Virginia Edition Raffle Nears Deadline for Entry

We are nearing the August 31st deadline for entry into our raffle for a Virginia Edition of Heinlein’s collected works (which by the way, also includes some stuff most of you have never read, including two volumes of the best of RAH’s letters, one of which is dedicated to his fascinating correspondence with John W. Campbell, Jr., editor of Astounding). Winning this raffle would also entitle you to free access to downloads from the online Heinlein archives, which consists of scans from the manuscripts and correspondence held by the physical Heinlein archives in possession of UC Santa Cruz. There’s some really cool stuff in there, and if you were to find a copy of your own fan correspondence with RAH in there, well let’s just say you wouldn’t be the first to do so. One Heinleiner friend of our acquaintance refers to the VE and the associated free access to the Heinlein archives as the “El Gordo” of the Heinlein world. You’ve still got until August 31st to get your raffle entry to be included for a chance by resuming your active membership in the Society.

Everyone with an active regular or life membership on August 31st (aside from supporting members and the Board of Directors) gets an entry in that raffle. NEW FIRST TIME members get a SECOND entry in the raffle as well.

The winning raffle entry will be drawn live during our online annual meeting on September 10th.

And if that’s not enough, if you activate your membership (whether new or returning) by August 31st, you’ll also be in line for a near term delivery of your membership card (see examples here)!

There’s no better time to join or rejoin THS than right now.

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