Heinlein Readers Discussion Group And Friends Thursday 01-25-2003 5:00 P.M. EST Remembering Ginny Heinlein

Heinlein Readers Discussion Group

And Friends

Thursday 01-25-2003 5:00 P.M. EST

Remembering Ginny Heinlein

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Here Begins the Discussion Log
You have just entered room “Heinlein Readers Group chat.”

KultsiKN: Hi, Dave Sr!

AGplusone has entered the room.

aggirlj has entered the room.

AGplusone: Hi, Kultsi, Dave

AGplusone: Jane

aggirlj: Hi Kultsi, Dave

KultsiKN: Hello, Jane, Dave!

AGplusone: I’m in both rooms now …

aggirlj: I’m just in one.

KultsiKN: Lanai, too?

AGplusone: steer them from The Lanai if they show over there.

AGplusone: I never tried to see how many rooms you could be in at once.

AGplusone: Two’s the most I’ve ever tried.

aggirlj: Depending on how many in each that could get real interesting, responding and confusing perhaps.

AGplusone: let me go put on the tea

aggirlj: I’m going to get something to drink, water preferably, too. brb

AGplusone: Jane and I were over there talking about food. Jane had dinner at Sarah Hoyt’s last night. Met Robert Anson Hoyt, etc., age 12 or 13, etc.

AGplusone: Had a nice dinner. Sarah’s a great cook.

aggirlj: Yep

aggirlj: Got groomed by one of her cats.

AGplusone: They both live in adjacent towns in Colorado. Jane’s in Colorado Sps, Sarah’s next door in Manitou Sps

aggirlj: Saw Pix and Euclid and this very interesting Rex cat with wavy hair.

aggirlj: Short wavy hair.

AGplusone: I don’t know I”ve ever had a Rex pointed out to me. Saw them in books, of course.

AGplusone: Cat must have liked you. Four years now … the other night Bob licked me for the first time.

aggirlj: They all were very friendly.

AGplusone: After I got sent to bed Thursday night after four hours of the chat, sitting and sipping …

aggirlj: Euclid is black like Bob.

AGplusone: So there I was, bleary eyed, with about a quart of white wine in me. Bob musta figured it was safe, I was harmless, practically paralized.

aggirlj: I heard.

aggirlj: Talked to Andi for a bit.

AGplusone: So he crawled up on the bed, and very carefully and cautiously got close and licked my nose.

aggirlj: And you remember. It’s a feeling that is interesting.

AGplusone: Yes. She mentioend the call.

aggirlj: Especially when they’re grooming your hair. Looked kinda good after that.

AGplusone: Are you awake, Kultsi?

aggirlj: A little cat-nap perhaps.

AGplusone: :::::::: wooo, wooo, wooo ::::::

KultsiKN: Oh yes, just talking to another Merkin, for whom i’ve been proofing some stories.

AGplusone: Oh, great. If you’d been asleep Jane and I were going to invade past the Mannerheim line.

aggirlj: Oh, Sarah gave me two of her books to read, autographed them too.

AGplusone: Which ones?

aggirlj: Hold on.

AGplusone: You read Shakespeare, Kultsi?

aggirlj: Ill Met By Moonlight and

aggirlj: Crawling Between Heaven and Earth.

KultsiKN: To bed, or not to bed, that is the question at this hour…

aggirlj: Started Ill Met, understand your question David. Starts off really good.

AGplusone: Ill Met By Moonlight is a great little story. About Willy the S, and Anne Hathaway, his wife, before he leaves to go to London to act and write. The fairies kidnap Anne, and he has to get her back from them.

aggirlj: Oh gosh, have some coffee.

aggirlj: Don’t tell anymore. Sounds like a fast read.

AGplusone: Real Faries … etc. … nice fantasy, and a treat for Shakespeare readers becasue Sarah really knows her Bard.

aggirlj: The other is supposed to be horror stories.

AGplusone: “great little story” is a misdescription. It’s a novel-length lot of fun.

AGplusone: Ginny read it.

AGplusone: Liked it.

aggirlj: Somewhat like Midsummer Nite’s Dream?

AGplusone: Somewhat.

aggirlj: Great art.

KultsiKN: In fact I have a leather-bound edition of all of Bill’s works.

aggirlj: Sarah told me about her next project. Sounds really intersting.

aggirlj: I do too. Huge tome.

AGplusone: You’ll find yourself saying, “wait a minute … that’s from Hamlet … etc., almost as much fun as watching Shakespeare in Love, the movie.

AGplusone: You’d enjoy ILL MET BY MIDNIGHT then, Kultsi

aggirlj: Tell you what. After I finish it, if you’re intersted, I’ll send it to you but you have to send it back.

KultsiKN: I can’t say that i’ve read it though…

Dehede011 has entered the room.

aggirlj: Hi Ron.

Dehede011: Ich bin hier, I think

Dehede011: Hi Jane

aggirlj: We’re talking Shakespeare sort of.

KultsiKN: Ja, Sie sinf hier. Wilkommen!

AGplusone: Hi, Ron. Well, probably it would be better if you read it in the original Klingon, but if English is all you’ve got … start with Hamlet. It’s Rolf Kraki in disguse.

AGplusone: Hrolf Kraki

KultsiKN: duh! sind!

KultsiKN: Hi, Ron!

Dehede011: I was going to ask if you heard about the Indian girl that got prenant at a raffle — but this is such an august crowd

Dehede011: I wouldn’t dare.

aggirlj: Oh go ahead, need punch after lead in.

aggirlj: punch line.

Dehede011: She took a chance on a blanket for a buck.

AGplusone: We were talking about about Ginny’s encouraging writers. Jane had dinner with Sarah Hoyt last night and Sarah gave her a copy of her ILL MET BY MIDNIGHT, the one Ginny read and encouraged Sarah about.

Dehede011: I never heard of that book

Dehede011: Should I put it on my reading list??

aggirlj: A fantasy about W.S. and his wife before he goes to London according to David, I just started it.

AGplusone: It got a nice review in Locus. Fantasy, Shakespearean.

Dehede011: I’ll look it up at Amazon

AGplusone: A bit like the later movie, Shakespeare in Love

aggirlj: Sarah’s narrative is very good.

aggirlj: Paints a great picture.

AGplusone: They pulished it hardcover, but there are paperbacks. Jane, read the ISBN from the copy Sarah gave you.

KultsiKN: It’s one of Sarah’s books?

aggirlj: Yes.

AGplusone: Yes, she wrote it.

KultsiKN: By Sarah?

Dehede011: I have Amazon looking for it.

AGplusone: yes

aggirlj: What’s ISBN?

Dehede011: I see three by Sarah

Dehede011: It is Sarah A Hoyt on Amazon and they have all the info

aggirlj: Some quotes: “Bright and entertaining.” – Denver Post . . . . “Wildlyimaginative and poetic . . a delightful fantastic speculation.” Booklist.

AGplusone: ISBN hardbound is 0-441-00860-7

aggirlj: Scene: A world not of this world but in it – – where a transparentpalace hangs suspende din mnidair and tiny fairies twinkle here and there. . where a traitorous king . .

AGplusone: On the sheet back just before the dedication to her husband, Jane.

AGplusone: Really nice. Sarah sent me a copy when it issued.

aggirlj: . . Okay, got it ISBN 0-441-00983-2

AGplusone: We met them in Philadelphia last year.

Dehede011: Oh, well, I just bought a Lo Carbo Diet Book. Actually a book of recipes

aggirlj: Soft cover.

AGplusone: And it is ‘poetic’ a real pleasure to read. She writes, crafts words beautifully in English (note I did not say anything about considering her native tongue is Portugese)

RebelKennedy has entered the room.

aggirlj: I was telling David, I read The Man Who Travels in Elephants today. And, as David W said, needed lots of tissues considering Ginny and asll.

AGplusone: Hi, Sean.

RebelKennedy: Good morning all.

aggirlj: Hi Sean.

RebelKennedy: I can’t bring myself to read it yet. Sorry.

Dehede011: That is something I have noticed. A person with a good mind even if their English is rotten, can get me to notice their intelligence

KultsiKN: Hello, Sean!

AGplusone: Sean in Oz is already enjoying Super Bowl Sunday.

Dehede011: Hi Sean

RebelKennedy: Hi Hi Hi and Hi

RebelKennedy: and Hi.

aggirlj: The game must be around midnight or so.

RebelKennedy: Actually – today is “Australia Day”

KultsiKN: It’s Sun over here as well… πŸ˜›

Dehede011: Really

AGplusone: I had to read Elephants Thrusday. LA Times called Pournelle for obit info. He told them to read Elephants to understand the love Robert had for Ginny.

RebelKennedy: Nearly 8.30AM Sunday here. A wonderful story.

AGplusone: So they emailed me and said, where do we find Elephants and can you give me a one-sentence line from Elephants …

AGplusone: we can use.

AGplusone: Arrgh!

aggirlj: No way Jose, read it. It took half an hour.

Dehede011: I haven’t read Elephants for years. Am I wrong, I thought Jerry Pournelle was no longer with us

aggirlj: Or less.

