The ROBERT A. HEINLEIN 1941 DENVENTION GoH SPEECH is available to Heinlein Society members for donations of $50. Payment can be made via PayPal or by sending a check to the Society at:

The Heinlein Society

3553 Atlantic Avenue, #341

Long Beach, CA 90807-5606

This was the third World Science Fiction Convention. It was held in Denver in 1941. RAH’s speech is titled THE DISCOVERY OF THE FUTURE.  A few lines from the REQUIEM version of this speech follow:

“Here in my hand is the manuscript of a speech. If it works out anything like the synopses I have used, this speech will still be left when I get through…

…I was told that there was no time limit, so I assumed that he wanted my usual three hour speech. Or perhaps, we can just keep going until the hall is cleared.

All I really want to do is to hang around as long as I can, watch the world unfold, see some of the changes – what they really are — that suits me.”

In addition to THE DISCOVERY OF THE FUTURE cd (currently only available in cd format) which will come via USPS we’ll also send a copy of A REVISED TRANSCRIPT OF ROBERT A. HEINLEIN’S 1941 GUEST OF HONOR SPEECH by David E. Wright Sr. originally published in HEINLEIN JOURNAL #22 via email.

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