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Errors and Omissions, Volume 1 of the Bio 
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Heinlein Biographer

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Post Re: Errors and Omissions, Volume 1 of the Bio
Bill -- in a 1979 letter to Kingsbury enthusiasing over "Moon Goddess," Heinlein refers to Cornog as a "former friend." I was more impressed with "Courtship Rite," which I read over again every few years.

I have never run into any explanation for the rift in the 1960s.

I'm not so sure that Heinlein cut people any more than is usual for long-lived people who are much in the public eye. It might be more that several of the people Heinlein ceased to make time for grumbled about it excessively -- FJA a classic example.

There are several examples where one or both of the Heinleins told a person, "if you do thus and so" (one example is to publish am article that accuses Heinlein of being a hypocrite) "I will consider that an unfriendly act, and I won't do any further business with you." And the act was done and Heinlein stopped doing business. I'm not sure this quite qualifies, though it is certainly posed as if it did.

I can't quite understand why anyone would expect to continue being treated as a friend when they (a) do unfriendly things and (b) are told upfront that the act will wound their "friend." but do it anyway.

Possibly bearing on this situation, I have found in my own life that I will say in a temperate, reasonable voice on multiple occasions, "what you are doing is [offensive] [wounding] [something else] to me, please stop or do something else" and am completely ignored. At some point I have had enough and let them have an earful -- at which point they act as if this comes completely out of the blue and is unreasonable on my part.

I don't tend to hang around with people who enact this pattern over and over.

Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:44 pm
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Post Re: Errors and Omissions, Volume 1 of the Bio
My mother seems to think that the rift between Cornog and RAH was political and tells a story about this that must have been told to my parents by Corson or someone else because I am sure that they did not witness it. My parents drifted away from Heinlein after he married Ginny and his politics began to shift, but there was never any big break-up.

@Bill - my mother seems willing to connect with you. She is enjoying the book and says that she thinks you treated Leslyn quite accurately. My father, Henry Sang, died in 1981 (within a week of Corson's death in WA, I believe) and my mother remarried five years later. We all live the in SF Bay Area, where I grew up. May parents moved up here @1950 so my father could work at SRI.

My mother's given name was Grace, which she disliked, and when she met RAH he said she wasn't a "Grace" and said he would call her Long-haired Cat or Cats (they all liked cats.) This eventually turned into Cathy (which she also disliked) or Catherine. She was always Catherine as I was growing up, but in recent years she has gone back to using Grace.

Also, it was HER apartment in NYC that she shared with Jerry Stanton and Sturgeon ... apparently SHE wasn't too concerned about laws concerning miscegenation. ;) But then that was during WWII, as opposed to the late 40's when Ginny was supposedly worried about it; I have to figure there was a somewhat different attitude during the war ... more of a "live for today" kind of a feeling ...

Under corrections: I noticed that Sturgeon only appears in the index once (my mom has my book, so I can't be sure) whereas there is at least one other reference to him that is apparently not indexed ... when RAH has someone else (Campbell?) tell Sturgeon that there is no room for him. (I find Sturgeon interesting, so I had immediately looked him up in the index.)

Mon Sep 27, 2010 7:00 pm
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Post Re: Errors and Omissions, Volume 1 of the Bio
Ooops ... I didn't mean miscegenation. :lol: Simple cohabitation among unmarried mixed gendered adults will do.

Mon Sep 27, 2010 7:30 pm
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Post Re: Errors and Omissions, Volume 1 of the Bio

Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:11 am
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Post Re: Errors and Omissions, Volume 1 of the Bio
Actually Doog was an AKA for my father ... they were Doog and Dugan as a couple. His full pseudonym was Septeen Doog ... I am really not sure how that name came about, perhaps my mother can explain. I have seen letters in which he signed off as Doog or just a large "D".

I know my mother said she'd be interested to talk with you, she may have been thinking more about a phone conversation. I'll ask her about it. In the meantime we can plan to have you contact me through Facebook or the email I gave you with the friend request if you find yourself coming to the Bay Area.

