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Heinlein Sites:

Read more about the first Grand Master of Science Fiction on the sites reached by the links below. Please remember that the contents of these links are the responsibility of their owners and represent the opinions and attitudes of the owners and not necessarily those of the Heinlein Society.


The Heinlein Journal

The homepage of the premiere magazine of Heinlein scholarship and criticism


The Robert A. Heinlein Information Page

Personal page of David Wright, Sr. dedicated to Robert A. Heinlein. Contains several essays by Mr. Wright


Site RAH: The Homepage for Science Fiction's Grand Master

An excellent Site, home of the Heinlein FAQ. Its author, James Gifford, is one of the first generation of true Heinlein scholars.


The Robert Heinlein Interview

The longest interview Heinlein ever granted, in which he talked freely and extensively about his personal philosophy.


The Robert Anson Heinlein Italian Site

Principale sito italiano completamente dedicato al Maestro della fantascienza (e non solo) Robert A. Heinlein.


The Robert A Heinlein Page by Heribert E. Severing also with German and French translations


Heinlein Works List in German

- Eine vollständige Aufstellung aller Heinlein-Werke, die in die deutsche Sprache übersetzt wurden, zusammengestellt von
Dietmar Rudolph


The Fiction of Robert Heinlein

Michael Main's excellent index of his works, including a listing of magazine and other publications containing them.


Heinlein Juveniles Reviews

Joseph Major's excellent series of reviews of all of the Heinlein juveniles from ROCKET SHIP GALILEO to STARSHIP TROOPERS.


The Picture Page

Faces of fans, their families and, most importantly, their felines.


The Robert A. Heinlein Reading Group

An on-line chat group that meets every two weeks to discuss the works of Robert A. Heinlein, using AIM freeware.


AIM Chat Room

A link to the Heinlein Reading Group's virtual meeting place. Click on the red button to download the AIM software.(Version 9.5.3)

Other versions available at


The Full Story of Roger Young

A particularly notable essay contained on Mr. Wright's page, deserving a link of its own is this by J.C. LeGere.(updated 11/03/2006. Includes link to 1959 West point choir version of ballad).


The Heinlein Journal--On Line Archives

Also, here you will find a beginning of the archives of The Heinlein Journal, which the Society may also expand.


Exposition of Names From Number of the Beast

Complete listing of all of the names found in the Envoi chapter in Beast compiled by the author of the Italian Heinlein Site


The Heir of James Branch Cabell

The winner of the Virginia Commonwealth University's Cabell Prize  2000 Cabell prize discusses the influence of Cabell on Heinlein.


Bill Dennis's Heinlein Site

Libertarianism & Robert A. Heinlein. Bill's views on Heinlein's Politics and other subjects


Heinlein Timelines

by Alberto Monteiro


The Heinlein Book Exchange

Here's your chance to find that Heinlein you haven't read


NASA & JPL pages with direct Heinlein references:

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal - main page - (includes audio and video clips)

"Driving to Elbow Crater" - Apollo 15 astronauts on the moon discuss Heinlein and his story "The Green Hills of Earth"

"Hammer and the Feather" - Apollo 15 astronauts quote from "The Green Hills of Earth"

Article by Major Chris Bohn on "Heinlein's contribution to the real world"

NASA's Biographies of Aerospace Officials and Policymakers - includes bio of Heinlein

NASA's Cosmic and Heliospheric Learning Center - quotes Heinlein on the main page

NASA's Mars Exploration: The Martian Mystique - refers visitors to Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land"

NASA's Mars of the Mind - interactive site aimed at young people, refers visitors to Heinlein's "Podkayne of Mars"

NASA's Space Settlements: A Design Study - listed under References is Heinlein's "Universe and Common Sense," from Astounding Science Fiction, May, Oct. 1941

NASA/JPL press release - includes mention of Dr. Carl Sagen posthumously receiving the Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Award

NASA page on the "INTERNET TOP 100 SF/FANTASY LIST" - lists Heinlein's "Moon is a Harsh Mistress", "Expanded Universe", "Green Hills of Earth", and "Door into Summer"

Q&A with scientist Rachael Mastrapa - mentions influence of Heinlein's "Have Spacesuit, Will Travel"

Marianne Dyson--Ex-flight controller, now SFWAn and children's author talks about how it all started with Heinlein.