AGplusone: Oh, no. Jerry’s still kicking just about ten miles from where I sit, up there in Laurel Canyon, the wrong side of the hill (in the Valley)

Dehede011: I am glad to hear that

Dehede011: Is he still writing??

AGplusone: A bit past Lookout Mountain where the Heinlein house was.

AGplusone: Yes.

Dehede011: I am doubly glad to hear that

RebelKennedy: Was the recording you mentioned adapted much from the original story David?

AGplusone: They (him and Niven) are working on a project, and Jerry’s going about ehre and there.

AGplusone: They added a bit, little references from other stories, but it’s in general a pretty good adaptation.

Dehede011: I’ll have to look up JPs site to see what he thinks of the Moller Aircar

RebelKennedy: Ok, sounds neat. I haven’t heard from Brad (?) yet.

AGplusone: I wrote a precΓ­s of Elephants for them, quoting the last few lines when he’s called to get into his carriage, “Your Queen and Court await” … and sent them that, but while I was at it told them about the CD and listened to it.

Dehede011: David, you said where the Heinlein house was — has it been removed?

AGplusone: [offering to let them have it]

AGplusone: It’s still there. Bill, Robert James, and I drove up to see it last July 4, during Westercon.

AGplusone: Houses all around it now.

aggirlj: By the way Rober Crais lives in that area. Have you talked to him about any of these wakes.

Dehede011: Oh, that was undeveloped territory back then?

RebelKennedy: Is that the house from _Rocket to the Morgue_?

AGplusone: Yes, it is.

RebelKennedy: and opposite the “crooked” one?

AGplusone: No, re Robert Crais, I’ve been writing a letter to him, but put it off.

Dehede011: I had pictured it as fairly small and cramped

Dehede011: From the short story on cycles

AGplusone: It’s small, but it goes back into the hillside. The illegal addition has been added on to. there’s a second story above it now.

aggirlj: You were looking at a house in Laurel Canyon David. Was that anywhere near this one?

AGplusone: It’s all covered with vines, flowers, etc. Hard to see all of it from the street. It looks as if it’s nice inside.

Dehede011: Okay, the basement was on a lower level than the living room wasn’t it?

RebelKennedy: Is this also the “Year of the Jackpot” house?

AGplusone: It’s about two miles north of that one Jane, up a side road a bit.

aggirlj: Okay.

Dehede011: That is the story I was trying to remember

KultsiKN: About time for a toast?

AGplusone: Just about … Kultsi, then Sean?

Dehede011: No wonder I am confused. I thought there was only one house

RebelKennedy: Glass filled here…

AGplusone: Make a toast Finland!

Dehede011: Same here

aggirlj: glass raised.

KultsiKN: Here’s to one damn fine lady, whom we all came to love!

AGplusone: hear, hear

Dehede011: hear hear

aggirlj: Hear, hear, *clink*, toss to the fireplace, crash.

aggirlj: Made it.

AGplusone: And now may we hear from Australia?

RebelKennedy: To the mother of Heinlein’s children. We love you, and miss you. Sleep in peace.

Dehede011: Hear hear

KultsiKN: Sleep well, Mom!

AGplusone: Yes, sip slowly …

aggirlj: *clink*

aggirlj: brb

Dehede011: May I toss one in??

RebelKennedy: Please.

AGplusone: The Times obit writer told me that she expects the obit will appear, tentatively, tomorrow, in the sunday edition. Sure, ga

KultsiKN: Sure!

aggirlj: b

Dehede011: To the Lady that everything good thing that comes from inside

Dehede011: Sorry, typo

AGplusone: Said she couldn’t get the Elephants quote and precΓ­s in, too long, which I expected. Practically impossible to pull one line from that story.

aggirlj: To The Lady1

RebelKennedy: To the Lady!

AGplusone: again

KultsiKN: To the Lady!

AGplusone: To Martha

RebelKennedy: Yesterday I walked along the Pacific coast near my home . I do this quite often.

RebelKennedy: Usually I give my respects to Robert, but gave them to both this time.

aggirlj: About Elephants. This was in the Fantasies of RAH that Ginny had published. That must of been her mantra for a while.

AGplusone: /ga Sean

Dehede011: I think she said that was their favorite didn’t she??

AGplusone: [Elephants was, RAH said, his favorite, whe asked to name one for a collection that was being put together, Jane]

RebelKennedy: The water washes over my feet as I walk along the beach. I always think of the Heinleins at those times.

aggirlj: Just saying it is a special story that I would read at bleak times to get comfort if I was her.

RebelKennedy: Didn’t Spider R say the RAH told him mit was his favorite?

Dehede011: I dream of them from time to time. Only the first dream made any sense at all

aggirlj: Gramatically incorrect, oh well.

aggirlj: ga Ron

Dehede011: Sorry, I dreamed we were boarding an intersteller liner and someone had seated us together for takeoff

RebelKennedy: Wonderful dream!

KultsiKN: GA!

Dehede011: The dimensions were about like the USS Missouri

Dehede011: No dialogue, nothing just that we got on, exchanged some ordinary greeting and got seated

AGplusone: Robinson’s essay “Robert” contains that it was my favorite statement from RAH

AGplusone: “Robert” was the essay he wrote for inclusion in Kondo’s Requiem, so you can read it there.

RebelKennedy: Yes, that’s where I remember it from.

Dehede011: I was checking my car in once in either Detroit or Philadelphia once. I looked up at the reserved car folders and saw “R. Heinleein”

AGplusone: After “Rah, RAH ^RAH!”

KultsiKN: Ain’t it wonderful that those two people touched so many other people around the world? Like Sean, and me; you can’t get much farther apart on this globe, yet we have a common theme.

Dehede011: Unfortunately I would have had to wait for about 3 hours

AGplusone: It is!

RebelKennedy: Yes Kultsi. I know many, many young readers here were affected just the same as me.

aggirlj: It’s certainly opened many doors for me recently.

Dehede011: Ginny and I talked about that but we couldn’t put it together with any known travel they did

KultsiKN: and over here I’m not the only one; there are at least the Krauses, and an old friend of mine…

AGplusone: Did you and the other fellow who was posting AFH with that question, get together, K?

Dehede011: Kultsi, it must be like here. I rarely run into a Heinlein reader RL but I see his books disappearing off the rack. So they must be around

KultsiKN: No, not more than that. BTW: ain’t his English just marvelous?

AGplusone: It was decent.

Dehede011: RAH?? I catch him in one error and only one

AGplusone: I loved ‘temporal’ from Jochim

KultsiKN: By his name I deem he’s quite young, and we must remember: this is something we learn thru hard work.

Dehede011: He sometimes confuses, “as” and “since.”

RebelKennedy: So do I!

AGplusone: [he must like us, he told us his real name … hope he enjoys that position he’s moving to]

aggirlj: He had a great party recently.

aggirlj: A little hung over and very funny.

AGplusone: Talking about a young German doctor who’s been posting on AFH recently, Ron

KultsiKN: Tokay Gris.

Dehede011: Okay. πŸ™‚

Dehede011: brb, coffee

AGplusone: t/n Jochim something or other, as he told us in his last post

Dehede011 has left the room.

RebelKennedy: Prolly a good idea not to over imbibe and post at the same.


aggirlj: Quite lucid, intentional funny.

aggirlj: πŸ˜€


RebelKennedy: πŸ™‚ I meant me!


AGplusone: I loved that Doonesbury Chris linked … had forgotten it.

aggirlj: Didn’t see that one. There was another I checked out, the darker one.

AGplusone: There’s a Bill Mauldin one, “cont’d next week” cartoon … along those lines.

aggirlj: Right, I believe that’s the one.

AGplusone: ‘Guys used to get their hometown newspapers and magazines … the serials used to drive them nuts, because they’d never get the next episode

KultsiKN: BTW, sorry to hear about him. I did not get all of the cartoon until you explained it, David.

aggirlj: They had just recently profiled him on one of the news magazine showsabout his Alzheimer’s and how WWII vets were sending him . . .

aggirlj: . . . all kinds of cards and letters to keep him aware.

AGplusone: Mauldin was clever. There’s a story about a bunch of REMF who were putting together a big party at an Officer’s Club in Italy behind the lines. Some club officer thought it would be nice to ask Mauldin to give him some cartoons to

Dehede011 has entered the room.

aggirlj: WB Ron.

Dehede011: Sorry AOL

AGplusone: decorate the club for their party. He offered to do the shutters for the blackout windows.

Dehede011: Thank you, Lady Jane

aggirlj: Whoa.

KultsiKN: That’s AOHell, if you speel it correctly…

aggirlj: That must have been quite the mural.

Dehede011: Wait there is already a Lady Jane, isn’t there?

KultsiKN: WB, Dave πŸ˜‰

AGplusone: They looked like portholes. So he drew disapproving cartoons of Willy, Joe, the other enlisted infantrymen, looking in disapprovingly

aggirlj: Actually that’s the reference for my naming.

Dehede011: Okay, Thank you Countess Jane

aggirlj: The used to call my mom “Lady Jane” as in that’s not good enough for her.

