Donate to your hometown library…

Heinlein Society members have donated Heinlein books to small town libraries in Pine City, Minnesota and Bentleyville, Pennsylvania.

Donate to clubs and organizations…

A member recently bought copies of “Farmer In the Sky” to donate to his local Scout troop.

This is a great idea for helping to inspire the leadership of tomorrow. “Farmer in the Sky” takes Scouting to the moons of Jupiter. Look at the themes of the other Heinlein juveniles and see which match your local clubs areas of interest and donate copies. A math or computer club might find the use of binary computers in “Starman Jones” fascinating. A model rocketry group may be inspired by “Rocketship Galileo.”

Support the Butler Public Library…

A significant part of Robert and Virginia Heinlein’s legacy is their support of the Butler Public Library, in Butler, Missouri. This small library in the town in which Robert Heinlein was born is home to the Heinlein Reading Room in the Heinlein Addition, built by donations by Mrs. Heinlein. The library also receives support from income from some Heinlein book titles.

Some Heinlein Society members have supported the Butler Public Library through the purchase of library cards, though none of us live near the library.

Also donated by by Heinlein Society members are a set of the Virginia Edition, and two copies of Bill Patterson’s Heinlein biography.

But I’d like to ask for more support for this worthy library. Please donate books. Library Director, Linda Hunter tells me they accept almost any books, with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other bookstore editions are welcomed. Books need not be Heinlein’s nor Heinlein-related.

As there are quite a few authors in the Heinlein Society, I’d like to ask each of you to send the Butler Public Library a copy of your own books. And be sure to autograph them!

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