Robert and Rex Ivar Heinlein at the Naval Academy

Robert A. Heinlein and Rex Ivar Heinlein, Jr. at the Naval Academy at Annapolis

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Robert A Heinlein 1929

Robert A. Heinlein
United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, class of 1929
“He does have uncanny ability to do those things which to others seem impossible.” – Lucky Bag, 1929

1927 Fencing Tema

Robert A. Heinlein, winner of the 1927 Epee medal, back row, second from right

“…the foil was a lightweight toy, a fake sword with a limber blade that bent at the slightest pressure. The stylized imitation swordplay that used the foil was about as dangerous as tiddlywinks… It was made for him. The highly artificial rules of foil fencing gave great advantage to fast reflexes and a sharp brain, both of which he had.” –from “The Tale of the Man Who Was Too Lazy to Fail” from Time Enough For Love by Robert A. Heinlein  Fencing team in 1926

The Masqueraders was a drama society. The play they performed in 1929 was “The Devil in the Chase”. Of this play was said, “This year a departure was made from the thread-worn mystery and crime play, with the subsequent loss of female characters, a fact deeply regretted by the admirers of pulchritude… Truly fantastic and unreal, the devil, of course, but none the less and interesting and deeply involved theme… The Masqueraders have established an enviable reputation which is to be guarded with jealousy…”
Masqueraders 1929

Heinlein Lucky Bag page

Rex Ivar Heinlein, Jr.
(older brother of Robert)
March, 21 1905 – August 21, 1976

Rex Ivar Heinlein Jr 1927After graduating from the Naval Academy, Rex Ivar changed to a career in the army, where he served until the late 1950s.

Rex Ivar Heinlein 1927

Rex Ivar Heinlein bio 1927

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