AGplusone: and when they closed the windows in there, while having their nice drunken party, they all found themselves looking at muddy ragged dogfaces looking in at them.

AGplusone: The Club officer got transferred out.

Dehede011: Maudlin did political cartoons for years here in Chicago.

aggirlj: Her sisters.

Dehede011: Either Willy or Joe was a Choctaw Indian he knew

AGplusone: Willy

DavidWrightSr: You had better send me the full log when we get through

David. I haven’t been here and I don’t know how much of this I have missed before this. AFK for a few more minutes.

KultsiKN: LOL, Dave!

Dehede011: Was it?

AGplusone: sue

AGplusone: sure

DenvToday has entered the room.

AGplusone: Willy was the Chotaw

AGplusone: c

DenvToday: Hello all

aggirlj: Hi.

Dehede011: Hi

RebelKennedy: Hi one.

KultsiKN: I’ve got a full log this far.

AGplusone: Hi, Ron, another Colorado contingent heard from. Meet aggirl … my sister. Lives in Springs, Denv

DenvToday: Hello aggirl, very nice to meet you.

aggirlj: Nice to meet you!

AGplusone: She and Sarah Hoyt had dinner last night.

AGplusone: With Robert Anson Hoyt, Sarah’s thirteen year old, and family.

DenvToday: Sarah’s a very impressive woman.

aggirlj: Very.

aggirlj: Fun.

AGplusone: Sarah was GOH at the last Colorado Springs SciFi&F Con

DenvToday: Yes, I wish I could have attended.

aggirlj: Yeah, I missed it. Should’a gone.

AGplusone: Which means next year she’ll organize a blood drive.

DDENT has entered the room.

DenvToday: I’ll be up and around by then.

aggirlj: She said that’s on her agenda.

AGplusone: And they’ll listen to her.

RebelKennedy: IHi Fran

DDENT: Hi everyone

KultsiKN: Hi, Fran, welcome!

aggirlj: Hi Fran.

DDENT: Is this different from the Lanai?

aggirlj: Not really.

AGplusone: Hi, Fran … nice to meet you. I’m David. Denv is Ron, Dehede is Ron also, Aggirl is Jane, Rebel is Sean and Kultsi is Kultsi

aggirlj: Normal book chat but everyone basically the same.

DenvToday: Hello!

KultsiKN: the same people, almost.

DDENT: Ah, ok, I need a list to keep up!

AGplusone: And of course, there’s old David over there in the corner, in his rocking chair.

aggirlj: I have stickies all over the place.

DenvToday: You can call me Ron L for clarity.

DenvToday: Or Denv is just fine.

aggirlj: Marked.

Dehede011: I suggest De for me

KultsiKN: Pixel’s got a list on her site.

AGplusone: AG works for me

aggirlj: Ongrowing list.

DDENT: Ok, I’ll try!

RebelKennedy: Parents have just arrived for morning tea. Will try to get back later.

aggirlj: See you Sean.

aggirlj: Great stickies.

DenvToday: Bye for now, Sean.

Dehede011: I would suggest Deh but that sounds too much like the Simpson’s LOL

AGplusone: Take care Sean, have a nice breakfast.

KultsiKN: Sean, say Hi to parental units.

aggirlj: LOL

AGplusone: Enjoy Mass.

Dehede011: By Sean

DDENT: Morning?

AGplusone: Australia

DDENT: Ah, cool

aggirlj: Kultsi Finland.

RebelKennedy: Bye all. Thanks for the chat.

RebelKennedy has left the room.

KultsiKN: 8 AM, OZ.

DDENT: bye

DDENT: wow

DDENT: It’s about dinner time here

Dehede011: Sean is on his head, but Kultsi is right side up

DDENT: And we are freezing!, lol.

aggirlj: Ron πŸ™‚

Dehede011: Where are you DD?

DDENT: Texas

KultsiKN: Freezing?

DenvToday: My philosophy is that it’s always dinner time.

DDENT: yes, it is now a balmy 45, too cold for here.

Dehede011: Blue Northerner,

DDENT: We just grilled steaks, had it early as my husband had to get to the hospital.

AGplusone: On duty today

aggirlj: I’m hoongry.

Dehede011: I bought myself a genuine low brow junk food dinner for tonight

DenvToday: I’m trying to think of a time I wasn’t hungry…hmmm…can’t do it.

Dehede011: Braunsweiger

KultsiKN: Jane dear, just stick to GM… ;_P

AGplusone: As newbie, it’s toast time, and you have the honor, Fran. A toast to Ginny?

DDENT: Sure.

DDENT: How do I do that?

aggirlj: πŸ˜€

AGplusone: Your pleasure to make it, Madam.

AGplusone: state it

aggirlj: She just got off the grill.

DDENT: I’ve got postprandial sleepiness.

KultsiKN: Shje was sitting on it?

DDENT: How about a simple toast to a great woman.

AGplusone: [holding up virtual glass of wine wine …. and if you think it’s really virtual, think again]

aggirlj: You must have one heck of a cellar.

KultsiKN: Hear, hear! *clink*

DDENT: clink

aggirlj: *clink* *crash*

AGplusone: I have your brother staying with me, he keeps coming home with bottles.

DenvToday: clink! crash!!

aggirlj: Good for something.

DDENT: I”m drinking ginger ale.

DDENT: diet

aggirlj: Wawa.

Dehede011: gatorade here

aggirlj: Sorry K, another illusion gone.

AGplusone: And the toast is …. “Here’s to Ginny, The Witch’s Daughter”!

KultsiKN has left the room.

aggirlj: Oh, no sent him out with that one.

Dehede011: Oh yeah, that was a good poem wasn’t it?

AGplusone: Which is a beautiful poem RAH wrote for her in about 48 or so.

aggirlj: *clink* swirl, drink, and clash.

Dehede011: 45 or 46

AGplusone: er ….

Dehede011: I was noticing it was before they left Philadelphia

AGplusone: RAH couldn’t have done that, he was still married to Leslyn in 45 or 46 … πŸ˜‰

AGplusone: which is why I said 48 or so ….

AGplusone: poor Leslyn

Dehede011: Hey, I’ve done it when I was married. Poems don’t alway have the intense feeling outsiders think

KultsiKN has entered the room.

aggirlj: wb K.

KultsiKN: EFFIN AOHell!

aggirlj: LOL

Dehede011: LOL

DDENT: do you keep getting booted? I do a lot these days.

Dehede011: Yes, I guess there was a heck of an attack on the servers

DDENT: things are really slow

KultsiKN: Not very often, just when it matters the most πŸ™

AGplusone: Ginny was always very sensitive about that overlap … speaks well of her, and she absolutely refused to ever say anything bad about Leslyn.

aggirlj: MSN has been down all day and part of last night.

Dehede011: Good policy and a smart lady to do so

AGplusone: Tried to keep info about Leslyn’s alcoholism, etc., way in the background.

aggirlj: LADY.

KultsiKN: Mickey$oft is a swear word…

aggirlj: Agreed.

Dehede011: I am a devotee of the Enneagram. I was married to Leslyn’s identical twin except for the alcohol

aggirlj: Don’t know anything about Leslyn. Don’t need to. Sure it’s a long sad story.

KultsiKN: On your Thu chat y’all were astounded by Ginny’s way with computers…

AGplusone: When you read a story called Farnham’s Freehold, Jane, and you will, there’s a wife named Grace ….

AGplusone: who drinks a lot.

KultsiKN: I got to talking about the OSs with her one time: she knew ’em all.

aggirlj: K, amazing but not truly astounding.

Dehede011: ?? Kultsi

AGplusone: . . . and whose story is very sad.

aggirlj: Figured.

aggirlj: Ron, that a woman 70 plus would be able to do computers.

Dehede011: Oh, its funny but I never thought of that brain of hers as the least bit old

aggirlj: Right.

KultsiKN: She started with them way back when.

Dehede011: The younger generation often misses just how far back many of us oldsters started on computers

aggirlj: Punch tape??? Big program tape, convert tape, reconvert, etc. etc.

Dehede011: I was programming in the late 60s

DDENT: my daughter had to teach the babysitter how to use the comp when she was young.

DDENT: I remember punch cards!

Dehede011: Yes, I had to punch my own cards when I was programmng

KultsiKN: About the first word processor there was, she and Bob got it.

DDENT: took a summer course in college

TreetopAngelRN2 has entered the room.

KultsiKN: Hi E!

DenvToday: Hiya Tree

DavidWrightSr: Look for Thursday’s meeting log here I punched cards using an IBM 026, Egad, multi-stroke punching

aggirlj: Oh, Hi E.

Dehede011: Usually programming was about 1/3 the effort of debugging the card punching

DDENT: Hi Tree

TreetopAngelRN2: Good Morning crew!

aggirlj: What’ll ya have.

AGplusone: Back to “The Witch’s Daughters” . . . morning E!

TreetopAngelRN2: anybody have the coffee on???

DDENT: Morning…..another one?

aggirlj: Got it.

KultsiKN: Dave Sr, that’s even older than what I did!

