HEINLEIN QUOTES: The Heinlein quotes are well known humerous sayings and one liners that come from Robert’s stories or The Notebooks of Lazarus Long or The Heinlein Archives.  Many are posted on Heinlein websites hosted by Heinlein’s fans like James Gifford.  These three came from file WRTG214-2 in the Heinlein Archives.

My sister is eleven years old. She hasn’t really made up her mind that she’s a girl yet. (I’ll get him for that!) Wrtg214-2. Page 7.

It simply does not do to let men know that you have a brain. Since I can’t as yet compete on a basis of biological basic, it is necessary to be a poor helpless little waif, with big sad eyes. This is not difficult. Wrtg214-2. Page 8.

Before marrying a widow find out how her first husband died. Wrtg214-2. Page 93.

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