Heinlein Reader’s Discussion Group Saturday 06-08-2002 5:00 P.M. EDT I Will Fear No Evil

Heinlein Reader’s Discussion Group

Saturday 06-08-2002 5:00 P.M. EDT

I Will Fear No Evil

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Here Begins The Discussion Log

You have just entered room “Heinlein Readers Group chat.”

AGplusone has entered the room.

ddavitt has entered the room.

ddavitt: Hi lads

AGplusone: ‘lo, Jane, David. “Lads”?

DavidWrightSr: Hi Jane, David

DavidWrightSr: Of course ‘wee lads’

ddavitt: Thought it would make you feel young πŸ™‚

AGplusone: ach, *those* lads.

ddavitt: ‘lads’ has conotaion of wild at heart;bit of a lad

ddavitt: connotation even

ddavitt: So, AG; _was_ there a meet last Sunday?

AGplusone: Noooo.

ddavitt: So next one is…?

AGplusone: But there will be one a week from Tomorrow

ddavitt: OK

AGplusone: At which time . . .

ddavitt: I’ll be off to the Uk in 5 and a bit weeks

ddavitt: for 3 weeks

ddavitt: Doubt I’ll be able to make any chats or meetings

ddavitt: But I’ll try and drop in on afh

ddavitt: Parents have to pay for being online so can’t abuse that

EBATNM has entered the room.

ddavitt: Hi Andy

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EBATNM: Too Late to invite me, I’m already here

Lucylou98: Hello ..

LearethGFS has entered the room.

KultsiKN: Hello, all!

DavidWrightSr: Welcome all

djindalian: hi everybody

Lucylou98: It’s been a very long time since I’ve been here.

EBATNM: Hello all

joelrmpls has entered the room.

Lucylou98: Good to see everyone

ddavitt: Hi all new people who suddenly appeared!

LearethGFS: (It’s been a long time… don’t mind my lurking.)

DavidWrightSr: I did a mass invite, but some beat me to it. πŸ™‚

joelrmpls: I won’t be here long, alas; some computer trouble, and I’m going to have to reboot in a sec.

AGplusone: Hi, Andy, Kultsi, David, Luce …

Lucylou98: I’ve been meaning to swing by for a meeting.

EBATNM: You can’t give me a “mass invite” – I go only on Sunday

ddavitt: Glad you did

Lucylou98: Hello David

AGplusone: well, come back after you reboot, Joel

AGplusone: novel out yet?

KultsiKN: Just wait a few wee minutes, Ebat….

joelrmpls: I’ll try, but things are . . . interesting.

ddavitt: I think I know everyone but Leareth?

Lucylou98: What is the exact RAH topic for the afternoon?

KultsiKN: It’s 23:57 over here.

ddavitt: I Will Fear No Evil

joelrmpls: I’m having to use Windows for a contract project, and I hate Windows.

AGplusone: I Will Fear No Eviiiiil


ddavitt: On Thurs we looked at Eunice, similarity or not to maureen

ddavitt: Was she a slut or not..


ddavitt: And then i left and it all went downhill:-):-)

Lucylou98: Did you think Maureen was a slut, dd?

ddavitt: ? wrt?

AGplusone: *snork*

ddavitt: Yep

joelrmpls: And, yeah, the Feist collaboration just came out in the UK. And doing well. See http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0002247208

Lucylou98: hehe, me too

EBATNM: Was she a slut or merely “advanced in her views”?

ddavitt: Deceitful and practically a nymphomaniac

ddavitt: Plus very maniplative and totally pandering to men all the time.

ddavitt: Never honest..

ddavitt: But that’s just mt two cents:-)

EBATNM: Sorry I missed it (had to go to Albuquerque to pick-up a cello)

Lucylou98: At first she wasn’t advanced in her views at all…..sort of childish IMO.

ddavitt: She came over as a bimbo

AGplusone: What’s Lamut … French for the Dog?

Lucylou98: well, OK she was a bimbo . I agree, dd.

ddavitt: I’m over in the Uk soon, Joel I’ll look out for it

ddavitt: Call me jane:-)

Lucylou98: Sure thing, Jane.

ddavitt: I was looking at the idea that we only see the real her very briefly

ddavitt: when we ‘hear’ her thoughts as she drives home with jake

ddavitt: and later in the flat with Joe

KultsiKN: Joel, it looks good — and one that might be available over here as well!

ddavitt: Apart from that she’s always putting on a show…even when inside johann’s head

AGplusone: Are those thoughts particularly ‘sluttish’ …

ddavitt: Hmm

Lucylou98: Refresh my memory, please, and tell what her thoughts were.

ddavitt: ‘By their actions shall you know them”

ddavitt: Hang on, let me find the page

Lucylou98: K

ddavitt: calls jake’old goat’

ddavitt: then retracts

ddavitt: thinks about if he’s too old for sex

ddavitt: decides no; they hike ’em up with hormones

ddavitt: wants to show him how feminine she is..yes, pretty one track line of thoughts

Lucylou98: Everything was about sex for her. Got to be monotonous and frustrating to me.

ddavitt: Goes from smooching jake in car to sex with husband 10 mins later

ddavitt: I agree lucy

AGplusone: Why did she wind up smooching Jake?

ddavitt: Endless bed hopping and cover ups of it

ddavitt: God knows

ddavitt: He was there?

Lucylou98: She felt it was all she had to offer of value, maybe?

AGplusone: Car under fire had nothing to do with it. Almost dead.

ddavitt: Car gets shot at, lights go out, she pounces

ddavitt: Tells Joe later it made her horny

AGplusone: Been quite a hit to make the lights go out, wouldn’t you say?

ddavitt: Kind of like Dora

ddavitt: Jake might have planned it…

AGplusone: Yeah, right. Shoot machine gun bullets at my car any old time at all.

EBATNM: During the blitz some females would get rather randy.

Lucylou98: I have a theory about that type of behavior but probably shouldn’t say anything here.

ddavitt: But I think he would not have come onto her..

ddavitt: Go for it!

AGplusone: I’ll do anything to entice a woman …

ddavitt: Heh

Lucylou98: Would be making assumptions based on nothing

ddavitt: We won’t sue

EBATNM: Bombing England to get someone into the sack seems a bit … excessive

ddavitt: It would be, yes:-)

Lucylou98: I have thought RAH himself was a little confused about women.

AGplusone: People quite frightened of death normally feel either (1) entirely washed out, or (2) very excited afterwards.

Lucylou98: Wrote female characters like Maureen out of a lack of ….understanding.but then again,

ddavitt: How do you think that relates to this character in particular?

AGplusone: Eunice tended to be alive rather than dead.