Dehede011: Hey, when I came to Chicago in 1966 we ran a small mfg firm (120 emps) using a IBM machine with 4K in core

TreetopAngelRN2: Tank ooo Jane!

AGplusone: “Have no truck with the daughters of Lilith. // Pay not mind to the red-haired creatures.

Dehede011: Hi E

Dehede011: What was the line about the odd shaped heads

aggirlj: Fresh and hot, let me know when you need more.

AGplusone: “Man, be warned by their sharp, white teeth:// Consider their skulls and their other queer features.”

Dehede011: I would love to know where he was pulling those lines from

KultsiKN: I once made a 64K Cobol program for a mcahine having only 32K of main memory, of which 8K was allocated to the OS…

AGplusone: “They’re not of our tribe, with their flame-colored hair;// They’re no sib to us, with their pale, white skins;

Dehede011: Was that as hard as it sounds

aggirlj: Someone was telling me you had to write programs each time you wanted to do something way back when. Each time.

AGplusone: “There’s no sould behind those wild green eyes.// Man, when you meet one — walk widdershin!”

Dehede011: With cards you rubber banded them and filed them

AGplusone: no *soul* not sould

DDENT: and had to repunch everything that had the slightest error

TreetopAngelRN2: Dad had his homework of boxes of punch cards, Lord take you if you knocked a box over…

KultsiKN: And they were right Jane, believe me!

Dehede011: And check cards carefully for damage

TreetopAngelRN2: I think he took us girls along to have someone help carry the cards.

Dehede011: K, I don’t go quite that far back

AGplusone: Strange love poem … last verse, “When they die, they pop, like burst soap bubble // it just dawned on me what the ending in IWFNE symbolises

DavidWrightSr: David. Every time I hear that I think of when The Old Man, Sam and Mary were all made to match as redheads. Mary was the only true redhead IIRC

AGplusone: “(Eight hundred years is their usual span). // Loving such beings leads only to trouble.

AGplusone: “By Heaven, be warned, you rash young man!”

Dehede011: That line makes you wonder

AGplusone: August 1946

aggirlj: brb

DavidWrightSr: I can imagine that those lines gave Robert and Ginny much amusement.

AGplusone: Uh-huh.

Dehede011: At least it turns out well

AGplusone: And now I know why the bubble ending in IWFNE

TreetopAngelRN2: Did you already discuss “The Man Who Traveled In Elephants?”

AGplusone: Hear’s to Jo-anne, and Ginny. Nope, Elizabeth, we have not yet, much.

Dehede011: Dave, I’ll have to look at IWFNE again

aggirlj: b

KultsiKN: Hear, hear! Clink, *crash*

AGplusone: *crash*

aggirlj: *clink*

aggirlj: Just read it E. Cried my eyes out.

AGplusone: I’m going to amend my little essay on IWFNE again.

Dehede011: hear hear

TreetopAngelRN2: *thunk* Ooops, don’t throw coffee cups…

DDENT: I made mine decaf.

TreetopAngelRN2: I cried too Jnae and I knew what to expect! I shouldn’t read that at work!

TreetopAngelRN2: Jane!

aggirlj: Well I kinda’ guessed it but still.

Dehede011: That is why I haven’t reread Elephants

DDENT: so I don’t want to read that one?

aggirlj: Yes you do. Lovely story.

KultsiKN: Duh, E!; you never was on my buddy list!

AGplusone: See, this: http://www.robertaheinlein.com/reviews/books/iwillfearnoevil.ht m on IWFNE

TreetopAngelRN2: One of my patients was awake and asked me if I was okay…I handed him the book…he loved the story!

DavidWrightSr: I blubbered all the way through it. It was so, so appropriate and as I mentioned the copy of Hoag that I have is my most proud possession because she sent it to me.

Dehede011: Dave, wasnt’t the poem about ice skating even earlier than the one we just discussed?

KultsiKN: Good for ya, E! Ain’t that a wonderful feeling?

AGplusone: The symbiotic mind of Jo-Anne is (wasn’t it always obvious) robert and ginny

aggirlj: I marked for later enjoyment.

DenvToday: Tree, it’s one of his most touching. Every time I’ve read it, I’ve welled up.

TreetopAngelRN2: I thought it was neat that I turned an 83 year old on to RAH!

aggirlj: Hear, hear, *clink*

Dehede011: A question for the group. She taught me his writing method. The books I am writing are a continuation on RAH and Homer

DDENT: how do you invite someone? Chuck Krin just got on.

AGplusone: poem about ice skating isn’t published AFAIK, Ron

AGplusone: on a Mac use Cmd-K

KultsiKN: I’ll do that, Fran.

Dehede011: Now, they are both dead. If I can sell them — dedicate them to Robert & Ginny??

AGplusone: Cmd-T, sorry

DavidWrightSr: What’s his screen name?

aggirlj: [oh, boy just figured out another one AFAIK!]

DDENT: krin135

DDENT: thanks

Dehede011: Look at RAH RAH in the Jim Baen Memorial edition

AGplusone: okay .. looking

Dehede011: It is a PB book called a magazine

DavidWrightSr: Done.

Krin135 has entered the room.

aggirlj: Well howdy, they got you in.

DavidWrightSr: Hi Doc. welcome in

KultsiKN: Hi, Chuck!

DDENT: Hey Chuck

TreetopAngelRN2: Hi Chuck!

Krin135: evening all…

Dehede011: Sorry, it is listed in the contents on its own, I think

Krin135: nice timing…

Krin135: another fourminutes…and I’d have been on another name

TreetopAngelRN2: yeah! Good to see your font in here…

DenvToday: Evening

aggirlj: Like it, nice green.

KultsiKN: How about Sarah…

DDENT: looks blue to me

aggirlj: About the color of my house.

Dehede011: brb

KultsiKN: she’s online…

Dehede011 has left the room.

DavidWrightSr: The color of names are assigned randomly except that one’s own appears in red.

Krin135: chuckle…I picked it because it was one that almost no one else used

AGplusone: Well, now that we’ve got one MD and two RNs in the room. “There’s this scab I’ve got that

aggirlj: Thank god it wasn’t yellow, I’m way to old for that.

AGplusone: is bothering me ….”

Krin135: sorry, David…no Mad Doctors here

aggirlj: πŸ˜€

DDENT: Kind of like at the basketball game, we get inundated with curbside consults.

Krin135: and if it’s bothering you that much…then you need to get undressed and lay down on the monitor

Krin135: so that I can take a better look…

aggirlj: LOL

DDENT: hah!

AGplusone: “But, Doc, it hurts when I haveta …”

aggirlj: Keyboard.

TreetopAngelRN2: “Elephants” when he is talking about the fairs, I got excited when he mentioned the rodeo in Laramie…I used to compete in the rodeo in Laramie

TreetopAngelRN2: KEYBOARD!!!


aggirlj: All about the Rose Bowl Parade. He hit every single one.

Krin135: chuckle…

AGplusone: Everyone one ….

KultsiKN: Wait a ‘mo… gotta fill up…

Krin135: as you can tell…

Krin135: I’ve had to put up with that one for a while

AGplusone: In the CD rom dinner theatre, being at a movie-oriented Con, they focused on the Santa Claus Hollywood XMas parade.

aggirlj: Right, that too.

aggirlj: With the dead stars

aggirlj: Or were they at that time?

AGplusone: Bradbury made a nice tribute at the beginning of the dinner theatre. He was MC.

AGplusone: Told everyone about RAH’s role in getting him published for the first time.

TreetopAngelRN2: It would be hard to get a rodeo at a dinner theatre…kinda gross…

AGplusone: Ellison played the Ringmaster (aka the Parade boss)

aggirlj: Only you E. πŸ™‚

Krin135: hmm…..

KultsiKN: Bradbury? REALLY?

AGplusone: Really

Krin135: maybe not, E!…depending on where the dinner was held…

AGplusone: Said, People say Elephants is the closest Heinlein ever wrote to Bradbury.

TreetopAngelRN2: Cool, that must have been quite a show…LOL Chuck!

Krin135: like the Mexicali poker games at some of the rodeos I’ve been to…

AGplusone: I say, said Bradbury, my best is the closest I ever got to Elephants.

Krin135: four guys, last one sitting wins the pot

DDENT: Been to the Houston one?

KultsiKN: Oh Ghod. Really liked some of his when I was young. Just yesterday. πŸ˜€

TreetopAngelRN2: Yuck!

aggirlj: That is so cool.

aggirlj: David, re Bradbury.

AGplusone: yes. I thought is was nice to note.

Krin135: chuckle…and they even made a good movie out of The Illustrate man

AGplusone: They wove in a few tributes to Ginny in it, making it obvious that Ginny was Martha.

KultsiKN: ‘The Martian Chronicles’ for me.

AGplusone: Nice adaptation. It pleased Ginny, because she wore out the tape nearly. Sent me to the tape to put on a CD rom so it wouldn’t wear out further. Which is why I have a copy of it.

AGplusone: Before Linaweaver got around to making his own CD.

aggirlj: Cough, sniff, here’s to love!

