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Author:  CharlesO [ Sat Sep 22, 2012 4:37 am ]
Post subject:  Notes at the end of a quest Re: David R Palmer

Well I started my quest with information on this forum with a posting from 2008. I completed the acquisition of the the serialization in ANALOG three issues, quite a difficult task but fully worth it. I then reread the first book EMERGENCE. I had fogotten alot after 25 year hiatus. Definately comparable to the JUVENILES RAH wrote so well. Along with some Heinlein morality on adult mores and behavior. I do reccomend it with 5 stars. Being out of print used copies are going for $30 -$70 on ebay !! I have begun the sequel in ANALOG, and it holds up to original book and takes off right fom ending. This all within my first month of involment in thie forum. I am truely happy to have discovered it. I am not sure who is responsible for setting it up but I offer my heart felt THANK YOU. :mrgreen:

Author:  CharlesO [ Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: David R Palmer

Now that I have completed my quest I leisurely read this sequel, all three serials in a row. WOW !! After waiting more than 25 years it weas worth it. The fist third is the intoduction to the rest of the remaning survivors. But then it gets REALLY GOOD. Without giving away plot lines lets say we find out how unbeleivably endowed Candy is. As an 11 year old she makes mere NAVY SEALS to be TOM BOYS. The story line includes unbeleivable battle (gory and all) with some of the most outragouusly horrible bad guys to come down the pike. If this was a video game it would be for Mature audiences and not because of sex. It does honor RAH Rules of Morality and doesn't glorify death or mayhem but uses it to teach lessons. I personally feel discussion othis book shoul be in a forum such as this. Why it hasn't been published I have no idea. I would purchase a Hard Cover Just to have it it in My Library

Author:  JohnBlack [ Tue Oct 16, 2012 5:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: David R Palmer

Glad to see my post had some impact. Ironically, I did not know that he actually got a sequel out there in serialized form until I read the above posts tonight. I know its been covered elsewhere before but it's Palmer's Emergence novel and Scalzi's novels that impress me as being most like Heinlein's. I'm not suggesting that either writer writes identically to Heinlein. For me, it's more in the vein of "If you like Heinlein, you will also like Palmer and Scalzi.

It is my opinion that Emergence is a really great novel, Threshold not so much. Threshold isn't horrible - but the bar was set very high by Emergence.

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