~Hilary Sang

Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:19 am
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Post Re: Errors and Omissions, Volume 1 of the Bio

Tue Sep 28, 2010 5:07 pm
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Post Re: Errors and Omissions, Volume 1 of the Bio
I'm in the process of compiling a list of corrections (including one received from Jim Gifford in email this a.m.) to send to David Hartwell for a presumptive second impression. Once I get it finished, Ill post bits and pieces here.

Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:45 am
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Post Re: Errors and Omissions, Volume 1 of the Bio
The system is still not letting me log in, so I have to do this the hard way.

Here are the corrections I'm about to give David Hartwell. There are 11 pages of 12 pt. type, so this is going to take several postings. As you can see, a large number of these corrections are essentially copyediting that should have been taken care of three galley sets ago but weren't.

p. 3 1 2 Italicize “The” in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

40 6 1 Change “junior year” to “senior year”

50 2 11 Change “Middies” to “mid.” Also please check consistency of initial-
capitalization; in most places it’s “mid” with minuscule. Finally, how
about moving the “middie” vs. “mid” footnote from Chapter 5 (p. 504) to
here, first occurrence of the term? [also note initial minuscule in footnote]

52 11 Remove superfluous period at end of line that begins “Publish orders.
March . . .”

54 2 6 Replace “He” with “Robert” [or whatever you believe is correct for this
place -- presumably “Bob” or “Heinlein”]

65 2 3 Replace “1926” with “1928”

82 7 2 Initial cap “Academy”

85 Paragraph 1 is illusory. Three-line indented block quote should be
integrated with the continuing paragraph at start of page and the concluding
text in the margin following. Eliminate block indent and float.

92 2 Initial cap “Midshipman” in “Corps of Midshipmen”

105 This is awkward. The whole paragraph is out of sequence because Teague left in August 1928 -- i.e., back to p. 98. Minimum change would be to
eliminate “That spring,” change “diminished” to “diminishing,” put a
period after “further,” change “‘Woody’” to “(Woody)” [that is, elminate
the quote marks to be consistent with Arwine’s nickname, below],
eliminate “when,” eliminate “before graduation” and replace with “in
August 1928.” Following “stock market” and before the period, add “, and
John S. (Whitey) Arwine discovered an unsuspected heart murmur and was
let go in the spring of 1929.” Eliminate “The world of 1929" and replace
with “The end of the 1920's.” Those three lines probably expand a bit (I
make it a line and a half) and so affect the following page as well, but
should now read as follows:
Heinlein’s small circle of friends was diminishing even further,
Elwood (Woody) Teague left the Academy in August 1929 to
take up a career in the stock market, and John S. (Whitey)
Arwine discovered an unsuspected heart murmur and was let go
in the spring of 1929. The end of the 1920's was thoroughly . . .

122 4 6 Change “Whitney Vanderbilt” to “Vanderbilt Whitney”

122 4 11 Change “would naturally” to “might naturally” QUERY: Do we want to address Jo Walton’s buffoonish and highly unprofessional objection to this point on She has casually misread her biographical source,
which says nothing at all about Millay’s whereabouts in the period between
1929 and 1931.
I am of two minds about this. First, unfortunately, The Internet Is Forever,
and that congeries of her mistakes read as errors on the book’s part is going
to come up on Google searches “forever.” (The one actual error will be
corrected infra). On the other hand, it’s not something I am professionally
compelled to take notice of, and her complaint itself is so full of obvious
factual errors she is unaware of that it might colorably be regarded as
falling beneath the radar of a credible criticism.
So I leave it up to you. If you deem it necessary, I will draft a footnote
explaining that a criticism has been raised, though the ground for the
criticism is somewhat ambiguous, as the biographical source cited does not
contain the information on which the objection is based.

