So that's why they call it Black Friday
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Author:  PeterScott [ Thu Nov 22, 2012 6:55 am ]
Post subject:  So that's why they call it Black Friday

In the you-gotta-be-f---ing-kidding-me department, is planning a deployment worthy of a presidential visit to secure stores against post-Thanksgiving shopping violence. I suppose this is the inevitable outcome for the Idiocracy-meets-Mad Max riot that day has turned into.

Author:  JamesGifford [ Thu Nov 22, 2012 7:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: So that's why they call it Black Friday

And it's in pursuit of crap - really, crap. Stores haven't sold real loss-leader items on BF for a number of years now. It's low-grade substitutes, the kind of things where one letter in the TV model number means a huge difference in features, image quality, etc. (Hint: you're not going to get the 1080p TV with 40 inputs and every streaming service known to man that seems to be the item... it's a downscale model, sometimes specially made or shipped here only for such sales, that has a C in the model number instead of an A, and is 720p, has 10 inputs, no antiglare coating, no stand, etc. In other words, it's worth a little less than the bargain, froze-your-butt-for-two-hours price you paid.)

You have to compare model numbers etc. very carefully on this stuff. Anyone who's shopped for a new TV in recent years knows that a "model S1000" represents two, three, five different models sold in a range of places with a wide range of actual features and specs. The $1500 version at Best Buy is NOT the same as the $800 model at Sam's Club.

It's evident to anyone who's looked that there ARE no real BF bargains any more. It's just a shuck, and with very very few exceptions you can get better bargains in the traditional ways. Stay in bed and enjoy your turkey hangover.

You don't need all that crap anyway.

Author:  RobWright [ Thu Nov 22, 2012 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: So that's why they call it Black Friday

I have used Black Friday on a couple of occassions, last year I ended up with a good deal on a Brother dual side laser printer and a Western Digital 3 TB external hardrive, $250 total for both items. Sometimes you can find a good deal on luggage and I have been known to stock up on some clothing items, sleepwear, etc. I refused to stand in line for hours, I've never waited more than fifteen minutes for a place to open.

Last year in Alamogordo NM the local Walmart had to have the police deal with customers who pulled knives on each other over 600 thread count sheets.


Author:  PeterScott [ Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: So that's why they call it Black Friday

Author:  Ackeera [ Tue Dec 20, 2016 5:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: So that's why they call it Black Friday

I often buy things on sale, but Black Friday is not a favorable place for cheap shopping)

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