The Heinlein Society at the 2003 WorldCon. Torcon 3.

The Heinlein Society at the 2003 WorldCon

Torcon 3, Toronto, Canada                                                               Annual meeting report
August 28-September 1, 2003                                                         Heinlein Society Panels
Heinlein Dinner Awards

Heinlein Society at the 61st World Science Fiction Convention

Torcon 3, Toronto, Canada
August 28-September 1, 2003

 The Heinlein Society had a very enjoyable and successful time at the 2003 World Science Fiction Convention, Torcon 3, held in Toronto, Canada.

Numerous new members joined the Heinlein Society. The first Heinlein Awards were presented, and seven well-attended panels were conducted, including one announcing the upcoming publication of a brand new novel by Robert A. Heinlein, “For Us, the Living,” discovered by a Heinlein Society researcher.






Several members were interviewed by various television crews, including Sam Kramer, who was interviewed by a Rochester, New York station. He gave an excellent interview discussing the Heinlein Society, and Robert Heinlein’s works.

Sam Kramer being interviewed





Fran Van Cleve and David Silver discussing announcement of "For Us, the Living"





For Us, the Living



poster announcing Heinlein Society panels






Poster announcing Heinlein Society panels

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