TreetopAngelRN2: To Love! *crash*

KultsiKN: Anytime, Jane! Hear, hear!

DenvToday: Hear hear!

AGplusone: Time Enough, again, now! *crash*

DDENT: crash

Krin135: aye…even now…

aggirlj: *click*

KultsiKN: Ahh… Bowmore, a nice, smoky single malt…

AGplusone: I think Linaweaver’s CDs are probably better than the copy I have. He must have the masters.

aggirlj: Water, cleansing.

aggirlj: From last night’s wine, need cleansing. Good wine.

DavidWrightSr: Are Those available David?

AGplusone: But mine (er, my backup copy of Ginny’s) is pretty good.

Krin135: plain water here…curtesy of the bria

AGplusone: He was handing them out, or selling them, at LosCon this Thanksgiving.

KultsiKN: Ag, you might need, errrh… additional backup?

aggirlj: So brag already πŸ˜›

AGplusone: a 465 mg .aiff?

TreetopAngelRN2: I’m about awake enough for a quad latte!

DavidWrightSr: It would be great if we could get them to give with new memberships like we did with the speech, but of course, we couldn’t if they were too expensive.

AGplusone: We could ask Linaweaver. He’s a member of the Society, which is why I have his address, etc.

aggirlj: Okay, okay, where do I get that E!, can’t see it here in the recipe book, omygod.

TreetopAngelRN2: speaking of which, I need to send some money…

aggirlj: Perks up.

AGplusone: He participated on the panel we had at LosCon, probably will on others.

TreetopAngelRN2: Jane four shots of espresso and some warm milk!

aggirlj: Got it.

Dehede011 has entered the room.

Dehede011: back,

TreetopAngelRN2: …to The Society or you guys might kick me out.

AGplusone: PayPal on the website now, Elizabeth.

aggirlj: <<<<<<<< slide >>>>>>>>> Here ya’ go.

AGplusone: Ain’t getting no more checks signed Virginia Heinlein to support the Society.

TreetopAngelRN2: Will have to mail it…

KultsiKN: PayPal pthuuuuie—–>

TreetopAngelRN2: Thanks, Jane

DavidWrightSr: Aw, you had to go and say that and make me tear up again.

AGplusone:I’m shameless. that’s what Ginny liked about me.

TreetopAngelRN2: I’m keeping Ginny in my Buddy List…ya never know.

Krin135: won’t even go there, David

aggirlj: David, email me about “volunteer”

AGplusone: okay …

KultsiKN: Ag, we had this diss about sharks the other day…

AGplusone: we need to start up a series of reminder letters. Should I have her read about Maureen helping Doctor Johnson collect first, Chuck?

aggirlj: she’s on the list for the Lanai, Don’t take it off.

Krin135: I’m changing over to aim here i na minute…

Krin135: hmmm…sounds like I need to re read that bit…

AGplusone: okay …

AGplusone: part when she dues all the patients who haven’t paid her daddy’s bills

Krin135: chuckle…

AGplusone: dunes

AGplusone: duns

aggirlj: 3rd one.

AGplusone: Third time’s the charm

TreetopAngelRN2: πŸ˜€

Dehede011: She was Astyanax, what would be his screen name?

KultsiKN: BTW: for which years did I pay, Dave?

Krin135: sounds like we are going to end up with our own Names on the Roll call who ‘aways answer’

AGplusone: charter and this one, 2003, K

KultsiKN: She was also SAcademic.

aggirlj: Right.

Dehede011: Yes,

Dehede011: But what would be his name??

Krin135: what else?

Krin135: Lazarus’ Father

Dehede011: ??

AGplusone: [speaking of which, there’s a certain doctor whose registration I haven’t seen yet.]

Dehede011: LL

aggirlj: [baited breath/anticipation]

Krin135: or LongFamily

AGplusone: By the way, you have John Atkinson’s address, don’t you, Chuck?

DavidWrightSr: You will note that in the logs, I always changed SAcademic to SAcademy. I explained to her that I did that just to try to help keep that name private.

aggirlj: Very nice.

Krin135: not his snail/APO mail yet

AGplusone: He sent me some old crests and I want to repay him by registration and dues, but I need his address.

Krin135: I do have an email for him

aggirlj: ga

aggirlj: I thought it was another stab at RAH email addy.

AGplusone: No, I need a street addy. I’ll wait until he posts it, unless you get it first.

Krin135: and I just recently decided to join, which is why you haven’t seen them yet, David

AGplusone:shameless me

Krin135: Roger Young isn’t taken

Krin135: or at least has no profile

Krin135: neither does Juan Rico

AGplusone: John’s a nice kid. Hope he keeps his head down.

KultsiKN: Me too!

TreetopAngelRN2: me three!

aggirlj: John’s how old, somehow I read him older.

DDENT: I think all of us feel that way.

Krin135: David, when did you do basic?

Krin135: he’s 26, IIRC

AGplusone: Ord

DavidWrightSr: Which David?

aggirlj: Thanks Chuck.

Krin135: no, when?

AGplusone: 60

Dehede011: A buddy of mine disappeared. He is a Captain shooting Patriots. Now I hear the papers say they are active in Israel

TreetopAngelRN2: I have to go to work folks…have a wonderful weekend!

Krin135: ok…did mine at Lost in the Woods, Class of 79

Dehede011: Be good E

Krin135: later, E!

aggirlj: Nice seeing you E!

DDENT: Good evening E

DenvToday: Night E

AGplusone: Leonard Wood … heard it was very muddy

KultsiKN: Nite, E!, take care!

aggirlj: brb

DavidWrightSr: Fort Jackson, August 1962 for me. Waited until I finished college.

AGplusone: nite Elizabeth

Krin135: He knows what the risks are…

Dehede011: Yes, it is down in Arkansas

TreetopAngelRN2: Night!

TreetopAngelRN2 has left the room.

Krin135: and he will work to minimize them

aggirlj: b

Krin135: back in a few…

Krin135: Fran, I may need a lead back to the room…

AGplusone: talk to him about OCS, did you, Chuck. A couple years I think, but he’s only got til he’s twenty eight.

Krin135 has left the room.

DDENT: Ok, when he IM’s me, you guys need to tell me how to invite him

AGplusone: okay … tell us, and I’ll pop him in

DavidWrightSr: Done already

KultsiKN:sometimes trying to minimize ’em is not enough. Hope he keeps his head down…

Krin135 has entered the room.

Krin135: ok…back, thanks both Dave and Fran

aggirlj: Wb

DDENT: ok, I got it

AGplusone: I’ll repeat something you missed:

DDENT: welcome back

Krin135: ga

DavidWrightSr: Are you strictly on AIM now Chuck?

AGplusone: “talk to him about OCS, did you, Chuck? A couple years I think, but he’s only got til he’s twenty eight.”

Krin135: I’m on aim on this sn

Krin135: downloading mail on the other

DavidWrightSr: Were you on AOL before?

Krin135: mmm…not sure he’s interested in a commission, David

LanaiHoward has entered the room.

aggirlj: Hi Howard!

Krin135: suspect he may be heading for WO instead

KultsiKN: Hi, Howard!

Krin135: hi, Howard

AGplusone: His daddy’s a CWO, so he’s bound to reflect that.

LanaiHoward: Hi all.

DDENT: Hey Howard

AGplusone: Still, and all …

Krin135: and I don’t think that he’s got any college yet

AGplusone: harder and harder to find warrants spots for combat MOSs

LanaiHoward: Finally got to a discussion group! Ummm…Between Planets? I was so eager to log in I forgot to look (blush)

Krin135: mmm….

DDENT: no, he told me he dropped out of college

DenvToday: Hiya Howard

Krin135: not for Engineer, Flight or Medical types, David

DDENT: partied too much, and he had a near perfect SAT.

KultsiKN: In mem’ry of Ginny this time, Howard.

AGplusone: But his Engineer is combat, not construction

Krin135: or if he goes maintainance

AGplusone: right

DavidWrightSr: He’s certainly well read.

DavidWrightSr: To Ginny. Raise them high!

aggirlj: I’m going off for a moment. Trying to install MT-Newswatcher withMSN being down last night and most of the day and my mail server is not beingac

LanaiHoward: Excellent, then. Indeed, probably more important than any single work.

KultsiKN: Hoch!

AGplusone: *click* and raise high …

aggirlj: back in a flash.

Krin135: Here,Here

aggirlj has left the room.

Dehede011: hear hear

DenvToday: clink!

DDENT: *clink*

DenvToday: *crash*

LanaiHoward: *clink*

KultsiKN: *crash*

Dehede011: Guys & gals, loved talking to you but I have to go.

Krin135: chuckle…Fran, could you change to something besides the yellow please?

Dehede011 has left the room.

DenvToday: Take care, Ron

AGplusone: Do they still have the 10-series alternatives to getting a NG commission?

Krin135: the little blue A in the bottom will help

LanaiHoward: even a martini *clink* if that was her preferred tipple (shudder)

DDENT: I’m on basic black Chuck, comp illiterate

AGplusone: He could go that route …


Krin135: ok…

DDENT: try this

DavidWrightSr: Is it her name you are seeing in yellow?