148 1 7 Change language: “port of a visit by French Academician Robert Esnault-Pelterie, saying he thought . . .”
I thought I wrote a footnote to follow Esnault-Pelterie’s name, but I don’t
find it anywhere. I wanted to note that a late interview with David Lasser,
still at that point editing Wonder Stories, indicates that Esnault-Pelterie was
delayed so his talk was actually delivered by Lasser. I’ll have to dig up the
citation, so I’ll come back to this when I’ve got it.
In any case, the reference citation is to Bulletin no. 5, dated November-
December 1930 and received with Heinlein’s welcoming letter from the
Secretary of the AIS, C.F. Mason, dated 01/27/32.

150 7 Paragraph 7 is illusory -- a three line block indent that should be
reintegrated with the surrounding paragraph, fore and aft, and all “float”
line spaces eliminated.

159 4 1 Following “Coronado” and before the period, insert the following language:
“(Voter Registration records show them at 521 Palm Avenue, a little less
than a block north of Coronado High School)”

244 8 5 Delete “at” before “chez Heinlein” (I thought you had made this correction earlier)

255 3 11 Change “He” to “Heinlein” (or “Robert” or whatever you deem appropriate here)

256 1 8 Delete “On May 29,” and replace with “Between May 27 and June 3,

256 1 11 Delete “‘Never have so few done so much for so many’ radio speech:” and replace with “‘We shall fight on the beaches’ speech to the House of Commons on June 4, 1940.” 256 1 14 At the end of the paragraph, after “home isles” but before the period, insert “‘We shall never surrender.”

268 4 1 There is an ambiguity re pronoun reference. “he”could be Cornog but is intended to mean Campbell. Let’s rewrite a few lines starting from ¶3, line 6: “pregnant technical concept. ‘Such nice ideas he has,’ Heinlein
remarked of Campbell’s weaponized radioactive dust -- but it dovetailed
with a political story he was already germinating based on discussions he
was having with Robert Cornog. The radioactive dust gave focus to the
“In the same letters, he . . .”

That's the first three of eleven pages.

Fri Oct 01, 2010 12:57 pm
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Post Re: Errors and Omissions, Volume 1 of the Bio
Here are pp. 4-8 of 11

282 4 4 Remove a superfluous “the” before “one”

283 2 9 Change “shove,” to “shovel,”

286 6 1 After “accident” insert “[in 1937]” This also entails an alteration to the footnote on p. 554, which I will take up when we get there.

293 3 8 Replace “in dry dock” with “tied up, waiting for repairs, in Pear’s East
Loch” and continue “at the time of the attack.”

315 1 Following “potential friends” insert “(along with Charles G. Finney’s The Circus of Dr. Lao [1935] and an odd little French graphic novel, Private
Memoirs of a Profiteer (M. Scrullionaire), An Animated Cartoon by Marcel
Arnac [1939])”

316 4 3 Replace “AML” with “Naval Aircraft Factory”

316 5 Delete the last two lines of the paragraph and the page, from “He was made” to “under Henry Sang.” This happened later.

10 of Photographic insert. Redo the caption: “Heinlein captured in a hall
conference with his boss, Henry Sang, in the Plastics and Adhesives section
of the Naval Air Experimental Station, about 1943.”

321 6 1 Change “She took” to “Keith took”

333-34 I’ve been trying for the better part of a week to fix this by patching it up, but this isn’t going to work: I’ll have to rewrite at least the last paragraph on 333 and the first on 334, and move a passage from 334 to 335.