AGplusone: active rather than passive

Lucylou98: Maybe it was wishful thinking….

ddavitt: We forget that it was pretty tragic; she died at 28…that’s sad

ddavitt: johann, not so sad

AGplusone: took chances

ddavitt: He’d had a good run and a fun extra year or so

ddavitt: Heroic; trying to get to the hospital faster to donate blood

ddavitt: That was admirable..but stupid too

ddavitt: Hospital said, pity she didn’t know we can always stretch it 10 mins if we know a donor is on the way

ddavitt: She was either not told stuff or ignored it

KultsiKN: Aren’t we all stupid sometimes?

ddavitt: Lucy, i think it’s hard to judge; I’m not like eunice or Mo but doesn’t mean they don’t exist I guess

Lucylou98: Kultsi, never!

Lucylou98: joking

AGplusone: sounds like what a Hospital would say …

AGplusone: emergency then wait

KultsiKN: πŸ˜› ~~~~

Lucylou98: Jane, as I said, my assumptions were based on nada. Just my own value jugement stuff.

ddavitt: I always end up feeling vaguely prudish and emotionally immature after reading these books because I’m both faithful and jealous

Lucylou98: thank goodnnees someone else feels that way.

ddavitt: No, I feel very strongly against the idea that sex is both so important you have to do it every chance you get AND it’s so trivial, it isn’t something to share just with someone you love very much

EBATNM: Not all RAH characters are intended to be emulated – some are for fictional purposes.

KultsiKN: I was that way, too — until I got me face rubbed in the stuff..

Lucylou98: Made me feel I should run right out and sleep with my neighbors or something.

ddavitt: But how do you decide? At 14 Eunice seemed fun..at 38, i call her a slut

ddavitt: Yes…she was too much.

EBATNM: In SIASL men are impotent unless “minds join”

Lucylou98: 38 is old enough to know better

ddavitt: I wish it was!

ddavitt: I’m sure I still have big mistakes in my future..

Lucylou98: me too, Jane, me too

Lucylou98: minoring in Mathematics was probably one of those mistakes.

DavidWrightSr: I don’t want to offend anyone, but could it be the difference between a hormoned up teen-ager and being a parent?

ddavitt: If you say so:-)

ddavitt: That was to lucy

EBATNM: usually there is a 1 to 1 connection between the former and the latter!

ddavitt: Being a prent definitely makes a huge diff

ddavitt: parent

AGplusone: Would you say that the entire society protrayed in IWFNE is exibitionist, or is Eunice an exception?

ddavitt: As someone said on Thursday; incest in the books between father/fdaughter looks a whole heap different when you have a daughter

ddavitt: It was generally freer I think

Lucylou98: looks pretty gross to me either way

ddavitt: But we see Joe’s set; artists, trad Bohemian?

AGplusone: Would you compare that society favorably or unfavorably with the ‘safe harbor’ the four in Number hide out in …

ddavitt: Then and again, the judge and lawyers are that way too

AGplusone: Winnie the nurse doesn’t seem to inhibited

AGplusone: too

ddavitt: Much worse…abandoned areas sound bad

ddavitt: Law and order is breaking down

ddavitt: The planet is dying

AGplusone: [of course, everyone knows nurses are ‘hot’)

EBATNM: can we agree that the society is degenerate?

ddavitt: Moon won’t relax its literacy requirement for colonists…..good sign

AGplusone: doesn’t the night out they have remind you a little of the last evening with Dr. Jefferson in Between Planets?

EBATNM: and thus the behaviour in the book is in response to the situation they find themselves in?

ddavitt: I agree Andy, yes

ddavitt: That too was described as degenerate wasn;t it?

AGplusone: mayhaps

ddavitt: But bit less R rated

ddavitt: Oh, one bit that really bugs me about that night out

KultsiKN: [still remember this young nurse on my bedside at 4 a.m. — I was 16]

ddavitt: Floor show is a couple having sex on stage

AGplusone: Well, Don’s a young man and the Doctor’s a friend of his parents.

ddavitt: Joan applauds, Winnie joins in hesitantly until her date claps then she claps hard

ddavitt: Why does she have to wait for roberto to clap before she can? Sheesh

ddavitt: The men in that book are like spoiled kids

AGplusone: spoiled rich kids

ddavitt: get kid glove treatment

KultsiKN: Spoiled kids… Do we come in any other size?

Lucylou98: was about to say the women were major care taker types.

AGplusone: the rich *are* treated differently

ddavitt: fooled and lied to, then given a lollipo in the form of flattery and sex.

ddavitt: Well…Joe isn’t rich, nor are the guards

AGplusone: isn’t that what women do as a matter of course?

ddavitt: i bloody don’t!

Lucylou98: no

ddavitt: Never have, never will

EBATNM: if the women in the society have no sense of self-worth then they will act like they are worthless

ddavitt: brb

Lucylou98: only take care of my son.by teaching him self reliance.

AGplusone: Aren’t all the women collecting welfare in this world? some from the government, some from, er, clients?

Lucylou98: David, you must be trying to get a reaction:-)

ddavitt: sorry’ phone call

ddavitt: Say what?

AGplusone: Well, name one that isn’t.

Lucylou98: Me

ddavitt: Book world or our world?

AGplusone: book world

AGplusone: this world

Lucylou98: oh, book world may be different

ddavitt: Winnie, Gigi…

AGplusone: Gigi’s a hooker

AGplusone: Winnie’s a maid

ddavitt: was…now married to joe

AGplusone: to a rich man/woman

ddavitt: So? Valid job, not welfare

ddavitt: trained nurse too

Lucylou98: what’s wrong with being a maid…?

AGplusone: Except for the rich/man woman, Gigi’s still a hooker

ddavitt: she doesn’t have sex for money when she’s with Joe

ddavitt: Did with her previous ‘boyfriend’

AGplusone: most don’t with their pimps

ddavitt: Now she’s married

ddavitt: I don’t recall any mention of her doing that once Eunice dies and she marries Joe

AGplusone: no, she was hooking for herself and Joe before Yo-an shows up and says to Gigi: let’s trick Joe into taking my money

ddavitt: She used to turn tricks to get money for Big sam or whatever his name was

ddavitt: quote?

Lucylou98: Big Sam sounds like the welfare receipent

AGplusone: After Joe told Jake to kark in hat, and refused the little nest egg Eunice had left, Gigi went back to hooking to keep ends together … and didn’t do so well, see the dinner Yo-an puts together.

ddavitt: Joe was paying her Guild rates to pose

ddavitt: Nothing in the book that i can see to support that

Lucylou98: I’d call hooking ‘concrete money’ instead of welfare.

ddavitt: Joe’s mother is on welfare

ddavitt: He comes from a family that is shown to be lazy, and low class

ddavitt: Then we find he may have been adopted..

ddavitt: heredity counts in Heinlein

Lucylou98: true Jane

ddavitt: What about the little cynical bits H slips in?

ddavitt: Like the way they plan to make Joe famous artists?

ddavitt: As if fame can be bought…hehheh

ddavitt: And the way the schools are split and only some kids get taught to read/write..scary

ddavitt: did you all fall asleep?


ddavitt: WAKE UP!!! πŸ™‚


ddavitt: OK.

