A Virtual Wake in Honor of Ginny Heinlein

A Virtual Wake in Honor of Ginny Heinlein
Saturday 01-18-2003 9:00 P.M. EST Here Begins The Log
You have just entered room “The Lanai.”

SubCrid Death: Hola

DennEditor: Hello newcomers.

AGlusone: Always hard to know. Her friend who wrote had been visiting daily and giving some of us a nightly e-mail and altho it wasn’t terribly bleak, there were the problems you might expect with recovery from a broken hip …

AGlusone: We were guardedly optimistic.

SubCrid Death: Not quite that “newcommer”. 🙂 (Dan Poore/Nohbody from AFH)

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Musiquelle26: It hit me pretty hard this morning. She was one of the few people connected to the literary world that I felt was not above themselves.

OscagneTX: howdy

aggirlj: Hi there.

Musiquelle26: hey

Dehede011: Hi

AGlusone: She was a very warm person once she decided to be less than formal. Very quick, very bright, and often very amusing to talk to.

AGlusone: And it was always evident that she sorely missed Robert.

Dehede011: What was it she called him once, “Serene.”

AGlusone: She was also very, very generous.

Dehede011: How I would have liked to be a fly on the wall during one of their serious discussions

AGlusone: Actually, I got the feeling they liked to play.

Musiquelle26: She always emailed me on his birthday, even when I switched screennames…that impressed me.

aggirlj: Sounds perfect, I imagine Ginny kept a lot of humor going.

AGlusone: Very happy to be in each other’s company.

Dehede011: With words, ideas etc

Musiquelle26: It takes care about the fans to do that

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siannon secundus: Hello everyone

DennEditor: She kept him alive for so long … how many books would we have never had to read if she had not been there?

aggirlj: Hi.

Musiquelle26: aloha

Dehede011: Oh, since about 1951 I believe

Dehede011: bye

aggirlj: Ron going?

Musiquelle26: Aloha means hello and good bye, I was greeting in turn

Dehede011: NOpe Musiquelle, I believe

aggirlj: Right, never mind.

Musiquelle26: lol

Dehede011: I had forgotten that. It also means I love you

aggirlj: Really

Musiquelle26: and a sharing of hospitality

Musiquelle26: that reminds me of a research project I keep putting off

Dehede011: Yes, when I was in Navy boot camp a buddy of mine and his girl friend had both joined the Navy

Dehede011: He didn’t have much money so he telegraphed the poor girl, “Aloha.”

AGlusone: Hi, Jani

Musiquelle26: looking into the Kingdom of Hawaii movement…learned of it thru Nat’l Geo

AGlusone: early installment of wake

Dehede011: He thought he was being very clever in saying I love you — I thought she probably wondered what the heck

aggirlj: Sounds about right, my reaction too.

siannon secundus: Hi David, I just dropped in to see if anyone was here yet.. may not be around later

aggirlj: I’ve got to put a roast in the oven but I’m staying right here, brb.

AGlusone: We’ll welcome you anyway, Jani, and I’ll pass on your regrets later.

AGlusone: Best to Stephen

Dehede011: A friend on another list emailed to say NASA just announced a dash to Mars — 2 months, 1 astronaut

aggirlj: What timing!

AGlusone: the nuclear rocket is the new that impressed me

Dehede011: Right, that sounds like the one

siannon secundus: Thanks David – Stephen sends condolences, by the way, we’ve just posted to the ng

AGlusone: about time

DennEditor: By 2010, I believe …

AGlusone: Yes, just read it.

Dehede011: But David, you are an attorney, think of the possible thinking behind that one.

AGlusone: Yeah.

DennEditor: … once reactionary Greens hear the word “nuclear” they will start to complain about poluting outerspace …

AGlusone: Bush ain’t serious, so he told NASA to say the scare word, “Nuclear” and expects Congress critters to go bananas

Dehede011: NASA plans two-month manned dash to Mars – theage.com.au

Dehede011: Now, they will forget Iraq

AGlusone: fat chance’

DennEditor: Iraq is toast … it’s just a matter of time

DennEditor: … but this isn’t the place to discuss politics/war …

Dehede011: I agree

AGlusone: Well, spousal overlord unit has ordered me to get a couple hours of rest before the wake so she doesn’t find me laying on the floor when she gets home … so I’m going to be afk for a bit. If someone wants to log if I sign off ..

AGlusone: and email it to … I’ll see it gets in whatever we decide to publish of the wake.

Dehede011: Hey David, thanks a lot

DennEditor: I also must cook dinner ….

DennEditor: so brb

DennEditor has left the room.

Musiquelle26: I’ll stop back in a bit

AGlusone: afk and may sign off to rest the putor

Musiquelle26 has left the room.

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AGlusone: Nite Lisa, stop back if you have time.

AGlusone: Jane, Ron, Don see u all

AGlusone has left the room.

OscagneTX has entered the room.

Dehede011: see you

Dehede011: Yes, we have one hour before the wake begins

Dehede011: anyone still here

Lucylou98: oops, sorry but I was checking dinner…

Lucylou98: Will be back shortly

Dehede011: I am hoping my son brings mine home — I made him a dinner last night that was so good he thought it was his birthday

Dehede011: bye then

Dehede011: brb making tea

aggirlj: I’m baaaack.

SubCrid Death: Heh, I’m just waiting on the other half of the rent-payment source to bring home dinner from Long John Silvers… I’m a lazy cuss. 😉

Dehede011: Hi, aggirl

Dehede011: I haven’t had a LJS dinner for five or ten years

aggirlj: They have Captain D’s here.

Dehede011: My wife was an excellent cook — then she left and I gradually found out I prefer my own cooking. LOL

aggirlj: Understandable.

Dehede011: As a result I don’t eat out much. Excepting — I have a little neighborhood Chinese restauran

Dehede011: Really, when you cook it yourself you make it the way you like best

aggirlj: There are a few here but not that great. What I like is more exotic fare, Tai, and such.

Dehede011: The owner is an excellent chef and a pretty good painter (Chinese style art) to boot

Dehede011: I like Tai

Dehede011: A bit hot but delicious

aggirlj: Some Cantonese was. Story: Eating with large group, everyone talking,brown thingy on plate, long, ask someone if it’s edible, glance over sure,eat it. They’re running out of the kitchen to see what the problem was,very hot.

Dehede011: What I have never tried and want to is a moderately hot Indian Curry

Dehede011: ga

aggirlj: Schecwan???

Dehede011: Yes, some of that is spicy

Dehede011: The owner of my local restaurant has a cute wife. I have known them for about 15 years

SubCrid Death: I’m an annoyingly picky SOB when it comes to food, for the most part. A majority of veggies are right out (fast food fries don’t count as food, let alone vegetables 😛 ), as are many fruits.

aggirlj: I’ll eat just about anything if it’s not dog or cat. Nice to know the owners, get all kinds of goodies then.

Dehede011: I just will tease her by pulling one of those short reddish brown peppers out of my food and eating it

aggirlj: Sounds close to the one I got.

Dehede011: However usually I do this after I have plenty in my stomach and only with half a pepper

aggirlj: Had my first soft shell crab at a Sushi place that someone knew the owner.

aggirlj: Cooked, not raw, thank you.

Dehede011: One day I forgot and teased her with a full one while my stomach was still empty

aggirlj: Ron you are located where?

Dehede011: That was six months ago and I am still making sure my stomach is healed before dipping into the hot food again

Dehede011: Chicago

Dehede011: Skokie actually

aggirlj: Okay. Been to the Southwest?

Dehede011: Corpus Christi and Houston

aggirlj: Okay, so you know about their chilis.

Dehede011: Love Mexican if authetic

Dehede011: Right

Dehede011: And I don’t touch them. LOL

aggirlj: Came from SoCal, first encounter with Tex-Mex, not a pretty picture.

Dehede011: I once visited an indian settlement in Iowa with an indian buddy. His drunk brother in law had me in a corner and dared me to eat peppers with him

Dehede011: I did not deem it wise to lose the challenge. When we ran out of peppers he asked for bread

Dehede011: I grandly said I didn’t need any

Dehede011: This was on a Saturday night — it was Thursday noon before anyone would come in my office and stay

aggirlj: Had to check the roast, reading what I missed.

Dehede011: The green mist brought tears to their eyes

Dehede011: LOL

aggirlj: 😀

aggirlj: Aromatic you say.

Dehede011: It has been described as “Massive Gastric Disturbances”

aggirlj: My dad used to eat those yellow little ones, sweat would break out under his eyes.

Dehede011: Yes,

Dehede011: Funny thing is that if I am left alone I rarely eat peppers

aggirlj: David likes it pretty hot. But as you gain more “experience” your system cannot tolerate as they used to.

Dehede011: I pick them out of my Chinese food — that is why I always have one to tease the Chinese lady

aggirlj: I think we’re hogging the conversation or others are away for now.

Dehede011: I think they are distracted by the scintillating wit of our conversation — or something

aggirlj: My mother’s family came from Kenosha, love Chicago, worked in Gin Jointsas a singer/dancer for mobsters. She’s the one we had the wake for a fewyears ago.

Dehede011: Oh yes, Dave spoke of her once

Dehede011: That is a rough life

aggirlj: Actually they called her “the hay shaker.” Very naive and was treated very nicely by those mobsters.

TreetopAngelRN2 has entered the room.

aggirlj: Hi Elizabeth.

OscagneTX: howdy, E.

Dehede011: During my drinking days I spent a lot of time in bars. You take those waitresses just like anyone else — one at a time

TreetopAngelRN2: Morning, everyone!

Dehede011: Hi Elizabeth

SubCrid Death: Hiya E

Dehede011: Dang, they woke up.

TreetopAngelRN2: I won’t be able to make it tonight…

SubCrid Death: I’m not dead, just resting. 😉

aggirlj: Not a good day E. We’re pre waking it.

TreetopAngelRN2: Okay, I just wanted to come on in

Dehede011: In St. Louis I used to know a lot of guys that were more or less small time professional thieves

TreetopAngelRN2: Sub Crid, are your feet nailed to the bar???

Dehede011: I would make it plain right off that I kept no secrets. Then we got along beautifully

SubCrid Death: *looks down* Not that I can tell… (Dan Poore, BTW. “Dan” will work in a pinch. 🙂 )

aggirlj: They’re just like all of us, a little skewered.

TreetopAngelRN2: Just wondering Dan, since you were just resting…:-D

SubCrid Death: hehe

Dehede011: Hey aggirlj, did we ever decide whether or not

TreetopAngel got a designated memorial bar stool or not?

SubCrid Death: (Truthfully, I’ve watched very little MP. All I know is snippets mentioned online.)

aggirlj: Not yet, let’s vote on it. Mine’s over by the Grand Marnier.

TreetopAngelRN2: HUH?? What you talkin’ bout Ron?

Dehede011: You one of those that like to wander up and down, eh?

aggirlj: Yeah, glad handing it all around.

Dehede011: Well, you are a regular here and just as good as the rest of us. LOL

TreetopAngelRN2: I am a people watcher or like being behind the bar

aggirlj: It’s called the Polo Lounge Syndrom.

Dehede011: I used to stick close to my place but was reknowned for switching drinks

TreetopAngelRN2: LOL!

Dehede011: I went into the bar one night and ran into an old girl friend with one of her girl friends

aggirlj: From Jollywood, Beverly Hills Hotel.

aggirlj: and…..

Dehede011: The girl friend watched me for a while and asked, “Do you never stick to the same drink?”

Dehede011: My old GF said honey he don’t stick to nothing

TreetopAngelRN2: that way you get to taste everything!

aggirlj: Bit of a rounder you say.

TreetopAngelRN2: LOL!!

Dehede011: only that was nothing

TreetopAngelRN2: there’s more???

Dehede011: For about 7 or 8 years and then one day the music stopped

TreetopAngelRN2: What was her name?

Dehede011: I came out of the bars with one permanent liking

Dehede011: I can’t remember except that I suddenly decided it was over

Dehede011: Kathy

TreetopAngelRN2: 😎

aggirlj: Are those glasses E?

Dehede011: I like to dance — I did ballroom dancing for awhile and want to go back to that permanently

TreetopAngelRN2: Yeah, Jane!

Dehede011: But I can do that sober

aggirlj: Ohhhhh. My fantasy, beautiful gown on dancing in Austria in huge ballroom, man in uniform.

Dehede011: Oh yeah, a beautiful waltz.

aggirlj: Exactly!

Dehede011: The sexiest thing is to dance a swing with an attractive lady

Dehede011: That dance contains all the elements, if done well together, to be good lovers together

TreetopAngelRN2: I never had that dream, Jane…would prefer,, you guessed it, a big flashy restaurant with good FOOD!

aggirlj: Swing dancing is an acquired talent. I’ve done B-Bop on down to the present with exception of that smashing thing.

OscagneTX: Personal Impact Time: Off and on since the Reader Group got me into AIM, I’d been looking through the huge font list for a font Mrs. H could read easily (with her eyesight).

SubCrid Death: *looks in his closet for his USN uniform as soon as he hears about Jane’s fantasy* 😀

OscagneTX: I just caught myself doing it again, and realized that I don’t need to anymore.

Dehede011: It is a blast to watch the partners face and see the moment she realises that

aggirlj: 😀

TreetopAngelRN2: It’s okay Osc, she can see everything now!

Dehede011: I like to wear my black tux with black and white accessories.

aggirlj: And she’s with RAH.

aggirlj: Sounds really sharp.

TreetopAngelRN2: And she thanks you for the thought!

SubCrid Death: Heaven must have some obscene (*ahem*) bandwidth, too. 😉


Dehede011: Hey, my son brought my dinner. I will stay on chat but I am toning it down for a few minutes.

aggirlj: Gotta check the roast, brb.

SubCrid Death:

TreetopAngelRN2: sitting in her P.J.’s thinking about getting ready for work!

SubCrid Death: Work? Wassat? 😉

TreetopAngelRN2: that place I live at while awake…

aggirlj: Uhmmmmm good smells.

SubCrid Death: (With how little pay and hours I get, it’s almost like being unemployed…)

aggirlj: You and me boyo. Been a rough one.

aggirlj: But ’tis gonna’ get better. I can only go up.

SubCrid Death: I’m a pessimistic cynic. Every time I think I hit rock-bottom, something comes along to prove me wrong. 😛

TreetopAngelRN2: I better get running…I’ll wave a bottle of rubbing alcohol in the air about 9PM my time in Remembrance…and give hugs to my patient who is on her way out!

SubCrid Death: G’night, E, and good luck at work.

aggirlj: See ya’ Elizabeth, we’ll be toasting about the same


TreetopAngelRN2: G’night everyone

TreetopAngelRN2 has left the room.

aggirlj: She’s a lot of fun. Not many ladies in this group which is not bad for the ones here. Like the odds.

Dehede011: nite E

Dehede011: back, but mouth full

aggirlj: Just about 2 hours to the gathering. Don’t know if I can hang thatlong. There are some things I’ve got to do, laundry, and such. So I’llbe going for a bit but be right back around 6:30. See you guys later.

Dehede011: I thought 7 EST

aggirlj: 9:00 EST.

Dehede011: that would be nine minutes

Dehede011: OOPS

aggirlj: That’s okay, the mountains used to be on the East for me.

aggirlj: Now they’re on the West, somewhat confusing.

Dehede011: Yes, where are you??

aggirlj: CO

aggirlj: Eastern slope.

Dehede011: Like to ski??

aggirlj: Did. Last time I didn’t even stretch, spent 1/2 in powder trying to get out first thing and made the day real short.

aggirlj: 1/2 hour.

Dehede011: I have never skied but if you lived in Co that sounded reasonable

aggirlj: It’s like living in Las Vegas, most people who “live” there don’t gamble.

aggirlj: Lift tickets are very expensive.

Dehede011: Okay, and in Chicago I never go into the loop or Cicero

aggirlj: Have you ever gone to the Greek area for dinner.

Dehede011: 20 years ago. Love greek coffee

SubCrid Death: BTW, for the curious, this is me. Apologies if your monitor breaks because of my picture.

Dehede011: But before I retired I used to hit the North Shore Greek joints with my boss.

aggirlj: Had the Cooks tour from friends who live in Indiana. Love the food. That’s what traveling is to me, eating. I plan on going to New Orleansand plopping down at the first Oyster bar and telling them to keep ’em coming.

aggirlj: Very nice.

Dehede011: I did a job in Vicksburg, Miss. That is where me and oysters first got introduced

OscagneTX: afk

Dehede011: My boss and I were drinking buddies and he was Greek.

aggirlj: Have never been to Greece. Somewhat intimidating since I mostly travel by myself.

Dehede011: He was newly remarried and his bride liked to go with him — she taught me how to pick up girls

Dehede011: LOL

Dehede011: The best approaches I ever heard

aggirlj: Couldn’t learn from a better person.

Dehede011: She was cute and had probably heard them all

aggirlj: Yeah. There are all kinds of interesting methods. The best, as faras I’m concerned, is to just be yourself. I know that’s done to death, butit works most of the time.

aggirlj: Avoids a lot of empty chatter.

Dehede011: Yes,

OscagneTX: b

Dehede011: and best of all the other person can read your realness

aggirlj: Exactemwha.

Dehede011: To do my best let me meet a woman I am smitten with enough to make me a little nervous and uncertain

aggirlj: Keeps you on your toes.

aggirlj: Puts me in mind of “Getting To Know You” from King & I.

Dehede011: And if that were you, you could read that it was important to me in my eyes

Dehede011: But if I was trying to do a cheap shot you would read that too

aggirlj: Easily.

Dehede011: So, let me meet Miss Wonderful

aggirlj: Ever hopeful as we go along.

Dehede011: True

aggirlj: They, the ambiguous theys, tell me when you’re not looking is when you will find it. Hmmmmmm.

Dehede011: BTW, do you know RAH’s first words to Ginny

aggirlj: No, tell me.

Dehede011: Lt., your slip is showing.

aggirlj: Cool.

aggirlj: And she blushed.

Dehede011: They were introduced at work during WWII

aggirlj: Was it “love at first sight?

Dehede011: She hurried off to do something about it.

Dehede011: Don’t know. It might have been, there are a couple of poems by him, but if so it was a while before they turned the burner up

SubCrid Death: Hmm. Either word hasn’t gotten out yet, or none of the news services care. Checking Google News comes up dry for searches on “Virginia Heinlein”.

Dehede011: And she indicated she had a social life out of his circle

Dehede011: That is one of the bad things about our male oriented society

aggirlj: Wasn’t he married at that time or not?

Dehede011: Yes,

aggirlj: It’s got to be on the news somewhere.

Dehede011: They aren’t nearly as likely to pick up her death.

aggirlj: Might be here. I’m in Colorado Springs where they lived, local news just starting. Will check.

Dehede011: I’ll turn on our news radio

aggirlj: Actually still Network, turning up volume and will check when local comes on.

Dehede011: okay

Dehede011: I wonder if it will make the obits in the print media

aggirlj: Can do both. Guess I’m gonna stay for the long haul here. I’m soglad I met you guys before giving up on chats. David was so generous insending me this computer. . . . . It should.

Dehede011: ga

aggirlj: Okay, not up on all shorthand, ga?

Dehede011: ga go ahead

aggirlj: It should make the print media.

Dehede011: I’ll check the Sunday paper later

aggirlj: Got a real rag here, don’t subscribe. Way too conservative.

aggirlj: Besides they can never keep it out of my Rose garden.

Dehede011: You prefer your roses??

aggirlj: Yes staying intact.

Dehede011: Do you have many roses?

SubCrid Death: ABC and CBS’s web sites come up dry, NBC doesn’t have a search engine.

Dehede011: okay

aggirlj: About 25, all on the front lawn, all the neighbors really enjoy it in the Spring.

SubCrid Death: (And all 3 of the main sites have crappy websites that require JavaShi^H^Hcript. 😛 )

aggirlj: I’m gonna check our local news webs. Be back.

Dehede011: I have shrubs and Rose of Sharon (spelling??)

Dehede011: bye

aggirlj: Rose of Sharon is glorious.

Dehede011: I usually cut my neighbors some boquets

Dehede011: Nothing on Fox

Dehede011: bouquets

aggirlj: I let neighbors cut “some.”

SubCrid Death: “some” wound up being half the garden, didn’t it…

Dehede011: As soon as they are coming prime I start getting rid of them. Once they go over the hill I don’t like them

aggirlj: Uh hum.

Dehede011: Reminds me of the cotton fields too much

Musiquelle26 has entered the room.

Musiquelle26: Fair eve to those present

aggirlj: Well no web sites in yellow pages.

aggirlj: I’ll try browsing.

Dehede011: Cotton grows up beautifully and then has all these pretty flowers. After that everything drops off to litter the ground

Dehede011: Thene the cottom opens and you have to go to work.

Musiquelle26: Southern Snow!

Dehede011: cotton

Dehede011: You got it.

SubCrid Death: Hiya Stephanie (“Steph” alright, or do you prefer the full version? If I don’t ask in regards to shortening names I almost always catch heat for it. 😛 )

Musiquelle26: I’m a Mississippi girl at heart

Musiquelle26: Steph is fine

Dehede011: What town, Steph

Musiquelle26: Or Filly from ages ago

Musiquelle26: Raised between biloxi and Vicksburg, on up to a place called Carrolton

Dehede011: I spent almost a year in Vicksburg on a consulting assignment

Musiquelle26: Most time in Jackson and Pearl, though

SubCrid Death: Heh, when it snowed the other day I was more concerned about missing out on class because evening classes were canceled, and I wasn’t the least bit interested in going out to play in the snow. 27 is supposed to be too young for…

SubCrid Death: … “Old Fart Syndrome”, isn’t it?

Dehede011: I have been away too long and can’t place Pearl

Musiquelle26: I went to the High School where the shootings happened, a decade earlier

Musiquelle26: just outside Jackson

Dehede011: okay, I have been away for 20 years

Musiquelle26: 27 is too old for OFS

Musiquelle26: I am 27 and refuse to give in, or else my kids will drive me insane!

Dehede011: Between the moderns and the unreconstructed racists down there I never knew who I was talking to

Musiquelle26: I did as all my cousins with IQs above 80 did

Musiquelle26: I left, no intention of returning

Dehede011: Went north??