Replace the last paragraph on 334 which goes over to 335 with the

The war was again brought home to him personally when Cal
Laning was involved in the Second Battle of the Philippine Sea (also
called the Battle for Leyte Gulf) October 23-26, 1944. This, the
largest naval battle in history, was the Navy’s part in Gen.
MacArthur’s return to the Philippines. Laning was then commanding
the destroyer USS Hutchins in Surigao Strait, between the islands of
Mindinao and Leyte, and ordered his ship in closer, attacking
a force of enemy battleships, cruisers and destroyers,
inflicting on them numerous torpedo and gunfire hits.
These hits damaged the enemy to such extent that his
eventual destruction followed. Commander Laning's
gallant fortitude and conscientious devotion to duty
contributed materially to the victorious outcome of the
engagement and were in keeping with the highest
traditions of the Navy of the United States [footnote --
Language taken from Cmdr. Laning’s Navy Cross
Citation, sent to Heinlein and preserved in the RAH
Archive, U.C. Santa Cruz.]
Hutchins’ courageous behavior on this occasion earned Laning a
Navy Cross and Legion of Merit citation -- and the nickname “Killer
Laning” in press photos.”
Note that all the kamikaze material has been ellided. Don’t delete it --
much of it will be moved to p. 335. Then replace the following paragraph,
¶1 on p. 334 with the following.

But Laning’s “extraordinary heroism” -- “in keeping with the
highest traditions of the Navy” -- was not his main contribution to
this battle. In addition to commending his “indefatigable energy and
inflexible purpose,” Laning’s Legion of Merit citation makes special
note of “expeditious development of certain doctrine and
organization” which “materially shortened the period necessary for
full utilization in combat. In addition he evolved a considerable
portion of the special techniques and training facilities thus further
contributing to its marked success.” This oblique language
circumspectly refers to Lanings work since 1942 in modernizing the
Combat Information Center (“CIC”), which collects and evaluates
and redistributes information about the engagement (“field
intelligence”) while it is going on, to organize the battle plans in real
time. Hutchins had been refitted with the newest CIC equipment in
its last overhaul at Pearl Harbor.
Laning acknowledged to Heinlein drawing on years of reading
science fiction and the speculative bull sessions they had in their
Academy days. “And it works and sinks and shoots down Japs” he
wrote to Heinlein. [footnote] Although histories of world War III
naval engagements pay scant attention to the improvements in CIC
during the war, integrating field intelligence from the new
technologies radar (one of Laning’s specializations) and sonar with
visual data, they do remark often on the surprisingly aggressive --
and successful -- behavior of destroyers in the Battle of Surigao
Strait, one of the four major battles in the Battle of Leyte Gulf).
Laning’s innovative work with CIC put him in the forefront of CIC
development, and he repeatedly acknowledged the role Heinlein’s
fiction had played in the accomplishment, urging his friend, “Save
yourself for some super-stories.” [footnote]

335 2 1 Before the existing “In theory, the demonstration...” insert the following new paragraph 2:

In the First Battle of the Philippine Sea in June 1944 --
sometimes known as the “Marianas Turkey Shoot” -- Japanese
naval air support capability was severely crippled. There were
essentially no aircraft carrier forces available. The Japanese high
command had devised a strategy that struck many people inside the
Japanese government as a corruption and perversion of Bushido:
the “divine wind” kamikazes (named for typhoons in the thirteenth
century that fortuitously drove off invading Mongolian fleets) would
crash their ships into targets -- the WWII version of suicide
bombers. Some of the kamikaze pilots were as young as fourteen.
Some were bolted into their cockpits so they could not escape their
fate. The first regular use of kamikazes took place in the Battle for
Leyte Gulf -- the day after Laning’s night engagement in Surigao
In theory, the demonstration of Japanese fighting spirit . . .
And continue with the old paragraph 2

345 2 2 Delete “Golden Dawn variety” and replace with “system”

347 4 Delete “in Rome” and replace with “in a small town near Lake Como”

347 5 At the end of the sentence, after “lamppost” but before the period, insert the words “in Milan.”

348 1 2 Replace “626" with “478"

359 7 1 Replace “the start of the war” with “April 1943

367 2 4 Replace “half desert” with “half-desert”

372 4 Paragraph 4 is illusory. It’s a 3 line quote that should be blended back into the preceding paragraph with the following 2 lines in the margin, and the float eliminated.

