t accept slavery – he wanted a partners

OakMan 7111: hip

DenvToday: ever, that is…ever give RAH credit for Tribbles?

OakMan 7111: damn AOL for their new typing limits

DenvToday: I agree Oak. grrrr

ddavitt: I thought he did and heinlein said he had the plot from a story about pigs?

OakMan 7111: I may create a front end for IM that parses out long lines into a series of acceptable ones

AGplusone: which I’m willing to give him (a partnership) … Bob wandered into my back yard one day and said, “Hi

ddavitt: That would be good

AGplusone: I’m willing to live here as long as you feed me.”

SAcademy: Yes, Jane, “Pigs is pigs” by Ellis Parker Butler.

AGplusone: In return for which, I’ll rule you every day.

SAcademy: It’s a howlingly funny story.

OakMan 7111: And you were honored?

ddavitt: That’s because you’re a man; I”M head cat in our house:-)

OakMan 7111: ROFL

AGplusone: Sure. And I’ll put up with a little spraying around the house, if I catch him, I’ll put him outside.

ddavitt: Spraying isn’t fun. It’s hard to clean up

AGplusone: I know where my wife keeps the amonia under the sink.

AGplusone: Been there, done that.

ddavitt: No!

ddavitt: Bleach is the same smell as they make; they spray more, thinking it’s a rival

ddavitt: Use something non ammonia

AGplusone: bleach is different than ammonia

ddavitt: Well, ammonia then

SAcademy: Bleach and ammonia are quite different!

ddavitt: David is lying on the floor lecturing me about chemicals now

ddavitt: While he plays with Lauren. I am chastened

AGplusone: soap works well

ddavitt: But it’s still the case about the smell

AGplusone: so …

AGplusone: I smell

ddavitt: I read it when our cats in UK were weeing all over the place.

ddavitt: Only cats we ever had who did that.

AGplusone: I submit that spraying and howling away in the night is insufficient reason to alter cats

ddavitt: It is. I agree.

ddavitt: That’s not why i do it.

SAcademy: Robert thought so.

ddavitt: But maybe that’s enough on this? Agree to differ?

AGplusone: yes, but too many use the poor dying kittens as an excuse …

OakMan 7111: David, I think you should see if you can find a vet anywhere who will tell you that cats

AGplusone: most of them have never seen a starving kitten

ddavitt: No excuse; I’ve seen them

OakMan 7111: should not be spayed

AGplusone: don’t care what the vet says

AGplusone: he makes money catering to what his clients want

DJedPar: That vet will be gard to find.

ddavitt: i move a subject change.

DJedPar: Hard

OakMan 7111: Okay, then we are talking your belief system and we need to change the subject

ddavitt: At least to sort out next topic

AGplusone: but that is a belief system encompassed in Door

DJedPar: Great idea

ddavitt: SA; do you have a topic you’d like to see us discuss?

AGplusone: Last thought: is it possibly an allegory?

SAcademy: I can’t think of one now.

DJedPar: Please?

ddavitt: If you ever do…

OakMan 7111: Okay, you’re right – there are also suggestions in some RAH that Lawyers are

ddavitt: we will give it priority

OakMan 7111: ….

ddavitt: Could be AG; Dan thought so.

ddavitt: Might be warning that Belle is not all she seems

OakMan 7111: but I think there are some good lawyers and some good reasons to encouraging birth control among our

OakMan 7111: pets

ddavitt: Funny; I had to look this up

ddavitt: He says she remembers Roosevelt being President

Gaeltachta: My cat Rebel was “altered” quite early….. but still lives up to his name….

ddavitt: And so may be older than 23ish

ddavitt: I had to check this

ddavitt: But it just fits

AGplusone: Maybe Belle is the “Big Nanny” we’ve all come to love and accept? πŸ˜‰

Gaeltachta: He follows me 500 meters up the road….. then stops…….

ddavitt: I wondered if it was a different time line

Gaeltachta: ….. a big dog lives near there…….

ddavitt: She would have been about 3

ddavitt: Sometimes hard to remember how old some of the books are; they seems so fresh

DJedPar: Timeless books, all of them.

ddavitt: But Door is 44 years old!