Lucylou98: doing linnear homeowrk too.

EBATNM: the “real world” was scary when the book was written

ddavitt: I was too little to remember it much..remember lots of strkes

ddavitt: Power cuts, had to use candles..

EBATNM: practically everything in the book could be taken from newspapers (and I guess I just showed my age here)

ddavitt: I was born in 64

ddavitt: so by the time this book came out I was only 6

ddavitt: I have a six year old daughter; she’s blissfully oblivious to pretty much everything

EBATNM: as well she should be

ddavitt: I plan to keep her that way, then ease her in gently

ddavitt: I’ve started to hint about those kids in africa who don’t have food so finish your tea NOW!:-)

ddavitt: She has so much…trying to make her see that is hard

Lucylou98: I know what you mean.

ddavitt: I want her to have more than I did…but sometimes think we overdo it..yet compared to her freinds she’s not spoiled

BPRAL22169 has entered the room.

ddavitt: Hi Bill

BPRAL22169: Yo.

ddavitt: Just talking about you

ddavitt: I do read the logs you know:-)

BPRAL22169: So that’s why my keyboard is burning!

Lucylou98: Hello Bill.

BPRAL22169: Heheh!

ddavitt: Just getting back at you for Thursday, only teasing

BPRAL22169: Hi — I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you in one of these AIM meetings.

BPRAL22169: It’s because you’re English — and irresistable target in any company!

BPRAL22169: I was a bit more *radical* than usual, though, wasn’t I?

ddavitt: You got the iresistable bit right…

ddavitt: πŸ™‚

ddavitt: I went and you all went off topic..but it stayed a good chat

Lucylou98: You haven’t seen me in an AIM meeting?

BPRAL22169: See — irresistable target and immovable force, all in one.

ddavitt: I’ve seen Lucy here in the past..must have, you’re on my buddy list

BPRAL22169: Right, Lucylou — not since the AOL days

BPRAL22169: Must have been one of those occasions when I was out of town.

Lucylou98: I’ve been here but it has been a while back.

LearethGFS has left the room.

ddavitt: We’re looking at the society of IWFNE and wondering how much of the 1970’s infected it

BPRAL22169: I would say it’s pure late 60’s.

ddavitt: Wonder why, in 1970, H thought the decor in the 1980’s would be baroque?

AGplusone: Late sixties among the young, college idealists …

LV Poker Player has entered the room.

ddavitt: Hi LV

EBATNM: degenerate society – degenerate art

LV Poker Player has left the room.

ddavitt: Is baroque degenrate?

BPRAL22169: I’m not sure he did — it’s just one of the possibilities; he happened to guess wrong on that one. the point was, it would be something different.

ddavitt: brb

KultsiKN has left the room.

BPRAL22169: I could have predicted that Deco was overdue for a revival in 1970

KultsiKN has entered the room.

AGplusone: It was a swing from Edwardian excess

BPRAL22169: I can see why he chose baroque, though — the contrast of wealth and poverty was particularly pronounced in the 18th century.

EBATNM: I’m from the “less is more” school of art – baroque has waaaayyyyy toooo muuuuchhhhhh foo-foo

BPRAL22169: And this novel deals with just that contrast.

BPRAL22169: Baroque visual arts, yes — but in sculture there was Houdin and in music, J.S. Bach.

ddavitt: his name…!

BPRAL22169: that makes even more sense to select Baroque as the decor style. I hadn’t twigged to that until you said it.

ddavitt: well, but he was named way before that?

BPRAL22169: I don’t understand.

ddavitt: but Heinlein, names, has to mean something

ddavitt: His name was from what, 1900?

EBATNM: you mean Jake?

EBATNM: or Edward?

BPRAL22169: “sometimes a name is just a name.” However, this one does seem significantin someway.

ddavitt: Johann Sebastian bach Smith is lead

ddavitt: When did baroque originate?


ddavitt: besides resurgence in 80’s in the book?

AGplusone: Salomon = Salome/Solomon

BPRAL22169: depends on what you mean by Originate. It’s roughy the end of the 17th to the middle of the 18th century.

BPRAL22169: Musicians have a saying: 1685 to 1750; all else is trivia.

ddavitt: sorry, got to go help with supper…I’ll be back asap

AGplusone: Baroque musicians

BPRAL22169: Remind me — did RAH ever discuss JSBS’s name?

Lucylou98: later Jane

djindalian: aren’t musicians usually broke?

BPRAL22169: I don’t recall any remark.

EBATNM: *sniff* bye Jane

djindalian: sorry …

AGplusone: she’ll be back …

EBATNM: Bill, in the book or outside of the book?

BPRAL22169: JSB was a civil servant — most of his creative life was as Cantor in Leipzig, a civil service job.

BPRAL22169: In the book.

SAcademy has entered the room.

AGplusone: Hi, G

BPRAL22169: Hi, Ginny. Missed you earlier.

DavidWrightSr: Hi Ginny

SAcademy: Sorry to be so late.

KultsiKN: Hello, Ginny!

EBATNM: greetings

SAcademy: Good evening all.

SAcademy: I had company, and couldn’t come until they left.

AGplusone: Outside the book, did RAH ever discuss how he felt about Johann Sebastian Bach, the composer, Ginny?

BPRAL22169: it’s an unusual enough name that some remark would have been called for in the book — unless it’s misdirection.

EBATNM: could be just furniture to make the wheels go ’round

EBATNM: mixing metaphors

SAcademy: I don’t think he did. He came down ill just after he finished the book.

BPRAL22169: He doesn’t strike me as a Bach kinda guy.

AGplusone: Pronounciation of Johann gives you a “Yo” in Spanish, for “I”

SAcademy: But I wanted to tell you all something–don’t blame the author for cover art! The editor arranges that and half the time we didn’t even see the pictures.

BPRAL22169: St. Sebastian was the pincushion, wasn’t he? Or was he the griddle saint?

AGplusone: Think Sebastian got pincushioned

LV Poker Player has entered the room.

BPRAL22169: Bach means brook in German, but it might be a pronounced pun and “back” was intended.

EBATNM: St. Lawrence was the griddle saint you Protestant heretic

SAcademy: I think that is right, Bill.

AGplusone: Yo – an’

BPRAL22169: *That’s me*

BPRAL22169: Anthony must be the pincushion.

AGplusone: low brow Baptist

EBATNM: No Sebastian

AGplusone: Sebastian got pin-cushioned, Bill. You are right there.