374 1 7 Delete “at” before “chez Heinlein”

377 3 3 “guys like Bilbo” requires a footnote. “Theodore G. Bilbo (1877-1947) was a Senator from 1934 to his death. He was a vocal White Supremacist and member of the Ku Klux Klan. He was re-elected in 1946, but the Senate refused to accept his credentials because of bribe-taking and inciting violence against blacks. He died of oral cancer a year later, his credentials still “on the table” and never having taken his seat for his third term.”

377 4 2 Change “Northrup” to “Northrop” Same at line 5 of same paragraph.

377 4 4 After “stars” and before “jamming” add “nuclear-powered rockets and aircraft,”

406 Paragraph after poem beginning “Of the half dozen” change “half dozen” to “half-dozen”; following “only” delete “half of one was” and replace with “one-and-a-half were”; following the colon insert “‘Why Buy a Stone Axe”
sold to Facts Magazine and was scheduled for the July 1946 issue, and half
of” and continue with “‘Man in the Moon’ appeared...”; Finally, at line 3,
delete “at” before “chez Heinlein”

455 1 11 After “Flit ads” add “and”; after “documentary films” delete “, and the cartoon Gerald McBoing-Boing

455 1 13 After “during World War I” and before the period, add (his Gerald
McBoing-Boing cartoon would first appear in 1950 and 1951)” then
continue with the period.

469 2 1 Change “just go” to “just to”

488 4 9 After “When Aunt Bam” insert “(Heinlein’s great-aunt)”

495 I’d like to improve the ease of using the notes by adding the pages by the chapter title, e.g., “Introduction (pp. 11-16)”; “1. The Heinleins of Butler,
Missouri (pp. 17-23)”

497 n. 28, line 4, change “1976" to “1961"; line 5, change “MidAmeriCon” to
“SeaCon” Add to the end. The full text from Heinlein’s draft is published
in the Nonfiction volumes of the Virginia Edition, and a comparison of four
versions including the full draft text and three shorter versions was
published in The Heinlein Journal, Nos. 15 and 16 (July 2004 and January

497 After title of Chapter 2, add “(pp. 24-32)”

498 Note 14. Delete “First Series” for consistency of format.

498 Note 17. Add to end of note: “James Steinmeyer, who, as of 2010, is preparing a biography of Thurston, was unable to confirm that Thurston used this trick in his how. Nevertheless, Heinlein’s oral recollection, as conveyed by Virginia Heinlein in Taped Interview with Author, Tape 12,
Side A, is firm and unambiguous on this point.”

498 Note 18. Delete “First Series”

499 After Chapter 3 title, add “(pp. 33-47)”

501 Note 37. Change “John Campbell,” to “John W.Campbell, Jr.,” for

501 Note 47. Change “John Campbell,” to “John W. Campbell, Jr.,”

502 After Chapter 4 title, add “(pp. 48-60)”

504 Note 35. At end of note add a continuation of the paragraph: After the initial publication of this biography, a number of people suggested this might be a shifted-substitution cipher, with the “l” unintentionally (?) left
unshifted. That is, the letters in the cipher are substituted for the
immediately preceding letter of the alphabet. Thus “b” substitutes
for “A,” “j” for “i,” and so forth. “Bldjf” is thus “Alice [McBee] -- which
seems to fit the sentiment of the notation.

504 After Chapter 5 title, add “(pp. 51-73)”

506 After Chapter 6 title, add “(pp. 74-86)”

508 After Chapter 7 title, add “(pp. 87-96)”

508 Note 3. Change “John Campbell,” to “John W. Campbell, Jr.,”

510 After Chapter 8 title, add “(pp. 97-109)”

Fri Oct 01, 2010 4:43 pm
Heinlein Biographer

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Post Re: Errors and Omissions, Volume 1 of the Bio
And here are the last pages:

512 After Ch. 9 title, add “(pp. 110-120)”

514 Note 26, line 6, replace “Rhodes Scholarship to him.” with “Rhodes
Scholarship for him.”

515 After Ch. 10 title, add “(pp. 121-125)”

516 Note 2. Delete “First Series”

518 After Ch. 11 title, add “(pp. 126-143)”

520 After Ch. 12 title, add “(pp. 144-157)”

521 Note 11. Some -- but not all -- of this material is duplicative of information in Note 13 of Chapter 8, p. 511. But I am inclined to leave it as is.

