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or choose an amount... A used paperback costs us approximately $1.00 plus shipping costs, and we welcome each and every one you can contribute!

A program for placing books, especially Heinlein books, into the hands of active military personnel—particularly those deployed—their families, and into the hands of veterans in veterans’ hospitals.

Organizations already exist who identify military commands and hospitals with a declared desire for various kinds of reading material. Science fiction is one category always in high demand.

What H4H does:

  • Acquire copies of Heinlein novels
  • Coordinate the sending of boxes of books to appropriate locations. They are sent only to places that have asked for them.


If you have new or almost-new copies of Heinlein books you would like to donate, we can take care of the rest.

The need for Heinlein paperbacks to send to our troops now for the holidays is urgent! Send your good condition Heinlein paperbacks to:

Heinlein For Heroes
2906 Alvarado Dr.
Bellingham, WA 98229

If you have some other SF titles in the mix, that is okay; we can send those, too, though our focus is on our namesake. We will also take cash, of course.

To contact Herb Gilliland and other H4H coordinators email:

To send money: mail a check to
The Heinlein Society
3553 Atlantic Avenue, #341
Long Beach, CA 90807-5606

with a note that it is for books, or you can send money directly from your bank account or credit card using the PayPal link on our website.

Herb Gilliland
Heinlein For Heroes Coordinator

Herb Gilliland, a former naval officer, is Professor of English at Robert Heinlein’s alma mater, the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. He is a member of the Heinlein Award Committee, which each year recognizes distinguished science fiction writers with a silver medal. To commemorate Heinlein’s 100th birthday, he designed and taught the first-ever college course devoted to Heinlein. That began a series of science fiction courses there, of which he will be teaching the latest one this coming Spring. His first appearance in print was a letter to John Campbell in Astounding; his most recent book, on the African cruise of the sloop USS Constellation on the threshold of the Civil War, will be “launched” by a celebration aboard that ship in Baltimore this December.

Since our launch at LoneStarCon August 29, 2013 donations are starting to flood in, books and cash for books, to go to our troops and veterans! But we need more. We started with a legacy gift of $1000. Since then we've received:

H4H Report 11-4-2017

H4H REPORT November 4, 2017

The Heinlein for Heroes program continues shipping SF books to deployed soldiers, veterans, military families and VA centers all over the world.  In October we shipped 180 fanzines to the 5 VA centers in the Chicago area in addition to our regular shipments.  H4H has become one of our most popular programs.  You can help us with this program by sending your extra books to John Seltzer at the address shown on this page.  You can also buy books from eBay and have them shipped to John Seltzer and that way you won’t need to box and ship yourself.  We need paperbacks, but can take any books.  Recently we shipped 60 lbs of children’s books to Operation Paperback, another military book program.  Have a Boy Scout in your family?  Ask the Scouts to have a book collection drive and ship them to us.  I can arrange to pay for shipping costs.  Total shipped: 15,569.

Thank you from Site K


H4H Report May 7, 2017

H4H is right on target so far this fiscal year having already completed 200 shipments.  The new total is 10,000.    Do you have extra books that you can send us?  Please ship them to: Heinlein 4 Heroes,  c/o John Seltzer,  2906 Alvarado Dr,  Bellingham,  WA,  98229.   We take cash donations too via this website.  Please look on the home page for PayPal buttons.  We have more thank you letters to share; please click on the following link.

Thank you H4H

Thank you H4H




Shipping to our military veterans continues; we have been fully funded for FY2016.  Thanks to everyone who donated money and books to the H4H program.  Please continue to help us as the program continues to grow.  We have now sent over 8,000 books to our troops all over the world and to Navy ships at sea!  Please click on the links below to view more thank you letters.  YOU MAY REACH US AT

thankyou 9-5-15

Thanksyou 2 9-5-15


We are still busy shipping books to our veterans at their homes and medical centers.  This year we have sent 233 shipments totaling 2,789 books. Overall since program inception we have sent 7,500 books.  Help us.  Send your science fiction books to:

Heinlein for Heroes
c/o John Seltzer
2906 Alvarado Dr
Bellingham, WA 98229

Thank you for supporting The Heinlein For Heroes program.

Hello from Okinawa!

We recently received a package of science fiction books!

I want to thank you greatly for having taken the time to send out these books! I have shared quite a few with other families and have distributed some to the libraries on island.

Once again, thank you very much.

I hope you have a great day. Take care!


I would like to thank you for the books of Science Fiction that you sent to me. We have many vets here that are enjoying them. Please keep them coming, we have a number of vets that enjoy science-fiction.

The Vets of IMPACT


The Heinlein 4 Heroes program has shipped a grand total of 6,459 books.  The program has now hit it’s stride and we know we can sustain shipping 3,000 books and 300 shipments per year. Got any old science fiction books?  Ship them to us and we’ll ship them to people from the military who are asking for them.  Thanks for your support.


This thank you came to Heinlein for Heroes today.  Thanks to everyone that is supporting our H4H program.

November 28


The total keeps growing.  We now have shipped 5,419 books.  Special thanks to Geo Rule, Vice-President of The Heinlein Society; he has donated 195 Heinlein books. You can donate too; H4H needs science fiction books and takes audio books.  Even if well worn or slightly damaged we’ll take them.


H4H Thank You - 031 rev 1


Since the first shipment in November 2013 we have shipped 4,767 science fiction books to the military.  This includes 1,420 mostly hard cover books shipped by The Heinlein Prize Trust.  The Heinlein Society is also pleased to announce the Trust is donating the cost of shipping for the H4H program.  The program is a huge success and the Society board of directors approved H4H for the 2015 fiscal year.  Your donations helped make this happen and we hope you continue “To Pay It Forward” in 2014/2015.


These thank you notes came recently (10-20-2014) as a result of recent mailings of hard covers from THE HEINLEIN TRUST and THE HEINLEIN SOCIETY.

H4H Thank You - 010-1 H4H Thank You - 011-1 H4H Thank You - 012-1 H4H Thank You - 016-1 H4H Thank You - 015-1 H4H Thank You - 014-1 H4H Thank You - 013-1 H4H Thank You - 017-1 H4H Thank You - 018-1 H4H Thank You - 019-1 H4H Thank You - 020-1 H4H Thank You - 024-1 H4H Thank You - 023-1 H4H Thank You - 022-1 H4H Thank You - 021-1 H4H Thank You - 025-1 H4H Thank You - 026-1 H4H Thank You - 027-1 H4H Thank You - 028-1 thankyou944-1 thankyou943-1 H4H Thank You - 030-1 H4H Thank You - 029-1


With the shipment of books going to the VA Hospitals today, the trust has shipped 1,420 H4H books, almost all of them hardbacks, to the the men and women of the armed services.   The books including postage were donated by the TRUST and sent out on behalf of THE HEINLEIN FOR HEROES program.


August 6, 2014

To the Heinlein Society:

>             I am writing this letter as an expression of my thanks, for the books you sent to us, the 108th Sustainment Brigade. In the moments of waiting, as are common in military service, the books you sent us provided many hours of entertainment. I specifically enjoyed Heinlein’s “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”, which was among a large number of books you sent us by various authors. Science fiction is my favorite genre of reading material, and this particular book gave me many moments of lucid introspection as an American.

>             So, thank you very much for sending the books, and I will, as requested, recommend your website and your H4H program to the other units I meet.

Name and address withheld

Thank you H4H program.

H4H Thank You - 009a

Thank you H4H program.

H4H Thank You - 008a

Thank you H4H program.

H4H Thank You - 007a

Thank you H4H program.

H4H Thank You - 006a