DDENT: Is the blue better?

Krin135: NG comission?

AGplusone: ARNG

Krin135: ah…

Krin135: ok…have had one of those, and a full reserve comission

AGplusone: 10-series used to be correspondence courses

AGplusone: 20-series was company level

Krin135: your name is still yellow, and I see where that’s assigned

KultsiKN: Fran’s name wiil stay yellow until either of you reboot, thx to AOHell…

AGplusone: 30-series was field grade

AGplusone: etc.

Krin135: ok…

Krin135: understand now

DDENT: I’m sorry. I really have to reboot?

Krin135: will have to go back and look at the ones that I had

Krin135: no, you don’t

AGplusone: 10-series duplicated OCS. Finished it before I attended. Saw nothing new.

LanaiHoward: LOL…my mother was given correspondence CGSC, but was trying desperately to get passed over and get a retirement loophole….I wanted to take the course!

Krin135: I’ll just chuckle…

KultsiKN: No, just shut down chatroom.

DDENT: Oh, ok. Want to invite me back in Chuck?

Krin135: ok

DDENT has left the room.

KultsiKN: I’ll do, Fran.

DDENT has entered the room.

Krin135: sent

DDENT: is that better?

Krin135: ah…a beautiful lady in basic green

DDENT: lol, well, it could be worse.

KultsiKN: Yup, you’re all orange…

DenvToday: The closest I’ve come to military service was when I played a naval Captain in the Cain Mutiny Court Martial. lol

AGplusone: “academically” of course. They can’t duplicate fifty push-ups at a time, and spit polishing floors by correspondence.

DenvToday: Darn, the uniform was pretty.

DavidWrightSr: Your instance of AIM is assigning name colors randomly as people come in. the A button only controls what you are sending.

Krin135: yep…caught that on the rebound

DDENT: I’ll try pink

Krin135: David, Robert had the right idea there in ST

Krin135: bring them all up through the ranks

LanaiHoward: Denv, that poses an interesting challenge — Elvis served (quite honorably, I’m told) as a SGT, but clearly his career demonstrated flag-level navel maneuvers

KultsiKN: Fran, you’re about as pink as Chuck’s name…

DenvToday: lol Yes..well, Elvis was Elvis. lol

AGplusone: Or six TAC officers screaming at you in a circle from three feet: “Do something, Lieutenant, even if it’s wrong!”

Krin135: and they don’t need that crap

AGplusone: I ate it up. Laughed.

Krin135: yep

Krin135: even the RC Officer basic I went to at FT Sam was a joke for some one who was prior service

KultsiKN: That’s what Elvis was: Lt?

Krin135: no, Sgt

Krin135: trained Armor, IIRC

Krin135: but ended up doing the USO routine

AGplusone: No… Elvis was a very favored enlisted man, who made SGT just before he got out, in Europe, but despite that, what I heard from guys who were there, he was pretty good.

DenvToday: I always wanted to serve. My dad was a private pilot…wanted to be a jet pilot so badly I could taste it. But, I’ve been myopic since I was a kid. Not fit for duty.

aggirlj has entered the room.

AGplusone: Tank gunner.

aggirlj: Whoopdedoo!

Krin135: from what folks who knew him said, he went out of his way to ‘be a regular guy’

AGplusone: Was a Sp5 legitimately, which was remarkable.

AGplusone: For a draftee.

AGplusone: Lot of Army PR involved there.

Krin135: my dad was drafted in 51 or so

Krin135: right after he graduated from college

AGplusone: Look, even you can make a success if you’re drafted.

LanaiHoward: ah, the might-have beens if he had been available to do improv while Noriega was in the Papal Nunciate.

Krin135: he chose cook and baker school instead of OCS

DavidWrightSr: Denv. I can sympathise. I always wanted to be a pilot. Joined the CAP. Had AFROTC in college and when it came time to take the medical, my teeth were too badly misaligned to allow me in as an officer of any type. However, no real ..

DavidWrightSr: complaints. I enjoy what I do

aggirlj: Oh no, I stumbled into the barracks, oops sorry.

aggirlj: But I just had a wonderful success in computing David.

Krin135: Denv, as I was told a long time ago…

DenvToday: Same here, David. My dad was very active in the CAP, so was my mom. I remember the nights she’d sit at the short wave monitoring the pilots.

Krin135: The also serve who stand and wait

AGplusone: First thing they did when we were at the Prep School for West Point, was send us to a dentist to fix everything.

AGplusone: Great care. Lasted for years.

KultsiKN: duh! one of my aspirations when young. Never tried it seriously.

LanaiHoward: Gave you the extra sidearm of biting the enemy

Krin135: yep…the point was pretty good at that

AGplusone: Prep school is that thing described in TEFL in “The Man Who Was Too Lazy to Fail”

Krin135: cousin of mine was WPPA Class of 67…two tours VN

AGplusone: Years later I went home to my old dentist, and he looked and said, “Jeez, that’s good work. You really got that in the Army!?

Krin135: and did a tour or two teaching engineering back at Hudson High…

DDENT: I don’t think I’ve gotten to that chapter yet.

DavidWrightSr: We had a ‘prep school’ at Monterey. The captain selected and groomed a number of the enlisted men and worked with them until they were ready to go on to either a real prep school or west point directly. They were not our favorite..

DavidWrightSr: O:-)

DavidWrightSr: people

Krin135: it’s surprising how many folks talk down about the care in the military

KultsiKN: Chuck, what didn’t you do?

DavidWrightSr: David. that reminds me. Was Ginny in a military facility or was it private?

AGplusone: You’ll like the story Fran.

Krin135: but I know of some really dedicated folks who joined

DDENT: I love it so far.

LanaiHoward: I can sympathize with John in a way….starting college, I wasn’t ready for it. Luckily, I could reach professional grade in comp sci before the credentials were in, but med school would have been nice.

AGplusone: Private. The retirement facility where she was, Fleet Landing, has its own.

Krin135: Kultsi, I never bummed my way across the country

Krin135: but have enough of a gift of gab that I can work with almost anyone

DavidWrightSr: I wondered. that Fleet name had me thinking that it might be military.

DDENT: well, we’ve noticed that Chuck, lol.

AGplusone: I’d have been your favorite, David. They kept pushing me there, so I didn’t start a mutiny.

Krin135: might have turned ito a bar tender…

Krin135: if I hadn’t gotten into med school

AGplusone: Me and Sergeants didn’t get along.

KultsiKN: A much safer occupation, they tell me…

AGplusone: even when they made me one, briefly

Krin135: Sgts usually treat ossifers like wives treat husbands…

Krin135: ref Sgt Jelal

DDENT: Less hassle and worry.

Krin135: than bar tending?

Krin135: not always sure…

DDENT: Yes, with the legal atmosphere these days.

Krin135: btw…

Krin135: Catch me if you can is a decent movie

AGplusone: Remember Space Cadet, when Wong tells Matt about how you can’t be too smart …

AGplusone: it’s not true, but it’s got some truth in it.

AGplusone: You have to learn tact, and be real careful.

DDENT: My walking partner described it to me, said it was great.

Krin135: true, esp if you are so smart that you let your book knowlege over ride your common sense

LanaiHoward: depends, I suppose, on the specialty. Psychiatry isn’t always that high risk (although reimbursement is a problem)…but I tend to regard most physiatrists as people who wanted the intensity of psych…

AGplusone: yes, Chuck, for sure

LanaiHoward: but weren’t smart enough to spell it

KultsiKN: Chuck, all too common…

Krin135: now Howard….

Krin135: some of us crosstrained in some of that stuff

Krin135: find a book called “The House of God” by a S. Shem

DDENT: I think we have that one on the shelf.

LanaiHoward: I do know one or two good ones. Most, however, seem to awake from their naps long enough to tell the PTs to handle the situation.

Krin135: it’s a bit dated right now (describe’s Nixon’s resignation as a contemporay event

AGplusone: It’s always a race between them that say, “Let’s put bars on this kid’s shoulders” and “Let’s fuck up this smart ass kid.”

LanaiHoward: Yup, it’s a good one. Although I’ve always cherished the comedy in Nolen’s _Making of a Surgeon_.

Krin135: but much of the stuff about the stress of internship still reads true

Krin135: did you know that he was the Dr. X of “Intern?”

AGplusone: forgive my French

DDENT: I think we have all of them on the shelf.

LanaiHoward: Nolen?

Krin135: AG, that was what I faced when I joined the Guard

Krin135: until we had our first Class A inspection

Krin135: and they saw the flight wings and the little maroon ribbon with the six white stripes

DDENT: All the doc books. They tend to be given as gifts πŸ™‚

DenvToday: My dad used to say there’s nothing quite so dangerous as a second lieutenant with a a map.

AGplusone: Yeah, You out soldier them, and they leave you alone.

AGplusone: Make them look good.

Krin135: yep…he also wrote another one, “The Making of a Patient”

Krin135: about his experiences as an Oncology patient

DDENT: I haven’t seen that one.

