Scholastic and Academic


Vision Statement

That Robert A. Heinlein be recognized world-wide as a literary figure of the first rank, whose works will continue to have relevance to the human condition for as long as man strives to better himself and the lot of his fellow man.

Mission Statement

1. Promote the widespread dissemination of quality existing scholarship on the life and career of Robert A. Heinlein.

2. Promote the creation and widespread dissemination of quality new scholarship on the life and career of Robert A. Heinlein, both in basic research and analytical scholarship.

3. To prepare and maintain a Heinlein Research Guide to include the following:

a. Bibliography of existing Heinlein scholarship

b. Concordance of Heinlein works

4. Support the Society’s “Heinlein Award” for hard science-fiction.

5. Pursue the publication of a complete collection of the works of Robert A. Heinlein, including rarities that have not generally been available to the public.

6. Cooperate with, and support the activities of, the Heinlein Archives at University of California Santa Cruz.


Vision Statement

That Robert A. Heinlein be recognized as an early visionary leader in the effort to move the human race into space, ensuring an unlimited and prosperous future for all mankind, and the recognition that his contributions in this area are still felt today and will continue to be felt as humanity spreads out through the cosmos.

Mission Statement

1. Educate the public on the role of Robert A. Heinlein in inspiring the generations of Space professionals that took us to the Moon, and continue to lead efforts to take humanity to the stars world-wide.

2. Support the efforts of the Heinlein Prize Trust ( to encourage the development of Space by entrepreneurs, with the goal of opening up Space to the masses.

3. Engage in aggressive outreach to the Space professional and enthusiast communities to create a broad pool of Space expertise within THS to advise the Board on the Society’s efforts, and represent THS in communicating the Society’s goals to their colleagues.

4. Create a recurring “Heinlein Space Conference” to encourage scholarly discourse within the new academic specialty of “Space Studies”.