H4H Report 11-4-2017

H4H REPORT November 4, 2017

The Heinlein for Heroes program continues shipping SF books to deployed soldiers, veterans, military families and VA centers all over the world.  In October we shipped 180 fanzines to the 5 VA centers in the Chicago area in addition to our regular shipments.  H4H has become one of our most popular programs.  You can help us with this program by sending your extra books to John Seltzer at the address shown on this page.  You can also buy books from eBay and have them shipped to John Seltzer and that way you won’t need to box and ship yourself.  We need paperbacks, but can take any books.  Recently we shipped 60 lbs of children’s books to Operation Paperback, another military book program.  Have a Boy Scout in your family?  Ask the Scouts to have a book collection drive and ship them to us.  I can arrange to pay for shipping costs.  Total shipped: 15,569.

Thank you from Site K

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