AGplusone: It’s 2001. Door is fresh as yesterday. Dan just came through.

AGplusone: the second time

ddavitt: Wow…and we are where he cold slept to; that’s why i suggested this topic.

ddavitt: Seemed so interesting!

DJedPar: Good topic.

ddavitt: So; who wants now and who wants dan’s version?

OakMan 7111: I want a space station. I was promised a space station by 2001

ddavitt: Nearly got one

Gaeltachta: I remember reading Door in the 70’s…… Wondering about 2001….

ddavitt: I want a holiday on the moon

ddavitt: Me too; late 1970’s

AGplusone: I want a robot to do house cleaning!

OakMan 7111: I want to retire to the moon and live to be 300

ddavitt: See you there:-)

ddavitt: Watch me fly in the Bats Cave

DJedPar: I want Friday to be my friend.

OakMan 7111: You bet – we’ll dance a waltz in Zero G

AGplusone: … just clean the house.

SAcademy: You probably wouldn’t like living to be 300. Life gets tiring.

AGplusone: So I can do ‘other things’!

ddavitt: I’ll pack my dancing shoes

Gaeltachta: I wanna make fun of “ground-hogs”……

ddavitt: So lazarus found out…

SAcademy: Ice skates! Imagine the jumps!

ddavitt: But I would like a bit longer than the current span if i could be healthy at the same time

ddavitt: Good cross post from a skating group once on afh Ginny

ddavitt: They read the Puddin story about skating

OakMan 7111: I’m just wondering if in low g, my hair will stop thinning out

ddavitt: We had a thread about skating on the moon; would the ice float away

SAcademy: Really? Jane tell me about it? Please

ddavitt: Would it hold an edge

ddavitt: I will look it up on Google for you

ddavitt: Thye were very nice people

Gaeltachta: On Mars?…….

ddavitt: What cross posters should be; they came, asked a question, chatted and left

Gaeltachta: Or the Moon?……. I can’t remember?

ddavitt: It was about 2 years ago so i can’t recall all details

ddavitt: AG?

ddavitt: Do you?

SAcademy: If you can find it Jane, I’d like to read it.

ddavitt: I will; Google is up now and goes back to 1995

SAcademy: I didn’t know.

Gaeltachta: I remember talk about skating in Red Planet….. whether that was possible or not? Different thread?

DJedPar: Get on skates in low G and you won’t worry about hair.

SAcademy: Figure skating–not speed stuff.

ddavitt: It may have been Sean; i started that one IIRC

Gaeltachta: Yeah…. about 12 months ago (I think)

ddavitt: Heinlein said in Grumbles that he had an error in RP that none spotted; turned out that at low temps,

ddavitt: ice skates don’t cut an edge

ddavitt: But he had to have the boys skating for the story

DJedPar: That’s true

ddavitt: I wanted to know what the error was; that was it we decided

ddavitt: Heinlein didn’t give details

SAcademy: No school figures?

DJedPar: It’s a very good guess.

ddavitt: It seemed reasonable

SAcademy: The ice melts as you skate over it.

DJedPar: Ginny are you still thinking about skating again?

SAcademy: Because of your weight.

SAcademy: I’d love to., but I can’t get to the rink. Dont drive anymore.

ddavitt: He says it involved a too low crystallization point of water in Grumbles

DJedPar: At 50 below F ice doesn’t melt.

ddavitt: Was making the point that Alice didn’t spot it but was moaning about science errors

SAcademy: Not even from weight on it?

DJedPar: Alice was a stupid B.

DJedPar: No, I tried it. Rough ride.

AGplusone: clueless is maybe a better description … and vicious is what I read from the letters

ddavitt: Heinlein knew it was wrong but decided it wasn’t going to get spotted; didn’t forsee us nitpickers:-)

SAcademy: Well, who said it was fifty below anywqy? It mmight be warmer.

DJedPar: πŸ˜€

ddavitt: We don’t know how cold it was on mars anyway…

ddavitt: I think he might give a figure in RP; but it’s not that important.

