"Moon" (not the one you're thinking of)
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Author:  JamesGifford [ Sat Apr 11, 2009 2:55 pm ]
Post subject:  "Moon" (not the one you're thinking of)

There is a new indie film on the horizon that I think is going to blow people away. It's just started appearing on the festival circuit and won't hit limited US release until June.

"Moon," directed by Duncan Jones - you know him as David Bowie's son Zowie - stars Sam Rockwell in what looks like an Oscar-worthy performance. Now we need a good voice for his semi-sentient computer companion... hmm... how about... Kevin Spacey?

Rockwell's character is a miner on the moon, manning a one-man station for a three-year hitch. He has two weeks to go, and either strange things are happening or he's starting to unravel. It's more in the PKD-Harlan Ellison mode than anything RAHvian, but the trailer just looks outstanding - the lunar scenes just plain look documentary-real. Think the first part of 2001 (on the moon) stretched into film length, with the a high spook factor woven in.

I can't wait.

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