Musiquelle26: North Carolina

Musiquelle26: not teribly better

Musiquelle26: But with more interesting weather

Dehede011: Yeah, I left SE Missouri at the end of my Junior (HS) year. I wanted to get an education

Musiquelle26: I got jipped on that end

Musiquelle26: I left the number one public school and wound up three years ahead of the one I went to here

Dehede011: I think I might like to move to the area around the Cherokee Reservation in Western North Carolina

Musiquelle26: Beautiful place over there

Musiquelle26: I like having mountains and beach so close

SubCrid Death: Hmm… SC/NC border is a few hours north of me. 🙂

Musiquelle26: I’ve even gotten used to the exercises at Bragg

Dehede011: I am part Cherokee and that is where my people originally lived. I am not talking about just the Cherokee

Dehede011: but my particular band

Dehede011: The Overhills Cherokee

Musiquelle26: The only rumored Native blood in me is Choctaw…but being Mississippian, no one admits it to me

aggirlj: Can’t find a thing in the local news webs.

Dehede011: The old rule of thumb is — take what you have been told and double it

Musiquelle26: True

aggirlj: Gonna try Gazette Telegraph, that “rag”.

Dehede011: My immediate ancestors were also afraid but the last couple of generations are going back with pride

Musiquelle26: I live near the largest settlements of Lumbees, and I have seen pride propel some of them forward on good paths

Dehede011: I get the biggest kick out of my Cherokee fem cousins. They are moderately pretty or cute but they have a shinning womanliness that causes good men to take one look and want to get married

Dehede011: Yes,

Musiquelle26: brb…must allow use of the phone

Musiquelle26 has left the room.

aggirlj: Well only thing in Denver Post is I learned Richard Crenna died today too.

Dehede011: I used to like him

aggirlj: Used to, how come not.

Dehede011: No reason, I got interested in other stuff and quit watching TV

aggirlj: Right. Well, Ron I’m going to go off for a bit. But see you later. Bye.

SubCrid Death: Later, Jane.

Dehede011: I am studying to be a CPA, writing a novel and I am retired. Enough on my plate is enough

aggirlj has left the room.

Dehede011: bye Jane, come back and play with us again

Dehede011: Anyone home??

SubCrid Death: idlish, but here

OscagneTX: me too. ish

Dehede011: Yes, things will get started again in about 90 minutes.

OscagneTX: ‘ve just been “listening” mostly.

Dehede011: I may try that some day. LOL

SubCrid Death: Supposedly, there’s talk of a 4th Rambo movie, but so far casual, QnD searches have come up dry. This was heard on IRC, though, so the speaker can be either pulling my leg or repeating a rumor as fact.

Dehede011: Yes, it was on Drudge.

OscagneTX: I’d heard Stallone wanted to do another one… to kill Saddam.

Dehede011: Stilone has the script written, he is taking on Osama bin Laden

Dehede011: Do I have that wrong.

OscagneTX: Right…

OscagneTX: nono… I think it was bin Laden.

OscagneTX: It doesn’t really matter. Southpark killed ’em both so far. Multiple times.

Dehede011: The Sun Newspaper Online – UK’s biggest selling newspaper

Dehede011: While you are there take a look at the Page Three girl

OscagneTX: garsh.

Dehede011: Is Drudge headline about it being 34 below in NYC accurate?

SubCrid Death: What is the url for DR’s site? Google search throws up multiple hits, but not all that sure about which is the real one.

Dehede011: wait one and I will get it for you

Dehede011: DRUDGE REPORT 2002®

Dehede011: Lisa — Lucylou98 — said it was cold in her part of the south.

Dehede011: A high pressure zone flows clockwise so if this cold blast came down to the East of Chicago I would be getting air that hit NYC, froze Lisa and then

Lucylou98: hi guys, I’m back with dinner made

Dehede011: came back north

OscagneTX: re

Dehede011: I’ll repeat that for Lisa

Dehede011: A high pressure zone flows clockwise so if this cold blast came down to the East of Chicago I would be getting air that hit NYC, froze Lisa and then

Dehede011: came back north

Dehede011: Lisa, please go out in the yard and breath fast. I could use some warm input here

Lucylou98: Well, it did freeze us out here and it’s snowing a tiny bit now

Lucylou98: hey! i’m not full of hot air!

Dehede011: What is your approximate temp??

SubCrid Death: Speaking, if indirectly, of the Page 3 girl briefly mentioned by Ron, am I the only one who wishes all these models had more than a total of 5 pounds on their bodies?

OscagneTX: according to http://www.uswx.com/chron/wx/NY/072/ it got down to 6F last night.

Dehede011: Yes, but you are 98.6 and every little bit helps

Lucylou98: 28.6 degrees

SubCrid Death: (In case y’all hadn’t noticed, I tend to be a bit “stream of consciousness” about what I say. 😉 )

Dehede011: Okay,

Dehede011: No problem, I talk to see what I am thinking

Lucylou98: page 3 girl?

SubCrid Death: I don’t think hot air is very useful in fending off cold weather… if it was Washington DC would be a perpetual Sahara. 😛

SubCrid Death: human-sourced hot air, that is

Dehede011: Yes, I thought maybe one of the guys knew here. I was referencing a story on the weather from the London Times

Dehede011: knew her.

Dehede011: The London Sun is what I meant

OscagneTX: she’s nekkid. Might be cold, but they had that part covered so I couldn’t tell.

Dehede011: And they are well known for their page three girls

Lucylou98: sorry, i was on the tele

Dehede011: Yes, you must be from the south. Every Southern boy a nekkid girl has a lot fewer clothes than a nude

Lucylou98: Oscane and subcrid death who are ya’ll?

Dehede011: knows a nekkid girl has a lot

SubCrid Death: Heh. As I’ve heard it (born in N. Illinois, living in SC currently) “nekkid” is nude with intent.

SubCrid Death:

Dehede011: Dan may I use that upon the innocent

Lucylou98: Where ’bouts in SC?


Dehede011: Sorry

SubCrid Death: heh, yeah. I have just about zero sports talent.

Lucylou98: And my Step-dad lives in Galveston

Lucylou98: works in houston tho

OscagneTX: Galveston is either really nice, or really dirty, depending on where you’re finding yourself.

SubCrid Death: “nearly neighbors”? How “nearly”? If you’ll pardon my curiosity…

Lucylou98: Alabama nearly

SubCrid Death: Ron, as for using the definition of “nekkid” I heard, feel free. Not mine to start with. 🙂

Dehede011: Okay, “nekkid with intent.” Then first degree nekkid would be nude with serious intent

Dehede011: LO

Dehede011: LOL

Lucylou98: brb

SubCrid Death: hehe

OscagneTX: hehe

Dehede011: That is what I miss about the South. The play with the language

SubCrid Death: Of course there’s also the “Cloak of Anarchy” (IIRC on the title) viewpoint. “Nude” is artistic, “naked” is defenseless.

Dehede011: Or I could make that “nekkid.” def.: nude and armed with intent.

Dehede011: I still haven’t got it. I sometimes write poetry and often can feel when there is a better phrase in my head somewhere.

SubCrid Death: (And I was right, regarding the short story title)

Dehede011: I was ten years old in 1944. I remember the Poole boys and their ability to catch footballs so well

Dehede011: Hey, SC, that is Doc Blanchard’s old stomping ground?

Dehede011: After the AF he went back down there and retired

SubCrid Death: If I knew who Doc Blanchard was, I might be able to tell you. (At a guess sports guy, from the context)

Dehede011: Best all around football player that the college level ever saw

Dehede011: He was at West Point and did a career as a AF fighter pilot

SubCrid Death: I don’t follow sports, really, beyond occasional glances at the numbers for my old favorite pro teams (none of which have gotten very far of late).

Dehede011: Carolina Panthers??

aggirlj has entered the room.

OscagneTX: re

aggirlj: Hi guys.

SubCrid Death: No, none of the local yokels. Chicago teams comprise most of my favorites. Bears, White Sox, Blackhawks, and Bulls (I never bought that “da bulls” junk, though 😛 )

Dehede011: Hi Miss Ma’am.

Dehede011: I was the smallest boy on a boxing team in HS and never learned basketball

SubCrid Death: I still consider myself a yankee, just one stranded in Hel^H^H^HDixie.

Dehede011: So in Texas you would only be a damned Yankee in your heart

Dehede011: ??

OscagneTX: nono…. that’s “damnyankee”. One word.

SubCrid Death: Not being sure of the details of damnyankee, silence is probably my least-bad option.

aggirlj: Ever see the Light Opera with Gwen Verdon?

Dehede011: No in Texas a Damnyankee is one that comes down there. One that intends to stay is a G__ damnyankee

SubCrid Death: (which usually means it’s the option not taken… 😉 )

OscagneTX: hehe

Dehede011: No, but I was 15 when she was number one on the hit parade

aggirlj: Damn Yankee, movie too with Tab Hunter.

OscagneTX: One of the worst things for a Texan’s eyes… a southbound yankee with a U-haul.

Dehede011: with Lola Gets

aggirlj: Yes, what Lola wants.

SubCrid Death: I wound up down here at the end of a parental leash, being all of 15 at the time, and the fundages to head back north hasn’t existed for a while.

Dehede011: I dated a girl from Providence, RI when I was in the Navy — she was not Lola

SubCrid Death: fundage, rather… *eats the “s”*

Dehede011: For you youths Lola was “the ugliest girl in Providence, RI”

aggirlj: Before she hooked up with the Devil.

Dehede011: Right

SubCrid Death: I was guessing the Lola in question wasn’t the song one, at least… 😉

aggirlj: It is, came from Damn Yankees.

Dehede011: No, she was a pretty little Irish lady

OscagneTX: Ok… so I’ve got the first two lines… “There once was a sweet girl from Providence, who was so good she could hide the evidence…”

aggirlj: Way too good for me.

Dehede011: She was a great friend but she badly wanted to get married and I was 19 with places to go

Dehede011: fresh 19 at that

Lucylou98: I’m back and just read some preceeding conversation

aggirlj: Good ‘ole Blue Eyes had a great song about that.

Musiquelle26 has entered the room.

Musiquelle26: I have returned!

OscagneTX: rehi

Dehede011: Agg, did you ever hear the old sailor song, “out in the wide world Katie”

aggirlj: No.

Dehede011: Howdy y’all

Lucylou98: Remebered a line from a book: “I’d heard about damnyankees all my life and here I was in a city full of them…

aggirlj: Hi Steph

Dehede011: One of the many things that happens to a sailor

Lucylou98: I was terrified”

OscagneTX: Lucy, sounds like Houston.

Lucylou98: lollol

Dehede011: My ship was standing at the dock and bound for foreign lands

aggirlj: Did a scene from Tennessee Williams playlet about what happens to boys on the town.

Dehede011: I asked her for a goodbye kiss, she said, “Oh no, shake hands.”

Dehede011: 2nd verse.

Dehede011: I promised her that I would write, she promised me the same

Dehede011: Somehow my address got lost and she forgot my name

Lucylou98: Oscagne, what do you do in Houston?

OscagneTX: Security, mostly. Goof off. Go to school.

Lucylou98: Where do you attend school…if I may ask?

OscagneTX: Local Comm Col.

OscagneTX: very part time. about 2 classes per semester.

Dehede011: What is your major

Lucylou98: Ah, very good

OscagneTX: general. I’ll get an “Asso. of App. Science” at the end of this semester. Then I’ll go probably to Sam Houston State for the rest of my degree.

Lucylou98: What do you plan on majoring in?

OscagneTX: I plan on Forensics when I get there. They’ve got a great Crim. Justice program.

Dehede011: I am retired and aiming for a CPA

Lucylou98: Did I see someone say something nasty about Java earlier?

OscagneTX: A major in Bio or Chem, and then minor in C.J.

OscagneTX: Java is the devil’s plaything.

Dehede011: Have you ever done a search on Statement Analysis

Lucylou98: Java is a pretty good language actually

OscagneTX: I know… it’s just fun to push programmer’s buttons. *ooh, a pun, and unitientional*

Lucylou98: lol

Dehede011: Not by me. Statement Analysis is a tool for criminal interviews

Dehede011: We unconsciously change our grammar when we lie

OscagneTX: I’ve only done 3 very introductory courses in CJ so far.

OscagneTX: We just barely covered interrogations in my Investigations class.

Dehede011: I mentioned it because I believe it is mostly on line.

OscagneTX: The biggest point drilled into me is “figure out what scares the shit out of the suspect, then lie to him to make him think its true”

Lucylou98: change our grammer in which ways, Ron?

Dehede011: Believe it or not CPAs and Consultants get heavily into some parts of interogating

OscagneTX: of course, you can do the same thing, just make it seem something he *really* wants is coming true.

Dehede011: When you are truthful you tend to use good concrete statements and grammer as you just did

Dehede011: but we shift to the indirect when we lie. “When I turned back around it was gone.”

OscagneTX: There’s a guy working for HPD whose specialty it is to make pedophiles think that himself, the Police Chief, and the Mayor are all pedophiles, too. Then if he just tells him what’s going on they can cover him.

Dehede011: I didn’t mention it was gone because I stuck it in my pocket

Dehede011: Jeez isnt that entrapment

Lucylou98: that’s interesting

OscagneTX: nope.

Lucylou98: what makes it NOT be entrapment?

Dehede011: And notice I did not deny taking it which an innocent person would have in nice direct grammar EAePtrsdjgr has entered the room.

OscagneTX: There are very specific things you have to do to prove entrapment. One of the things is prove that a person would not be inclined to perp the actual crime if it wasn’t offered to him.

Dehede011: Right, it has to be before the crime EAePtrsdjgr has left the room. EAePtrsdjgr has entered the room. EAePtrsdjgr has left the room.

OscagneTX: And the inducement has to be unreasonable. For instance, “Take this stolen car to my chop shop, I’ll give you $30” is not entrapment.

Dehede011: Okay

aggirlj: EA has probs getting in or making his/her mind up.

OscagneTX: but, “Take this stolen car to my chop shop, I’ll give you $30,000” is entrapment.

aggirlj: Ron, are you in accounting?

Dehede011: Yep

aggirlj: Small world.

Dehede011: studying for the CPA

Dehede011: but not yet an accountant

aggirlj: I think I gave my condolencres a while ago.

aggirlj: condolences. I worked 15 years in PA.

Dehede011: Guess what my teacher in auditing has us reading for interviewing

Lucylou98: tele again

aggirlj: ga

Dehede011: Sherlock Holmes The Sign of the Four

aggirlj: Interesting.

Lucylou98: back

Dehede011: AC Doyle was a genius at interviewing

OscagneTX: I need to read more carefully… I parased that as “my teacher in adultery has us reading”

aggirlj: Plan on working for the IRS?

Dehede011: I have just started but I notice that he has SH starting the interview but keeping absolutely silent as long as the person keeps talking

aggirlj: Worked for a PI for a while. He was pretty good. Very intimidating.

Dehede011: No, I would like to do forensic or as back up Tax Work

aggirlj: Size has something to do with it, he was a big guy.

Dehede011: Yes, my Dad was the same way

aggirlj: Did a lot of auditing. Not much interviewing though, mostly in audit it falls out without any help from anyone.

Dehede011: Dan couldn’t understand why at 5 – 09 and a welterweight or middleweight I didn’t talk to people like he did

Dehede011: ROFL

aggirlj: Okay, shorthand again, can you translate or is it obscene.

Dehede011: He is teaching a way of taking notes from interviews or from reviewing papers that overlap way over

SubCrid Death: Rolling On the Floor, Laughing

aggirlj: Thanks, I’ll remember that.

SubCrid Death: Sometimes the “T” is in there as well, same meaning though.

Dehede011: No, not short hand just how to set up the page

aggirlj: I asked one time and Dee couldn’t translate hers.

OscagneTX: You’ll also see, ROTFLMAO.

OscagneTX: …My Ass Off

aggirlj: That’s it.

Dehede011: I ain’t touching that line with a ten foot pole

Dehede011: LOL

SubCrid Death: Like with most geekish things, it not infrequently winds up extended out to ridiculous extremes.

SubCrid Death: “ROFL” that is

aggirlj: Understand.

Dehede011: Yes, it does. He says modestly

SubCrid Death: Once I saw one that, expanded, was an entire paragraph. TINS

Lucylou98: what are ya’ll talking about??

SubCrid Death: (This Is No Sh*t, by the way)

SubCrid Death: The shorthand “ROFL”, Lucy.

Dehede011: I don’t know Lisa — I introduced you here but I swear they are normally quite respectable

Lucylou98: ah

aggirlj: Thank, got that one.

Dehede011: Explain it to me??

Lucylou98: whoa! I introdueced myself here long ago…just been incommunicado for some time

SubCrid Death: TINS is how military stories start out, not unlike a fairy tale’s “once upon a time”.

Dehede011: Are you sure, that was another list

Dehede011: chat

AGlusone has entered the room.

AGlusone: brb

Dehede011: TINS??

Lucylou98: I stumbled into RAH chat way back when it was on aol

aggirlj: brb

SubCrid Death: This Is No Sh*t… like I said about a minute ago. 🙂

Dehede011: Right and it is still there — this is LANAI

Musiquelle26: All the real southern boys here say “And this is a true story..”

Dehede011: Oh, no they start, “I met this blonde and……..””

Dehede011: Steph, that is only the ones we tell you ladies

Musiquelle26: “Man, I have to tell you what happened last night…”

OscagneTX: redhead, myself. *no suprise, that*

Musiquelle26: I have been one of the guys most of my life

Dehede011: I was in Quonset Point, RI. I met another sailor at the bus stop and we decided to hit Providence

Lucylou98: Sorry Ron, but I stumbled on RAH folks all by myself 🙂

Dehede011: together

Musiquelle26: so I’ve heard some to make the Saints cry

OscagneTX: Maybe so… but I have it on reliable authority that the stories ladies tell amongst themselves will curdle cream at 100 yards.

Dehede011: When we got off the bus in Providence some gal came up to us immediately and said she was going to give us something new

OscagneTX: so don’t act all shocked… %^)

aggirlj: Osc, you hit it on the head.

Dehede011: The other sailor told me to run like hell, she has leprosy

Lucylou98: Os, not supposed to tell that tho

Dehede011: Do you know the difference between a woman’s romance novel and a man’s adventure story

aggirlj: Nooooooo

Musiquelle26: More sex in the woman’s

Dehede011: Yep, lots more

OscagneTX: WAY more.

aggirlj: 😀

Dehede011: Have you read Diana Balderon

Dehede011: You know how RAH has a knack of really informing you on his subject

Dehede011: She outdoes RAH

Musiquelle26: No, I read some of those serial romances

OscagneTX: You see, when a woman writes like that its “just a healthy imagination”, but when men write it it’s “filthy pronagraphy, exploitation of the ovarian minority” %^)

Dehede011: No, them babes know what they are talking about

aggirlj: So do like Emily Dickenson.

Dehede011: Steph you might like her.

Lucylou98: Don’t think any of that is relevant….

Dehede011: A very high quality serial romance

Dehede011: What isn’t relevant, Lisa??

Lucylou98: Men are more visually stimulated while women seem to be more readily stirred by the written word…so to speak..

aggirlj: Definately.

Dehede011: She draws great word pictures

Dehede011: and has a real good grasp of her backstory

Musiquelle26: I read magazines of questionable literary value, among other things to research for writing

Dehede011: What are you finding??

SubCrid Death: With all this talk of writing, I suppose I should continue with working on AMoM…

Lucylou98: All these writers here

Dehede011: I bookmarked that SCD

aggirlj: Marked it Dan.

Lucylou98: are there any other mathematicians in the house?

Dehede011: I am in an odd position as a new writer.

SubCrid Death: Oh, I’d not be so generous as to call my stuff real writing… textual doodles, for the most part. Not “pro” material.

aggirlj: Good lead in.

Musiquelle26: I’m trying to get serious about polishing what Paula and I have written over the last 13 years

Dehede011: I gave up on working titles and just number my stuff Opus 1 and so on in sequence

SubCrid Death: The AMoM site is 2 chapters behind what’s been published on the Nexus list (link at the top of the Meeting page), FYI.

OscagneTX: I’ve been professionally rejected… about 5 times each of 11 stories… %^)

Musiquelle26: “Story One” etc

Lucylou98: There you go, make stories a function of time, ron 🙂

Dehede011: Opus one died still born, Opus two is complete, I am doing Opus 3 but have decided I don’t want Op2 to go out until Op3 etc is sold

SubCrid Death: I aim for updating every 3 written chapters, but that first requires that I get to the end of each 3-chapter set. 😛

JNEILSCHUL has entered the room.

AGlusone: Hi, Neil


aggirlj: Howdy

Musiquelle26: hey

OscagneTX: howdy.

Dehede011: I liked your interview


Dehede011: with RAH

OscagneTX: me too.


SubCrid Death: Pardon me, but I’m relatively new to Heinlein… What interview, and who’s Neil? 🙂

aggirlj: Any relation to Charles Schul?

jilyd has entered the room.

Dehede011: Have any of you finished something but felt like it should be sold in a different sequence than it was written

aggirlj: Hi Dee.

Musiquelle26: hey hey lady

AGlusone: G’evenin’ Dee

SubCrid Death: Hiya Dee

jilyd: Hi jane, everyone.

JNEILSCHUL: No relation. And “Schul” is short for “Schulman.”

Dehede011: Hi yall

aggirlj: Never mind.

aggirlj: Charles Schul actor I knew in LA, working actor.

Dehede011: Neil wrote an excellent interview of RAH

jilyd: I figured, Neil. Good to meet you.

SubCrid Death: I figured out that much, Ron. 🙂

JNEILSCHUL: Nice to be here. Is this the virtual wake?

Lucylou98: Hi Neil

aggirlj: Yes

Musiquelle26: This is

Dehede011: Okay, I thought I heard a question

SubCrid Death: Will be in a bit, Neil.

AGlusone: this is it. Room filling up. thanks for coming

JNEILSCHUL: Wouldn’t have missed it. Ginny is a good friend.

AGlusone: We’re about to see how many it will hold I think.

jilyd: SCD, I am supposed to know, but remind me what name I know you by.

SubCrid Death: Dan Poore

aggirlj: Dan.

SubCrid Death: Recent AFH gatecrasher. 😉

jilyd: Thaks, Dan. I failed to put a note on my buddy list.

Dehede011: brb getting iced tea

aggirlj: Checked all the news sources I could, no mention.

Musiquelle26: I could not find it either

jilyd: I got myself a nice glass of merlot–a stemmed tea glass, in fact, and I filled it up, not like red should be served.

KultsiKN has entered the room.

aggirlj: Hi Kultsi.

jilyd: Hi, cutie.

KultsiKN: Good evening all.

AGlusone: Good evening, Kultsi, whatever it is in Finland.

