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JamesGifford wrote:
Seen, in IMAX 3-D. I will post some longer reviews and critique later, but for now, it met all of my fondest expectations, barely brushed my fears, and all in all lives up to the tremendous hype. James Cameron has now officially gone from King of the World to God.

About half an hour from the end, you get a good sense of how and where it's going to end. In the brief lulls, I thought about how I'd do it - what the final, closing shot had to be. Either I should have gone into filmmaking or Cameron simply laid his groundwork well, preparing my thinking, but it got to the final scene, the final shot... and Cameron nailed it, nailed it like Pavarotti hitting the most difficult note of his career. I honestly wanted to jump up and scream, "YESSSSS!!"

If anyone wants to jump the gun on detailed discussion, please start a SPOILER thread.

Yes, I had the same reaction, and probably at the same point (where Grace didn't make it because she was too weak). It's a hallmark of many great works that you can see where they are going and when they get there, be not just fulfilled but ecstatic that they did just want you wanted.

The effects are beyond awesome, they are transparent. What he did with humanoid characters is far beyond the realism that was previously possible. None of the typical glitches are there: glassy stares, mechanically smooth facial expression changes, puppetlike walks, not interacting with the landscape, not looking in exactly the right direction, robotic limb articulation, and don't get me started on hair. He has broken through a wall.

I am immensely glad for this movie, because when I was young I would see movies that affected and inspired me profoundly, Star Wars for one, but for years since, nothing has had the emotional sticking power to make me think about it more than a day. Heck, the vast majority of movies were gone from my mind by the time I got home from the theater. And--to wear my heart on my sleeve--I had honestly figured that this meant I had outgrown passion, and I was too mature to be swept up, so to speak. Next stop, shuffleboard and dominoes with fellow retirees while carping about the delinquency of modern youth.

Well, thank you James Cameron for showing me I was wrong. I've been thinking about this movie ever since I saw it and I can't wait to go back. I hear that there are huge online communities of people also deeply affected for a variety of reasons. Fantastic. This could inspire a new generation to care about their planet and their way of life. God knows we need that. And I'll be glad to pitch in.

Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:12 pm
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Post Re: Avatar [SPOILER THREAD]
Wow Peter, the movie really impacted you emotionally. Not so much for me. I was in awe of the visuals but thought the story was pretty pedestrian. And I don't particularly care to see it again. Like you, Star Wars was a movie that I couldn't wait to see again and again. In my case I was a senior in college when it premiered. There have been few movies since that affected me in that way. The other Cameron masterpiece, Titanic, was one of those. Alien was another. Few others, sadly.

"Being right too soon is socially unacceptable." - Heinlein, Expanded Universe

Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:59 am
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Post Re: Avatar [SPOILER THREAD]
Well this has happened to me seldom enough that I don't care if I sound like a damfool. Sooner alive and mocked than numb and safe.

Of course it is impossible to tell from web sites alone what the size of a following is, or its impact, only that it is there. So I don't know whether, for instance, the Navi Movement is making any real difference. However, despite the lack of Avatar references on the site, that's where it came from; a discussion on the Avatar forums reveals this. Their manifesto is heartfelt and moving. If nothing else, this clearly is something better for kids to be doing than playing violent video games--and it's not that perhaps they are just doing both, there are many references on the Avatar forums to people giving up video gaming after seeing the movie because they perceive it as a wasteful activity.

So I don't care what it takes for someone to wake up, only that they do. Activities like the Navi Movement give me more optimism about today's kids than I have had in a while. So what if it wears off in a bit... enlightenment is like sex, once you've experienced it, you want to get it again even if you need to find it somewhere else.

Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:24 pm
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Post Re: Avatar [SPOILER THREAD]
A visual masterpiece and just another "let's find an exotic society and show that it is just so much better than everyday life that the protagonist can never go back."

Dances with Aliens. With a little bit of The Word for the World is Forest thrown in.

Sat Nov 06, 2010 2:26 pm
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