BPRAL22169: Ok — Anthony must be the pillar martyr.

LV Poker Player: hi all, what are the chat hours?

AGplusone: 3 to 6 in Las Vegas

KultsiKN: 0 to 3 in Finland πŸ˜‰

AGplusone: Bach was long-lived, his output was prodigious, he was the end essentially, or epitome of an era in music

BPRAL22169: Not particularly long-lived — 1685 to 1750 so 65 years. And he died blind.

LV Poker Player: 65 was above average back then

KultsiKN: Way back then it was long-lived.

AGplusone: Appropriate for the richest capitalistic in a toxic anarchy brought about by capitalizism run amok … 65 was a long time compared to Wolfie and Ludvig

EBATNM: Wrote one of his greatest works – The Art of the Fugue – while on his deathbed. He didn’t finish it and never actually heard it

BPRAL22169: There is some doubt it was ever intended to be performed. There is no instrumentation marked in the ms.

LV Poker Player: infant mortality was high so just looking at average lifespan was misleading, but once someone was out of childhood what was life expectancy? I think it still would have been less than 65

BPRAL22169: JSB had 20 kids, 10 of whom died in childhood.-

AGplusone: And how many children did he . . . thank you

BPRAL22169: 2 wives.

AGplusone: and that

DavidWrightSr: Hmmm, no blood tests back then O:-)

AGplusone: riders are up …

ddavitt: Hi Ginny, just popped back. David is doing corn on the BBQ

AGplusone: in about five minutes we should break for about three minutes I think . . .

ddavitt: This is a busy time of day:-)

ddavitt: Sure.

ddavitt: Break and I can go eat; starving, haven’t had much today

EBATNM: I can’t think of anything to do with the name unless there is something with the internal structure. I’ve never done a schematic on IWFNE

ddavitt: It was a name he hated

BPRAL22169: Neither have I

ddavitt: Could have been key to character..got teased as a kid

AGplusone: Some horsies are going to run very fast for about 2 minutes or so in about five minutes.

ddavitt: Yet he wanted to call baby jake Eunice?

ddavitt: Hell of a name for a boy

ddavitt: No football involved? doesn’t count

EBATNM: the rapidity of horses interests me not at all

KultsiKN: Soccer, Jane, soccer!

AGplusone: And the favorite bites, a lot.

ddavitt: some run faster than others..was that mannie?

ddavitt: Football in England..

KultsiKN: Prof

ddavitt: Cos the ‘other sort’ doesn’t exist over there:-)

KultsiKN: Here as well, Jane

LV Poker Player: I think one of the Notebooks has a saying about the importance of which horse runs faster

AGplusone: poor them … actually it does, Jane. There’s a team in Scotland.

ddavitt: that’s it, LV, thanks

ddavitt: If you say football in UK, everyone knows you mean soccer, so there

ddavitt: American football is rugby for wusses

ddavitt: g,d,rlh

KultsiKN: πŸ˜€

ddavitt: but enough of this cultural stereotyping…

AGplusone: Do you know how you get a rugby player, Jane?

SAcademy: Anyone know who won the Belmont Stakes?

ddavitt: Do tell

AGplusone: Remove the brains of an American Football player.

ddavitt: You wish!

ddavitt: But rugby is a silly game.

AGplusone: And he’ll remove the pads himself.

ddavitt: Soccer is more elegant

AGplusone: boring

ddavitt: philistine

AGplusone: Horses are loading in the gate now, Ginny.

KultsiKN: 22 guys after one innocent ball!

SAcademy: Thanks.

ddavitt: Yes..did you see that brazilian play actor?

ddavitt: He was so naughty…

SAcademy: I don’t have a radio here, can someone tell me who won?

AGplusone: I will … soon as they start. We’re getting the pre-start commercial now.

AGplusone: brb …

ddavitt: food is in from the garden; got to go. back soon

EBATNM: We may have (yet another) forest fire going on – helicopters are flying around with buckets & that is not a good sign

KultsiKN: gotta replenish my vodka…

SAcademy: Stolichnaya?

KultsiKN: Nope, Finnish Koskenkorva.

EBATNM: Vodka is Russian for “Holy Cow do I feel like *&%@!

KultsiKN: Stolichnaya IS good, though.

SAcademy: Sone of the others are not good!

EBATNM: Whenever I have to toast I always say “Stolichnaya” and no one yet has caught the joke

KultsiKN: Agree, Ginny, agree.

BPRAL22169: Sorry, I’ve never seen the point of vodka.

EBATNM: especially after it has been frozen for about 8 hours

SAcademy: Thank you, Kultsi

AGplusone: How do you spell that fusil oil, Kultsi, that you freeze: aquivit?

SAcademy: We made Bloody Marys by combining Stolichnaya and tomatnui sok. You should have seen the waiters’ faces!

KultsiKN: Still makes me sick after all these years (~30)

EBATNM: What is tomatnui sok?

DavidWrightSr: Tomato Juice

KultsiKN: (In Russia drinking vodka else than straight is a sacriledge)

SAcademy: Tomato juice.

EBATNM: Thank You

SAcademy: Some of the Russian I studied still sticks.

EBATNM: When I was living in New York I went to a Russian wedding. 20 feet of different flavored vodkas and tidbits. Wonderful food, wonderful party and I was wonderfully sick for the next 2 days. Haven’t overindulged since.

KultsiKN: Actually, I called my spirits ‘vodka’ just to give the idea of a distilled spirits w/o flavoring.

EBATNM: Kulti – do you ice it, freeze it, or just drink it from the bottle?

SAcademy: We once had some flavored with caraway seeds.

KultsiKN: From a glass, of course — unless I’m in a hurry

SAcademy: Even the tomato juice couldn’t disguise that.

EBATNM: I’m wondering how vodka with caraway seeds would taste when accompanied by black bread and caviar

AGplusone: No triple crown. Seraba, a 70-1 longshot, won. War Emblem was boxed and faded at about 1 – 1/8 mile, ran about fifth or so.

SAcademy: We got caught once in a Russian drinking bout, and R. had every drink for the honor of the red white and blue. Or so he said.

SAcademy: He sank into the marble floors on the way out.

LV Poker Player: From what I understand, taking on Russians in a drinking bout might be about like putting a pack mule into the Derby

EBATNM: how many days was he hors-de-combat?

KultsiKN: Never fool with a Gipsy, never drink with a Russki…

SAcademy: I believe that.

SAcademy: Me, I chickened out.

EBATNM: chickened out = intelligence

LV Poker Player: Agree with Ebatnm

SAcademy: Thank you kind sir.

Copycat669 has entered the room.

DavidWrightSr: Hi Tam. Welcome

Copycat669: well HI!!