SubCrid Death: Evening, Kultsi

SubCrid Death: I believe “oh-dark-thirty”, AG. 🙂

jilyd: Several people told me they could not make it because of prior commitments, or in one case an older computer that doesn’t like AIM.

aggirlj: Elizabeth came earlier, going to toast with a glass of something, Ron?, at about this time.

jilyd: But Jane Davitt, Jim Cunningham, John Tilden, and Nuclear Waste all send warm thoughts.

BJ Maranta has entered the room.

KultsiKN: Many are here anyway.

aggirlj: Hi Brian.

Dehede011: No, it is iced tea — genuine Baptist Beer.

jilyd: VERY early a.m. for Kultsi. He had to meet us at 0400.

BJ Maranta: Howdy all

KultsiKN: Hello, Brian

jilyd: Hi, Brian.

WJaKe has entered the room.

AGlusone: Good evening, Jake

siannon secundus has entered the room.

WJaKe: Hello all

AGlusone: Good evening, Jani

KultsiKN: Hello, Jake, Jani.

SubCrid Death: I’m afraid I’m gonna be somewhat idlish. Long-distance computer tech support for relatives is fun in the way that an unanesthetized root canal is fun.

siannon secundus: Hello, everyone

Dehede011: Damn, I used to always come in to the chat and look to see if Astyanax or Scientific(??) was here

aggirlj: David knows that one.

AGlusone: SAcademic

Dehede011: Right, I was close

AGlusone: which was a pun on It’s Academic

Dehede011: I never used that one

SubCrid Death: (Assume I’m raising a glass at the appropriate

times if I’m not here.)

AGlusone: we will, Dan

jilyd: BTW, Nuke’s prior engagement is his wedding anniversary. Seems an appropriate good thought in Ginny and Robert’s honor. I wish Jim and Mille well, tonight, too.

QinJingYou has entered the room.

Musiquelle26: My thoughts go to them!

AGlusone: Yoji Kondo asked me to express his regrets, he’s looking the stars tonight

aggirlj: Mine too.

BJ Maranta: Hear Hear

AGlusone: deep regrets

OscagneTX: echo

aggirlj: Betcha Ginny’s here somehow.

siannon secundus: (jilyd) That’s nice.

jilyd: Hi, Jani, I’m Dee.

Dehede011: As she told me when he died, “I think that he is somewhere that he knows ……..”

siannon secundus: Hi Dee

georule1861 has entered the room.

WJaKe: wish I had met her.

AGlusone: Hi, Geo

georule1861: Howdy.

siannon secundus: She’ll be around for a while yet

aggirlj: Hi George.

DrRufosGlory has entered the room.

jilyd: Ebening, Geo, it’s Dee2.

WJaKe: Hi geo (and Deb?)

OscagneTX: howdy

aggirlj: Hi Dr. Rufo.

siannon secundus: It takes a bit to cross over

jilyd: Hi, Doc.

AGlusone: Rufo, good evening

DrRufosGlory: Hi all

georule1861: Deb’s working.

DavidWrightSr has entered the room.

BJ Maranta: Evening, Herr Doktor

aggirlj: Hi Sr.

AGlusone: Evenin’ Brian

BJ Maranta: Evening, David

jilyd: Geo, do you have Doc Obi-Wan’s addy? The old one I had is no longer good.

DavidWrightSr: Hello everyone. Had some trouble getting in.

Musiquelle26: brb…need beverage

BJ Maranta: or, Davids, I guess

georule1861: No Irish in the house, so had to go Italian wake instead. Mondavi.

CHASGRAFT has entered the room.

AGlusone: Hi, Dave. We’ll wait for you, Stephanie. Let us know when you get back. Good evenin’ Charles

jilyd: BC, hello. Dee2 here.

aggirlj: Hi Charles is it?

WJaKe: Hey Charlie!

jilyd: Charles, or Big Charlie (BC)

aggirlj: Thanks.

siannon secundus: I don’t know half of these nyms *g

CHASGRAFT: Yes, it is. Coming to you from Oklahoma. Probably can’t stay long.

jilyd: Wjake, haven;t seen you in too long!


CHASGRAFT: Either BC or Charlie.

jilyd: Oklahoma? What happened to Indianapolis?

siannon secundus: I know Jane, and Dee, and Kultsi, and the


WJaKe: Hi Dee, Jane

DavidWrightSr has left the room.

WJaKe: lots of screennames I don’t know!

BJ Maranta: Sorry folks, have to step afk for a couple mins…

CHASGRAFT: Just visiting. USPS technical school.

georule1861: I’m Geo Rule, husband to Deb. We run two RAH sites, one at www.dahoudek.com and one at www.robertaheinlein.com.

jilyd: Some folks from the Heinlien Forum are new to you Jani. We go back to the old Prodigy HF.

Engr Bohn has entered the room.

CHASGRAFT: Warmer here than in Indy.

jilyd: Escuse the spelling. Heinlein.

siannon secundus: Oh lor’ is that geek stuff?

AGlusone: Hi, Chris, welcome

Engr Bohn: hi

KultsiKN: I’m nicked Kultsi in real life as well, and I hail from Finland.

siannon secundus: I know who *you are, dear *g


AGlusone: as soon as Filly’s back, I’ll propose a first toast

jilyd: No, it is a bulletin board from the days before the internet was easily accessible to us mere mortals.

AlanMacro has entered the room.

AGlusone: Good evening Alan

aggirlj: Hi Alan.

OscagneTX: Can anyone tell me how to log in AIM?

jilyd: Hi, Alan, good to meet you.

AlanMacro: Hi, never been here before, wanted to check it out

KultsiKN: Many here I meet the first time.

LanaiHoward has entered the room.

DavidWrightSr has entered the room.

siannon secundus: (Dee) that’s geek to me *g

OscagneTX: howdy, H, D.

jilyd: I think you dust do a copy and paste to a word processing document.

OscagneTX: ah

AGlusone: You’re on an IBM machine. Fraid I cannot tell you how to log. I suspect, Cntl-A, Cntl-C, and Cntl-P will work. Evenin’ Howard.

CHASGRAFT: We visited Chuck and Linda (Coffin) earlier this week.

AGlusone: I suspect you’ll emailed them, Charlie?

BJ Maranta: back

georule1861: I emailed Doc this morning, but it is a work account so he may not see it until tomorrow. Unless someone called him.

Musiquelle26: My pop had prior commitments, but sends his deep regrets (ACVickers)

LanaiHoward: Hi all. Feline contingent also present giving their respects.

jilyd: Yep, Os, that worked.

AGlusone: Tell Tony we’ll miss him.

AGlusone: I have a stolen toast: “Here’s to the grandest old bag in twenty universes!” (thanks to Geo Rule).

Engr Bohn: To save chat messages to a file:

Dehede011: Hear, Hear

aggirlj: Here, here.

georule1861: Salud!

Engr Bohn: 1With your chat messages still on your screen in the Chat Room window, select the File menu, and click Save.The Save Text to File window opens.

jilyd: Do you have an e-mail addy? They should be told.

BJ Maranta: Hear Hear

Lucylou98 has left the room.

Engr Bohn: 2Enter a name for the file in the File name field

CHASGRAFT: Yes, we have been in E-Mail contact. Mostly with Linda. But it was good seeing them both.

DavidWrightSr: Click on File and Save as.

DrRufosGlory: Hear, Hear !!

OscagneTX: afk

QinJingYou: hear hear!!

Engr Bohn: 3In the Save as type field, select Text Only if you want to save just the text of the messages.

georule1861: I’m not sure what she would have thought of that toast, David, but it came from a good place.

Engr Bohn: 4Click Save to save the messages that appear in the upper pane of the Chat Room window.

jilyd: Oh, Aye.

AGlusone: I think she’d have loved it.

aggirlj: I think she would have seconded it.

Engr Bohn: hear, hear

BJ Maranta: I’m sure she would have seen the love with which it was intended

siannon secundus: Slainte – she would have, indeed

LanaiHoward: While we steal from Glory Road, let me offer an observation and a toast…Oscar observed that all military bureaucracies have a terribly-hard-to-find Fairy Godmother Department….

LanaiHoward: While RAH may have been the master……….To the Fairy Godmother….

Engr Bohn: to the Fairy Godmother

jilyd: To the Fairy Godmother.

siannon secundus: *clink*

BJ Maranta: *clink*

DrRufosGlory: to the Fairy Godmother

QinJingYou: clink

siannon secundus: To the Fairy Godmother

DavidWrightSr: Hear! Hear!

Dehede011: Here is looking at you

jilyd: Funny you mention the love. A couple of us talked about it earlier today. I don;t think Ginny ever quite believed how many people loved her as Ginny.

Musiquelle26: Clink

aggirlj: Clink.

OscagneTX: b


DennEditor has entered the room.

KultsiKN: To the Fairy Godmother!

AGlusone: If you all don’t mind, why don’t we go round table … any sentiment, remembrance … reverse alpha for a change? Hear, hear, again. WJake? Evenin’ Bill

jilyd: We told her, but it always seemed to come as a surprise.

DennEditor: Good evening all.

Dehede011: To a real Southern Gentlewoman from NYC


AGlusone: or just hop in … really doesn’t matter

WJaKe: Hi all, I never met Mrs. Heinlein, I sure wish I’d had the great pleasure.

CHASGRAFT: Linda is .

BJ Maranta: *clink*



Dehede011: clink

aggirlj: clink

CHASGRAFT: Chuck is — but that may not be current.

Engr Bohn: clink

siannon secundus: To the woman who taught me what Robert meant, even better than Robert himself did

georule1861: But I think she does it at work, Charlie. No reason not to send tho.

Musiquelle26: clink

aggirlj: clink

CHASGRAFT: clink**

KultsiKN: clink

BJ Maranta: So true, Jani; *clink*

AGlusone: so do so many of us … kept hoping she’d be feeling recovered enough for visitors this summer.

LanaiHoward: clink…and especially appropriate for Southern Manhattan. Had she (or Robert) been there on 9/11, they would have been strong, doing the necessary, and seeking no glory

aggirlj: double clink.

DennEditor: Is there a limit to how many people can enter this chatroom?

aggirlj: I don’t think so.

AGlusone: we’re about to find out …

BJ Maranta: If there is, I’m sure we’ll find it

CHASGRAFT: Most chat rooms are 23

OscagneTX: how do we know we haven’t already?

aggirlj: we’re at 21

BPRAL22169 has entered the room.

aggirlj: ah 22

aggirlj: Hi Bill.

OscagneTX: howdy

AGlusone: G’evenin’ Bill

WJaKe: Hey Bill!

QinJingYou: Hi Bill

Dehede011: Howdy Bill

BPRAL22169: Hello —

BJ Maranta: Welcome, Bill

aggirlj: How will we know were at limit?

BPRAL22169: Quite a crowd in here. does the Lanai have the same room size limitations?

Dehede011: Hey Bill, you are the biographer tell us a story that we haven’t heard?

JNEILSCHUL: Hi, Bill. Here per your notice.

DennEditor: we were just debating that, Bill

siannon secundus: Hi Bill

georule1861: I spent a little time with 13 yr old Ginny this morning after I heard. 1930 census. Guess we all deal with grief differently. I did what I do –research.

OscagneTX: I’d love to hear a story.

BPRAL22169: Good to see you, Neil. People, Neil has just published the first book in which Heinlein appears as a major character.

aggirlj: Me too.

Dehede011: Tell us the title Neil

BPRAL22169: Let me think a bit about an anecdote.

Dehede011: Yes, take time and make it a good one

BPRAL22169: I’m going to look at my notes a bit. brb

jilyd: One time Ginny and Nuke and I were chatting. Got to talking about a porblem he was having with something he was writing. Well, at that point, Ginny and Nuke talked, and I listened, because I’m no writer.

jilyd: Ginny reminisced about Robert writing Space Cadet, and hitting a wall on the ending. She says he laid on the sofa groaning for two weeks. Picture that!

BJ Maranta:

OscagneTX: hehe

DennEditor: I know many of the people in here through alt.fan.heinlein. Can folks ID themselves?

Dehede011: Yes

jilyd: And they really needed the money, at the time, too. So she was considering getting a job. Robert told her, “Don’t be silly. That is a dirty word.”



OscagneTX: hehe

BJ Maranta:


jilyd: I could “hear” the love in the pixels when she told that story.

siannon secundus: Siannon is Jani, comsultant barwench

Engr Bohn:

JNEILSCHUL: My this moves fast here! The title of my book in which Heinlein is a character is “Escape From Heaven.”

DennEditor: “job” has been a dirty word for me recently as well.



BPRAL22169: Back. I’ve got two in mind. During her long illness in Colorado Springs, she was frequently hospitalized. This is from a letter to a friend, Bill Corson:


JJ Brannon has entered the room.

BPRAL22169: Once I had a cocktail party while I was sojourning at Penrose Hosp. in Colo. Spgs. A friend brought in a large jar of Martinis, and then in the afternoon, a whole group dropped by.


Dehede011: Publishing date??


BPRAL22169: So we all got glasses and drank Martinis, carefully closing the door first. Some of them were doctor’s wives, so the nurses overlooked it, although there must have been some aroma to the room afterwards!’

AlanMacro: Alan Barasch http://www.barasch.com/tools/lazaruslong.htm

AGlusone: Hi, JJ, welcome. LTNC

OscagneTX: hehe

siannon secundus: Hi Dave, didn’t realise it was you

aggirlj: Wonderful.

jilyd: And I’m Dee. Try not to coonfuse me with De. Different genders. 🙂

aggirlj: Here’s a Dirty Martini for Ginny.

LanaiHoward: BPRAL, by any chance Col. Corson, USMC?

JNEILSCHUL: Escape From Heaven is already out. Look on Amazon, Barnesandnoble.com,etc. I think the cheapest price is on Walmart.com or Buy.com.

JJ Brannon: Hi, all.

BJ Maranta: Hear hear, Jane!

BPRAL22169: LucyLou just signed on AOL — do you think she knows about this?

AGlusone: You missed the first toast … or so. So … feel free to propose the next one JJ.

JNEILSCHUL: Or, if anyone here wants a free PDF copy, let me know.

OscagneTX: I loved the stories RAH told about her in Tramp.

jilyd: BPRAL=Pill Patterson, Heinlein biographer.

Dehede011: Thanks Neil, I usually ask for fast

Dehede011: She was here

DennEditor: we are at 23 pople in here now ….

DrRufosGlory: Ladies & Gentlemen, if you please: I give you: Robert Heinlein’s inspiration in so many, many ways: Virginia Heinlein!

jilyd: Sorry, Bill, make that Bill Patterson. You are not a “pill.”

BJ Maranta: *Clink*

LanaiHoward: hear hear!

Engr Bohn: clink

aggirlj: If anyone gets a plea to get in here I can bail, I’m pretty new at this and don’t have any anecdotes so let me know.

AGlusone: Hear, hear …

Dehede011: hear, hear

JJ Brannon: clink

DavidWrightSr: *clink*

Musiquelle26: clink

SubCrid Death: *clink*

siannon secundus: *clink* To the Muse!



KultsiKN: Neil, I take you on that offer

WJaKe: the muse to the master! clink


KultsiKN: clink

OscagneTX: Me too, Neil.

Engr Bohn: clink

aggirlj: clink

Reilloc has entered the room.

QinJingYou: clink to inspiration

OscagneTX: *clink*

aggirlj: So far so good.

AGlusone: Hi, LN, welcome

jilyd: Me, too, Neil, but it won;t keep me from buying a portable copy.

DennEditor: well. that answers the question. 23 is no limit.

BPRAL22169: This next one is kind of longish

jilyd: Hi, LN.

aggirlj: Go for it.

Musiquelle26: The Lady of the well-turned title phrase, perhaps?

OscagneTX: Too many of those and I’ll be under the lanai. I’ve naught but vodka to toast.

jilyd: We’ll wait.

Reilloc: Hi, Dee

Dehede011: We just hit 24 people aboard

Lucylou98 has entered the room.

Musiquelle26: 25

AGlusone: I think we can get around 50 … but we’ll find out. Had about that for a guest chat. Evenin’ Lisa

aggirlj: Hi Lisa.

Dehede011: Hi Lisa

Lucylou98: Hello again everyone

Reilloc: Hi, Dave

BPRAL22169: Ok. At the worldcon in 1961 (Seattle?), Karen Anderson was refused admission to the hotel restaurant because she was not properly dressed. Robert sent the following anecdote in a discussion of such matters:

Dehede011: ga

BPRAL22169: “Once we were about to take some Cantonese friends to dinner at the famous old Raffles –when I suddenly had a worry:

OscagneTX: my cat doesn’t like vodka.

BPRAL22169: ‘Say, hon, I don’t recall having seen any orientals in the dining room — is this joint still ‘pukka-sahib’ and all that crap? We don’t’ want to embarrass Mr. and Mrs. Ho.

BPRAL22169: “Ginny went right on dressing. ‘Don’t give it a thought.’

BPRAL22169: “‘If they try to keep our guests out of the dining room, we then go straight to the front desk and check out — and once our luggage is outside, we set fire to the place.’

OscagneTX: hahh

Musiquelle26: My friends, I must depart, I have hostess duties to perform now.

aggirlj: Right on, hear hear.

BJ Maranta: LOL

OscagneTX: ‘night S.

Dehede011: That is the Ginny I knew

BPRAL22169: “She’s a practical woman. Get the luggage out first –”

WJaKe: Oh!

Musiquelle26 has left the room.

AGlusone: badaboom!

DennEditor: night

BJ Maranta: Bye Steph

Engr Bohn: 😉

RMLWJ1 has entered the room.

Dehede011: Bye steph

LanaiHoward: Does anyone know Ginny’s preferred tipple??

jilyd: Bye, Steph.

Krin135 has entered the room.

aggirlj: Martini I believe.

OscagneTX: hehe

BPRAL22169: I bought several bottles of Black and White Scotch for her over the last couple of years.

Dehede011: No, I am trying to remember RAH’s

LanaiHoward: Hi Chuck

siannon secundus: Hi Chuck

AGlusone: Hello, RM,Chuck

KultsiKN: Hi, Chuck

Krin135: Evening all…

JJ Brannon: The best toast I can think of is a steal

RMLWJ1: Evening, folks.

SubCrid Death: (BTW, Dan Poore from AFH, here. Back to tech support hell :\ )

aggirlj: ga

BPRAL22169: She couldn’t get it locally. They did drink a lot of marts in the 50’s — it was the thing to do.

Dehede011: Nice meeting you Dan

jilyd: Thanks for that one, Bill.

QinJingYou: ga JJ

OscagneTX: In the ng she was pretty formal. The best I’ve ever seen of her personally was what I read in Tramp Royale. Those who _knew_ her… was that accurate or entertainment?

Krin135: David, I took the liberty of posting your notice to two of the military groups and the mil brats group

siannon secundus: (Dan) I lived with a techie once, sympathies

CHASGRAFT: I talked to Chuck Coffin. It was the first he had heard.

AGlusone: Fine, Chuck

Dehede011: RAH liked a “what Manhattan??”

LanaiHoward: I think scotch is safer for me, after I get some food

JJ Brannon: From Friday: “…and always — semper toujours! — for Ginny.”

BPRAL22169: I will be going to Florida next week, to help with the packing up.

aggirlj: clink.

Dehede011: Semper Toujours

OscagneTX: clink

BJ Maranta: semper toujours! *Clink*

AGlusone: Sad task.

Engr Bohn: clink

siannon secundus: *clink* Always

QinJingYou: clink

Lucylou98: Scotch an gin are the worst …blah

RMLWJ1: clink

Krin135: Semper Toujours and Absent Comrades!


AGlusone: semper Ginny

DrRufosGlory:Semper Toujours!

BJ Maranta: semper ginny

Dehede011: I’ll repeat what I said earlier

KultsiKN: clink

BPRAL22169: Yes. Something occurs to me — she may have promised people sentimental mementos (She did to me); please record them in afh and I’ll try to see that they are all honored.

Dehede011: For Robert who we idolized, for Ginny who we loved

JNEILSCHUL: I just found something from a chat I had with Ginny that I’d like to share.

BJ Maranta: (we’re gonna have to get someone to get all that glass out of the fireplace tomorrow…


BPRAL22169: /ga Neil

JJ Brannon: here, here!

DennEditor: Have Spider clean it out ….

RMLWJ1: lol

BJ Maranta: 🙂

WJaKe: no, Jake always ends up cleaning the fireplace!

Bookman99R has entered the room.

JNEILSCHUL: I asked her:

Dehede011: Hey, why do you think the chimney is open at the top for???

Lucylou98: Spider? who is Spider?

AGlusone: Nice to hear from Jim Cunningham that Snowy is going to stay with Ginny’s friend.

Bookman99R: Spider Robinson

OscagneTX: Spider Robinson.

BJ Maranta: Hey, Rusty

DennEditor: Spider Robinson … creator of Callahan’s Bar.

Krin135: Evening Rusty

Bookman99R: Hi, BJ

Dehede011: Does he know? Spider, I mean

AGlusone: Rah, RAH, RAH!

Lucylou98: Spider robinson hangs out here?

BPRAL22169: I thought Jim might take care of that. he will be coming down, also.

RMLWJ1: How old was Ginny?

OscagneTX: Eiw… does Spider know?

Krin135: I’m sure he does by now

LanaiHoward: I see a newgroup call: alt.callanhans.trash.disposal

BPRAL22169: 86

DrRufosGlory: LOL

Krin135: chuckle…I’ll bring a scoop shovel

RMLWJ1: Thank you.

AGlusone: Yes, I think. Some of alt.callahans e-mail him and his wife.

BPRAL22169: Are you having trouble copying cross-platform, Neil?

Bookman99R: busy in here

JNEILSCHUL: JNEILSCHUL: Well, let me ask it this way — and this is a question I’ve been pondering in my own life.

AGlusone: mailed

BJ Maranta: Considering the TitS thread, that’s kinda freaky

jilyd: Bar wenches will sweep if the bargoyles haul away.

JNEILSCHUL: Would it have made any difference to you in your impression of Robert if you didn’t particularly care for his writing?

AGlusone: /ga Neil

JNEILSCHUL: Astyanax12: I don’t think so. You see, I loved him. For what he was, not for what he did.

BJ Maranta: Right on, Dee

AGlusone: 😀

BPRAL22169: Yes. I don’t think she had read any of his writing before she met him.

Bookman99R: Sweep what, Dee?

AGlusone: nice pickup Neil

JNEILSCHUL: Yes she had. Beyond This Horizon.

aggirlj: Very nice.

Bookman99R: I’ll back your play, sure – who needs killin?

BPRAL22169: No, she typed BTH for him in 1947

jilyd: The glass in the fireplace, rusty.

JNEILSCHUL: But he gave it to her before they were married.