523 After Ch. 13 title, add “(pp. 158-172)”

523 Note 3, line 2, replace “2004” with “2009”

527 After Ch. 14 title, add “(pp. 173-184)”

529 After Ch. 15 title, add “(pp. 185-200)”

529 Note 6, after “Campbell” and before “Jr.,” insert a comma

531 Note 32, line 2. Comma after “Campbell” and before “Jr.,”

533 After Ch. 16 title, add “(pp. 201-213)”

535 After Ch. 17 title, add “(pp. 214-223)”

537 Note 20, line 3, transpose “,]” to “],”

538 Note 28, para 3, line 7, delete “First Series”

539 After Ch. 18 title, add “(pp. 224-235)”

540 Note 17, line 2. Insert comma after “Jr.’s”

541 Note 21. Insert comma after “Jr.” and before date

542 After Ch. 19 title, add “(pp. 236-251)”

542 Note 5. Add a new paragraph to the end of the note:
However, Heinlein’s own recollection, in his 10/25/73 letter to
LASFS congratulating them on their new clubhouse, was “I jointed
December 1938 or possibly January 1939,” and in various letters he pegs it
to 1939 (letter to Bjo Trimble, 03/08/62) and “spring 1939” (Virginia
Heinlein letter to Leon Stover, 11/04/85, relaying a note written by

545 After Ch. 20 title, add “(pp. 252-270)”

547 Note 24, line 3, after “identify it.” insert “The story Heinlein is referring to might not even be ‘If This Goes On --’”

551 After Ch. 21 title, add “(pp. 271-292)”

551 Note 7. Put “Doc” in parenthesis, e.g., “A.D. (Doc) Kleyhauer, Jr.,”

554 Note 68. To the end of the note add: “The ‘accident’ was an explosion and fire on Teague’s yacht on September 4, 1937. ‘Trapped Chldren Die in Fiery Yacht Blast.” L.A. Times (09/05/37), p. 1."

556 After Ch. 22 title, add “(pp. 293-305)”

556 Note 17. Delete “dated” [consistent format]

558 After Ch. 23 title, add “(pp. 306-323)”

560 After Ch. 24 title, add “(pp. 324-337)”

560 Note 9, line 7. Initial-cap “Collection”

564 After Ch. 25 title, add “(pp. 338-351)”

566 After Ch. 26 title, add “(pp. 352-370)”

568 Note 45. Following text add: “Virginia Heinlein gave this piece of
Trinitite to her friend Mark O. Martin, who confirmed in August 2010 that
it is still in his possession -- though no longer even faintly radioactive.” 569 After Ch. 27 title, add “(pp. 371-392)”

570 Note 17, line 4, delete “in the first instance”

574 After Ch. 28 title, add “(pp. 393-410)”

575 Note 16, line 1. Rteplace “published” with “wrote”

577 After Ch. 29 title, add “(pp. 411-432)”

581 line 2 on page (of Note 56) after “1954” insert “-- six years after their
marriage” and continue with the closing square bracket

583 After Ch. 30 title, add “(pp. 433-447)”

587 After Ch. 31 title, add “(pp. 448-457)”

590 After Ch. 32 title, add “(pp. 458-473)”

592 After App. A title, add “(pp. 479-492)”

594 After App. B title, add “(pp. 493-494)”

619 Index “Sturgeon.” Add p. 72. Have not checked the index line by line. This was pointed out to me by a Sturgeon fan.

Fri Oct 01, 2010 9:13 pm
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