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For Us, the Living

For Us, the Living, The last of the wine, or, still sane after all these years by Spider Robinson: Robert Anson Heinlein died in 1988, and his fans have been more than half-seriously expecting him to return from the dead for fifteen years, now.

Red Planet – Blue Pencil

In 1949 Robert Heinlein submitted a juvenile called ‘Red Planet’ to Scribners. They published it only after many cuts and changes in the plot and this is the version referred to as the 1949 edition in this article.

An Angry Fabulist’s Expression of “Rejection Syndrome”

I Will Fear No Evil by Robert A. Heinlein: An Angry Fabulist’s Expression of “Rejection Syndrome” by David M. Silver ©1998, 2002 The novel I Will Fear No Evil was almost fit for publication when in January 1970, peritonitis almost ended Robert Heinlein’s life. Just before hospitalization, he completed the first cut of his draft.…
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Ginny’s Ashes Join Robert’s by Jim Cunningham

Saturday, April 26, 2003, at about 5:30PM PDT, Ginny Heinlein’s ashes joined Robert’s in the Pacific Ocean. Following is an account of that day graciously provided by her friend James R. Cunningham. –Deb Houdek Rule (webmaster of this site) Virginia “Ginny” Heinlein (Virginia Doris Gerstenfeld) April 22, 1916 – January 18, 2003 Deb has asked…
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Spider Robinson Remembers Ginny

from the May 2003 Heinlein Society Newsletter Science fiction author and long-time friend of Robert and Virginia Heinlein was asked to comment on the loss of Ginny for the Heinlein Society Newsletter Today a total stranger on the other side of the continent phoned while I was out to tell me that he’d been camped…
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A Virtual Wake in Honor of Ginny Heinlein

A Virtual Wake in Honor of Ginny Heinlein Saturday 01-18-2003 9:00 P.M. EST Here Begins The Log You have just entered room “The Lanai.” SubCrid Death: Hola DennEditor: Hello newcomers. AGlusone: Always hard to know. Her friend who wrote had been visiting daily and giving some of us a nightly e-mail and altho it wasn’t…
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The Passing of Ginny Heinlein

The Passing of Ginny Heinlein January 18, 2003 A virtual wake was held for Ginny using the AIM Lanai Meeting Room On Saturday Evening 1-18-2003. 36 people attended. Laura Haywood, a close friend of Ginny’s had been reporting daily on her condition. On Saturday Morning 1/18/03 I received the following: Not very much to report.…
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Ginny…In Memoriam

In Memoriam… Virginia “Ginny” Heinlein (Virginia Doris Gerstenfeld) 1916 -2003 Mrs. Heinlein passed away peacefully in her sleep the morning of January 18, 2003. She was born in New York, and married Robert Heinlein in 1948. “…Ginny is a chemist, biochemist, aviation test engineer, experimental horticulturist; she earned varsity letters at N.Y.U. in swimming, diving,…
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Events at Worldcon in SanJose Aug-Sept 2002

Events at Worldcon in SanJose Aug-Sept 2002 Visit to Santa Cruz Library Photos Courtesy of Deb Houdek Rule                                                                          …
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“Robert A. Heinlein: A Conservative View of the Future”

©1985, 2001, by Patrick Cox, originally published: The Wall Street Journal, December 10, 1985. Permission of the author to republish graciously granted The Heinlein Society, July 2, 2001. “Robert A. Heinlein, one of the grandmasters of science fiction, has never had much patience with government authority. An IRS agent who once tried to enter the…
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Heinlein Society – Scholastic/Academic articles ROBERT A. HEINLEIN: MURDER SUSPECT examining Rocket to the Morgue by Anthony Boucher This is copyrighted material and may not be copied or reproduced in any form, including on other websites, without permission of the copyright holder. ROBERT A. HEINLEIN: MURDER SUSPECT by D. A. Houdek and G. E. Rule…
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