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THE HEINLEIN SOCIETY was established in at the behest of the late Virginia Heinlein to help preserve Robert Heinlein's legacy, which includes novels, short stories, essays, speeches and social commentaries that remain as fresh today as they were the day they were written.

Robert Heinlein introduced a number of concepts into our collective consciousness. One of them is the concept of "Pay It Forward," a term he coined when speaking to the many people he befriended in response to their questions about what they could do in return for his generous assistance.

The Society's main objective, then, is to promote ongoing discussions of Heinlein's philosophy, which defies easy categorization, but remains a powerful influence on millions of people around the world. To promote this objective, the Society continues to pursue the following goals:

  1. Underwrite the acquisition of Robert Heinlein's collected works by schools and libraries
  2. Encourage the development of critical thinking skills through the use of Heinlein's collected works by creating and disseminating teaching guides tailored for different age groups
  3. Promote scholarly research and public discussion of Robert Heinlein's philosophical and political ideas
  4. Promote the dissemination of the collected works into more languages and formats to make them more accessible to the public
  5. Coordinating blood drives at science fiction conventions and other events around the United States to honor Heinlein's lifelong commitment to giving blood and encouraging others to give blood

THE HEINLEIN SOCIETY is chartered as a non-profit corporation and organized to fully qualify as an educational charity. We are in the process of securing our Internal Revenue Service certification, and are currently eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. Dues are in two classes, regular and supporting; for regular members, the dues will be $35 a year, and for supporting members, $15 a year. You may click on any of the links mentioned above or below or the HOME link in the menus at the top or bottom of any page to explore the site. We hope you do join. We will appreciate your help in achieving our aims together.

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  Join The Heinlein Society and Pay Forward the legacy of Robert A. Heinlein and Virginia Heinlein.

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The Heinlein Society was founded by Virginia Heinlein on behalf of her husband, science fiction author Robert Anson Heinlein, to "pay forward" the legacy of Robert A. Heinlein to future generations of "Heinlein's Children."