Happy 115th Birthday to Robert A. Heinlein

Happy 115, RAH!

Robert  Heinlein was born on 7/7/1907.  For a man that has been dead for for over thirty years, he is still having an impact on Science Fiction.  The above photo of Robert and Ginny was taken on the front porch of their Bonny Doon home.  Please leave us a message with how Robert has impacted your life!

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  1. roger says:

    The first novel I ever read was Rocket Ship Galileo by Robert A. Heinlein, when I was about 9-10 years old. I was immediately hooked on Heinlein and reading and science fiction, and inspired to study science, math and engineering. To this day all my interests–movies, books, models, space, etc., flow from that beginning.

  2. Winterborn says:

    I wouldn’t be the author I am today, let alone have my love of Sci-Fi like I do if it wasn’t for RAH. I am a combat vet and SST was required reading. Stranger in a Strange Land made me realize what it means to Grock something. His views on society and politics helped shape my views and how I look at things. He was a true visionary and the amount of authors, scientists, and engineers you name it that he inspired is about as close as you can get to immortality.

  3. Doug Fort says:

    I taught myself to use a slide rule after reading Heinlein juveniles. Now, as an old man, I think that Kip’s father in “Have Space Suit Will Travel” is one of the great characters in literature. He was a true libertarian.

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