Copycat669: Did we plan this one?


SAcademy: Hello

KultsiKN: Tam, LV — bold font, please.

AGplusone: 142.50 paid to win.

SAcademy: Yes, but which horse?

AGplusone: Seraba

SAcademy: Not the favorite?

SAcademy: So no triple crown this year.

AGplusone: War Emblem stumbled out of the gate and went to his knees, jockey was lucky to stay on. He recovered but didn’t have enough to finish after about a mile and one-eight, and the Belmont is 1 and 1/2

AGplusone: None this year. None in twenty-six years now.

SAcademy: I know. It’s the longest of the three.

ddavitt: I’m back..Hi Tam

EBATNM: (obligatory pun) Hi back

ddavitt: Probably have to go again for good; bedtime for kids is appraoching and we bought pepper/tomato plants that need to go in the soil tonight

mertide has entered the room.

LV Poker Player: I’m trying to figure out how to do bold

ddavitt: Hi carolyn

LV Poker Player: looks like I got it

mertide: morning!

ddavitt: You are in bold LV

ddavitt: Catch you all sometime. Night.

EBATNM: Bye Jane

mertide: bye

ddavitt has left the room.

DavidWrightSr: Hi Carolyn

mertide: Hi David

KultsiKN: Hello, Carolyn-early-bird


KultsiKN: OZ, right?

mertide: Hey 8.30 Sunday morning is pretty good for me πŸ™‚

mertide: Right πŸ™‚

KultsiKN: 1.30 here

mertide: Sat afternoon?

KultsiKN: Sunday morn

AGplusone: Sun morning in Finlandia

mertide: good grief, time for bed πŸ™‚

KultsiKN: Whos?

SAcademy: Suomi, please.

AGplusone: Oh, alright, Suomi …

KultsiKN: Actually, Finlandia does mean a great deal – as music.

AGplusone: that’s why I remember it

mertide: My son is spending next year in Sweden, I’ll have the same time issues then

SAcademy: Where in Sweden?

BPRAL22169: I like the Karelia suite better.

KultsiKN: Good grief Carolyn — make him to come over here; we have good ferry routes to Sweden

mertide: He’s on a student exchange program, at this stage it looks like he’ll be near Stockholm

AGplusone: What year did Sibelius write the Karelia Suite?

BPRAL22169: Hold on.

EBATNM: I just bought the score for Finlandia and the Deutsche Grammerphon recording by Karajin

mertide: And such a thrill to talk to you Mrs Heinlein πŸ™‚

KultsiKN: That’s not bad, Ebat

EBATNM: Grammerphon??? my fingers need a talking-to


KultsiKN: K, Andy

AGplusone: I’ve had an DGG edition of von Karajan for years, are we talking about same recording?

BPRAL22169: Most of the music was written in 1893. I’ve got 6 copies of that around here, but it took me a while to find liner notes with the information.

EBATNM: Yes, they are releasing all the DGG on CD

AGplusone: Ah, good.

BPRAL22169: I’ve never warmed to von Karajan

EBATNM: Not so good, 3rd stage bankruptcy approaches

AGplusone: Can’t imagine why, Bill.

BPRAL22169: I couldn’t say — just don’t care for his style.

EBATNM: He was a real jerk. Would throw stuff (his baton, his stand, chairs, etc) at the musicians. A real tight & etc

KultsiKN: The timings could be different, but the rendition by von Karajan is not the worst.

AGplusone: How many CDs did they put the nine Beethoven sympanies on, Andy …

AGplusone: You could tell that by looking at his face.

BPRAL22169: I like Ashkenazy’s

AGplusone: onies

SAcademy: Did he ever conduct?

BPRAL22169: Also Lorin Maazel.

EBATNM: I _think_ there is a box set available with all on 4 CD’s. But I haven’t seen it.

KultsiKN: y.m. phonies, Dave 😎

SAcademy: I have it.

BPRAL22169: Wasn’t Ashkenazy the pianist whose hands went from some degenerative nerve disease so he switched over to conducting?

AGplusone: There was a movie in the 60s, Yul Brenner, “Once More With Feeling” that may have been based on von Karajan. Conductor was rumored to have torn off the first violinists shirt without affecting his dinner jacket.

SAcademy: Don’t know. I will ask Ward.

EBATNM: Karajan (thanks for the spelling correction) is a very German conductor. The notes are the notes and the dynamics, as written, Shall Be Followed and God help you if you don’t

AGplusone: [I’ll tear your shirt off]

BPRAL22169: ISTR he started with the Nazis.

AGplusone: No.

mertide: How would you get the sleeves out? πŸ™‚

AGplusone: On the contrary. Guy who had Berlin before him was that one.

AGplusone: Dunno. Yul Brenner’s performance was off-stage.

BPRAL22169: I used to know all this lore, but I’ve forgotten lots.

AGplusone: Feckwalder or something like that.

AGplusone: von Karajan was clean … no connection with Nazis whatever

BPRAL22169: No, I just looked up on the web. Hold on.

AGplusone: Remeber when he went over from the Vienna to Berlin. Everyone was saying thank god they didn’t come up with another Nazi

BPRAL22169: Herbert von Karajan (1908-1989), a wealthy gifted musician and conductor, was the youngest director of an opera company in Germany in the 1930s. In order to obtain better conducting positions,

BPRAL22169: Karajan joined the Nazi party where it was rumored he bought some of his appointments. After the war he was banned from conducting until 1948.

BPRAL22169: That was from a holocaust arts site.

EBATNM: SAcademy – is your set remastered or is it only transcribed to CD?

AGplusone: Really? that’s surprising. Evidently it was concealed at the time.

BPRAL22169: Karajan joined the Nazi party where it was rumored he bought some of his appointments. After the war he was banned from conducting until 1948.

BPRAL22169: sorry — I was trying to copy the URL

BPRAL22169: http://fcit.coedu.usf.edu/holocaust/arts/musReich.htm

AGplusone: Feckwalder or whatever his name was was said to been far worse.

SAcademy: I couldn’t tell you that, erbatnum


SAcademy: Andy, then.

Copycat669: Sorry guys. I’m on my kids’ computer and missed the conversation. πŸ™‚

BPRAL22169: I think Furtwangler was dirigent before von Karajan.

EBATNM: I don’t really want to know because the set I saw (behind glass) was $50 and if it is remastered then I’ll have to buy it

AGplusone: Yes, and I just read the entry on that site.

SAcademy: I have all the symphonies in 78,33 and CD.s

SAcademy: Different conductors.

Copycat669: Oh! 78! My mother has some 78’s, but she doesn’t have a player anymore.

AGplusone: Interesting … but it’s exactly the opposite of what was printed in the ’60s about the two.

SAcademy: I still have a 3 speed record player.

