Author: Deb Houdek Rule

Robert and Rex Ivar Heinlein at the Naval Academy

Robert A. Heinlein and Rex Ivar Heinlein, Jr. at the Naval Academy at Annapolis contributed by Deb Houdek Rule and Geo Rule Robert A. Heinlein United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, class of 1929 “He does have uncanny ability to do those things which to others seem impossible.” – Lucky Bag, 1929 “…the foil was…
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Heinlein’s Women: Strong Women Characters in the Heinlein Juveniles

Heinlein’s Women: Role Model Characters in the Heinlein Juveniles by Deb Houdek Rule ©2003 This article is based on a presentation given by me at BayCon 2003, May 24, 2003, in a panel discussion by Heinlein Society members on Heinlein’s Women characters. My portion of the discussion was on the older women characters in the…
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