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How to vote for The Heinlein Society Exoworld nomination

(If you’re asking, “Why am I doing this?” You can go back and read our proposal.) Go to http://nameexoworlds.iau.org/exoworldsvote This takes you to the Vote Now Page Read instructions, the scroll down to Mu Arae system Click on orange Vote button Scroll down to proposed names then scroll down until you see: ROBERTHEINLEIN Podkayne Pixel…
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The Heinlein Society NameExoWorlds contest submission completed

The NameExoWorlds contest, organized by the IAU and Zooniverse, recently accepted naming proposals from registered clubs and non-profit organizations. THS selected the Mu Arae system to name. Mu Arae, often referred to by its designation in the Henry Draper catalogue HD 160691, is a main sequence G-type star around 50 light-years away from Earth in…
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