A Guided Tour of the Heinlein Archive Part 2

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A Guided Tour of the Heinlein Archive
guided by William H. Patterson, Jr.

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Introduction and Captions by William H. Patterson

Several pictures were found hanging on a wall in the manuscript room.  This one seems to be an artists conception of Gay Deceiver from The Number of the Beast, though the [artist]-esque background suggests it might be an illustration of something from Time Enough for Love or possibly one of the World As Myth books.  The artist’s signature is unfortunately indecipherable.


Another "tribute," possibly contemporaneous with the MidAmeriCon in 1976. Heinlein's own characters -- Lazarus Long and Star are identifiable -- plus others (are those Star Trek characters at the top?) look on while 6 year old Robert Heinlein plays Tarzan naked in Swope Park, Kansas City.

And we continue across the wall. There is only a strip of wall available, less than 2.5 feet wide, between floor-to-ceiling shelves. A shot from Apollo 13 (I think) and some of the 18th century books from the South Seas collection.







Both the Heinleins were fond of astronomical art. The bottom picture appears to be Chinese calligraphy -- a particular fondness of Heinlein's. Incidentally, the calligraphy is hung sideways -- it should be hung vertically.

More astronomical art. You can see photos of these pictures hung in their dining room at Bonny Doon, here.




















 You can see photos of these pictures hung in their dining room at Bonny Doon. here.

Astronaut Ed White gave the Heinleins several autographed pictures









More astronomical art. When Ginny moved to Florida, she did not have room to display everything, so some of it wound up at the Archive.












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