DennEditor: “Beyond this Horizon”? And she loved him *anyway* 😉

BJ Maranta: But not ’till tomorrow

DrRufosGlory: Don’t worry, rusty. Brian and I will sweep up later.

Bookman99R: OK, ok

BJ Maranta: Of course, Herr Doktor

BPRAL22169: Lots of people were more impressed with that book at the time.


OscagneTX: I liked BtH.

jilyd: Tomorrow. Or Monday. Tomorrow may have some seroious virtual hangovers.

BJ Maranta: As did I

BPRAL22169: They weren’t married for about 3 years after she fell in love with him.

JNEILSCHUL: Astyanax12: No, but long before we married, he gave me Beyond This Horizon to read.

BPRAL22169: (I read between the lines, anyway)

Dehede011: 1945?? Bill

georule1861: The liberal crowd tend to point at BTH as the RAH that Ginny ruined. Ptpht.

jilyd: BTH and Orphans make up my least favorite list.

georule1861: Not the book, the author.

BJ Maranta: Double Pthpht

BPRAL22169: Geo, that’s silly — Ginny had nothing at all to do with BTH

CHASGRAFT: Greg Johnson (Fader555) says hello to everyone and extends his sympathies.

BPRAL22169: It was written in 1941

DennEditor: I second the pthpht.

Bookman99R: YMMV, Dee – for me it’s IWFNE

georule1861: I know, I meant the author that wrote BTH and later went another direction.

OscagneTX: pthpthpthpthpthpthpth

BPRAL22169: Oh. That’s not as silly but it’s not true, either.

DrRufosGlory: George, could you please explain

georule1861: I agree, Bill.

Krin135: chuckle…I suspect that Leslyn came closer to ruining the author…

AGlusone: Or best to Fader. Wish he was here.

jilyd: Doc, it’s Geo.

georule1861: Nah, Dr. Rufe. Not the night for it.

DrRufosGlory: Sorry

Bookman99R: Motherthing’s in the background

BPRAL22169: It’s arguable he “went in another direction” but he fell in with Ginny because he was tending in that direction, not the other way around.

Bookman99R: She says “hi”

BJ Maranta: It may be “spider” of me, but I liked all his stuff. Some more than others, sure, but I can’t think of any that I truly did not like.

BPRAL22169: He did learn specific facts and attitudes from her.

DrRufosGlory: Ditto, ditto, Brian!

OscagneTX: I second that, Brian.

KultsiKN: Hi back to Motherthing

RMLWJ1: “Job” was the only one of his that I’ve never cared for.

Krin135: and I didn’t realize until thinking about it tonight

Dehede011: Bill, what was it? Did they sort of drift together from working together?

LanaiHoward: There’s a toast implicit in one of his titles, slightly modified: “May they travel in elephants…and cats…forever….accompanied by appropriate dragons, bouncers, Old Ones, Clarks, etc.”

jilyd: Ginny used to have a nursery. Robert got his “farming” info for FitS from her.

BJ Maranta: *clink*, Howard

aggirlj: clink H

JJ Brannon: Yesterday I was wondering how she was doing.

georule1861: Hear, hear!

Krin135: how much CotG and Glory added to my perception of the world

Engr Bohn: clink

Engr Bohn: I liked Job

QinJingYou: hear hear!!

BPRAL22169: Sorry, Neil, got sidetracked. Yes, he gave Ginny BTH the year before they were married; while he was living in Ojai, she was living in a residence hotel in Hollywood (she thinks the Hollywood Athletic Club but couldn’t remember

Bookman99R: Me, too – Job was good

OscagneTX: Even IWFNE. Lots of people hate that one, but its one of my favorites.

georule1861: I like Job better every time I read it.

AGlusone: Ginny always had that garden … even if it was simply potted. Her biggest complain about Fleet Landing was the lack of availability of garden room

Engr Bohn: IWFNE gives a lot to think about

BPRAL22169: precisely, and typed the ms. for publication by Fantasy Press, sitting on phone books.

AGlusone: ‘t’

OscagneTX: late *clink*

CHASGRAFT: We were just discussing the Heinleins with Doc and Linda a very few days ago.

JJ Brannon: Hear, hear

Engr Bohn: One of the things I like about Job is the thought of a Saint willing to fall to find his love in the cosmos

DavidWrightSr: As I mentioned on A.F.H. I had to get out “The Man Who Traveled In Elephants” when I heard the news. I couldn’t read it without my eyes tearing up.

siannon secundus: IWFNE is on eof my favourites too

Dehede011: Gulf and TEFL will always be my favoriets

Bookman99R: Job: ‘somethings are more important than sin or death’

jilyd: They are almost all favorites!

Krin135: you know, that’s one of the few that I don’t own…

Dehede011: favorites

georule1861: Another “love conquers all” book, Job. He could be as sloppy about that as Sturgeon, but I loved it.

OscagneTX: Elephants is my favorite short.

DennEditor: There is no way I could read “Elephants” now and not have to stop because of tears.

KultsiKN: I’ve always liked Job

AlanMacro: guess I have to try reading “Job” again, got bogged down long ago

Krin135: so now I really need to find 6xh

AGlusone: Nicest thing Ginny ever did for our blood drives, apart from inspiring them, was to autograph and pay for all those copies of IWFNE (and Cat). Never saw books go that fast.

BJ Maranta: Spacesuit will always have a special place for me

OscagneTX: AAMOF, I think I’ll use Elephants in my Eng. class when the ditz has me do something litrary.

siannon secundus: Agreed on Job, the more so every time I read it

LanaiHoward: I think one of the ways IWFNE is so controversial is because the society is too close to what ours may become

BPRAL22169: You don’t need to — the entire contents are in Fantasies of RAH

BJ Maranta: LOL, OS!

DavidWrightSr has left the room.

Bookman99R: Although TCWWTW had one of his best jokes!

Krin135: Howard, even Siasl is too close to what we as a society is becoming

Krin135: Which one was that, Rusty?

AGlusone: I think that’s true, Howard. I never felt it was ‘unfinished’ or uncut. I devoured each critique he wrote.

siannon secundus: There are good things about SiasL, though, Chuck

DennEditor: Krin, we long ago left the world of SiaSL in the dust. There is nothing in there that has not happened already.

georule1861: And wrote at length, David.

Bookman99R: he explasined exactly hodunnit in the first chapter, then made ya disbelieve it

Krin135: true…and the ‘thought experiments’ of mind transference…

RMLWJ1: Strangers is one I generally enjoy more each time I read it.

BJ Maranta: Other than landing people on Mars, Bill…

DennEditor: … and we are getting too damn close to IWFNE

jilyd: Elephants always brings tears to my eyes. And the entire passage where Jubal explains the Rodins in Stranger.

JJ Brannon: Oh, yes. I always enjoyed it. “In the classic form…”

aggirlj: They’re gooin’ in two years.

Krin135: mmmm..Denn…I’ve got to disagree there…

DennEditor: Wait seven years on the Mars thing, BJ.

siannon secundus: Yes, the three stiff drinks, Dee

georule1861: I was moderatley hostile to Stranger until I got his voice back. Then I knew why.

Krin135: we are not that far along to a theocracy…

BJ Maranta: Or even less, Bill, I agree

DavidWrightSr has entered the room.

AGlusone:yeah … most disturbing Heinlein I’d read up to then. Read it. Turned back to page 1, and started again, and then when I finished read two, read it again the next day.

Bookman99R: I dunno, Denny – I would find a temporary change of gender inteesting

AGlusone: Made a far stronger impression on me than Stranger at the first read.

Krin135: lol…Rusty, just remember the Genie’s curse on that one

aggirlj: How did you all connect with Ginny in the first place, tell us how that went.

siannon secundus: Rusty, why temporary?

JJ Brannon: I wrote Virginia after Robert’s death

JJ Brannon: mentioning that the obits got it all wrong

Bookman99R: or reversible, Siannon

Krin135: I didn’t contact her until I notice her participating in the group

Krin135: a couple of years ago

JJ Brannon: about them being childless

Dehede011: I wrote him a fan letter in 1980

siannon secundus: (Rusty) ok *g*

jilyd: Stranger was the very first Heinlein I read, in Jr. HS.

DennEditor: Practically everyone in here disagreed with me when I said this in A.F.H. — but IWFNE, in my opinion, tends to support the main contention of sociobilogy — that most human behavior is determined by genetics, not environment.

JJ Brannon: he had thousands of us

LanaiHoward: I was a newcomer to this group, but an RAH reader for what…close on 50 yers.

OscagneTX: The first time I saw her post in afh my wife thought i’d had a sudden disease… I was dancin’ around like a nut. Had to reply to her, though she got too many of those kinds of messages.

CHASGRAFT: I think RAH would have been appaled with our space program being stalled for over 30 years. But he claimed the gov’t doing was not the way to go.

Bookman99R: about being childless, Chuck?

Krin135: Rusty, just becareful that it wont take 9 months to reverse

aggirlj: Osc, my reaction first posting too.

BJ Maranta: I only joined AFH a short while ago, and I was *gob-smacked* to discover she posted occasionally. Just the thought that she was reading (or even just skimming) the inanities I wrote there boggled my mind. And when she wrote back…

DennEditor: Old Johann gets his gender changed and he starts responding as a woman.

Bookman99R: I always tried to avoid Fawning, Osc

Bookman99R: LOL – Good on CK!

OscagneTX: I’ll admit to fawning once. Then I tried to be grown-up.

Krin135: as I pointed out in one of the other news groups…

Krin135: they may not have had children of the body

aggirlj: I noted how well she handled that idiot regarding web books of RAHS.

Engr Bohn: First time I saw her post, my first reaction was “how boorish of someone to impersinate her on this newsgroup!”

DennEditor: LOL.

JJ Brannon: Virginia wrote back that “in a forgotten article, in a forgotten magazine, memorably name ‘The Children of Hein;ein’. I’ve been hearing and receiving letters from them every day.”

Krin135: but there are a bunch of us folks out there who willingly claim them as god parents of the mine

Engr Bohn: And then I saw how everyone acted as though of course it’s Ginny

Engr Bohn: and I thought “wow”

AGlusone: She snuck into our AOL chats, anonymously. I welcomed her. She didn’t reply. Next thing I knew, next day, I had an e-mail from her, telling me who she was, and apologizing because she said she didn’t know yet how to use it.

AGlusone: I almost dropped dead.

Krin135: sounds like her

Bookman99R: I bet, David

BJ Maranta: LOL, David

AGlusone: And walked on air for the next week.

JJ Brannon: Which is where the dedication to GftG derived.

aggirlj: So you taught her with a bit more patience than me?

DavidWrightSr: I remember the first night that you told me that you had been chatting with her. I was thunderstruck.

Krin135: the first time I chatted with her, the only thing she asked was would I please use a larger font

pjscott100 has entered the room.

AGlusone: Hi, Peter, welcome

Krin135: and then proceeded to answer some questions about how ST got the way it was…

OscagneTX: She thought my nick was the name of a town.

Oscagne, Texas.

siannon secundus: She was one of the first ones that taught me to react to people as themselves, not because they’re a “name”

jilyd: And that is another sad reminder, ck.

DennEditor: Welcome Peter

pjscott100: David, Bill, Jane, everyone… hi

Krin135: hi, Peter

OscagneTX: howdy.

aggirlj: Hi.

Krin135: brb..phone

BJ Maranta: G’day

georule1861: I showed up at a THS meeting an hour early once and was totally intimidated to find myself alone with her. She had me eating out of her hand in 2 minutes.

cs teles has entered the room.

jilyd: I always kept my default font at 18 pt. bold, so I wouldn’t forget for Ginny. Today I turned it back.

AGlusone: Evening, CS

BJ Maranta: Welcome, Terry

Engr Bohn: I’m afraid I must leave now

BJ Maranta: Good evening, Chris

jilyd: Bye, cb.

aggirlj: Bye, see ya’.

QinJingYou: Bye Chris

Engr Bohn: happy thoughts, everybody!

AGlusone: haven’t yet turned it back. She required 14 points at the end. Eyes were getting worse.

OscagneTX: I mentioned early… I had been looking for a good font for her to see. Now I don’t have to look anymore.

Krin135 has left the room.

Engr Bohn has left the room.

cs teles: Hi all.

Bookman99R: not any memories that are “mine”, just a few that are ‘ours’. it’s enough

AGlusone: But she was stubborn and wanted to maintain contact with all of us.

AGlusone: So she continued

AGlusone: not 14, but 24 points

pjscott100: It’s trie, but… “they don’t make ’em like that any more”

AGlusone: fingers have a life of their own

aggirlj: Let her touch Robert a little.

OscagneTX: a gallant lady.

jilyd: And she seemed to love IMing. Most of our talks were about 0500, her time.

Bookman99R: I rather think that VH would disagree, Peter

pjscott100: s/trie/trite/

AGlusone: She also loved Maxfield Parrish photos

JNEILSCHUL: I hope I’m not the only one here that preserved IM chats with Ginny.

AGlusone: I think I won her heart when I found a site for her that hand nearly all of his …

AGlusone: You’re not.

DavidWrightSr: Yes. I usually found her on at 6:00 A.M. when I got up. never had much chance to talk at that time, but usually managed for a short while during the day.

jilyd: I was not that wise, Neil, but AG was.

DavidWrightSr: I preserved most of mine.

georule1861: I’ve got one for about an hour discussing Robert’s brothers with her.

AGlusone: paintings, not photos, or course.

Bookman99R: I do hope copies of those transcripts go to the archive

AGlusone: Um … maybe edited a bit.

Bookman99R: lol

DennEditor: LOL.

aggirlj: Right. 😀

OscagneTX: *grin*

DrRufosGlory: what’s wrong with

Bookman99R: for now, David…

georule1861: But not *too* much! Don’t squeeze the flavor out.

AGlusone: She occasionally told me to make sure that I kept certain things private. She knew I logged all her chats.

JNEILSCHUL: Our chats would definitely have to be edited.

Krin135 has entered the room.

Krin135: back.

JJ Brannon: What! Eliding the drinking and carousing?

Bookman99R: Wb, Chuck

Krin135: with a cool glass of sangria in hand

Krin135: thanks, Rusty

jilyd: I didn;t log, but I knew that a few things were private.

DavidWrightSr: She and I were going to work on adding a whole bunch of her photos to the web site, but she put it off for a while because she had gotten way behind after her previous illness. She said that she had hundreds if not thousands.

aggirlj: Tell about the Hugo and how she let you know you would be the one.

georule1861: Or the unediteds can go in the bombproof 20 stories below UCSC library. . .with the other stuff.

BPRAL22169: I’ve got about 1000 pages of correspondence and a lot of IM material preserved.

Bookman99R: and my father wonders what good the ‘Net is!!!

Bookman99R: lol

BJ Maranta: LOL

JNEILSCHUL: I wonder what the copyright status is of an IM chat?

jilyd: I sent her a copy of a little essay that I wrote after 9/11, that was an homage to Robert’s “This I Believe”, too. I was so flattered when she suggested I release it to public domain.

jilyd: She seemed to love to encourage all kinds of writers.

OscagneTX: I’d like to hear the story aggirl asked about.

BPRAL22169: I think “thousands” There are hundreds and hundreds of slides, alone.

Bookman99R: good question, Neil

AGlusone: Good enough that I had hundreds, literally, of conversations with a person I’d never even dreamed of talking to about an author I’d have been embarassed to even write to.

jilyd: Who can own a general conversation?

OscagneTX: Trust a writer to wonder about copyright… %^)

BJ Maranta: Off the top of my head, Neil, I would assume it is shared among the people who participated

DennEditor: I would imagine the status is the same as a personal letter.

JNEILSCHUL: Raises an interesting question since in written correspondence, theauthor is the default copyright owner. But a recorded conversation?

pjscott100: It would be the same as a conversation at a party I think

BPRAL22169: I suspect on the contrary that it’s not owned by anyone until someone files a claim. I bet this stuff has never been adjudicated.

KultsiKN: Dee, never put anything in public domain, it’s a licence to steal legally.

aggirlj: Right.

Bookman99R: brb

BPRAL22169: Welll… if it’s in public domain, it’s given out and couldn’t logically b e stolen.

pjscott100: OTOH, it is written rather than spoken, and written materials are born copyright IIRC

georule1861: At worst claim copyright and give permission to use without editing.

Dehede011: BTW, the only subject she and I talked about that hasn’t been mentioned is APOD and her views of ballroom dancing

DennEditor: Actually, even if you publish on the net, it is still the property of the author. This is settled case law.

siannon secundus: IM logs can be published on ngs, I think that makes them public domain

KultsiKN: If it’s in public domain, anybody could put their name on it and claim it as theirs own.

jilyd: No, Ginny made thooice to release TIB, and I made a choice to rease mine. One cannot steal a gift.

cs teles: newbie [Q] APOD?

aggirlj: Me too.

Dehede011: Astronomy Picture of the Day

Dehede011: from NASA

DennEditor: I second that newbie q CS

cs teles: Thanks.

DennEditor: Oh.

RMLWJ1 has left the room.

aggirlj: Thanks.

AGlusone: I never webpublished a chat with Ginny without her express permission. I did publish a couple on points we discussed relevant to the book chats.

JNEILSCHUL: NASA is a special copyright case, isn’t it? By law?

BPRAL22169: AOL makes a serious claim to own rights to chat in their newsgroups.

BJ Maranta: Really?

Dehede011: She liked to look at them and after she was sick I would point out the special ones

pjscott100: I bet that wouldn’t stand up in court

DrRufosGlory: Didn’t she “share” RAH’s views on ballroom dancing?

DennEditor: Well, AOL can claim any damn thing it wants to.

Krin135: ah, but that’s just the ones that are limited to AOL…

siannon secundus: I have to go, guys, almost 3 am here and I have to work tomorrow. Could someone send me the log?

AGlusone: Not that serious. all the providers have that claim in their fine print. Yahoo, etc.

jilyd: On what basis? They created nothing. Did we agree to that in the sign-on?

Krin135: later, Siannon

BJ Maranta: Sleep well, Jani

aggirlj: By Jani.

QinJingYou: bye Jani

jilyd: Night, Jani.

Dehede011: She always emphacised the need for a guy to give a strong lead

AGlusone: Sure Ginny. I think Dave will end up putting it on our site.

BPRAL22169: Copyright doesn’t really have anything to do with who created something — it has everything to do with who registers it.

siannon secundus: Goodnight. And Goodnight Ginny, for the last


Krin135: going to have to copy that list of who’s who…

KultsiKN: Bye, Jani, sleep tight.

JJ Brannon: It won’t stand. We pay AOL, they don’t pay us.

pjscott100: jilyd, you probably agreed to will your estate to AOL in the click-through agreement…

aggirlj: Ron, with you on that. Best one I had was strong and gentle.

JNEILSCHUL: Au contraire, Bill.

siannon secundus has left the room.

Dehede011: Yes,

DrRufosGlory: De: That’s straight out of TNotB.

AGlusone: Oprah tried to keep us from copying our logs, chatboards. they backed off.

jilyd: yeah, pj.

DennEditor: Bill … stuff newspapers print is copyright, and newspapers never register their copyright

Dehede011: She knew I was learning and really came down on me learning a strong lead

Bookman99R: Back

BPRAL22169: You don’t actually ahve to register it; a claim to copyright is the essential matter, as the case law has it at the moment.

Bookman99R: And where does the Berne convention enter in?

DennEditor: Copyright goes with authorship.

CHASGRAFT: I’ve got to run. Dave, can you send me a log?

AGlusone: I don’t presume to practice copyright law, never did.

Dehede011: Yes, Dr Rufo but it is better coming straight from the horses mouth and embellished

JJ Brannon: Michael Flynn, on his eponymous folder, asked us to contribute posts as part of story he was putting together.

pjscott100: which is why I didn’t understand about ginny’s “renewing” RAH’s copyrights… how’s that?

cs teles: Is that the same in all countries?

AGlusone: I’d see a good lawyer.

DrRufosGlory: I completely agree.

jilyd: Me enither. The autors here doubtless know far more than I.

AGlusone: Not necessarily

DennEditor: It is actually somethign I had to worry about somewhat as an editor who worked with freelancers ….

BJ Maranta: Take it easy Chas

JJ Brannon: I doubt Flynn’s going to accept any flack from AOL.

Krin135: night Chas

jilyd: Will probably be posted, BC. Night.

aggirlj: S’long Charles.

OscagneTX: ‘night

Dehede011: nite

DennEditor: *night*

Bookman99R: although the flip side can be funny – Take Ray Kazooski


AGlusone: thanks Charlie

CHASGRAFT has left the room.

AGlusone: I will

BPRAL22169: The recent change in copyright law nulled out all old contracts, and in any case, they can be renewed for up to I think 57 years.

JNEILSCHUL: I need to head out for dinner with my family but I’m going to leave this window open so I can read it later.

cs teles: I’ll bite. What about Ray Kazooski?

AlanMacro: 75 years

AGlusone: Glad you came Niel

aggirlj: Bye Neil.

JJ Brannon: Where are taking him?

BJ Maranta: C Ya neil

DennEditor: Bye Neil

Krin135: night, Neil

OscagneTX: night, N.

BPRAL22169: Neil, if you got on through AOL instead of AIM, be aware that the AOL version keeps only a few thousand bytes.

KultsiKN: Bye , Neil, nice seeing you.

JJ Brannon: Night, Neil.

Bookman99R: He claimed to have common-law copyright on his name and could charge $500,000.00 for anyone using it withoput permission

jilyd: Bye, Neil.

pjscott100: so are all RAH’s works now under current copyright – life of author + 75 years I think?

Bookman99R: night Neil

pjscott100: night

BJ Maranta: Did it work, Rusty

Bookman99R: Not yet, but he tried it out on a traffic court

georule1861: Just got extended to 95, I believe. Supremes upheld it last week.

cs teles:I can just me trying that with *my* name. Terry Smith, and it’s gender-neutral. I keep running across ‘me’ everywhere I go.

BPRAL22169: I think everything up to TEFL has been renewed. NOTB won’t come up for a bit yet.

Krin135: that would be interesting…along the same lines as Intel trying to copyright the name 586..and having to go to Pentium

Bookman99R: claimed to be on a 33 day hunger strike

JJ Brannon: The Bono Bill

pjscott100: NOTB was 1980? Wasn’t the new law in effect by then?

RMLWJ1 has entered the room.

AGlusone: wb RM

pjscott100: just with not quite as long a period as now

BPRAL22169: I don’t recall offhand.

RMLWJ1: back again after rebooting.

Bookman99R: bRay is a nut – yo9u can see his ravings in alt.fan.art-bell

JJ Brannon: I think they added the 20 years for works previous to the 1976 revision

BPRAL22169: Eleanor would know.

