Baycon 2003

Heinlein Society


Memorial Day weekend 2003, San Jose, California

reported by Geo Rule

David Silver and Bill Patterson at the Heinlein Society table

The Society made a strong showing at BayCon 2003 (Memorial Day weekend) in San Jose, California, this year, presenting three well-attended programs. “Heinlein’s Women,” on Saturday evening, and “Heinlein Juveniles,” and “Heinlein 101” on Sunday, were clearly appreciated by the audiences. As is usual with THS-run panels, one hour was just not enough to do the material full justice, and conversations (not to worry; no blood was spilled) continued out into the halls afterwards. Six new members joined.

A large and loud group of THS’ers continued the fun on Saturday night with a convivial dinner at a local establishment.

The Blood Drive was a great success, with sixty-five pints donated the Stanford University bloodmobile, with several volunteers remaining when they ran out of supplies .

Members in attendance over the course of the weekend were: Fred Moulton, John Strickland, Robert James, Bill Patterson, Deb and Geo Rule, Dave Jennings, Brad Lyau, and David Silver.


Heinlein's Women panel Bill Patterson, David Silver, Robert James, Geo Rule, Deb Houdek Rule






Panel audience












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