Neal Stephenson Named 2018 Heinlein Award Winner

The Heinlein Award selection committee has chosen Neal Stephenson to be the 2018 winner. Stephenson is an eclectic writer, working across several sub-genres of speculative fiction (usually with a noticeably “hard S-F” edge), and is prolific in technology writing as well. He’s also a consultant for Heinlein Prize (awarded by the Heinlein Prize Trust) award winner’s Jeff Bezos commercial space start-up Blue Origin.

The Heinlein Award is presented annually at Balticon, and is administered by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society (BSFS) with the support of The Heinlein Society, who funds half the cost of the Award. The Heinlein Award committee is an independent committee founded by the late Yoji Kondo, Ph.D. with the blessing of the late Virginia Heinlein in 2002. It is awarded, “For outstanding published works in science fiction and technical writings to inspire the human exploration of space.” A list of past winners can be found here.

Mr. Stephenson is unable to attend Balticon this year, and his award will be accepted on his behalf by his editor, Jennifer Brehl.

The Heinlein Society congratulates Mr. Stephenson on this honor.

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