AGplusone: Must have been a good PR campaign to get it opposite in Time and Newsweek

EBATNM: *Serious audiophile lust*

SAcademy: I guess so, Andy

AGplusone: Ah, well. Still like vK better than most I’ve heard since. Lennie wasn’t too bad on most, and Szell did a nice Sixth

SAcademy: Cat crossing.

mertide: Do you notice a significant quality difference with the different media?

joelrmpls: Back. Rehi, all.

AGplusone: Hi, Joel

EBATNM: I would really like to hear the New York Philharmonic versions by Toscanini (sp?)

djindalian: Hi

joelrmpls: Hi, Ginny. This bold type better?

AGplusone: You can. They recorded them. On some you can hear him singing in background.

BPRAL22169: As it happens, Trio is doing a rebroadcast of the Bernstein Young Peoples’ Concerts — today’s is the salute to Sibelius.

AGplusone: While he conducts.

SAcademy: Yes, thanks, Joel.

BPRAL22169: Glen Gould was like that, too.

AGplusone: He’s a lot faster than most, but clear, every note.

KultsiKN: Which pieces, Bill?

BPRAL22169: I don’t know yet — I’ve had the VCR recording it while this chat was going on.

KultsiKN: Strictly orchestral or with a choir?

AGplusone: And they also have the RCA NBC orchestra versions with Toscannini

AGplusone: too many ‘n’s’ maybe

LV Poker Player has left the room.

EBATNM: “They” who, AG?

AGplusone: PBS did a compare-contrast version of conducting Beethoven years ago. Had Toscanini, and all the greats they had film on up to the time. May have been one of the ones Bernstein narrated.

AGplusone: RCA

AGplusone: or whomever has the label now

BPRAL22169: I’ve got to go now. Fun chat, very different.

BPRAL22169: See youall later.

BPRAL22169 has left the room.

AGplusone: We never got back on topic, Bill …

LV Poker Player has entered the room.

KultsiKN: WB, LV

KultsiKN: Ya got a more usable handle?

LV Poker Player: Didn’t realize checking something on AOL would log me off here

AGplusone: Shouldn’t

LV Poker Player: Well it did

AGplusone: watch the escape key

KultsiKN: whuzz thafer?

AGplusone: it’ll log you off

Copycat669 has left the room.

KultsiKN: =-O

LV Poker Player: I have to take off soon anyway

AGplusone: Shall we get back on anything in IWFNE?

mertide: David can you invite copycat back, she lost herself

AGplusone: I’ll try

Copycat669 has entered the room.

AGplusone: Ah, got back yourself. Ignore the invitation

Copycat669: Thanks. So what was the topic that we lost?

AGplusone: IWFNE?

KultsiKN: Just this: when I first read it, I could not drop it; now when I read the copy I got from Jane I could not finish it.

AGplusone: Why?

mertide: She’s got to stop ripping out the last chapter πŸ™‚

AGplusone: too much suspension of disbelief

Copycat669: I found the whole book to be an amazing verbalization of a thought that i’ve had more than often: “If only I could be a man for a day….” only in the reverse.

KultsiKN: No, not really — I’ve changed.

AGplusone: or too much trying to find an utopia that isn’t there?

AGplusone: It’s a very depressing novel in a way

AGplusone: Toxic society

AGplusone: Rejection syndrom

LV Poker Player: cyberpunk without much cyber

joelrmpls: Very depressing. Reminded me of the south Bronx.

Copycat669: I don’t know about that, AG, I found the comaraderie between Johann and Eunice to be quite intimate. Sort of THE most intimate relationship that two people can have–Sharing a Brain.

AGplusone: too much darkness … even for the richest person on earth

mertide: Reminds me of parts of SE Asia

SAcademy: Nite, all. Gotta go now.

SAcademy has left the room.

DavidWrightSr: Nite Ginny

KultsiKN: The first time ‘I Will Fear No Evil’ carried through; not now, I’ve seen too much.

AGplusone: They comaraderie was nice, I agree, and the only redeeming part I think

EBATNM: Me too, thunderstorm moving in & have to power down — bye all

AGplusone: The

EBATNM has left the room.

mertide: bye

AGplusone: See you Andy

Copycat669: Kulti, you’ve seen too much what?

DavidWrightSr: Agreed DavidS. Missed the old optimism of earlier works. Was there in immigration, but wasn’t very much of that

AGplusone: It’s almost post-apocalyptic without an apocalypse

KultsiKN: The dark in life, the bottom alleys of humanity, disillusionment…

Copycat669: REALLY? I guess I must have read the rose colored version. I didn’t get that. πŸ˜‰

AGplusone: Which is why I think RAH was pretty angry with the state of affairs when he write it

AGplusone: wrote

mertide: And yet in some ways it’s hopeful, that in such difficulties you can still find a degree of happiness in love and relationships

AGplusone: Consider the state of anarchy in 1969 …

LV Poker Player: In TEFL no action takes place on Earth, but there are references to how society has collapsed there

Copycat669: yeah. I was born…

mertide: πŸ™‚

AGplusone: All the press had jumped on the bandwagon …

LV Poker Player: Actually, I should specify that no action takes place until Lazarus’s time trip

AGplusone: everything RAH believed *had* to be changed …

DavidWrightSr: Yeah. my second son was born at the time of the moon landing in 69.

AGplusone: Walter Cronkite droned on TV: “The war is *lost* after Tet.”

mertide: There are plenty of places you can buy a child by the hour, you don’t expect to see it in North America that’s all

KultsiKN: Tam, your way of addressing me is endearing…

AGplusone: My daughter was born in March ’70

Copycat669: Um….I’m sorry?

Copycat669: πŸ™‚

Copycat669: Carolyn? Buy a child by the hour? I feel like I’m caught in a tesseract house. Are you all in the living room while I’m in the study?

AGplusone: Nixon was pratting away about rebellion in the streets … ’twas a very interesting time ….

KultsiKN: No need, Tam; Kulti means ‘dearest’ Kultsi is not quite that close. I like it either way…

mertide has left the room.

AGplusone: Yet, that symbol of the new birth …

mertide has entered the room.

Copycat669: *laughs* ah…I seee…. well it’s a great thing for my typographic errors that your name isn’t one character off from something demeaning,eh?:-)

mertide: No go areas and bodyguards, extreme wealth and extreme poverty, buying and selling body parts are normal in parts of the world now

LV Poker Player: I think Carolyn was referring to child prostitution

AGplusone: and Johann, and Eunice, and Jake, all their tired cares, just fade out, leaving the child to “Roberto and Ginnie, er, Winnie”

mertide: I was I’m afraid, par for the course in lots of countries near here at least

AGplusone: Or the world vanishes with them, take your pick.