DJedPar: No, I meant it was 50 below once when I tried it.

ddavitt: At one point the ice melts in the day so it can’t have been that cold

SAcademy: AT what point does it stop melting as you apply weight?

DJedPar: There goes the engineer again.

OakMan 7111: I need to be going now. Take care of yourselves, and your cats

SAcademy: Why not??

DenvToday: Bye Oak.

DJedPar: Bye

DenvToday: Take care!

OakMan 7111: bye

OakMan 7111 has left the room.

AGplusone: When you tried it, Denis, what happened? Below 50?

SAcademy: Bye.

DJedPar: I nearly froze to death, forgot about skating.

AGplusone: screeching halt?

ddavitt: Ginny, if you go to Deja/google, advanced search, type in skating and altfanheinlein

ddavitt: You will get the thread

AGplusone: I can see that, but, assuming you’re thermally protected, is it possible to skate somehow?

DJedPar: The colder it gets the worse you play hockey. No grab.

SAcademy: Okay, Thanks Jane I will try it.

ddavitt: Called ‘Heinlein skating story” in may 1999

AGplusone: Double blades, the teeth used on front of figure skates?

ddavitt: About 30 posts in it.

AGplusone: Anything possible to give more control at that temp?

SAcademy: Not double, they’re hollow ground.

DJedPar: Do you skate with toothy skates in hockey?

AGplusone: Of course not

ddavitt: Eleanor learned to skate this year but I still haven’t; all Canadians seem born skaters

DJedPar: πŸ˜€

AGplusone: Just wondering if something could make it possible to do so.

ddavitt: Why can figure skaters do so much more now/ better skates? Training?

SAcademy: Denis has Canadian and U. S. citizensip.

ddavitt: Women doing triples as unheard of 20 years ago

DJedPar: Thanks Ginny. Skaters now have more support from fans.

ddavitt: Do you skate then Denis?

SAcademy: You bet. Triple jumps. They do now.

DJedPar: Yes.

AGplusone: Heated skates?

ddavitt: Ok, I have to go and put babies in bed.

DJedPar: That’s a thought. Heated socks too.

ddavitt: let me know about the topic

AGplusone: Well, yeah, that too.

SAcademy: You can’t heat skates, the metal would lose its temper.

AGplusone: Some metal that might stand up to heat?

AGplusone: Without losing temper?

DJedPar: Robert would have figured out a plan.

AGplusone: I’m planning how I skate on Mars when I get there.

AGplusone: Or maybe a moon of Jupiter

AGplusone: Is it Europa that’s got all the ice.

ddavitt has left the room.

SAcademy: And I would have told him “You can’t do that/”

DJedPar: You would! And he would have smiled.

AGplusone: Give an engineer a slide rule and an imagination to put it on and he’ll move the world

DJedPar: Or she!

AGplusone: that too … wonder if that was original

DJedPar: Ginny’s a good engineer.

AGplusone: someone had to have said it before

DJedPar: She’s never told me why there are 2 gas pedals on Roberts car.

SAcademy: Sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt the discussion.

AGplusone: There were two?

AGplusone: One on the right side as well?

DJedPar: Uhuh…

SAcademy: He used the left footed one. I used the other one.

DJedPar: I’m trying to picture that with both of you in the car.

SAcademy: Just hang it up on the special rack for that.

AGplusone: I have an imaginary brake pedal I use when I sit on the right side when my daughter drives …

SAcademy: Separately.

DJedPar: :-[

AGplusone: Well, we need a topic for next time …

SAcademy: Or have it removed.

DJedPar: Back to skating on Mars?

AGplusone: Sean?

Gaeltachta: David?

SAcademy: No to the topic.

Gaeltachta: πŸ™‚

Gaeltachta: I’m thinking……..

AGplusone: How ’bout ‘aliens’?

AGplusone: Did we ever do that?

DJedPar: That sounds good. Lots of aliens.

Gaeltachta: What about possible Heinlein films?…….. Everyone runs with this topic on AFH?

DJedPar: That’s good too – films.

AGplusone: How ’bout scripting one … but which one?

AGplusone: I’ve been listening to the old radio shows …

AGplusone: the script changes in the two I’ve found are a little interesting

SAcademy: Do you have those on tapes?