DennEditor: I’m not sure I like the Bono Bill …. usually I am bullish on protecting copyright

Bookman99R: I hear you, Denny

Krin135: Neil, got it logged, will check it out

pjscott100: It is known by many as the Mickey Mouse Protection Act


Bookman99R: The Robinson story

JJ Brannon: For the families or other beneficiaries.

Bookman99R: Melencholy Elephants, idn’t it?

cs teles: If anyone took Ray’s idea seriously, wouldn’t his parent’s ‘own’ the copyright? After all, they created it.

DennEditor: I mean … do the granschildren of Edgar Rice Burroughs deserve another 20 years of royalties …

aggirlj: Why not?

AGlusone: We have a name for do it yourself lawyers. Call them judgment debtors.

Bookman99R: I think they are dead, CS

Dehede011: Thanks David

DennEditor: The great-granschildren then.

cs teles: Call me Terry. ‘CS’ is what I do.

Bookman99R: ‘judgement debtors’?

RMLWJ1: I’m of the opinion that patents and copyrights should run for the same time, myself.

JJ Brannon: The idea is that limited protection devolves to the public good after a reasonable time.

Krin135: saw something on that the other day…something about Mickey now being protected for at least another 21 years…and it was fastracked through the USSC

Bookman99R: sorry Terry

aggirlj: Osc, I don’t think we’re gonna’ get that story on the Hugos.

cs teles: No problem. My fault for picking such an oddball screen name.

OscagneTX: nope

QinJingYou: What Hugo story?

DennEditor: At some point, works of art have to be owned by the society at large. Do artists have the right to expect copyright protection 100 years after their deaths.

georule1861: Oh, very cool. Neil has the RAH interview there in pdf. I paid for that twice, once for free (and searchable!)

Krin135: ok, Terry, what kind of CS? the tear gas or Computer Sci?

Bookman99R: I’m Rusty, but bookman won’t bother me either

aggirlj: Most recent.

cs teles: Latter, although my users might disagree sometimes.

JJ Brannon: Mickey, as a registered trademark will always be protected. But the early works such as Steamboat Willie were headed for public domain

QinJingYou: Who’s got the Hugo story aggirlj?

OscagneTX: aggirlj: Tell about the Hugo and how she let you know you would be the one.

RMLWJ1: Trademarks should be protected.

Krin135: ok…I didn’t even twig on that, JJ..but you would be right

AGlusone: That was a nice gift by Neil to us. Kudos to him.

ddavitt has entered the room.

aggirlj: Okay, when David stood in for Ginny accepting it.

Krin135: Jane!!!

AGlusone: Good evening jane

OscagneTX: howdy, Jane.

ddavitt: Hello everyone

Bookman99R: I took a turn at legal self-defense (Small claims – plus)

pjscott100: Bill, I am on a computer book author list that has gone nuts arguing about the Eldred decision

cs teles: And Disney was going to lose a fortune. Maybe.

BJ Maranta: Evening Jane

Dehede011: Hi Jane

DrRufosGlory: Good evening, Miss Jane

AGlusone: Bill’s got a better one.

DennEditor: Howdy Jane. Glad you could make it. We were just discussign Tarzan. (so to speak)

aggirlj: Hi Jane, Jane too.

Bookman99R: Hi Jane!

ddavitt: Got back early and thought I’d join you all

KultsiKN: Hi, Jane! LTNC!

OscagneTX: glad you could stop by.

AGlusone: Glad you did.

pjscott100: Hello Jane (from the left-hand side of the country)

BPRAL22169: Well come!

QinJingYou: Hi Jane

pjscott100: Missed you


BPRAL22169: She’s been off in Buffy-land

ddavitt: Hello to all old friends and new faces. I’ve missed you all too

AGlusone: 🙂

ddavitt: Dee wrote me today to tell me about Ginny

DrRufosGlory: Grab one of the open bottles, Jane. You’re a few drinks tardy.

DennEditor: Sunnydale?

jilyd: Good to see you Jane D!

Bookman99R: try using a ‘scope-sight, Jane!

RMLWJ1: Disney’s MADE a fortune. And a handsome one at that.

OscagneTX: Jane… do _you_ have any Ginny stories?

ddavitt: Hi Dee, thanks for the invite

Bookman99R: and they want to keep milking that cow, RMLW

ddavitt: I have some I guess..

QinJingYou: Tell! 🙂

ddavitt: I’ve been wearing a bracelet she sent me today

AGlusone: Except, first, a toast …

aggirlj: Raised glass.


Krin135: Rusty, maybe we should make them “milk the cow with three dimples”…for us…

jilyd: GA, AG.

ddavitt: Glass is ready

Bookman99R: yep, Chuck!

AGlusone: Toast from Jane Davitt, please.

BJ Maranta: 🙂

AGlusone: Then tell tale.

ddavitt: To Ginny, our friend, we love you, we miss you already

OscagneTX: *clink*

DrRufosGlory:crash!! tinkle, crunch!

pjscott100: *clink*

BJ Maranta: *clink*

aggirlj: ‘clink

QinJingYou: clink

Krin135: clink…

cs teles:

Dehede011: hear hear

ddavitt: clink

AlanMacro: clink

Bookman99R: Clink!!


BJ Maranta: *crash, tinkle*

RMLWJ1: yeah. I’ve noticed that Röentgen’s decendents aren’t getting rich from GE, RCA, or Siemens, tho.

KultsiKN: crash

georule1861:Second bottle of wine.

JJ Brannon: clink

DrRufosGlory: IN THE FIREPLACE, Rusty!

Bookman99R: Guzzle,*tinkle!*

AGlusone: more than we ever wanted, crash, for when the Empress of India was young.

aggirlj: Was Ginny a little like Auntie Mame?

Bookman99R: Ow Ow! OW! it’s hot in here, Rufo!!!


ddavitt: Not so much of a story; she sent it to me when my daughter Lauren wasborn 2 years ago. It belonged to her which made it precious and it had aguinea on it, over 2 centuries old from England (my home).

DrRufosGlory: I meant the glass, son!

jilyd: I have Nother toast, guys. Not directly for Ginny, this time.

EBATNM has entered the room.

EBATNM: He just went next door to find a book, but I”ll call him and tell him tha tyou are on….Elaine

Bookman99R: \well, I _did_ that, dad!

Krin135: go ahead, jilyd

Dehede011: I am a student of Enneagram Personalities. I figured Ginny as a type 8

ddavitt: It was such a lovely gesture. I will pass it on to Lauren when she’s old enough to appreciate it (if she can prise it from me!)

OscagneTX: go for your toast, jilyd

jilyd: To pixel, for opening the Lanai to us all, where we can remember absent friends, reconnect with misplaced friends, and meet new friends.

OscagneTX: *crash*

KultsiKN: thx, Elaine

pjscott100: *hic*

aggirlj: Hear, Hear, clink.


Krin135: Amen! ‘crash’

BJ Maranta: *clink* Hear Hear

QinJingYou: to pix

AGlusone: “Gun thread” from Jane’s cold, dead hands! 😉

BPRAL22169: Hi, Andy, I was afk when you came online.

DennEditor: <<

Bookman99R: Salud!

BJ Maranta: Herr Doktor, help me open this box of fresh glasses, will ya

RMLWJ1: :: slainté::

cs teles: Prosit!


Krin135: esp now that I’ve got it bookmarked

aggirlj: I’ve got the knife handy.

DrRufosGlory: I’m on it, Brian

Krin135: BJ, which Doc?

pjscott100: skaal!

BJ Maranta: Herr Doktor Rufo, Chuck

WJaKe: Everybody, drop your keys in the bowl!

Krin135: ok…

BPRAL22169: Sorry — Hi, Elaine;

BJ Maranta: I’m sorry I did not know there was more than one

JJ Brannon: Magne tak skal de hal!

cs teles: Car swapping?

aggirlj: I’m within walking distance.

OscagneTX: You don’t need my keys… my apartment won’t start anyway.

DrRufosGlory: The “clean up” bar-goyles, Chuck.

SubCrid Death: Pardon me while I borrow the time travel device from TEfL to catch up on the toasts. Relative is sated for now.

Krin135: chuckle…maybe we need to start inflating the portable beds in the back room…

KultsiKN: JJ, whazzat?

Krin135: I’m home, so I’ll be happy to keep the keys for n ow

BPRAL22169: BACK room? Sissies!

JJ Brannon: Many thanks shall you have.

BJ Maranta: Car? Through *that* door… no no, beside the one that leads to summer, is the door to the afh Bar, and from there are all the doors to our respective homes, no?

Bookman99R:that’s a funny looking bed…

cs teles: And he built a crooked house…

jilyd: Thanks to our hansome bar=goyles for handling thos eheavy cases of glass.

aggirlj: Indubitably(sp?)

aggirlj: Seconded.

Krin135: lol…better than trying to climb in to a hammock after a couple of Calahan’s rounds, Rusty

KultsiKN: Jej snakker norsk…

Bookman99R: Opps, better put _her_ away – Who’s girlfriend is this!!!?

JJ Brannon: It wasn’t so crooked when he built, it just got that way recently. :>)

BJ Maranta: LOL Rusty!

JJ Brannon: Litte gram.

BJ Maranta: You said it, Kultsi

SubCrid Death:

OscagneTX: What did Kultsi say?

BJ Maranta: Jej snakker norsk

aggirlj: As well.

JJ Brannon: Asked me if I spoke Norwegian.

aggirlj: Translate.

OscagneTX: In english, smart-ass… %^)

cs teles: It sounds like Oscar’s blade.

BJ Maranta: Well, you did ask, Osc

KultsiKN: No, I said I do.

Bookman99R: I Jesu Navn is as far as I got


Krin135: Im going to have to dig out Glory Road tonight

Bookman99R: mid-grade java here

AlanMacro has left the room.

RMLWJ1: Wasn’t from Franklin Co, VA, was he?

aggirlj: Going to check those little bottles from the airplane that were given to me which are very old and perhaps even better now.

georule1861: Granddad used to make the stuff back in the day. Revenuers no like.

JJ Brannon: Yes, I realized that on rereading it.

DennEditor: No …. Arkansas’

Krin135: spent most of the last 28 hours or so cleaning runny noses

RMLWJ1: Ah. Wondered, Franklin Co. is about twenty miles south of me.

KultsiKN: Nah, actually I speak Swedish, but any time I went to Norway, they insisted I spoke good Norwegian.

Krin135: Denn…what part of ArKansas?

DennEditor: Althought I gather he did a lot of traveling

DrRufosGlory: *My* Nonno made grappa from his own grapes.

Bookman99R: coulda been wose, Chuck

SubCrid Death:

DrRufosGlory: That was Orville teasing Wilbur.

Bookman99R: still dry here on Sundays, George

Krin135: ga, Jane

aggirlj: It’s David’s story, don’t know if there is one, but wanted to know.

SubCrid Death: Hrm… granddad or great gd, I forget which, offhand. Hasn’t been talked about in years, and most of the principles have passed on (not that their present existence would make the story better known…)

SubCrid Death: (brb, RL)

Dehede011: Oklahomian used to tell me it was a coalition between Southern Baptist and bootleggers that kept Ok dry

jilyd: So, AG, why so silent. When did you ever get wuiet?

jilyd: quiet.

OscagneTX: i liked wuiet better.

aggirlj: Must be getting another drink or tea.

DrRufosGlory: Sssshh, David has the TELL.

pjscott100: We can make up a meaning for ‘wuiet’…

DennEditor: That’s cause you are virtually drunk, Os

jilyd: That’s what we still say about dry counties in Ala, Dan.

Krin135: virtual, Hell!…

OscagneTX: virtually, hell…

Krin135: I don’t have to be up in the am…

Dehede011: Wuiet Washington University is ET

OscagneTX: I’ve been taking a shot of Absolute every time we go clink.

Krin135: and have no where to drive tonight

Bookman99R: DA-vid! DA-vid! DA-vid! DA-vid!

AGlusone: It was really simple. Ginny told me that it was between me and Bill Patterson on who’d she wanted to go pick up the Hugo, in case Robert won one. I told her that was okay. Bill and I were having a bruch at the beach next week.

AGlusone: Bill wasn’t going to return.

jilyd: DA-vid, DA-vid!

KultsiKN: I’m having Kentucky Straight…

AGlusone: Fortunately, Robert won three.

Krin135: dang..talk about being in the right place at the right time…

Bookman99R: lol!

OscagneTX: Who’ll pick up if he wins again this year?

jilyd: Neat, AG!

georule1861: Heh. Watching Soprano’s on DVD this weekend,

David, and I’m imagining you with a Gandolfini fish eye look.

JJ Brannon: That’s right, at MilPhil.

OscagneTX: And who’ll decide?

BJ Maranta: Wow, David. An honor

RMLWJ1: speakin of which, I need to add a wee dram of Dalmore to the glass. biab

aggirlj: Found a teensy bottle of Kahlua, in the coffee.

jilyd: David won’t tell you how fond Ginny was of him, but I will.

Krin135: chuckle…I need to post my reciepe for Fancy Mudslides

Bookman99R: I’m on my lart cup of Joe, here

KultsiKN: Real teensy bottle, that.

AGlusone: [never told Bill about the brunch he almost didn’t return from … ]

JJ Brannon: Is Toronto doing retros?

georule1861: When’s the last year for retros?


JJ Brannon: I know Noreascon is.

AGlusone: Boston is.

Bookman99R: down, Denny

BPRAL22169: Added information: the concom didn’t know about the arrangements she had made, and they were going to have Er;le Korshak pick up the hugo.

OscagneTX: There’s posts on AFH regarding retros… I assumed the next con.

DennEditor: Toranto is NOT doing retros

JJ Brannon: 50, 75, 100

BPRAL22169: I always suspected I was taking my life into someone’s hands . . .

aggirlj: Who’s Er;le Korshak.

JJ Brannon: 53 in Boston.

Krin135: I’m going to try for the RocCon this year..not sure about the others…MilPhil would be nice

georule1861: And may the entire virtual room be there in mass to accept on his behalf in ’53.

LanaiHoward: Ah. now my system is ready to accept the dram I just poured

Bookman99R: nice sentiment

JJ Brannon: 52 had Hugos, 53 did not

AGlusone: That might be fun to arrange. Charge the stage.

Krin135: chuckle…David, think that you could get your laptop with a wireless link there?

DrRufosGlory: In phalanxes, David?

BJ Maranta: LOL

Krin135: and scrounge a projector to hook up to your laptop?

OscagneTX: or phalanges?

georule1861: Be a lapel button by then.

AGlusone: triplex acies

Krin135: then do the chat on the screen?

Bookman99R: chanting “Spam, spam, spam!”

JJ Brannon: Let me clarify that

Bookman99R: in columns of four

LanaiHoward: Do NOT suggest “marching around the barracks square”

pjscott100: Or pharynxes?

Krin135: lol..

aggirlj: Going for the dictionery.

Krin135: pi r square…

RMLWJ1: at least one of those is dangerous.

SubCrid Death: back

Krin135: not barracks

DrRufosGlory: only the MD’s in the pharynxes

AGlusone: Naw, chanting “Sumus Heinleiniui, Caveat Heinleinei, Rex Hugo occiderunt, Sumus Optimi Sunt!”

Krin135: barracks retangular

Bookman99R: Or ‘far-out ex’s”?

jilyd: No, son, pi are round. Cornbread are square.

JJ Brannon: 1953 Worldcon awarded, 1954 did not — for the previous publishing year.

QinJingYou: Ave Heinlein

Bookman99R: learn that from “Ol’ Blue”, Dee?

aggirlj: gotta let the dawg out, brb

cs teles: Looks like the drink effects have kicked in nicely 🙂

DrRufosGlory: Why, Miss Dee, cornbread comes inf “wedges, ” too.

LanaiHoward: one could argue that a choirmaster leads a phalanx of larynxes (throw in the pharynxes) with his phalanges.

Krin135: both virtual and RT, Terry

AGlusone: Haven’t decided on declension of Heinlein yet.

RMLWJ1: Oi veh, that’s bad. Really bad.

DrRufosGlory: Fourth, obviously.

BPRAL22169: Somehow, I doubt “Heinleiniui.”

Krin135: Cornbread also as muffins

georule1861: Barkeep, start watering the drinks.

jilyd: Don;t know O’l Blue, just a very old punchline. Very old ones are the only ones I know.


AGlusone: yeah, but my fingers live a life of their own as I usually say

BJ Maranta: Bite thy toungue, geo!

Lucylou98 has left the room.

Krin135: GA, Osc

Bookman99R: I disagree on the chant, David – it always comes back to food!

jilyd: GA, Osc.

pjscott100: Heinleinus, Heinleina, Heinleini

AGlusone: True

OscagneTX: To White Glove in South America, and Nice Words in AFH. *crash*

SubCrid Death: Don’t listen to georule, barkeep. 😛

aggirlj: Barwench!

Krin135: Here, Here! *crash*

BJ Maranta: *clink* Osc

DrRufosGlory: There ain’t no “barkeep” here — it’s an open bar.

Bookman99R: Cheers!

JJ Brannon: clink

QinJingYou: clink

Krin135: now, Osc, maybe it’s the hours….maybe it’s the Sangria

SubCrid Death: *clink, glug, crash*

DrRufosGlory: Brian, got the broom?

Krin135: but who the devile is white glove?

jilyd: Since agjabe and I are the only barwenches left, we won;t, Dan.

BJ Maranta: Yep, got it right here

JJ Brannon: Tramp Royale

OscagneTX: Sorry. that should’ve been plural…

DrRufosGlory: Thankx

Krin135: did Mickey go to Bloomefontein?

AGlusone: Where is Pixel?

KultsiKN: clink, crash

Bookman99R: E! is working, I think

OscagneTX: She wanted to ask the South American customs guys to put on gloves before they searched her bags.

KultsiKN: She ain’t online

OscagneTX: *from Tramp Royale*\

jilyd: Make that agjane. Don;t know about pixel, haven’t seen her.

aggirlj: yep, she is, E is toasting as we speak.

pjscott100: “Heinleiniui” is the Hawai’ian salutation

Krin135: ah…

georule1861: Did we ever get an answer on whether that was authentic Ginny in Tramp, or “improved for commercial purposes” Ginny? I love that book, btw, it deserves more play.

DrRufosGlory: Thanks for the clarification

Krin135: been a while since I’ve read that one

BPRAL22169: Sounded Polynesian to me.

OscagneTX: Never did hear, that geo.

SubCrid Death: Yes, E’s working, but she said she’d raise a bottle of rubbing alcohol at 9pm.

cs teles: And just how do you pronounce “Heinleiniui”?

BPRAL22169: Seems pretty authentic.

OscagneTX: The conversatoin passed me by.

AGlusone: I love the story about Ginny smuggling the cigarettes off the ship. That was authentic Ginny, and authentic Clark Fries.

WolverineCDR has entered the room.

BJ Maranta: Any way you want, Terry, especially in our condition

aggirlj: Tell it!

DrRufosGlory: Hine-line-ee-oo-ee, perchance?

Bookman99R: one day I’ll run down a copy of _Tramp_

pjscott100: rhymes with “ennui”. Something should.

OscagneTX: Some hear haven’t read Tramp, so its ok to tell those stories, David.

BJ Maranta: Welcome, Wolvie

WolverineCDR: Someone throw me some virtual Glenmorangie to go with the real stuff I’m drinking.

Dehede011: Dr Rufo, do I wave my hands while saying that??

aggirlj: Thanks Osc.

AGlusone: It’s in two books, Jane. A travel book Robert wrote about his and Ginny’s trip around the world, and a novel about a girl and her younger brother in which he does essentially

jilyd: Tramp is the one I haven’t read yet.

SubCrid Death: Hawaii is where the US offloaded the extra sylables that came from the British origins of America. 🙂

KultsiKN: Something like that, Rufo

pjscott100: I was disappointed to find out the other day that nothing rhymes with “phlegm”

AGlusone: what Ginny did getting off in So.Africa

DrRufosGlory: Only if you’re Italian, like me.

pjscott100: Another limerick that never was

BPRAL22169: “Ahem”

BPRAL22169: “gem”

aggirlj: ga

AGlusone: or maybe not So.Afr

WolverineCDR: I havn’t read Tramp either.

AGlusone: Tramp Royale and Podkayne of Mars

pjscott100: True… the online rhyming dictionary LIED to me…

aggirlj: Thought you were clearing your throught Bill.

aggirlj: throat

cs teles: Don’t forget the old SF standby BEM.

AGlusone: ‘gem’ us

BPRAL22169: No, just totting up rhymes for phlegm.

OscagneTX: How did that episode start? There was a huge import tax on cigarettes or somethin?

Bookman99R: how about “orange”?

georule1861: I found myself several times in Tramp, going like “Oooh, that made it into MOON!”

SubCrid Death:

Krin135: or if you are talking about sleep….REM…

JJ Brannon: car-hinge

DennEditor: <<

Bookman99R: or programming, Chuck REM: talk to the doc

DrRufosGlory: note: apothegm

Krin135: what would be wonderful….

WJaKe: I envy you that haven’t read Tramp

JJ Brannon: Just saw it in a Supergirl comic.

WolverineCDR: Envy?

BPRAL22169: I was working on female rhymes.

pjscott100: Ooh, good one Rufo

WJaKe: I have no heinlein left to read!

jilyd: Saving it.

KultsiKN: I haven’t read Tramp either — yet. Just got the book from Tian.

Krin135: would be if we could re create it…maybe charter a Barefoot boat for most of it

AGlusone: means you fold have “new Heinlein” to read! Lucky you.

JJ Brannon: Silver? Purple?

AGlusone: folk

Krin135: yolk

WolverineCDR: Oh, yeah. First I gotta FIND a copy.

Krin135: Polk

DennEditor: I also have not read Rocketship Gallileo or “Take Bak Your Government”

georule1861: We have three or so RAH here that my wife has never read and says she won’t. A world where she’s read all the Heinlein isn’t worth living.

BJ Maranta: Me too, Wolvie

pjscott100: croak

SubCrid Death: I’m working through Stranger now, but it’s kinda slow reading. Can’t quite get into it, TBH. Left off about where the reporter got snagged after him, his budy, and the Witness see MVS(?)

WolverineCDR: And between you, me, and the verdammt wall, it looks like I won’t have a chance for an indeterminate time.

OscagneTX: See the book exchange… fans’ll get you a copy.

JJ Brannon: VMS

Krin135: why not, Wolvering?

SubCrid Death: Gah, I knew I got the order wrong…

KultsiKN: Dolk –what are we rhyming?

georule1861: Lots on www.abebooks.com in the $10-20 range.