KultsiKN: If the world vanishes when I’m gone, do I care?

DavidWrightSr: I asked that Thursday, was that one of RAH’s solipsism hints or was it just about the world of J-E-J

AGplusone: You didn’t stick with it to the end …. Kultsi?

AGplusone: I wondered myself, Dave. Not sure I agree with Bill that it’s just a death.

AGplusone: Too much like Mysterious Stranger …

AGplusone: which ends the world with the death of the protagonist

mertide: If you have kids I think it matters, or what sort of terrible joke is being played?

AGplusone: Agree

Copycat669: Oh, I don’t know. If I have kids, tehy are my means to immortality.

AGplusone: but the ‘bubble ending’ is definitely there.

AGplusone: And there are different endings to Twain’s Mysterious Stranger, a couple of which don’t have the bubble ending

AGplusone: I think it’s ambiguous … but leaving the child to “Roberto” and “W[G]innie” is a hint, wouldn’t you say?

mertide: In a sense, though, the Author did end their world with that line

Copycat669: I think the end of I will Fear No Evil is similar to the self centered world view concept found in THEY from 6XH

AGplusone: Yes.

AGplusone: It’s also in Fantasies of Robert A. Heinlein, a recent hardbound collection, Tam

AGplusone: Or the ending of Hoag

LV Poker Player has left the room.

Copycat669: I absolutely loved 6XH. it’s now my very favorite anthology of short stories. (Thank you to the person who sent it to me, btw….)

AGplusone: where everything outside the car sorta dissolves in paint thinner and gets rebuilt

AGplusone: by the time they get to Florida

Copycat669: Ain’t that just the coolest??? To think that God can fix mistakes that easily!!

mertide: rubbing out Sam Beaux

AGplusone: Not God, just an artist cleaning off mistakes on the canvas

Copycat669: God is MY artist…hehehe

AGplusone: Or the eraser removing Daffy Duck

Copycat669: YEAH! that’s the best.

mertide: I’m not sure the punters will pay good money for my story πŸ™‚

KultsiKN: ?

mertide: very slow at times in the middle, needs more plot action

Copycat669: Carolyn, you’ve written a story? πŸ™‚

mertide: no, the story the Author is writing about moi!

AGplusone: You could do what Eunice did … cut into a restricted area on the way to make a blood donation, Carolyn

AGplusone: that could get exciting

Copycat669: hehehhe. my story may need to be reserved for the adult section.

Copycat669: BTW…I officially work for the Newton Daily News now!! πŸ™‚

DavidWrightSr: That was one of my favorite scenes in Cat where Sam Beaux gets erased by the author

mertide: but then that’d be the story of the person who buys the body and their hallucinations of me πŸ™‚

DavidWrightSr: Congrats Tam

mertide: Nothing like a new job to pep up the plot a little, lots of scope for new character development

AGplusone: [Good, I’ll write my parody about Bob Dole and Britney Spears and post it next to yours in the ‘adult’ section] j/k

Copycat669: Thanks. πŸ™‚ So….do you think that you’d need sedatives if you woke up in a body with opposite plumbing and while we’re commenting, just HOW would you think you’d react?

AGplusone: Eeeek! at first

KultsiKN: Ehhh…. At least they did write one about Britney in that section already…

mertide: If I woke up in the male equivalent of Eunice’s body, I could only say thank you

AGplusone: Then I’d think “the great pursuit is over. All I have to do is sit back and pick the flies off, now.”

Copycat669: I’m dead serious when I said that I”m not sure how much time it would take before playing with the plumbing would stop being my prime fascination.

AGplusone: Greener pastures — that’s funny.

mertide: hahahhaa

mertide: does it ever stop being theirs? They just deign to share the game with us

Copycat669: So now you have a voice in your head that is telling you how to “be” the gender that fits your plumbing….do you listen to the voice or do you play it your own way?

AGplusone: I always listen to advice

Copycat669: *ok…document that AG always listens to the voices in his head…”

AGplusone: Do you think Johann just listened, and did what he wanted, or followed Eunice’s voice?

mertide: would you hardwire to a “gay” persona, or a “straight” or bi, as Joann appears to have ended up

joelrmpls: Suppertime — gotta go. Sorry for being so overtalkative, folks. πŸ™‚

AGplusone: Night, Joel. Is Hemingway out?

joelrmpls: January.

DavidWrightSr: So Long Joel.

joelrmpls has left the room.

AGplusone: Okay, I’ll wait with eagerness.

DavidWrightSr: Say hello to felicia

mertide: like people who go to all the trouble of transexual surgery and then see themselves as gay

mertide: in the new gender that is

Copycat669: In my opinon, Johann took her advice explicitly, which I would NOT do if it were me. But then again, bi, homo, etc, is way more acceptable. Though I don’t mean that it’s all about sex. It would just be about being me, for me.

Copycat669: way more acceptable in THIS society, I meant to say.

AGplusone: It would be hard for me to rewire as bi … too much hard-wired resistance

mertide: If I woke up in a young Mel Gibson’s body, what would I do? Hmmmm

AGplusone: Easier I think to be a woman, but what would I know?

mertide: Why would you think that? Just curious, not attacking

AGplusone: Unum, Sanctum, Apostolicum, Catholicum,

Copycat669: AG? What kind of plumbing do you have? (sorry I don’t remember very well…and I apologize for asking such a personal question…)

AGplusone: and the fact that someone gropped me at age fifteen and I tried real hard to kill him.

AGplusone: Arrow pointing up at fortyfive degrees

KultsiKN: Still?

AGplusone: Yes, but not as stiffly as it usta


AGplusone: I grew up in the 50s, Tam

mertide: It’d have to be fun waking up tall and strong instead of 5’3″ and wimpy

mertide: just think of all the jars I could open!

KultsiKN: A wee bit earlier than me, Tam, but not much

AGplusone: ‘tall’ is a state of mind, Carolyn … my mother was 4’10” and she was a giant

AGplusone: at least that was the appearance she intended to convey

mertide: Yeah, but my 6’1″ husband puts things up “out of the way” and I spend my life on chairs looking for stuff

AGplusone: So does mine … and I’m only 5’7″

mertide: Of course I could wake up in a jockey’s body and feel right at home I suppose

mertide: Be interesting to see how the personal drive level changed with a change in testosterone cruising through the brain

AGplusone: Why don’t you ask him to get them as she does?

AGplusone: Is Eunice’s height described in the novel?

mertide: Not much about Eunice is

AGplusone: I somehow think of her as petite, but I don’t recall why

KultsiKN: What IS y’all’s image of Eunice, BTW?

DavidWrightSr: Funny, My impression was that she was pretty tall, like Ishtar

AGplusone: Heinlein had a bad habit with most of his characters of not describing them implicitedly, letting the reader move into the character if the reader wished

AGplusone: Wonder whether he did this here?