AGplusone: There’s a site that has “universe”

AGplusone: Jon linked it to our webpage

SAcademy: The whole thing? It’s half an hour, isn’t it?

AGplusone: And I have the copy of Elephants that Neil scripted

AGplusone: Yes.

AGplusone: And there are others available.

SAcademy: The old radio plays seem to be in the public domain now.

AGplusone: use the link at the far bottom in the heinleinsociety.org

AGplusone: page to find the Universe show. NBC show

Gaeltachta: Are the interesting changes due to the different medium?

AGplusone: They must be …

DJedPar: Thanks.

AGplusone: I’d think so.

AGplusone: And some due to continuity I think

Gaeltachta: Yes…… So, what further changes could we expect in filmed versions?….

SAcademy: They use a narrator for that. don’t they? I don’t remember.

AGplusone: In Elephants, they used another character Neil invented

AGplusone: A sort of fair barker that tags along with the man

AGplusone: blithering in his ear

SAcademy: There were three or four of those radio shows. Xerox put them in the public domain.

AGplusone: In Universe they have a narrator, but they use a truncation of the events

AGplusone: to get Hugh exiled

AGplusone: the old historian is changed a bit into a plot device

Gaeltachta: I’ll have a look at the Universe link….. What about “Common Sense”?

AGplusone: Haven’t heard it yet …

AGplusone: Green Hills is another

Gaeltachta: Does it exist I mean?

AGplusone: I may have to order it

AGplusone: Dunno

AGplusone: but there are several that were done

SAcademy: Yes, with Burl Ives

AGplusone: as Ginny said

AGplusone: They are listed, some of them, via the link Jon put up at the bottom of our links pg

DJedPar: What?

AGplusone: others can be ordered

AGplusone: or downloaded for $

Gaeltachta: I borrowed an audio tape from my local library……..

AGplusone: hold on and I’ll dig up a e mail that lists them

Gaeltachta: Leonard Nimoy narrating Green Hills of Earth…. and Gentlemen, Be Seated

SAcademy: That was recorded on a record. I don’t think they had it for anything else.

SAcademy: It’s like trying to hold a handful of sand!!!

DJedPar: Nimoy did a good job there.

Gaeltachta: I enjoyed it……

AGplusone: http://www.old-time.com/sponsors/radiomemories/regular/index.html

SAcademy: It tells me “page cannot be displayed.”

AGplusone: “The Green Hills of Earth,” “Destination Moon,” “The Roads Must Roll,” “Universe,” and “Requiem.”

AGplusone: You have to type the entire two lines in …

SAcademy: I used it as a link.

DJedPar: A friend of mine got a 10 tape version of Mistress but she couldn’t tell me where it came from.

AGplusone: Hmm

SAcademy: Blackstone Audio does it.

DenvToday: Whoever recorded it must have been a fast speaker.

AGplusone: The same site lined from our site has versions of Stranger, Troopers, and Friday available

AGplusone: Friday, IIRC runs seventeen hours

DJedPar: Wow!

SAcademy: Even TEFL is available on tapes.

AGplusone: And Stranger is in two parts …

SAcademy: I just got a copy of it.

AGplusone: at about double that size. That’s right, TEFL is on that site too

AGplusone: They can all be downloaded

DJedPar: Is Starbeast on tape?

AGplusone: and played on computer

SAcademy: Stranger, too.

SAcademy: No, Denis

DJedPar: πŸ™

AGplusone: We may have a copy of Red Planet available too, shortly.

DenvToday: I’ve heard the Double Star audio tape. I wasn’t crazy about the actor.

SAcademy: Who knows? It might be in the future.

AGplusone: Ginny gave a teacher’s organization permission to record it for a project they’re doing with

AGplusone: ‘special education’ students.

SAcademy: I did? I didn’;t know that. I suspect it’s piracy

AGplusone: Yes, Double Star was also listed ….

SAcademy: And I didn’t do that either. I know I didn’t.

AGplusone: Sure, remember that letter from the ‘reading from the future’ group, you referred them to

AGplusone: Eleanor, and she said okay.

SAcademy: Eleanor?