NASA History page, "More Favored than the Birds": The Manned Maneuvering Unit in Space by Anne Millbrooke - discusses Heinlein's "Rocketship Galileo", the movie "Destination Moon", and "Have Space Suit, Will Travel"

NASA's Aerospace Scholars Glossary - lists Heinlein and several of his works

NASA's Planet Mars in Popular Culture - an annex off of the Center for Mars Exploration at NASA's Ames Research Center website under a directory called "Fun", talks about Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land"

NASA/JPL Mars Team Online - bio of team member Michael Malin, mentions influence of Heinlein

NASA's We Are Not the First: Space Station History - discusses Heinlein's "Universe"

NASA History: NASA Engineers and the Age of Apollo - mentions Heinlein's "Rocketship Galileo"

NASA/Quest - site answering a question about biospheres on Mars, recommends Heinlein's "Farmer in the Sky"

NASA's Mars Pathfinder (pdf) - recommends Heinlein's "Red Planet"

Malin Space Science Systems - photos of Heinlein crater on Mars

Space Advocacy Organizations:

Space Frontier Foundation -- "Dedicated to the human settlement of space in our lifetime" and counts Robert Heinlein as one of their founders.

Literary & Historical links:

PCA Heinlein Studies -- Heinlein Studies Area of the Popular Culture Association.

The Literary Encyclopedia -- Literature in English around the World. Their insightful Heinlein entry is here. A survey of the Scribner's juveniles can be found here.

American Authors on the Web --A leading web resource for American Authors.

Perspectives in American Literature -- A Research and Reference Guide by Professor Paul Reuben. The Heinlein entry is here.

Centennial of Flight -- Honoring the first flight of the Wright brothers, aviation history. There are references to Heinlein's influence in this essay.

Literary Resources on the Web -- A highly-regarded site maintained by Professor Jack Lynch of Rutgers University.

Major SF/F Collections & Scholarly SF/F Organizations

Heinlein Archives at University of California, Santa Cruz

J. Lloyd Eaton Collection at University of California, Riverside. The world's largest publicly accessible collection of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and utopian literature.

The Science Fiction Foundation Collection Special Collections And Archives Sydney Jones Library The University of Liverpool

The Speculative Literature Foundation -- promotes literary quality in speculative fiction

Science Fiction Studies -- scholarly journal at DePauw University

Center for the Study of Science Fiction at the University of Kansas

The Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation and Fantasy. A reference branch of the Toronto Public Library.

Bud Foote Collection at Georgia Institute of Technology

SF Museum --The new first-class Seattle-based museum.

SF/F Magazines & Publishers

Analog Science Fiction and Fact - hard sf magazine
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Locus - primary news magazine of sf

Asimov's Science Fiction - sf magazine

Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction - sf/f magazine

TTA Press --Publisher of Interzone and The 3rd Alternative

Baen Books -- publisher of many of Heinlein's titles

Del Rey -- publisher of many of Heinlein's juveniles

Atlanta Radio Theatre Company --The  producer of many sf/f stories in fully dramatized radio play format. Their Heinlein collection and future plans, by arrangement with Ginny Heinlein, are here.

SF/F organizations, Authors' pages, Forums

World Science Fiction Society - WorldCon: World Science Fiction Convention

SFWA - Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, links to members websites and online fiction

BSFA -- British Science Fiction Association

Minnesota Science Fiction Society

The New England Science Fiction Association, Inc.

Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society -- the world's oldest continuously active science fiction society

Baltimore Science Fiction Society -- hosts of Balticon

Reading for the Future -- "Encouraging Literacy Through Speculative Fiction"

Golden Duck Awards for Excellence in Children's Science Fiction Literature

H. G. Wells Society --Of the Americas and U. K. celebrating one of the major creative influences of Robert Heinlein.

Arthur C. Clarke Foundation --Advancing the legacy of one of the inspirational greats of the field.

Robert Silverberg --, the Quasi-Official Robert Silverberg website

Gregory Benford --Physicist, space commentator, and hard s-f author.

Theodore Sturgeon: Official Site of the Theodore Sturgeon Literary Trust

L. Neil Smith: Three time Prometheus Award winner for Libertarian fiction

The SF Site: The Home Page for Fantasy and Science Fiction

SFF.Net - Discussion forums plus numerous author's home pages, location of the Heinlein Forum

SciFan - helping readers discover new science fiction and fantasy books and authors - online sf

Market List for Genre Writers

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database

Internet Reference Material

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