DavidWrightSr: bad habit? genius I think

AGplusone: expressly See ya all next time

mertide: I was thinking more the ballet dancer figure, lithe and compact, especially with the shell bra concept, wouldn’t be any mystery with a lot of larger girls

AGplusone: not implicitly … my brain is burnt

DavidWrightSr: explicitly ?

AGplusone: That may be why, good catch, Carolyn

AGplusone: Little handfuls, not big bags

KultsiKN: And small buns, for a black girl


AGplusone: necklace

AGplusone: And, sad to say, I’m unreconstructed, yet.

geeairmoe2 has entered the room.

AGplusone: Evenin’ Will

Copycat669: sorry, gang. I gotta run. See ya all next time!

Copycat669 has left the room.

AGplusone: I wonder how tall Johann was?

Lucylou98: Goodness, I walked away and forgot the chat.

mertide: Whatever she looked like, she certainly had the ability to engender love/lust in the males around her

geeairmoe2: Just dropped in to wonder what next chats’s topic might be.

AGplusone: Couldn’t have mattered much to him, as he doesn’t mention a difference in height, and who would, after the “vive le difference”

AGplusone: Dunno if we discussed it. Any suggestions?

AGplusone: Since we got twenty minutes to go ….

AGplusone: Carolyn, anyone?

KultsiKN: A tall, imposing figure is my mind’s picture of Johann

mertide: Have you talked about the travel book or is this fiction only?

AGplusone: Luce, you haven’t made a suggestion in while but I recall a few good ones a whiles back

geeairmoe2: No suggestions. I never finished IWFNE. Time wise, June and July are always booked up for me.

AGplusone: I think Tramp Royale would be fun!

AGplusone: There’s more than a bit in there.

mertide: Hopefully Mrs Heinlein could spill the beans on a few more of the experiences, or pad them out a bit at least

Lucylou98: hm, Tramp Royale would be good since I haven’t read it.

KultsiKN: Never happened my way πŸ™

AGplusone: I think she might.

geeairmoe2: Sounds good.

AGplusone: She made sure it was published so she must have enjoyed it.

geeairmoe2: I don’t want to impose a topic then not be able to show up here.

AGplusone: Wanna go with Tramp Royale, Carolyn. Know how to make a ‘leadoff’? just blither something, and thread drift will go where it will

mertide: They seemed to have had such personal affinity as travellers together

mertide: Oh, I haven’t read it for a year or so, have to do it again first not to make a total goose of myself

AGplusone: I’d really like to hear more about that Antartica trip

KultsiKN: Oh they sure did! From my local sources I get just that impression.

Lucylou98: Antartica trip?

mertide: Still, I’m game if no-one else wants to

KultsiKN: Finland. Early. 50?

AGplusone: Sounds like a plan … they made a trip there after Tramp Royale …. mentioned briefly in Grumbles.

geeairmoe2: Expanded Universe has lengthy discussions of the trip to Russia.

AGplusone: And to Finland.

geeairmoe2: Travel in general should be a good topic.

DavidWrightSr: Agree.

AGplusone: I think you could do fine, Carolyn … just write something, “even if it’s wrong,” as they used to tell us almost 2d Lieutenants …

KultsiKN: I happened on guy who’s the model for Captain Krausa.

AGplusone: Did you?

mertide: :-*

AGplusone: Great

KultsiKN: Yup. Mr. Krause right here.

AGplusone: Travel would be fun. We could include the parts of Expanded Universe in with it

mertide: So what date would the next chat be?

AGplusone: Two weeks from last thursday

AGplusone: Whatzat?

geeairmoe2: June 20 and 22.

AGplusone: Okay. Got it.

mertide: Thanks

djindalian has left the room.

AGplusone: Topic is “Travel” and Carolyn posts a leadoff tonight or tomorrow, right?

KultsiKN: Midsummer. Bummer. Reserved for heavy drinkin’

AGplusone: kin’ do that anytime, Kultsi

mertide: Tonight? As in in the next few minutes for you guys?

AGplusone: [

AGplusone: Fine

KultsiKN: Oh, we do, we do!

AGplusone: [I made my daughter a toddy for the Derby while we watched it. She liked it. Now making me another.]

KultsiKN: In fact I’m most likely to be there, then.

AGplusone: She’s now ….

mertide: Shortest day here, time to look forward to summer again

AGplusone: Ow, I forget that …

AGplusone: How many hours of sun this week, K?

AGplusone: Has it gone down yet?

AGplusone: j/k πŸ™‚

KultsiKN: Not constant on my latitudes, but one k klicks to the North — no night.

AGplusone: Never been that far north in the summer.

AGplusone: Best I had was Anchorage in late August. Got dark around 2200

KultsiKN: It IS something to experience, trust me1

KultsiKN: 1=!

mertide: I haven’t been further south than Tasmania and New Zealand, seen the southern lights though

AGplusone: Aren’t the lights neat? The northern ones are.

AGplusone: Amazed me to see green up there.

KultsiKN: I saw that nove in NZ — 1994 that was…

KultsiKN: nove = nova

mertide: No lights in Brisbane, we’re subtropical, nearer the tropic of capricorn

AGplusone: Well, pushing time to say “good evening” or “good morning” or “gud die” or whatever …

KultsiKN: G’day?

AGplusone: Been a fun chat ….

AGplusone: thank you all for coming

mertide: G’day indeed, Kultsi

geeairmoe2 has left the chat room.

AGplusone: The lads from Oz …

KultsiKN: AND the lasses…

AGplusone: I’ll look forward to the lead off ….

mertide: Thank you, I had to check for a moment

AGplusone: the lasses are neat

AGplusone: it’s the lad …. further, deponent saith naught … “shrimp on the barbie” indeed

DavidWrightSr: Back again. Got dropped

DavidWrightSr: miss anything?

KultsiKN: some lasses

AGplusone: Just in time: G’night from New York, David

KultsiKN: πŸ˜‰

mertide: just some cross cultural banter πŸ™‚

AGplusone: Want copy of log?

DavidWrightSr: Yes thanks

AGplusone: comin up

DavidWrightSr: Ok . Next topic Travel. I’ll mention it in log notice when I send it out

DavidWrightSr: Log officially closed at 7:59 P.M. EDT

AGplusone: sent

mertide: OK, I can do something quite short quickly, or tomorrow something longer and thoughtful, I’m not sure which is appropriate

DavidWrightSr: spasibo bolshoye

AGplusone: Your choice ….

AGplusone: and thank you.

mertide: Thank you 😎

DavidWrightSr: Night everyone

AGplusone: I’m notorious for something long and supposedly thoughtful

mertide: Nite all
Final End Of Discussion Log

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