Krin135: it’s been out about 5 years now, Fran

LanaiHoward: I may be confusing the latter with another physician-patient. I know I have his “Baby in the Bottle”.

DDENT: AFter we get off I’ll go look in our library, or rather husband’s library.

AGplusone: [that helps too. they kept asking me: where’d you get that ARCOM, and what does the V on it mean?]

jilyd has entered the room.

KultsiKN: Hi, Dee!

Krin135: and P. Klass (who used to do a column in the AMA news) has recorded her feelings about being a peds resident, and later about her first years as an attending

Krin135: hi, Dee


DenvToday: Hiya Dee

aggirlj: Hi Dee, thank God.

LanaiHoward: Gotta admit I tend to turn first to “A Piece of My Mind” when the new JAMA arrives.

jilyd: Hi, All.

DDENT: my father in law confiscates all the JAMA’

KultsiKN: A mess, Jane?

DDENT: so we don’t read them.

LanaiHoward: confiscates?

jilyd: Jane, I’venever been greeteed that way before. πŸ™‚

aggirlj: Oh, babe, I need to put me feet in a bucket.

DDENT: well, appropriates I should say.

Krin135: lol…I need to pay my dues to the AOA and the ACOFP

DDENT: He is retired and doesn’t get them anymore.

DDENT: Dues were a fortune this year!

aggirlj: Those combat boots are tough.

LanaiHoward: I thought they had a retirement rate, about like student?

AGplusone: ‘ … whereas $35 is a mere pittance … ‘ he said, whistling and looking around.

Krin135: which boots?

DDENT: Not sure if he is cheap or what. But husband doesn’t read them much, reads the ENT stuff, so sends them home with dad and he tells him if anything interesting is in it.

aggirlj: Oh, oh, me, ah . . . . you know running back and forth getting you guys drinks.

Krin135: chuckle…I’ve had reservations about NEJM and JAMA

DDENT: $35?

Krin135: ever since I found out that they refused to publish the first paper on gall bladder surgery here in the US

LanaiHoward: Interesting…those two and Diabetes Care are the ones that I subscribe to in print

AGplusone: Back to Elephants and Ginny …. anyone read it for the first time ($35 is Heinlein Society annual dues)

aggirlj: Me, me, me,

Krin135: going to try for 6xH on ABE or ebay tonight

LanaiHoward: Obviously I read it the first time the first time I read it.

Krin135: got my credit card back

jilyd: Well, once upon a time, it was the first time.

DDENT: I actually got a lot of 10 off of ebay, to be shipped today.

aggirlj: Howard, I manged to install MT-Newswatcher all by myself!

Krin135: great…

DDENT: credit card problems?

LanaiHoward: excellent! I just wish its filters were more reliable.

Krin135: no, theft problems

AGplusone: How does it stack up as a tear jerker compared to The Long Watch … one subject is war, the other is loss, but they’re both about love of family in a sense.

DDENT: oh no! That must be a hassle.

Krin135: had the jimmy broken into the day I left LC last

aggirlj: Filters, I don’t even know how I managed to get this far.

Krin135: no, got it back…

LanaiHoward: I never really thought of Elephants as a tear jerker…more as a celebration

AGplusone: It is, howard, but I tear up when I read it.

DDENT: Where was it?

Krin135: why MTNewswatcher and not Agent if you needed a news reader?

DDENT: At the hospital?

aggirlj: What a party, yes. But brings the tears of joy.

Krin135: at the Holiday inn

DavidWrightSr: It was for a sentimental old fool like myself. The celebration of joy was what did it.

DDENT: Terrible.

AGplusone: Macs use MTNewswatcher unless we want to emulate Windoz

Krin135: ah…ok…

DenvToday: Yes, a celebration. Much the same reaction I felt in TEFL.

Krin135: understand now

LanaiHoward: and thinking about it, I’ve not quite treated Long Watch that way…to borrow from SiaSL, it was like the Old Ones’ arrangement of emotions in tragic necessity.

DavidWrightSr: Dora’s story was the other one I thought of immediately on hearing the sad news.

AGplusone: Agent’s not bad. Just a PITA to crank up Virtual PC for just one thing.

DenvToday: I’ve always felt that “The Highlander” owed a debt to RAH

Krin135: Howard, I’ve got to agree with you there

KultsiKN: Agent’s good!

Krin135: how so, Denv?

AGplusone: But Jane will probably have to use VirtualPC for accounting programs so she’ll probably give FreeAgent at least a try.

DenvToday: They explored much the same territory as TEFL…Dora. An immortal staying young while his beloved ages and dies.

aggirlj: Slow but sure, small steps, tip toeing my way through this new world. Fun!

AGplusone: Wish they made Agent in a Mac version.

Krin135: which program is she going to use, AG?

KultsiKN: Ehhh… The free one ain’t got filtering for CryoBBY…

Krin135: there was a greek myth on that one…

LanaiHoward: Chuck, it seems a more …hmmm….is voluntary the word I want? Version of the Meiji rescript “Death is lighter than a feather, duty is heavier than a mountain”

aggirlj: Quick Book 2000

AGplusone: she’s newbie… trying stuff. Ask her

AGplusone: whatever her clients use sometimes

aggirlj: QuickBooks 2000??? Use it at work.

aggirlj: Windoz.

Krin135: ok…Intuit used to have a port of Quicken for the mac (it started out on the Apple IIe)

aggirlj: 2002??? God, something like that.

Krin135: have they kept that up?

AGplusone: Full Mac versions of Intuit still exist.

LanaiHoward: yes, still there from Intuit, although not completely full featured

aggirlj: used Quicken don’t like it as much.

AGplusone: maybe they’re not full … I dunno

aggirlj: Anybody remember ACPAC?

LanaiHoward: Mostly current Quicken lacks in the online banking, credit card, etc.

aggirlj: I’m using in my dinosaur, 486, 1984 editiion. If it ain’t broke . . . .

LanaiHoward: also can’t export to QuickBooks

DenvToday: Call me paranoid, but I dislike having my financial records on my hard disk.

AGplusone: Partition your drive

aggirlj: That’s why I use the dinosaur.

DDENT: I back up everything on floppy and paper.

KultsiKN: Don’t fix it. Sorite, Jane.

Krin135: Something to that effect, howard

AGplusone: Keep all the internet on one side, put the financial on the other.

aggirlj: Exactly.

Krin135: sorry, boys were at the door…seems the youngest one left his blanket

aggirlj: Oh, it was fun, and girls too?

DDENT: Awwww

DenvToday: Well…it’s not only that. I never want to make it too convenient for the IRS. Just in case.

AGplusone: oh, well, then . . . πŸ™‚

aggirlj: You are right in my world DenvT my sentiments exaclty.

DenvToday: Not that I don’t pay my taxes completely. It’s just that you never know…

Krin135: ok, so use a Zip drive, Denv

aggirlj: “completely” uh huh.

DenvToday: lol agg

DenvToday: Well…let’s just say, I pay more than my fair share. lol

DDENT: Tell me about it.

AGplusone: I always love the portrait of Deety and Jane, and wonder how much of that Ginny was.

aggirlj: LOL

AGplusone: In Number of the Beast

Krin135: working on that much here too, Denv

DenvToday: lol

KultsiKN: The best they get is…. nuttin.

AGplusone: Thinking about the time the IRS showed up at Robert’s doorstep in Santa Cruz and he told them to go back and get a warrant.

DenvToday: Good for him!

DenvToday: I hope Mrs. Heinlein was behind him with a shotgun.

Krin135: good news is that does limit what they can look for

jilyd: Yeas, goos for him. Don;t think I have ever heard or read that story.

aggirlj: Oh, she was there.

Krin135: and it does give you time to back up your files

DDENT: lol, before you delete them?

KultsiKN: BUT… With the realities, the do get something. Hopefully lees than an arm. And a leg. Or any other appendicies.

Krin135: bad news is that if you do “delete’ files

DenvToday: Lazarus always had a convenient weapon under his kilt. I was never quite sure where he kept it.

Krin135: it tends to piss them off

DDENT: and banks have records

aggirlj: Just a tad??

DDENT: we just grimace and pay out the kazoo.

Krin135: hmm…not all docs work with just checks and insurance, Fran

aggirlj: What you mean we, kemosabe?

Krin135: I know several that give discounts for cash

DDENT: true, but we deal with very little cash.

Krin135: yep…

aggirlj: [David did I spell that right?]

DDENT: and our computer systems preclude any doctoring the books.

KultsiKN: And no receipt, I gather…

Krin135: think ‘plastics’

AGplusone: It’s noted in that essay in the Wall Street Journal on our website, Dee. The “Conservative Heinlein” … the WSJ obviously loved it.

DenvToday: I find that most service people, i.e. plumbers, repairmen, painters, etc. are willing to discuss the price if you’ll pay cash.

DDENT: which is good. Ah, yes, well, I’m sure they have it pretty good.

DDENT: As for we Jane, I meant our family.

Krin135: and as long as you don’t need a reciept for some other reason

AGplusone: https://www.heinleinsociety.org/conservativeview.html

aggirlj: Oh, I thought it was the general we.