Bookman99R: I liked his bit about only three things being worth painting

Krin135: Death, it gets better after that

AGlusone: Tramp is in print. Take Back is hard to find except used, but that may change.

WolverineCDR: I’ve been working non-stop since Wednesday, working tomorrow and Monday, and Wednesday all our vehicles go on the trains!

BPRAL22169: “Phlegm”

Krin135: ouch…

DrRufosGlory: Here’s a hanky, Bill.

DennEditor: Right now, I cal collecting all the juvenile Heinlein I can find, cause the as soon as I start my teaching career, Heinlein is going to be assigned reading.

Krin135: heading to Big Sandy, Wolvie?

AlanMacro: Finally found a “Time for the Stars” on eBay.

WolverineCDR: Is Phlegm pronounced “Flim” or “Flem”.

aggirlj: Flem.

BPRAL22169: Flem

Bookman99R: since one was cats, and two were pretty girls, I bet Ginny was one of them!

LanaiHoward: I’ll often wonder if I read everything published. When I worked for the Library of Congress, I dug up everything I could find, by RAH and the pseudonyms I knew.

WolverineCDR: We havn’t gotten the official deployment order.

DennEditor: I saw TFTS at the used bookstore for $1.00 today

DavidWrightSr: I picked up good copies of _Space Cadet_ and _Number of the Beast_ today to replace my crumbling copies

Krin135: ok…Via Con Dios in case I don’t see you again

SubCrid Death: Stranger isn’t my first Heinlein, Chuck. 🙂

JJ Brannon: “Phlegm” is pronounce “kk-hok-tooey”.

jilyd: Down here, they sound the same, like pen and pin.

DrRufosGlory: LOL

Krin135: ok…

AlanMacro: paid $3 + $3 shipping from UK

Bookman99R: lol, JJ

Krin135: didn’t think that it was…

ddavitt: If you were a Regency dandy you could get away with ‘Dem’ (damn)

WolverineCDR: Oh, I forget, that’s allegedly sensitive. Any verdammt Iraqi spies in here?

BJ Maranta: lol

pjscott100: I think the only RAH I haven’t read in the last 2 years is Between Planets

SubCrid Death: (BTW, Dan Poore, CK)

DennEditor: Wolvering, I must have missed it: What is your unit?

Krin135: but I’ve had a couple of other friends get hung up there

georule1861: Tramp is out of stock on Amazon, David.

ddavitt: Or is that ‘demme?” Hmm.

DennEditor: Wolverine….. sorry

pjscott100: Wolfie, we’ll just assume it was disinformation 😉

DrRufosGlory: Both are “current”, Miss Jane

Krin135: ah…don’t have the cross reference list up…thanks, Dan

WolverineCDR: A&O, C Co, 299 EN BN, 1BCT, 4ID(M)

BJ Maranta: Hooah

Krin135: lol…the Ivy Leaves

aggirlj: Checking library for TR, back soon.

WolverineCDR: Four Lieutenants Pointing North, neh?

DennEditor: Good luck.

DrRufosGlory: What’s this:A&O, C Co, 299 EN BN, 1BCT, 4ID(M)

DennEditor: errr… could you translate those numbers and letters into civilian speak?

SubCrid Death: Umm… Wolverine = John Atkinson? Or am I thinking of someone else? (entirely possible)

JJ Brannon: Formula for his drink order.

georule1861: If you’re going to tell that BP is your least favorite, David, we might have to meet at dawn. Was my first. And fell in love with my wife when she told some twit “May you life be long and tedious”

georule1861: I’m sorry, Peter.

RMLWJ1 has left the room.

WolverineCDR: Assault and Obstacle Platoon, C Company, 299th Engineer Batallion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized)

DrRufosGlory: o

WolverineCDR: And yes, I’m SGT John M. Atkinson, USA

Bookman99R: Wolverine is the guy who shoots steel claws outa his hands

Krin135: AKA The Bridgers…


DavidWrightSr: Between Planets was my first also, In High School in 1953.

WolverineCDR: Bridges Indeed.

BJ Maranta: Bridges is for blowin’ up, son!

SubCrid Death: What I thought, but wanted to make sure. I recalled mention of the ivy insignia, in ABTC

Krin135: IIRC, I did RSG when I was in 5th Grade…about age 10

WolverineCDR: Wolverine CDR = Wolverine Commander, which I took because Sapper and Combat Engineer were already taken.

WJaKe: Have Space Suit, age 10

JJ Brannon: The Rolling Stones, when I was 8.

LanaiHoward: hmmm….don’t remember which…might have been Red Planet…3rd grade

Bookman99R: Gawd only knows

OscagneTX: Ironically enough… RSG was the very last one I got to read.

WolverineCDR: Keeping in mind, BJ, they consolidated 12B and 12F so honest Combat Engineers like myself find ourselves in A&O.

DrRufosGlory: Kip Russell’s story

cs teles: Stranger, barely pubescent. What an intro to RAH.

georule1861: The only thing I have against BP was that it apparently cooled his ardor for writing one of the planned Scudders.

DennEditor: My cousin served with a mechanized unit during Gulf War I. He told his mother that he woduld stay entire war inside Saudi Arabia. He wrote me that he was so f*cking deep into Iraq he was outside the gates at Bhagdad.

Dehede011: RSG when it was brand new and I was about 13

SubCrid Death: Relative newcomer to Heinlein, starting with SST a few years ago. (Yes, thanks to the movie that shouldn’t be named)

WolverineCDR: Are we on First RAHs?

Dehede011: I discovered girls and RAH the same year

WolverineCDR: Denn: was he in 2nd Armored Division?

SubCrid Death: The movie drew my attention to it, that is. Haven’t seen it yet.

cs teles: Stuck with both I hope.

DennEditor: My first RAH was “Friday”

aggirlj: You’re right, not there.

georule1861: Bill, was Ginny’s dad named George? A dentist in Brooklyn?

Krin135: John, if he was outside the gates of Baghdad…

DrRufosGlory: IMHO, you need RAH for at least a year before you get to girls.

pjscott100: I suspect mine was a short, prolly Timeline in some collection, but I dunno… I may not have been on solid food yet 🙂

BJ Maranta: Space Suit, age 11

WolverineCDR: First RAH: A 7th Grade English teacher gave me Citizen of the Galaxy!

Krin135: he had to be XVIIIth

DennEditor: I bought it because of the cover. That hot blonde with the silver jump suit unzipped down to her navel.

OscagneTX: My first was “Red Planet” after the animated thing on fox a decade ago.

Krin135: the Tigers were supporting the Marines to the East

Bookman99R: good art, that

WolverineCDR: Which would have made him 24th Infantry. Forgot the Tigers were with the Marines.

Bookman99R: buddy of mine rode an M-60 there

Bookman99R: 3rd tanks?

WolverineCDR: Now, I’ve passed Citizen of the Galaxy on to my brother, Cousin, and two of my troopies.

SubCrid Death: Heh. Scantily clad women on the cover are often a disincentive, for me, to check out a book. Doubly so scantily clad men (sorry, I’m straight 😛 )

DennEditor: That was a horrible adaptation, Os

OscagneTX: yes, truly terrible.

georule1861: Oh God, Doc with a pony tale!

pjscott100: Gee, most of the later Heinleins have near-naked women on them

ddavitt: Have Space Suit and Space family Stone were my first at 11. Pickedup Space Suit in the just returned section, liked the look of it, so wentto the H’s, checked out Space Family too and I think read that one first.

LanaiHoward: John, has SST made it to the Army reading lists as it has in the Marines?

WolverineCDR: M-60? We fraggin’ DXed our last M-60 chassis vehicles, for which I have not ceased thanking St. Demetrius!

KultsiKN: IWFNE might have been my first Heinlein, borrowed from a friend.

DennEditor: I think Rolling Stones was the second Heinlein novel for me. Quite a difference.

AlanMacro: Methuselah’s Children — around 1964

Bookman99R: He was a jarhead, John, not a ground-ape

WolverineCDR: Unfortunately, no. the CSA’s Reading List is dry-as-dust professional stuff. I have been told by 3 different people it is required reading at OCS, however.

Krin135: Howard, it was one book that my Combat Engineer Drill Sgt liked when I was in Basic back in 1979

aggirlj: SIASL in high school, think it was laying around and I picked it up.

WolverineCDR: Ah, Bookman. I PASSED the ASVAB.

Bookman99R: well, lik, DUH! 😉

Krin135: lol….does that mean that you can’t go Ossifer, John?

aggirlj: You’re loosing me.

JJ Brannon: Sorry, I was a stateside gas-jockey back in 91.

SubCrid Death: Why would you wish such a horrid fate on John, CK?

WolverineCDR: I would have been a Lieutenant/But I was way too smart/They took away my rank/When they saw me walk and fart!

JJ Brannon: Why they handed me a theater-ribbon I’ve never understood.

cs teles: LOL

SubCrid Death: ASVAB: Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or somesuch. Aptitude testing for the military.

SubCrid Death: The “b” is what I’m not sure on.

WolverineCDR: The joke is that if you pass the ASVAB, you’re overqualified for the Marines.

Krin135: chuckle…I was a Mustang, remember?

BJ Maranta: Mustang?

Bookman99R: love the MilAcroSpeak

Krin135: E5 flight medic

BJ Maranta: Ah

WolverineCDR: Yeah. But you’re Medfield, which ain’t real officers any damn way.

Bookman99R: promoted from the ranks

Krin135: to butter bar medical student

OscagneTX: mustang = elisted that got promoted to ofc.

JJ Brannon: 156 ASVABs I think.

Bookman99R: e-listed, Chuck?

aggirlj: Getting the combat boots on.

Bookman99R: 😉

Krin135: chuckle…I was selected for at least one tac class based on prior service, John

BJ Maranta: Jane, if we start telling Army stories, you’ll have to put on a helmet, too

JJ Brannon: I had the hardest time getting into the service.

Krin135: and would have gotten more if I had stayed in

WolverineCDR: Medical Officers, like Lawyers and Chaplains are NOT really officers, they just have to pay ’em big money to keep ’em in.

aggirlj: Thanks, reaching for it.

OscagneTX: And really tall tall boots for the BS.

aggirlj: Those too.

cs teles: JJ, why a hard time?

WolverineCDR: Anyone who can’t take command of a line unit, doesn’t count in my book.

Krin135: some of us do cross qualify

SubCrid Death:

Dehede011: I was in the Navy and bounded the rolling waves

Bookman99R: yeah, John – Medical ossifers & Chaplains are actually _useful_!!! 😉

jilyd: Can I tell you my only personal Army story? The time I got to give the order to fire the howitzer?

WolverineCDR: Sure!

OscagneTX: ga, j.

aggirlj: Yeah, Dee.

SubCrid Death: The only waves I dealt with were in port, otherwise I was under them. 😉

Krin135: GA, jilyd

KultsiKN: GA!

DrRufosGlory: “The Army and the Navy need attention/The outlook isn’t healthy you’lladmit/But I’ve got a perfect dream/ of a new recreuiting scheme/Which I thinkis “absolutely it.”

BJ Maranta: Lol, Dan

Dehede011: Thanks Dan

JJ Brannon: I had a recommendation from an Army LTC psychiatrist, so the civilian induction service at the Cherry Street Federal building washed me for seeing a psychiatrist.

Krin135: that was dumber than usual

jilyd: Staewide Special Olympics at Ft. Rucker, we Hams were helping. Part of opening ceremonies was firing the howitzer, And I got to drop my arm and gicve the order.

BJ Maranta: Kewl!

AlanMacro: Later folks! 🙂

aggirlj: We get them every 4th of July at Memorial Park, really cool.

SubCrid Death: *makes crosshairs with his fingers and looks at Ron* You look familiar, for some reason… 😉

BJ Maranta: See ya, Alan

Bookman99R: works for me, Dee

cs teles: How Dilbertian can you get?

pjscott100: Did you hit the lookout tower? 🙂

WolverineCDR: Medical Officers are shaky. Some of them scare me. Chaplains are also hit and miss. I’ve got a decent one now, and Fr. Michael over in 13th COSCOM (The only Orthodox chaplain on all Ft. Hood) is wonderful.

jilyd: (OK, I only passed it on fromthe cO, but it is the closest I will ever come.) And the young SSgts. had their helmets, but nobody told me to bring a hardhat.

aggirlj: Or earplugs.

AlanMacro has left the room.

Krin135: chuckle…commo is vital…but so are ear plugs

WolverineCDR: Wimps wear earplugs. Real Men go deaf, like I am.

BJ Maranta: You said it, Chuck

jilyd: Well, one ear was filled witht eh bone-conduction mic/earphone.

Krin135: I managed 3 years in copters with a zero db hearing threshold

Bookman99R: Real Men? Where are your Voltage burns, John? 😉

cs teles: It’s actually kind of interesting to hear live artillery tear across the sky. If you look fast you can sometimes see the shell.

jilyd: And didn;t that get me strange looks when I started talking to “nothing.”

OscagneTX: ***hole doctor is the one who kept me out. Said I could only hear %50 of top freqs of human speech. I wanted to know how that applied to Sgts and he threw me out.

SubCrid Death:her

OscagneTX: ok.

WolverineCDR: Friction primers? Hellfuckno.

BPRAL22169: Not in civvies. She wore her uniform.

Krin135 has left the room.

Bookman99R: then you must use electrical priming

Dehede011: She was a chemist before joining

JJ Brannon: A buddy in my flight at Lackland was the son of a McGuire major. Said the same civilian service flunked him for the color test.

BPRAL22169: I don’t know — I asked for her handle, but she must not be signed on.

WolverineCDR: Fuse igniters are friction, but manually pulled.

Krin135 has entered the room.

Krin135: grrr…hit the wrong button

KultsiKN: John, they were not sappers — it was just anybody with something explosive.

WolverineCDR: Don’t do much electrical stuff. I really don’t like it.

Dehede011: then a Ltjg and did something in a Naval Aviation Material Command lab

jilyd: Bill–hit People up top, then send an invite. Or give her screen name and I will be glad to, since David ain’t answereing.

Krin135: hmmmmm…the one testing the new seat cushions,


Bookman99R: YMMV – I did ‘Ricochet radio” in my time

DavidWrightSr: Without her screen name, we can’t do much to get Amy in.

WolverineCDR: Yeah, Finns are all tough and crazy. Fun Fact: Finland is the only nation to fight the Red Army and never have Soviet tanks enter their capital. Mucho respect for Finland.

BPRAL22169: I don’t know her screen name — she’s not on my buddyt list.

Dehede011: I think they were working with aviation plastics. I am not clear how much her and RAHs work overlapped

BPRAL22169: OK. I’ll follow up on this.

JJ Brannon: Accept the test was conducted,contra SOP, in a sunlit room. After flunking a bunch of officers kids, the IG and GA shopped the lot of the induction team.


jilyd: Oh, there he is. Missed you for a moment , David.

Dehede011: RAH developed what was essentially the first space suit

WolverineCDR: Geez, 26 MFs here. That’s a lot o’ bodies. Has the wake officially started?

BJ Maranta: Is that the hush hush project he mentioned?

DavidWrightSr: I had a former Russian General as a teacher in Monterey. He told some neat stories about how the finns had managed to lead a bunch of Russian convoys onto thin ice.

aggirlj: It’s been ongooing, diverting somewhat.

aggirlj: going

Dehede011: I think you are talking about the 30s — much earlier

OscagneTX: we’ve been shootin ‘n’ sippin’ toasts for about an hour and a half, John.

jilyd: Been going on a long tiemnow, John. I think you missed most of the toasts.

Bookman99R: did anyone ever dig up the Japan story?

Dehede011: Yes,

Dehede011: more or less

WolverineCDR: Hey, I just got off work. Saw the message on afh, downloaded AIM, and got here as quick as I could.

Bookman99R: give give give!

OscagneTX: completely ok. Want to give a toast?

cs teles: I can’t be the only person here who has never met or corresponded with Mrs. Heinlein, but am curious as to who has, and when the friendship began.

aggirlj: Yeah, how early. When did you start the society.

Dehede011: He was on the Lexington about 31 got headed to Japan but was aborted before arrival at Pearl

SubCrid Death: QnD scroll through the backlog, at least 5 toasts 2100-2200 EST

Bookman99R: yeah, but _why_?

DavidWrightSr: She first contacted me about 2 1/2 years ago in response to one of the Readers Group chats. We have been conversing ever since.

SubCrid Death: (I missed a lot because of tech support hell with a relative, via phone)

Dehede011: About 1980

OscagneTX: afk brb

OscagneTX: b

Bookman99R: lull?

cs teles: What was she like?

ddavitt: I met Ginny through the chats too. We spoke on AIM sometimes but Iwas always shy of bothering her. She helped me out several

times with articlesI wrote.

DavidWrightSr: I mentioned that she had sent me several books. I am proudest of the copy of _The Unpleasant Profession…_ which appears to be a collectors edition.

BPRAL22169: Japan backed down.

Dehede011: A female John Wayne with a real mother Teresa side

WolverineCDR: I never really knew her, but I understand that a number of RAH’s female characters were based at least loosely on her, right?

DrRufosGlory: When I found out she was posting to AFH, I sent her an email in whichI apologized for never sending RAH the letters I had written but never hadthe nerve to send. She was very responsive.

Bookman99R: ok, I guess

DennEditor: She once signed my Guestbook. I called three people I know and told them to check it out.

OscagneTX: Closest I got was when she responded to my posts a couple times. That made me happy.

Bookman99R: Sharp mind, definitly

DavidWrightSr: She signed mine also. At the very least, I got to tell her how much I appreciated Robert’s works.

Krin135: Ladies and Gents….a toast:

BJ Maranta: GA Chuck

aggirlj: raised glass

KultsiKN: ready

Bookman99R: Raises glass

DavidWrightSr: Hoch!

WolverineCDR: raising glass!

cs teles: primed

BPRAL22169: ISTR Japan was going to invade Manchuria and Coolidge said, if you do, we’ll go to war, so the fleet steamed toward Japan, and they backed down.

Dehede011: mud in your eye

OscagneTX: raised glass.

Krin135: To Robert and Ginnie, our God Parents…May they enjoy traveling in Elephants!

BPRAL22169: For a couple ofyears.

aggirlj: clink.

ddavitt: When she was ill with pneumonia, I sent her some Godiva chocolatesto cheer her up. Got a lovely letter saying that she had been unable to eatthe hospital food and they were the best thing she’d ever tasted.

OscagneTX: *crash*

DavidWrightSr: Amen!

georule1861: Salud!



WolverineCDR: May they enjoy travelling in Elephants!

BJ Maranta: Hear hear *clink* *crash* *tinkle*

Bookman99R: Amen!!

pjscott100: Amen! *zing*

SubCrid Death: *clink, glug, crash*

cs teles: hear hear

ddavitt: Glass goes flying..

WolverineCDR: *SMASH*

aggirlj: Godivas are wonderful, what a wonderful gift.

BPRAL22169: She was very upset with this last round of hospital food.

OscagneTX: Which collection is that story in? I’ve got it but don’t remember where.

Krin135: and with that…I need to evaporate for a while…

jilyd: She sent me an e-mail regarding some posts on afh, and we began corresponding. I enjoyed ou early morning chats, greatly.

BPRAL22169: I sent her a Christmas box with various styles of nuts.

KultsiKN: hear, hear! clink! crash!

Krin135: huggles all around…

SubCrid Death: Later, CK

DennEditor: Hospitals go out of their way to make people unnecessarilly miserable.

OscagneTX: laters, C.

aggirlj: See ya CK

BPRAL22169: And some italian-style preserved peaches in vanilla wine syrup.

Bookman99R: bye, Chuck

DavidWrightSr: It’s in the book I mentioned, _The Unpleasant Profession…_

aggirlj: Wonderful care packages, did the same for my Mom.

DrRufosGlory: good night, Chuck

pjscott100: Heck, I had one night of hospital food and I couldn’t believe it – they screwed up oatmeal

Krin135: Denn, that depends on the hospital, and the doctor, thanks…

ddavitt: Like waking you up at 6.30 and never switching off the bloody lights all night…

SubCrid Death: Of course, DE. They feel unneeded if their patients don’t think help is needed. 😉

Dehede011: It is very strange but she and I used to talk a lot — then she coached me on RAHs writing methods and I ran out of time because I was writing.

BJ Maranta: You off, Chuck? Take it easy

BPRAL22169: or Fantasies of RAH

Krin135 has left the room.

JJ Brannon: crash!

cs teles: It’s also in the retitled version: 6xH

OscagneTX: thanks, guys.

ddavitt: Bye Chuck.

DennEditor: I took me three days to recover from my last hospitalization

Dehede011: bye chuck

OscagneTX: I’ve got at least 2 of those.

KultsiKN: Ginny signed the copy of Grumbles she sent me.

BJ Maranta: Lucky, Kultsi

aggirlj: We were talking about that the last time. Very lucky.

SubCrid Death: I never really got to know her, having joined AFH after her turkeyday accident, but listening to others accounts of her by others, in this chat, I’m finding myself all the poorer for that knowledge vacuum.

OscagneTX: I wish I coulda gotten that close to her. I’m envious. But there was never a natural reason to, and I didn’t want to impose.

DennEditor: Somebitches need to realize … the benefits of hourly bloodpressure checks do NOT outweigh the benefits of uninterupted sleep.

SubCrid Death: err, strike one of those “others”

jilyd: Night, chuck. And

DennEditor: errr …. “sumbitches.” Sorry.

pjscott100: it made sense

ddavitt: Same here, oscagne. Especially with her sight problems. I didn’t wantto make her pore over my letters when she could be doing something more important

cs teles: Hospitals: when I was in, they had me hooked up to an automatic BP cuff. They never had to wake me.

JJ Brannon: Night, folks. One for the road…

Bookman99R: Hey, Denny! Wake up, it’s time for your SLEEPING Pill!

OscagneTX: ‘night

KultsiKN: I think I still have some unpleasant duty ahead: telling the new to her friends here.

BJ Maranta: nite, jj

Bookman99R: ‘night, JJ

BPRAL22169: She sent me Robert’s cop yof his Annapolis yearbook — and for that Christmas, his copy of Rabelais and for my birthday Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.

SubCrid Death: G’night JJ.

jilyd: AG probably won;t mention this, but hje sent her orchids in hosp. It was the first thing she told me about when I talked to her.

DennEditor: It was almost that bad, Rusty

DavidWrightSr: In spite of the number of talks, I didn’t start up conversations a lot of times, because I felt that I might be imposing to much.

ddavitt: That’s why, way back now, I and many others tried to help out on the copyright problems she was having.