AGplusone: They’re going to be demonstrating their research results at Phil Con

AGplusone: Woods?

SAcademy: Wood.

AGplusone: Wood

AGplusone: reading for the future is the name of the group

AGplusone: It’s the group Brin, Baer, and Binford sponsor

SAcademy: Okay. I have to back her up.

AGplusone: They are restricting access to the recording completely, Ginny

AGplusone: Just their project

DJedPar: Eleanor in deep doodoo?

SAcademy: No. If I told her okay, it’s okay, But I don’t remember it.

SAcademy: Guess I’;m slipping.

AGplusone: I have a couple e mail referring to it.

AGplusone: I’ll send them along …

SAcademy: Thank you David.

DJedPar: Topic?

AGplusone: They’re very grateful, by the way, for the permission. It’s a good project

AGplusone: Kids who basically cannot read

SAcademy: Okay. I just didn’t remember it.

SAcademy: No recording allowed, I assume?

AGplusone: Yes, none whatsoever!

DJedPar: Robert predicted the decline in reading.

SAcademy: That’s all right unless someone sneaks one in.

AGplusone: He did, didn’t he?

DJedPar: and Literacy

AGplusone: They’ve suggested that you control how copies of that CD, if any, are distributed to any other teacher

AGplusone: who may wish to duplicate their successes with the project.

AGplusone: So you and Art may wish to review some stuff I send you.

AGplusone: Back to topic?

SAcademy: I believe we had better do that!

AGplusone: Oh, yes.!!!

DJedPar: Good!

AGplusone: [I’m watching them, Ginny.] πŸ˜‰

DJedPar: Where are we?

SAcademy: Aliens

AGplusone: I think we could try that … maybe with the cross-over into how you would make a movie including them

DJedPar: Good alien stuff in M’s Children

AGplusone: and which ones …

AGplusone: and why ???

DenvToday: Some of the most interesting aliens are in Starman Jones. The symbiosis of the centaurs and the…

DenvToday: …flying jellyfish.

DJedPar: Yes! Yes!

AGplusone: Better than just “bugs” running all over to make targets ….

AGplusone: for idiots who don’t know anything about tactics to shoot.

Gaeltachta: Gotta take my son to the train station….. It’s been a pleasure…..

DenvToday: Bye Gael.

DJedPar: Bye

AGplusone: bye, Sean

Gaeltachta has left the room.

AGplusone: Which novels or stories would we ask them to start reading to prepare to discuss it?

AGplusone: After Time For the Stars of course?

AGplusone: And Farmer in the Sky?

DJedPar: Double Star?

AGplusone: Denis, btw, I need your e mail address …

SAcademy: Same old Martians,

AGplusone: if you would, of course.

AGplusone: thank you sir

DJedPar: Done.

AGplusone: We’ll edit that out if you wish, from the log.

DJedPar: When it works. No it’s intentional.

AGplusone: Now if we could just get Cunningham …

SAcademy: Denis has some problems with AOL in Pigeon Mi

AGplusone: and if someone would tell me who Fred Moulton is …

SAcademy: I will try to do that.

DJedPar: Pigeon is Boonie Country.

SAcademy: He was an astrtonomer.

AGplusone: I finally found out what the toolies are

SAcademy: Astronomer.

AGplusone: Denis and Fred were the first two Heinlein Society dues checks we got

DJedPar: Astrotonomer is a good word.

SAcademy: If I could type it.

AGplusone: It’s a grass that grows in the swamps in the center of the California valley … hard to find now

AGplusone: except way up north.

DJedPar: It’s something they do in Hollywood.

AGplusone: That too … right around the corner from me

SAcademy: They found that grass?

AGplusone: That grass … yes, not the canabis

DJedPar: What grass?

SAcademy: Okay, Who planted the cannabis?

AGplusone: Huell Howser has a PBS program that shows in California. “California’s Gold” he calls it.

AGplusone: Travels all over the state. Went up to some swamps in a program last month and showed us all

AGplusone: what toolie grass looks like.

SAcademy: I hear that Wyoming is full of it.