KultsiKN: And still no receipt.

DDENT: My poor son one year had to pay estimated taxes on his college account. Not lately, unfortunately though

aggirlj: Oh man……

DDENT: And he’s only 12.

DenvToday: Wow

DDENT: But not since the market has been in the gutter

aggirlj: I do taxes. You want me to do your taxes.

KultsiKN: Sue Them!

DenvToday: I can see them now…guns blazing, confiscating his piggy bank…

DDENT: No thanks, I have a very honest and thorough accountant.

Krin135: Jane, if you were closer, I’d hire you

aggirlj: Not solicting really . . . just stating general you.

Krin135: I need a good bookkeeper

DDENT: lol, Denv.

AGplusone: Jane’s a very honest, thorough accountant

LanaiHoward: *sigh* I’m cleaning up years of screwed up taxes….but the state won’t take the federal withholding records — insisting on paper W-2’s, on back order from SSA…and can’t do later Federals without the state data

DDENT: If you were closer, it would be a good idea. I don’t know if I should volunteer to help chuck.

aggirlj: I don’t want to break any rules here. But I am available.

DenvToday: I admire honest accountants, i.e. those that are honest with me. But I don’t mind if they’re a bit…um…skeptical about our tax laws.

Krin135: working on that here too, Howard

aggirlj: creative is the word.

LanaiHoward: but Jane, aren’t you already married?

DenvToday: Good word!

Krin135: need to go back to the general form 1040 used in 1916…

aggirlj: No Howard.

DDENT: I finished my 940’s and 941’s, W-2’s and 1099’s. Yea.

Krin135: *one page* of instructions

LanaiHoward: oh….available available!

LanaiHoward: as well as available πŸ™‚

aggirlj: πŸ™‚

Krin135: hmmmm….

aggirlj: Oh the mystery of life . . .

KultsiKN: Good! Jane, I have this life all free….

DDENT: OH dear, now guys quit salivating.

Krin135: Jane, are you stuck in one place? or are you interested in moving?

AGplusone: yeah, but imagine me as a brother-in-law … I’ve been a great drag on my sister’s social life for years

DenvToday: I found out early that saying I’m a lousy estimator doesn’t go down well with your average IRS employee.

aggirlj: πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

Krin135: :-*

DDENT: incorrigible

aggirlj: Really now!

aggirlj: :-[

Krin135: no…no corridors around here to be in…

LanaiHoward: actually, I’ve found, more often than not, the IRS to be halfway reasonable if (1) they think you are trying to work with them or (2) the return is so old they just want to clear it.

DDENT: are we the only females in here Jane?

jilyd has left the room.

DenvToday: 😎

AGplusone: Until Dee gets back “jilyd”

AGplusone: Dee’s a lawyer in Alabama

Krin135: and if you don’t pyramid

aggirlj: Yeah, it’s been rough for a while.

DDENT: I see know problem with being a bit creative with the accounting but my accountant frowns on that.

jilyd has entered the room.

jilyd: Reminds me of my mother’s saying that you can prove or disprove anything with the bible or accounting.

AGplusone: wb, Dee

aggirlj: Wb Dee.

DDENT: Ah, thank goodness Dee!

DenvToday: Lana, I had an audit six years ago. I showed up in a threadbare sports coat and my most disreputable pair of shoes.

jilyd: Typical AIM “bump.” Grrrr.

AGplusone: Now you are the Three Musketeera again

aggirlj: Uh huh.

LanaiHoward: I have _enough_ losses from last year. I definitely need some income! Yet I keep getting contracts about to complete in a week…in two weeks…in a month

DenvToday: I do remember the agent was professional, but didn’t chuckle at all when I referred to our meeting as a proctological exam.

LanaiHoward: when ex#2 worked for Peat Marwick, one of the senior managers showed up to the holiday party in a T-shirt saying “tax accountants do it in complex ways.” I’m told this did not encourage his being offered partner.

jilyd: We don’t need numbers, AG. Don’t you know one woman coun “outnumber” a whole bunch of men? In volume, at least.

aggirlj: Toast time: To the woman who brought us all together here in such wonderful compliment, Ginny!

jilyd: πŸ™‚

DenvToday: Hear hear!! *clink!*


Krin135: Clink! CRASH!

AGplusone: In quantity of thought too, frequently.

LanaiHoward: They said it well in Space Cadet: “Mother of Many”

AGplusone: and quality

DavidWrightSr: Hoch!

KultsiKN: Price tag week as month/1, two weeks as month/1, a month as month/.5….


DDENT: uh, brb, have to break up WWIII over a bag of chips….

AGplusone: *clink*

Krin135: lol…

Krin135: I’m heading to get some grub and a fresh drink…

DenvToday: *crash!*

Krin135: back in a bit

KultsiKN: Hear, hear! clink, *crash*

Krin135: got it saved as a short cut now

AGplusone: put boy in barrel, girls in bag

Krin135 has left the room.

LanaiHoward: I really have to go grocery shopping…getting very creative with what’s around.

aggirlj: Water, I need more water. *clink* crash*

DenvToday: Don’t forget to nail the top of the barrel.

DDENT: lol, girl is 100miles away, this is just boys.

KultsiKN: Faucet, Jane, faucet! (One item I dissed w/ yr bro in depth the other night…)

DenvToday: I hope you have a good supply of mace or pepper spray on hand.

DDENT: it is ok. they don’t get chips often and both took SAT today, one for Duke talent search, one for real.

aggirlj: I gotta’ hear that. Put’s me in mind of Faultey Towers a very funny BBC show, don’t know why.

DenvToday: Wow, takes me back. 1971.

DDENT: And husband is watching a Disney movie, go figure.

AGplusone: well, another three hours … almost done?

DenvToday: Yes, I must be going. Guests will be here in about an hour.

AGplusone: Dave Wright. You need log copy?

aggirlj: Yes, time to fix something to eat and feed the animals.

jilyd: I’m done for. Good night everyone.

DenvToday: Wonderful having this opportunity with you all.

aggirlj: By Dee.

aggirlj: Bye

DDENT: goodnight

DenvToday: Good-night to one and all.

jilyd has left the room.

aggirlj: Good Night Ron

DavidWrightSr: Yes. I got booted at least once. I’m watching Fawltey Towers in about an hour and a half from now.

DenvToday: Take care. I look forward to the next one.

LanaiHoward: Fran, Pinocchio would make excellent sense for an ENT

DenvToday has left the room.

aggirlj: Close enough, you know the one DW.

DDENT: lol, right! But this is Monsters inc.

aggirlj: So I am leaving now. By all. It was great.

DavidWrightSr: night Jane.

DDENT: goodbye

KultsiKN: Me & Dave were talking about Finnish and Japanese, in which language ‘hana’ stands for ‘nose’ while in Finnish that’s ‘faucet’.

aggirlj has left the room.

KultsiKN: S******it

DDENT: Could be a problem….

KultsiKN: Who ya reffin’ to, Fran?

DDENT: The language differences.

DDENT: Don’t mind me, doing too many things at once.

LanaiHoward: g’night.

DavidWrightSr: Night Howard

DDENT: NIght Howard

LanaiHoward has left the room.

KultsiKN: Yup, only in this instance it was sort of personally hilarious: I’ve been referring to my nose as ‘hana’ for years, and then I learn that in Japanese my word for ‘faucet’ actually means ‘nose’…

DDENT: Ah, I see.

DavidWrightSr: Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between them, they both run πŸ˜‰

DDENT: LOL, we have a toy that is a nose with legs and moves, called a runny nose.

KultsiKN: That’s why I called my proboscis that way in the first place…

AGplusone: I had a little problem. See if the second try worked, attachment, David

DavidWrightSr: Hang on.

AGplusone: .aim document

DDENT: well, I’m going to go check some mail. Have a good night.

DavidWrightSr: Night Fran

AGplusone: G’nite Fran, glad you came

DDENT: thanks.

DDENT has left the room.

DavidWrightSr: It appears to be coming in now David

AGplusone: Check the end. Couldn’t believe how badly garbled the last one came out.

KultsiKN: Is it living in the fridge?

AGplusone: aim came up with a new revision. Works weirdly. Must have been left in the fridge too long.

DavidWrightSr: David I’m not sure I got it all. The second try brings up my buddy list instead of showing text.

KultsiKN: Anything by AOHell’s been somewhere much too long.

AGplusone: Ah, shit. I’ll try another way.

KultsiKN: D’ya guys need a save?

DavidWrightSr: Thanks. Just in case, kultsi, you might send me yours too

KultsiKN: Will do.

KultsiKN: Saved as of right now. the only thing miising is my time frozen…

DavidWrightSr: Thats’ probably ok. I don’t think I missed much and you probably got that part. If not, Kultsi’s will be able to fill in.

KultsiKN: ’twas ’bout haf’ way thru.

KultsiKN: Gonna send’em over right away.

DavidWrightSr: Thanks

DavidWrightSr: Log officially closed at 8:14 P.M. EST
Final End of Discussion Log

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