Dehede011: When Rah died she moved to Florida a healthy vital woman going on her trips, driving a car and working out

BPRAL22169: I’m glad she got them. She loved green cymbidium orchids.

JJ Brannon: New topkick for the Valkyries.

Dehede011: Then gradually she lost it all including life

Bookman99R: did you ever ask “Friend or enema?”, Denny? 😉

DavidWrightSr: She told me that she really missed the mountains.

DennEditor: Errrr… managed to avoid that problem. Everything was coming out the other end.

BJ Maranta: well said, jj

jilyd: She got them, and loved them.

aggirlj: I’ll drive by the old haunt and toast her there tomorrow.

DennEditor: well said JJ

JJ Brannon has left the room.

OscagneTX: jj, that deserves another *smash*


ddavitt: She talked to me about her love of plants; sent me a web page aboutpoisonous ones when I was worried about the baby and the cats munching onmy house planst

DavidWrightSr: I heard they tore that down, Jane. Do you know if true?

aggirlj: Not yet, will let you know.

KultsiKN: She complained about the surroundings…

aggirlj: Where?

Bookman99R: Sorry, Bill I had assumed you were DennyW “Noctunal curmudgeon, editor”

DavidWrightSr: You are referring to the Colorado Springs house, aren’t you?

BPRAL22169: Jane, make David send you the 1952 Popular Mechanics article so you could recognize the house Heinlein designed.

aggirlj: Yes.

DennEditor: heh heh ….

Bookman99R: my bad

DennEditor: No prob.

ddavitt: That article is online somewhere

aggirlj: K what surroundings?

Bookman99R: you see how it happened, I think

LanaiHoward: need to run a bit…….will leave thins in “away”

SubCrid Death: No worse than people wondering who the hell I am, just from my SN, Rusty. 🙂

KultsiKN: That… place she was staying

jilyd: Unfortunately, the pain management was not good, these last weeks. Now it is. May she read all she wants, and figure kate whenever she wishes.

BPRAL22169: Andy thornton never did come back, did he?

georule1861: I’ve bid on that issue of PM a few times on ebay; always lost.

SubCrid Death: (“just from my SN” as in not knowing my real name)

EBATNM: yes I’m here

BPRAL22169: Oh. you’ve been unwontedly quiet.

ddavitt: I have to go now; goodnight to you all and a big hug.

DennEditor: Night,

BPRAL22169: Not benig able to read was the thing that bothered her most.

aggirlj: Hugs back.

jilyd: Night, Jane. DOn;t be a stranger.

DrRufosGlory: {{{Jane}}

DavidWrightSr: Good night Jane. Don’t stay away.

Bookman99R: I can’t keep track, ‘Sub’, this is moving too fast to hit a reference on afh

BPRAL22169: Thanks for coming, Jane.

pjscott100: bye jane

WolverineCDR: G’night.

BJ Maranta: Bye Jane; see you in afh?

Bookman99R: ‘night, Jane

BPRAL22169: Dont’ be a stranger.

Dehede011: Yes, me too, good night one and all

ddavitt: I’ll be around soon. Promise.

KultsiKN: Night, Jane!

SubCrid Death: G’night to whoever’s leaving…

Dehede011 has left the room.

jilyd: Night Ron.

DrRufosGlory: Hold the door! I’d better scoot, too.

cs teles: ditto here. Good night all.

BPRAL22169: When they went to Antarctica in 1983, they took lots of pictures — penguins reading Friday, which had just been published.

Bookman99R: Terry, Rufo, Bye!

ddavitt has left the room.

BJ Maranta: Auf weidersehn, her Doctor

SubCrid Death: I should be going to bed… but I won’t. 😛

BPRAL22169: Penguins walking away from Friday. I said

WolverineCDR: Good night, folks.

BPRAL22169: “Critics!”

aggirlj: Bye Dr.

georule1861: Heh. I hope you have a nice selection of pictures in the bio when the time comes.

BJ Maranta: nite, John; best of luck, don’t forget to duck

jilyd: I know I issued the invitation, but me, too. Raising one last glass to a great lady. Bye.

KultsiKN: G’night Rufo, Terry

cs teles has left the room.

DavidWrightSr: The article in Grumbles about Antarctic was actually written by Ginny. She sent me a mimeographed copy of the original.

BPRAL22169: And there is a picturer of her bending over with hands behind her back looking at a book.

DrRufosGlory has left the room.

aggirlj: I’ve got to go now too, let you know what I find at the site.

WolverineCDR: Hey, I’m not leaving. Saying G’nite to everyone who is.

Bookman99R: night, John – eat, sleep, crap!

BJ Maranta: Oops

Bookman99R: ditto

BJ Maranta: G’nite Jane

BPRAL22169: She told me there was just one book on the entire continent of Antarctica from that period, and it’s still in the shack.

SubCrid Death: G’night, Jane

DavidWrightSr: Looks like our high point was 28 people.

Bookman99R: I assume JMA knows the sentiment, though

DennEditor: John … kick ass for us, OK?

OscagneTX: ‘nite, jane.

BPRAL22169: I laughed and told her, it figures: only oen book in the entire continent and she headed right for it.

KultsiKN: Nite, Jane!

aggirlj: 🙂

aggirlj has left the room.

BJ Maranta: akf… brb

DennEditor: Sorry. thought you were leavign JAM

WolverineCDR: Everyone seems to be going home. I have to work tomorrow, which (paradoxically) means I won’t be waking up nearly as early as I would if I were going to drive an hour to get to Orthos on time.

georule1861: Bill, was her dad a dentist in Brooklyn?

WolverineCDR: 🙂

BPRAL22169: Yes, that’s right.

BPRAL22169: Gerstenfeld.

DennEditor: But the sentiment is the same …

jilyd has left the room.

georule1861: Went right for the 1930 census this morning when I heard. Found them.

WolverineCDR: Ah, and I appreciate it.

BPRAL22169: Virginia Doris Gerstenfeld Heinlein

EBATNM: Where did she go to university?

georule1861: NYU wasn’t it?

BPRAL22169: Let’s see — NYU, I think – yes. And the Pratt Institute.

Bookman99R: did Dee go home, or just bounce?

BJ Maranta: back

georule1861: We put Damon’s mini-bio of her on www.robertaheinlein.com this morning.

KultsiKN: Bounce, I think

BPRAL22169: Good idea. Robert James is working up a formal obituary, and we’ll see it gets to Locus and the Journal. I’m thinking of having a special “Remembering Ginny” issue in July.

BPRAL22169: He’s going to do a large biographical sketch comparable to the one he did of Leslyn.

georule1861: Should put something on front page of ths too.

BPRAL22169: Yes — I think David Wright will be doing something with the site.

Bookman99R: is that available on-line, Bill?

DennEditor: working on that, Geo

BPRAL22169: Which — the Leslyn sketch? no.

Bookman99R: shoot

Bookman99R: thanks anyway

BPRAL22169: I’m slowly working my way toward getting the Journal online, but it’ll take awhile yet. I am occupied with other things.

Bookman99R: life just takes up too much time, eh? 😉

OscagneTX: If I don’t go now, I’ll never go. And I have to work. One more toast:


KultsiKN: GA

WolverineCDR: Prost?

Bookman99R: Positioning Pilsner

SubCrid Death:

OscagneTX: To someone who has contributed to my personal happiness… *gulp * *crash*

BPRAL22169 has left the room.

BJ Maranta: *clink* *crash* *tinkle*

WolverineCDR: *SMASH*

BJ Maranta: Take it easy, Osc


KultsiKN: clink crash

pjscott100: night

WJaKe: clunk! sorry, coffee mug

WolverineCDR: Ladies and Gentlemen, a Toast!

Bookman99R: night, Osc

OscagneTX has left the room.

KultsiKN: Nite!

BJ Maranta: GA, Sarge

pjscott100: my turn to be off… be well, all

BJ Maranta: Nite, peter

QinJingYou: bye Peter

Bookman99R: night, Pter

DennEditor: GA

KultsiKN: G’night, Peter

pjscott100: the parrot is heading this way… time to rescue valuables…

DennEditor: nite Peter

pjscott100 has left the room.

DennEditor: GA JAM

KultsiKN: GA, John

DennEditor: JMA


Dehede011 has entered the room.

SubCrid Death:

WolverineCDR: To the woman behind the finest SF writer I’ve known, and the inspiration for the most incredible women in all fiction!

BPRAL22169 has entered the room.

DavidWrightSr: Raise them High!

KultsiKN: Hear, hear!

Bookman99R: Cheers!

BJ Maranta: Hear Hear! *clink* *crash* *tinkle*

WJaKe: yep! crunck!


DennEditor: Hear Hear!

SubCrid Death: Cheers! *clink, gulp, crash*

BPRAL22169 has left the room.

BPRAL22169 has entered the room.

Dehede011: see you bill

Dehede011 has left the room.

DavidWrightSr: Memory Eternal!

BPRAL22169 has left the room.

BPRAL22169 has entered the room.

WJaKe: is he coming or going?

WolverineCDR: Memory Eternal!

Bookman99R: who’s doing “roomsex”?!?

BPRAL22169: OK, I’m back in.

KultsiKN: Bill, you’re fluctuating

Bookman99R: oh, its _you_!

Bookman99R: Bill, stop with the ‘roomsex’

BPRAL22169: Thanks, ron.

DennEditor: In and out, in and out! Pick one! You’re letting all the flies out!

DennEditor: Sorry. Was channeling my mother for a moment

DocJam00 has entered the room.

BPRAL22169: Robert James, welcome.

WolverineCDR: You know, my cousin is joining the Army this month or next. You know what book I bought him for Christmas?

DennEditor: SST?

KultsiKN: ST?

WolverineCDR: The same damn book I gave my brother when he enlisted in the Reserves.

WolverineCDR: Starship Troopers. It’s becoming a family tradition.

BJ Maranta: lol

KultsiKN: Who gave you yours?

georule1861: Hey, Doc.

Bookman99R: brb

WolverineCDR: Daniel (my cuz) told me he read it six times between when I gave it too him (Thanksgiving time period) and Christmas.

WolverineCDR: I had to buy my own.

WolverineCDR: And if you’ve never been in the military, it’s a whole different book before and after basic training.

BJ Maranta: LOL

DavidWrightSr: Amen to that. ST made basic bearable for me. Showed me what things should really be like and gave me the idea about why I was really there.

SubCrid Death: My military time had been and gone by the time The Travesty hit the movie screen.

georule1861: Just sent you a largish email, Doc. No big thing tho.

BJ Maranta: SST was a definite factor in my choosing a military career

Bookman99R: not mine, though I had read it

DennEditor: I also must get off-line.

BJ Maranta: g’nite, Bill

georule1861: We have Lt. Col Chuck Coffin’s review of SST for the Marine Corps Gazette somewhere. Was also published in Galactic Citizen. Going to put in out site one of these days.

Bookman99R: done Bill?

KultsiKN: Night, Bill

DavidWrightSr: Nite Bill

Bookman99R: ‘Night

WolverineCDR: G’nite Bill.

WJaKe: nite bill

DennEditor: Done. Unemployment is more tiring than people expect.

BJ Maranta: lol


georule1861: First the thing in the morning and you’re already on the job!

WolverineCDR: Georule: Let me know when you get that. I’m curious to know what a jarhead had to say. Of course, it’s pretty surprising there’s jarheads that literate to beging with. . .

DennEditor: Nite everyone. And best wishes to all those about to see action in the Gulf. Kick ass.

WolverineCDR: I plan too.

DennEditor: never had a doubt

DennEditor has left the room.

georule1861: Heh. Doc Coffin is actually green beanie. Just published in MC

DocJam00: hey, Geo — sorry, I was buying a book

WolverineCDR: Oh, that makes sense. . .

BJ Maranta: afk brb

georule1861: RAH got him coming and going. SST made him join. Glory Road spoke to him loudly when he got back.

Bookman99R: weeding out the wimps here…

WolverineCDR: One of the Green Beanies I know put me in his ‘net-published novel. Broke my sternum and several ribs, IIRC.


BJ Maranta: back

Bookman99R: wb Brian

georule1861: Doc tells a story of how he met RAH. Got duded up in his dress uniform and went where he knew RAH would be. Sure enuf, RAH went right for the uniform.

BJ Maranta: LOL

Bookman99R: is it possible to ‘splain it to civilians?

Bookman99R: I can’t, it just _is_

BJ Maranta: What, SST?

SubCrid Death: Pardon my squid ignorance, but “green beanies”?

KultsiKN: Green Beanies, frex.

Bookman99R: No, what goes on between vets

Bookman99R: Green Berets

WolverineCDR: Possible to splain what to civvies? Civvies are almost like people, except that you have to use whole words and talk quietly.

BJ Maranta: LOL

Bookman99R: LOL!

SubCrid Death: ah (green beanies)

BJ Maranta: Green Beret? I got me one of them.

BJ Maranta: ‘Course, that’s no big nevermind up here, eh?

Bookman99R: does it still have the propeller on top?

KultsiKN: Oh, those guys. One of ours helped to build the fame. Larry Thorne.

EBATNM has left the room.

SubCrid Death: Y’all ground guys were the ones that went and painted the lines after a couple of TLAM-As ironed out the ground.

WolverineCDR: Heh. I’m mechanized and I’ll always be mechanized if I have any say about it.

BJ Maranta: Good one, Rusty… ha ha ha…

BPRAL22169: I’m afraid I need to go for dinner. Nothing in the house so I have to go outbefore the local grocery closes.

georule1861: Ciao, Bill.

BPRAL22169: Are we going to do something similar tomorrow?

BJ Maranta: G’nite Bill

WolverineCDR: Tchuss Bill.

BJ Maranta: The Lanai is always open

BPRAL22169: It’s going to take some time for the word to percolate around.

Bookman99R: whaddaya ‘spect from a wingnut, Brian? The New Testament? ‘;)

BPRAL22169: OK. Have a good one, folks.

BPRAL22169 has left the room.

DocJam00: thanks for the email, Geo — that’s a great find — g’night Bill

Bookman99R: ‘night, Bill

WJaKe: nite bill!

WolverineCDR: I damn sure ain’t gonna be here. I’m half falling asleep in my chair as it is.

georule1861: No prob, Doc.

BPRAL22169 has entered the room.

DavidWrightSr: I’ll be posting this on The Heinlein Society website. If there is anything that anyone doesn’t want included sent me an e-mail at

Bookman99R: my lunchtime was an hour back

DocJam00: Careful, Geo — there seem to be two people nicknamed Doc here

WolverineCDR: Whar’s the Heinlein Society Website?

KultsiKN: Ya forgot your hat, Bill?

georule1861: Oops.

DavidWrightSr: The Heinlein Society

BPRAL22169: I just found out — Amy Baxter is signing on; when she pops up as Dr. Poddy, will someone give her an invite?

DavidWrightSr: I’ll watch for her

Bookman99R: we need fresh meat here

KultsiKN: what’s her exact screen name?

Bookman99R: bwahaha!

KultsiKN: DrPoddy?

SubCrid Death: Noting log-objectionable coming from my keyboard, David. (though you may want to note this SN is connected to Dan Poore from AFH. 😉 )

DavidWrightSr: Is that Noting or Nothing 🙂

Bookman99R: I’ll live & die by my social gaffes

BPRAL22169: She says Dr Poddy — but I don’t know if you can have spaces.

Bookman99R: it is possible

KultsiKN: Not that I know of

SubCrid Death: Yes, spaces are an option

Bookman99R: OJIII was bitching about that earlier

SubCrid Death: Err, nothing, with an “h”.

SubCrid Death:


DavidWrightSr: I’ve got Dr Poddy in my buddy list, but I don’t see her yet.

DavidWrightSr has left the room.

SubCrid Death: (Actually, I wish there was a way of changing SNs without having to make a new one entirely…)

KultsiKN: I tried adding ‘Dr Poddy’ after I added ‘DrPoddy’, and AIM told me the name was there already — so, spaces are optional and do not count.

SubCrid Death: Though, “Nohbody” (and the l33tsp33k variants with zeros) is taken, so I’d have to do the number schtick.

BPRAL22169: Can Somebody invite EBATNM back in? He’s shown as offline on my buddy list but I’ve got an IM from him showing he’s here.

SubCrid Death: (No offense to those with numbers at the end of their SNs, I just don’t care for it for my own.)

Bookman99R: ey, YMMV

Bookman99R: big world & all that

EBATNM has entered the room.

EBATNM: I’m back, I think

Bookman99R: yep, I see you

Bookman99R: Ebat, or whoever… 😉

BPRAL22169: Andy is invisible on my buddy list

KultsiKN: Andy.

BPRAL22169: Co-author of The Martian Named Smith.

EBATNM: Manniskan spar, men Gud rar

Bookman99R: Andy? doesn’t ring a bell – maybe its the beer

BJ Maranta: ?

SubCrid Death: BRB, gotta change the bag on my caffeine IV

BPRAL22169: And a fan of Sweden. Careful, we’ve got a Finn in the room.

EBATNM: I know, I did that just for him!

BPRAL22169: Seriously — don’t let this man near Ikea! It’s amazing.

DocJam00: That was a quick dinner Bill

DavidWrightSr has entered the room.

Bookman99R: oh, great – a fine Finn fan

BPRAL22169: Haven’t left yet.

DavidWrightSr: Finally, I am back.

Bookman99R: wb, David

BPRAL22169: D’oh!

BJ Maranta: wb David

BPRAL22169: Still trying to get Amy in.

WolverineCDR: Sweden? Is that a country or something? I thought they got rid of it after the Vasas lost their fire.

EBATNM: I LIKE pickled herring

EBATNM: and smoked herring

BPRAL22169 has left the room.

EBATNM: and herring in wine sauce

DavidWrightSr: Keep logging David. I’ve got a bunch of gaps.

KultsiKN: We kept it up for them for a while…

BPRAL22169 has entered the room.

Bookman99R: I think Sweden is a ghetto region of Finland or something John 😉

EBATNM: with loganberries

KultsiKN: Andy you aren’t talking aboutsurströmmingar, are you?

BPRAL22169: And lefsa.

Bookman99R: do I know you, Andy?

BPRAL22169: Lingonberries.

WolverineCDR: Now, back when Gustavas Adolphus was Rex, Sweden was really something. Of course, back then, the Finns were best known for cavalry who charged into combat yelling hakka-pella or something like that.

Bookman99R: Lefsa is alwways good

SubCrid Death: Got everything from 17:40 EST onwards, DW, if you need it.

KultsiKN: Lingonberries, on the non-grasping paw…

EBATNM: Dunno Bookman

SubCrid Death: (I’m not on AOL itself, so I don’t get their craptacular AOL client with the limited output buffer.)

BPRAL22169: And let’s not forget the single most disgusting taste experience of my life — herring paste.

Bookman99R: What nick on afh? or not?

EBATNM: Lingonberries, yes, but I also like loganberries also – surstrommingar is the “Interesting” shark dish, isn’t it?

BPRAL22169: At any rate, Andy in Ikea is . . . not pretty.

EBATNM: Herring paste is yummy – Bill is a wimp

WolverineCDR: Herring Paste?

KultsiKN: that’s right, John.

WolverineCDR: What did those poor herrings every do to you?

DavidWrightSr: My log starts at 1702 but I’ve got several gaps where I was booted. Anyone who has kept a log, please send it to me so I can piece in the gaps.

Bookman99R: hey, I’m still perfecting my “Man-to-donkey” process…

Bookman99R: brb

SubCrid Death: Ok, I’ll fire it off if/when I split for the night (have to work tomorrow, so eventually I will have to part company).

KultsiKN: No, surströmmingar is fermented baltic herring for which the Gotheburgers are famous.

WolverineCDR: How does one make herring paste, exactally? Grind up herrings?

SubCrid Death: (last to DW)

EBATNM: Herring Paste is when you take herrings and various spices and munge them altogether until they are a food fit for the gods

DavidWrightSr: Thanks.

DocJam00: question is, which gods?

WolverineCDR: Fermented herring = Rotting fish, right Kultsi?

EBATNM: H’mm, never had it them – I’ll bet it’s good tho’

KultsiKN: The Nordic Ghods, of course!

EBATNM: er- “then”

KultsiKN: Right, John. Smells that way, too.

DocJam00: Ah, yes, the happy people with all the incest and murder and greed

WolverineCDR: Doc: Pagan heathen gods, obviously. Or maybe those strange Finnish types from that epic poem that starts with a K and that I couldn’t spell on a bet.

Bookman99R: back

WolverineCDR: Those of us with normal sanity consider rotting fish a Bad Thing and try to refrigerate our fish to avoid any rotting.

BJ Maranta: wb

EBATNM: What is the shark dish that involves (1) a shark, (2) a beach, (3) burying the shark under low tide mark, and (4) waiting for six months?

Bookman99R: whaddabout KimChee, John?

Bookman99R: ty, Brian

BPRAL22169: OK — Amy is redownloading AOL. I’m going now. Have fun.

KultsiKN: Kalevala is the name John’s searching for — the inspiration for Tolkien to learn Finnish.

BPRAL22169 has left the room.

DocJam00: The Heinlein letter on ebay was not sold — reserve price not met

KultsiKN: The Elven Tongue comes from Finnish.

DocJam00: hopefully, he’ll do what he said and donate it to UCSC

WolverineCDR: Rotting cabbage ain’t no better than rotting fish. I only know two white guys who can eat that crap. One is married to a Korean, the other is my Old Man, who’s certifiably nuts.

Bookman99R: OMG, she’s D/L’ing the second worst virus known to man

Bookman99R: LOL!

WolverineCDR: What, windows XP?

Bookman99R: no, AOHell

WolverineCDR: Yup, and Dwarven comes from Norse and Hebrew!

KultsiKN: John, don’t you dig Sauerkraut?

EBATNM: Kulti – have you seen the LOTR movies?

WolverineCDR: Nope, don’t do Sauerkraut either.

LanaiHoward has left the room.

QinJingYou: Hey, Kimchee is good

EBATNM: Darn my fingers – Kultsi

WolverineCDR: The only fermented stuff I dig comes in a bottle.

Bookman99R: or a can

Bookman99R: on my part

BJ Maranta: Or a barrel

WolverineCDR: Or a can.

WolverineCDR: Barrels, but when can I afford a barrel?

SubCrid Death: I’ve had some sour krauts, but that’s as close as I get. 😉

Bookman99R: t’hell with the “six-pack stomach”, I am working on the whole keg!

BJ Maranta: I was thinking of the keg at the bar

KultsiKN: We’ve got the first one as Directors Cut, and my son has the ripped version of LOTRTTT, but I haven’t seen it yet.