AGplusone: in the “toolie swamps”

DJedPar: If you wear patchouli you will test positive for THC (cannabis)

AGplusone: That’s interesting to know …

SAcademy: You’re not going to do it?

DJedPar: Especially if you’re going for a new job.

AGplusone: Haven’t smelled patchouli in years.

AGplusone: Nice smell, btw.

DJedPar: I’m allergic to it.

SAcademy: Really? allergic?

AGplusone: Did you live/do you live out here, Denis?

AGplusone: I live in the former people’s republic of Santa Monica

DJedPar: Never been to California. Lived most everywhere else in NA though.

AGplusone: It’s a nice place to visit

AGplusone: but you have to remember to wear your aluminum pie plate over your head

DJedPar: They won’t let me out of the boonies,

DJedPar: AKA Michigan’s Thumb.

AGplusone: Ah, the Upper Pen …

AGplusone: I have relatives named Hanson living up there

DJedPar: Not the top, the Thumb.

AGplusone: and in Sou Ste Marie? (sp?)

DJedPar: Closer to Detroit and Windsor.

AGplusone: how do you spell that

AGplusone: Okay

DJedPar: Sault… means junp in french.

SAcademy: Sault Ste. Marie

DJedPar: Jump

AGplusone: Yes. I can’t spell it because I know how to say it.

AGplusone: Grandmother was born there.

DJedPar: They say soo here but it’s pronounced like so.

SAcademy: Denis speaks beautiful Canadian French.

AGplusone: that’s how she pronounced it

AGplusone: but all her kids said sue …

DJedPar: Thank you Ginny.

SAcademy: Welcome

DJedPar: Your grandmother was right.

AGplusone: Well, we’re at that time to say good-bye. Nice having you.

AGplusone: Do you know how to find the message board, Denis?

AGplusone: On AFH?

DJedPar: Thanks for the fun. And I’ll try to find it promptly next time.

SAcademy: Yes, I gave him a link.

AGplusone: type keyword “newsgroups” and look up alt.fan.heinlein if you lose it

DJedPar: Thank you. Merci.

maikoshT: Night everyone. Sorry I missed the discussion. Looking forward to reading the log. Anything need …

maikoshT: to be edited out

DenvToday: I must be going. Thanks to you all for a great discussion.

AGplusone: I’ll try to post a leadoff post in a day or two… da nada, as the Hispanic canadiens say

SAcademy: Nite, all.

DenvToday: Good night everybody!

AGplusone: Night, Ron

DenvToday: Night πŸ™‚

DJedPar: Bye.

SAcademy has left the room.

DenvToday has left the room.

AGplusone: Ginny’s nice to attend these things, isn’t she?

AGplusone: DavidWrightSr and MaikoshT are one and the same

maikoshT: It’s fantastic. I love it when she drops those little items about Robert

AGplusone: I do too

AGplusone: I guess the consensus was that Jenny was Ginny, eh?

maikoshT: I had both going as my DW machine is flaky and goes ballistic. In fact, my screen there is all white

DJedPar: It’s very important to her. And us.

AGplusone: It is denis

AGplusone: And fun!

maikoshT: Anyhow, I have complete copies of the log. Anything I should get rid of?

AGplusone: Nothing that I saw

maikoshT: Ok. I’ll have it posted by late this evening, I hope.

DJedPar: No. Sawright.

AGplusone: a little disorganized but that was my fault …

AGplusone: we’ll have a good topic next time I think

AGplusone: Good night, David, from New York …

maikoshT: Good night Chet from Washington

AGplusone: And Good Night for NBC

maikoshT: BTW. that reminds me I found a URL for Kukla Fran and Ollie

AGplusone: Didja, where?

maikoshT: I’ll have to e-mail it as this dumb AIM won’t let me post long URLs

AGplusone: Yes, ‘improvements’ in a pig’s eye!

maikoshT: Just do a search on the three names and you’ll probably find it.

[Editor’s Note: The Unofficial KFO Page]

AGplusone: ‘kay, I’ll see you. Enjoy read of the evening.

AGplusone: rest

maikoshT: will do.

AGplusone has left the room.

maikoshT: Log officially closed at 8:01 P.M. EDT
Final End Of Discussion Log

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