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The Heinlein Centennial—10 Years Later

By Keith G. Kato Robert A. Heinlein was born on 7 July 1907 (7-7-07, which he said made him very lucky at craps). One hundred years later, 7 July 2007, was a Saturday, and in anticipation of this weekend date, a small group of intrepid/crazy Heinleiners decided to create and run the Heinlein Centennial in…
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Heinlein Centennial – Day Zero

Below is my trip report of what I took to calling “just partying with 600 of our closest friends”.

Heinlein Centennial – Day One

If Joan Eunice happens to read this account, I’d like to apologize to her.

Heinlein Centennial – Day Two

As Ginny began to read, up came Robert’s voice, and they read together, “This I believe with all my heart”

Heinlein Centennial – Day Three

“2107 in Luna City!” has been one of the recurring battle-cries of the weekend.

Heinlein Centennial – Day Last +1

We’ve already done Union Station, and now we head for Swope Park, featured in Time Enough for Love.