WolverineCDR: Most krauts are sour, but let ’em invade France and they cheer up immediately.

SubCrid Death: hehe

BJ Maranta: ROTFL

Bookman99R: Wait for the Nig screen, Kultsi – I doubt you’ll regret it

KultsiKN: LOL

EBATNM: I would be interested to see how close they came to “correct” (as viewed from Finnish) pronunciation of Elvish

Bookman99R: LOL, John

KultsiKN: Ya lost me, Rusty.

Bookman99R: Well, I don’t think it will be Finnish, andy


Bookman99R: Gah! Big screen, BIG screen

KultsiKN: No, it definitely isn’t Finnish, but the structures and such are.

Bookman99R: my fingers are drunk, not racist!

EBATNM: As I understand it, Tolkien used the sounds of Finnish to construct Elvish (Quenya) – and I was wondering if the Movie folks got the verbal construct correctly

EBATNM: AARRRGGGHHHH!!! “constructs”

Bookman99R: I dunno, as I don’t know Finnish

SubCrid Death: I probably would’ve enjoyed TTT more if it weren’t for the clod in the middle of the seat row (I was on the crappy far end due to not getting there in time for a non-suck seat) who insisted on about half a dozen jujubee runs. 😛

KultsiKN: Oh yes, very good; the linguist who taught the language to the actors was really good.

BJ Maranta: That’s justifiable homicide right there, Dan

Bookman99R: although I was pretty proud of myself for a partial xlation of a website on AFH a while back

SubCrid Death: Unfortunately, though, “run” is entirely too generous for the wallowing pig…

Bookman99R: shoulda left a trap baited with Diet Pepsi

AGlusone has left the room.

Bookman99R: that will usually get the pigs, dunno why… 😉

WolverineCDR: Well, gentlemen, as fascinatign as the connection between Finnish and Elvish is I must depart. I’m falling-down tired, and the single-malt ain’t making staying awake any easier.

SubCrid Death: I’m skinny, so most of the time space isn’t a problem. Where it is a problem is when in a theater or somewhere that someone needs to pass in front of me (airliner seat, for example), where my long toothpick legs are hard to work…

SubCrid Death: … around.

BJ Maranta: G’nite John. Take it easy, eh?

Reilloc has left the room.

Bookman99R: ‘night, John Kick ass!

WolverineCDR: Easy? I dunno what that means anymore. 🙂

SubCrid Death: G’night John. Remember, the curved side points away from you. 🙂

EBATNM: Ma sa Gott

Bookman99R: did Collier say word one?

KultsiKN: Another thing: Aragorn, son of Arathorn is a construct directly from our poems: Kullervo Kalervon poika, Kullervo, son of Kalervo.

WolverineCDR: 😀

BJ Maranta: I don;t think he did, Rusty. Which may be a good thing…

Bookman99R: Moreso than that, Kultsi

Bookman99R: good point, Brian

WolverineCDR: A son of B is a construct straight from a lot of culture’s poems.

WolverineCDR: B’Bye!

WolverineCDR has left the room.

EBATNM: H’mm. That’s true because in the other Nordic languages it would have been Aragorn Arathornsson

KultsiKN: And the Icelandic names are that way to this day!

Bookman99R: The Sindarin title of royalty wat Tar-, while the Numenorean was Ar- (Prefix in both cases)

DavidWrightSr: Russian adds the patronymic as well as the family name. Ivan Ivanovich Ivanof. John, son of John, of the John(sons).

Bookman99R: So Ar-agorn’s name actually proclaims his lineage

KultsiKN: They only have a name and an indication to their paternal line; it’s not a family name.

QinJingYou has left the room.

Bookman99R: still?

KultsiKN: Yes. With people less than 300,000…

EBATNM: Oh, yes – if you look up Icelandic websites you still see Bjornsson and Bjornsdottoir

Bookman99R: In LOTR, there were “houses”, Aragorn ruled after as Elessar, of the house Telcontar

DocJam00 has left the room.

EBATNM: Is the “Ar” – suffix seen in any other name? I can’t remember

DavidWrightSr has left the room.

KultsiKN: Rusty, you are in to Tolkien in a heavy way?

Bookman99R: Prefix, Andy

Bookman99R: Some might say so, Kultsi

EBATNM: (*Just take me out & shoot me*)

SubCrid Death: Someone remind me to hand David some duct tape for his connection, next time he pops in.

KultsiKN: Behind the sauna is the accepted custom…

Bookman99R: 5-minute expoxy, maybe,

Bookman99R: why do you ask, Kultsi?

DavidWrightSr has entered the room.

Bookman99R: if I am going annoyingly OT, I can talk soemthing else

georule1861: Gentles, the second bottle of wine has just finished, and so must I. Ciao.

KultsiKN: You know your stuff, that’s why. I might show similar knowledge with Dune.

Bookman99R: wb, David

SubCrid Death: *hands David some duct tape for his connection*

BJ Maranta: nite, geo

georule1861 has left the room.

DavidWrightSr: Durn thing just goes offline for some reason and doesn’t want to come back in.

Bookman99R: I bet you do – I got tired of the touist traps apfter God-Emporor

Bookman99R: damn, missed Geo

KultsiKN: Nah. Anything after the first is CRAP!

BJ Maranta: lol

Bookman99R: hard to argue

Bookman99R: I am currently re-reading “Unfinished Tales”

EBATNM: You mean you didn’t like “The God Emperor of Dune Meets the Three Stooges”?

SubCrid Death: Hmm. I’ve not read any Dune except the original, and part of Chapterhouse (because it was found on the deck, and I was reallyreallyreally bored… only later did I find out that I wasn’t that bored).

Bookman99R: _Dune_ would make a good re-read

BJ Maranta: ROTFL

AGlusone has entered the room.

Bookman99R: No, I mean that that is wherte I decided the serries was actually a single novel!

AGlusone: Unlocked and back.

Bookman99R: wb, David!

KultsiKN: WB, Dave

BJ Maranta: Wb David S

SubCrid Death: I’ve no interest in the House [blah] novels, either. Kevin Anderson is not my favorite writer, for his casual abuse of Star Wars “canon”.

Bookman99R: I will Say that JRRT was one sharp, subtle cookie

AGlusone: lost you guys for good 56 minutes ago. It locked by did not crash, and I needed to stay for the gaps in Dave’s log. Sorry I missed it all.

EBATNM: Well, LOTR was written as one tale, it was published as a three-decker for $ reasons

Bookman99R: they been beating me, Dave – make ‘enm stop! LOL

AGlusone: Rusty, you can stand beating. Tell ’em about the film noir greeting you gave me last night

Bookman99R: well, yeah – how do you sell something that big sight unseen at 3x novel privce?

EBATNM: No, No, No – That was “Foundation of the Planet of the Whips”

Bookman99R: I’ve slept since then, David – you can if you want!

SubCrid Death: No worries, AG, I’m logged from 17:40 to now, and will be sending a copy to DW when I finally log off, to fill the holes on what he missed for the THS “official” log of the wake.

KultsiKN has left the room.

AGlusone: Naw, I think we were both under the spell of an angel passing over. It was about that time.

EBATNM: I’m not complaining – in the 1950’s to get the thing published at all was a major miracle

SubCrid Death: Whoops… Kinda redundant there, “the THS”…

Bookman99R: brb

SubCrid Death: (And I would have a membership save for borderline poverty, BTW. :\ )

AGlusone: Thanks, for that extra log. Ain’t the first time Dave has cut and pasted.

AGlusone: Speaking of which: we’re taking Ginny Heinlein Memorial membership applications any time now.

KultsiKN has left the room.

KultsiKN has entered the room.

DavidWrightSr: Another add to the Join up page?

BJ Maranta: Wha’ happen, Kultsi?

Bookman99R: did DrPoddy ever show up?

KultsiKN: AOHell!


WJaKe: did I leave?

AGlusone: sure did

KultsiKN: Yes, you did.

WJaKe: i did save the chat, btw, before I checked out

Bookman99R: Da rein in spay’in stays mainly in the plane

WJaKe: I have everything from when I joined

KultsiKN: yes, that’s right, too.

DavidWrightSr: What time was that?

WJaKe: I don’t recall

AGlusone: Very shortly after 6 PM, PST, when I invited you Jake

Bookman99R: I have it from abour 1930 CT

DavidWrightSr: BTW David. The log you sent me goes totally garbage after 7:50 your time. Was that when it locked?

Bookman99R: CST?

Bookman99R: I guess

AGlusone: 8:11 I thought, but 7:50 is about the first lock up

WJaKe: well, if anyone needs something, just say the word

Bookman99R: I can do a cut&paste if anyone wants it, but I doubt it will be needful

DavidWrightSr: Everyone who has logs, please send them just to make sure that I have everything.

KultsiKN: I saved the chat when I got locked — intact until then, I think.

SubCrid Death: BTW, DW, you want the eventual log all HTMLed, or will plain text suffice?

KultsiKN: My save was in HTML…

DavidWrightSr: I was going to do HTML this time, but I may have to make part of it plain text since I’ll be cutting and pasting.

DavidWrightSr: HTML will be fine.

AGlusone: It’ll all count for thirty …

SubCrid Death: Neither is a problem for me, though I may have to zip up an HTML file, unless Agent can find its way towards enough generosity to mail HTML without mangling it.

KultsiKN: HTML is not that different from plain text…

Bookman99R: Dehede011: Hey, why do you think the chimney is open at the top for???

KultsiKN: Zipping ain’t mangling.

Bookman99R: I saved it from there

DavidWrightSr: I can handle zips OK. Normally, I use plain text. I put the HTML through a conversion process and then re-HTML to put in line breaks etc.

AGlusone: Anyway, here’s one final to “to the grandest old bag in twenty universes!”

Bookman99R: Seconded!

DavidWrightSr: Prost!

SubCrid Death: Cheers!

JNEILSCHUL: From my novel Escape From Heaven:

AGlusone: Skoll!

DavidWrightSr: I am going to miss her!

Bookman99R: Skull!

JNEILSCHUL: Taking place in the near future:

Bookman99R: ain’t we all, David, ain’t we all

JNEILSCHUL: “Please, Mr. Heinlein, make yourself comfortable,”I told him.“Bob,” he said, settling into an armchair.“Duj,” I offered back. “Can I get you something toeat?”“No thank you. Ginny and I just finished dinner ashort while ago.”

BPRAL22169 has entered the room.

AGlusone: I move we plonk Randy permanently.


Bookman99R: what did he do now?

BPRAL22169: Hi. Did Randy show up while I was gone?

AGlusone: I didn’t like his reply to Mac

DavidWrightSr: I do. What’s he done now

Bookman99R: wb youself, Neil

JNEILSCHUL: Thanx. But can’t stay all that long. Promised to put on the DVD of Crocodile Hunter for my daughter.

AGlusone: Mac said, “She’s with Robert now.” Randy said, “Are you kidding?” or WTTE

BPRAL22169: I think that was being clueless rather than being vicious.

AGlusone: posted on AFH. Last straw for him as far as I’m concerned.

BPRAL22169: I’m curious, though, how he could be plonked on an unmoderated board

AGlusone: filter

BPRAL22169: Oh, so you mean each of us individually.

DavidWrightSr: I kill-filed him long ago.

SubCrid Death: Maybe I’ve been reading usenet for too long, but that post barely even tickled the very edges of my “offense sensor”…

AGlusone: well, only way to do it

BPRAL22169: I thought you had developed some stealth technology.

AGlusone: CyroRandy has a long history

Bookman99R: I _very_seldom use a plonker

Bookman99R: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer”, sorta

Bookman99R: he’s worse than an Idiot

AGlusone: I never plonk. I kill-thread “see wimmen have sex with viagra laced donkeys” but little else.

Bookman99R: Idiots are acceptable, they can’t help it – Randy has some brains

KultsiKN: He’s one with a purpose — I just don’t know what it is.

Bookman99R: he just chooses to use what he has for selfish reasons, without regards for others

AGlusone: Robert refused to be Ted Williams’d

AGlusone: Randy’s a one-note song.

Bookman99R: His choice, he loved the sea

BPRAL22169: One-trick pony.

KultsiKN: And not even a Samba at that

Bookman99R: Randy will whine about that forever

SubCrid Death: As I said earlier, I’m a relative newcomer to AFH, so I don’t have much experience with many of the posters there (save perhaps the ABTC cross-overs). I don’t think I’ve seen him elsewhere, unless he was in that rather boring ESP…

SubCrid Death: … thread.

BPRAL22169: Aha! Was that a reference to Special EFX I hear?

AGlusone: I don’t plan on saying anything to Randy. Just apply the filter. If you tell him you plonk he just goes to alias.

SubCrid Death: ESP thread got twit-filtered a while back, for rampant x-posted stupidity.

Bookman99R: Randy worships the “god” of cryonics

DavidWrightSr: Don’t Feed The Trolls. It just makes them want more attention.

AGlusone: Ennywho, a thought …

KultsiKN: Once you freeze your head, your problems are past…

BPRAL22169: Or Jobim rather than Special EFX cover?

KultsiKN: GA, Dave…

JNEILSCHUL: Later, ya’all. Thanks for being here tonight.

SubCrid Death: G’night, Neil.

BPRAL22169: Thanks for coming.

AGlusone: Thanks again for that link, Neil. Very gracious of you.

Bookman99R: ‘night Neil

JNEILSCHUL: My pleasure.

KultsiKN: Night, Neil, nice meeting you!

AGlusone: Stop by Venice one of these days, We;ll have lunch

BPRAL22169: You know about the readers group, don’t you, Neil?

JNEILSCHUL: Right down the street from me!

KultsiKN: Or if you ever get this way…

WJaKe: night neil

AGlusone: Yes, and every once in while I read your letters to the Times

JNEILSCHUL: No, don’t know abou the readers group. And where is “out this way,

KultsiKN: Yes, absolutely. Lift them out.

Bookman99R: Try “Meat City” (Kansas City) for me


DavidWrightSr: the shortcut command to the Readers group is aim:gochat?roomname=Heinlein+Readers+Group+chat

KultsiKN: Out this way is Finland

BPRAL22169: Every other Thursday 6-9 pm PDT, and Saturday 2-5 pdt. Different topics, always announced and pre-discussed on alt.fan.heinlein. Woudl you like a link to AFH?

BPRAL22169: Discussion of Waldo and “unpleasant profession” coming up — the last stories he wrote before WWII

JNEILSCHUL: Bill, I fund AFH through Deja.com earlier tonight.

BPRAL22169: It’s worth checking periodically — a lot of OT chat, but worthwhile material as well.

JNEILSCHUL: Got the Chat URL, thanks.

JNEILSCHUL: Finland. That is a skip and a hop for me, indeed!

BPRAL22169: I’m sure David Wright will also post the URL for this log on afh.

BPRAL22169: Now, howmany league boots would it take to get from southern california to finland in a skip and a hop?

KultsiKN: So, wouldn’t it be nice to havew a native aroud? 😀

DavidWrightSr: Will do, but it might take me a while with all of the cutting and pasting I am going to have to do. Fortunately, I have a holiday on Monday

DavidWrightSr: test

AGlusone: Yep. I imagine you don’t have to clean your room and stay home. ;-):-P

JNEILSCHUL: OK, I’m really leaving this time.

Bookman99R: I will save it, David – if you need it from me, let me know

BPRAL22169: Ciao

DavidWrightSr: Actually, I do have to clean my room. Got the word from my spousal overload unit.


AGlusone: Mañana

Bookman99R: don’t go away mad, Neil

DavidWrightSr: Do svidanije

BPRAL22169: Amy sent an e-mail saying she couldn’t get her AOL to work with her DSL.

AGlusone: l-o-r-d, not l-o-a-d, please.

BPRAL22169: vsyevo xorosova.

Bookman99R: can she get the stand-alone AIM to work with it?

JNEILSCHUL has left the room.

AGlusone: She should be able to. It takes a while to BYOA set up.

BPRAL22169: She had signed off for the night — she’s on right coast time.

Bookman99R: oh

AGlusone: Well, gents. I have one inch in the brandy bottle left.

BPRAL22169: And I need to get off the line,a s well.

Bookman99R: I use the speedy chicken & AIM works OK

BPRAL22169: Kill the brandy.

DavidWrightSr: overload, overlord. Is there a difference? 🙂

KultsiKN: Duh. sissy. I’m extreme right, and I’m still here!

AGlusone: so long as you don’t type l-a-r-d

Bookman99R: I’m not going

BPRAL22169: but you’re so far right, you’re left.

AGlusone: you’re probably save.

AGlusone: safe

DavidWrightSr: You are in the future.

BPRAL22169: Have fun.

BPRAL22169: It’s been an exhausting day.

WJaKe: I suppose that leaves me to shovel out the virtual fireplace

AGlusone: yeah. Don’t forget to close the flue

BPRAL22169: Yeah, them virtual ashes is heavy.

Bookman99R: why? I’m not leaveing

BPRAL22169: ‘night.

SubCrid Death: I’m afraid that I have to part company with y’all for the night. Work beckons tomorrow… err, this morning, and I would rather pass on wrapping my car around a telephone pole because I fell asleep at the wheel.

KultsiKN: Yes, Bill it has.

BPRAL22169 has left the room.

DavidWrightSr: I don’t think so. It’s self-cleaning and one of Dan Davis’s robots will clean up the glass

Bookman99R: It’s been real, gentlemen

SubCrid Death: A little surreal, too. 🙂

AGlusone: thanks for coming Rusty

Bookman99R: I have a nanobot which converts glass shard into memory chips

AGlusone: Ginny would appreciate the toasts and mass quantities consumed

Bookman99R: thanks for not killing me out of hand! 😉

Bookman99R: wouldn’t she appreciate the good fellowship even more?

AGlusone: Nice to hear Snowy has a home

SubCrid Death: G’night everyone. (logged, and will mail in a minute to the addy you mentioned earlier, David)

DavidWrightSr: Jim Cunningham sent me the story of how she got Snowy and gave me permission to post it. Should be there tomorrow

Bookman99R: cool

AGlusone: yes read it on sff

AGlusone: while I was locked out of AIM

KultsiKN: afh as well?

SubCrid Death: Off to *hic*… Off to *hic*… err, gone. ;P

SubCrid Death has left the room.

Bookman99R: bye, Dan

Bookman99R: damn, too slow

AGlusone: Actually Jane Davitt has the record for ‘bye’ poof

AGlusone: Nice to see her back

AGlusone: Hope she enjoyed it

Bookman99R: yep

Bookman99R: same here

KultsiKN: It just took TOO much to get her back.

Bookman99R: OW!

AGlusone: sí

AGlusone: Well, say hello to the dawn for me, K

tim8439 has entered the room.

AGlusone: I’m going to go kiss my wife who brought home steak and barbequed them too

KultsiKN: Hello, Dawn! How are you?

AGlusone: Hi, Tim

tim8439: hi

KultsiKN: Hi, Tim; the above was not for ya…

AGlusone: have a daughter who has an assignment?

Bookman99R: step away to pee…

Bookman99R: wha happen?

KultsiKN: No, no! step closer!

Bookman99R: hi, Time

Bookman99R: Tim

Bookman99R: Gah!

tim8439: I just found the alt.fan.heinlein news group and read about his wife oh well

Bookman99R: you are not too late, Tim

AGlusone: yes … late but not too late

Bookman99R: right, David

AGlusone: we’re down from about 30 in the room but still plugging along

AGlusone: What did we peak at, David?

Bookman99R: belly up to the bar

AGlusone: first drink’s on us

AGlusone: your pleasure is?

KultsiKN: What’s your preference?

Bookman99R: A toast!

tim8439: a glass of water please

KultsiKN: We have anything.

AGlusone: water works

AGlusone: Let me change some wine into water for you.

Bookman99R: must I be rude?

KultsiKN: D’ya mind if it’s salty?

Bookman99R: I propose a toast!

AGlusone: /ga

KultsiKN: GA, Rusty

DavidWrightSr: The peak at a single time was 28, but with several coming and going, I suspect it will be 30-34 or so

Bookman99R: To Virginia Heinlein: Dignity with a sense of humor!

DavidWrightSr: *clink*

AGlusone: yes!

tim8439: here here


KultsiKN: Hear, hear! clink!

WJaKe: clink crash!

KultsiKN: crash

Bookman99R: now I need more beer

Bookman99R: brb

KultsiKN: Jim Beam. brb

tim8439: no i don,t mind if its salty I just don’t remeber why they said mike was saulty

Bookman99R: back

AGlusone: Keep trying to think of that Kipling, who smashed it to the amazement of the mess, which hadn’t done so since a far more innocent time.

AGlusone: When the Queen was very young

DavidWrightSr: Folks. It’s 1:08 here on the right coast, and my eyes are getting hard to keep open. I am going to have to call it a night. If you want me to add in anything after I leave, just send me a copy and I’ll stick it on.

Bookman99R: I don’t know, the only notable toast is Montrose’s

KultsiKN: Funny. JB tastes a lot like young Calvados.

Bookman99R: good night, Mr Wright

AGlusone: I’ll slip off too, Tim, nice to meet you and glad you came. I’ve been up about 40 hours now.

DavidWrightSr: Night everyone.

AGlusone: bye all

WJaKe: night gys!

WJaKe: guys!

Bookman99R: gah! the only notable _toast I know_ is Montrose’s

KultsiKN: Night, Dave Sr!
Editor’s Note: The total number of visitors to this virtural wake was 36. The highest at a single point in time was 28

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Jane Silver            aggirlj
David Silver          agplusone
Ginny Heinlein    astyanax12/SAcademic
Brian Maranta     BJ Maranta
Rusty                     Bookman99R
David Wright       DavidWrightSr
Ron H                    Dehede011
Bill Dennis            DennEditor
Dr Rufo                  DrRufosGlory
Chris Bohn            Engr Bohn
Dee                          jilyd
Steve jump101      jump101st
Shane Glaseman KatJensDad
Chuck Krin           Krin135
Kultsi                     kultsiKN
Howard                 LanaiHoward
Stephanie              Musiquelle26
nw                           NuclearWasteUSN
OJ III                     oj3 jeep
Oscagne                OscagneTX
Teresa                    pixelmeow
Steve Prince         princeofbaja
Dave Jennings     QinJingYou
Tian                        rahfan147
Randy Jost            Randyjj55
Sean Kennedy      RebelKennedy
Jim Cornwall       ROXnDOX / jcornusgs
Jani                        siannon prime / siannon secundus
Dan Poore            SubCrid Death
E!                           TreeTopAngelRN2
Ward Griffiths     Wdg3rd

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