June Blood Drive Update

By Carlin Black

Anime Boston reported 37 donors with 3 Double Red for a total of 40 Units of blood affecting 120 recipient lives. Kudos to John Hodges and The Red Cross. KublaCon reported 38 donors with 5 Double Red for a total of 43 Units of blood affecting 120 recipient lives. Kudos to Carlin Black and Vitalant!

Upcoming drives will be at LibertyCon, BayCon, “WorldCon,” and Dragon Con. Volunteer ribbons, and other SWAG are being sent. DragonCon has requested “Bloody Hero” ribbons for Double Red donors. 300 are being provided at no cost to Alan Koslow, the Coordinator at DragonCon.

THS Donors will will be recognized with an SF pin Thank You card and ribbon on the Donor Wall. Send a donor selfie and USPS address to for recognition swag. You can credit a Con (or not) and any THS member is eligible!  Help us beef up the wall!  First time donors will be featured.

*Note on donations vs. units.  Double Red or Power Red donations use a machine to concentrate red cells in the donation to twice a whole blood donation. Therefore these donations count for two units.

HELP WANTED! A Facebook user to engage with new likes on the Blood Drive Page to get them more involved with the Society and Paying It Forward through donating and recruiting donors. Email to learn more!