Socialism and happiness
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Author:  holmesiv [ Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Socialism and happiness

This is taken out of context from a discussion about belief in science from Skepticblog, but I offer it here because there are so many Heinleinists who opposed socialism.
So chew on this:
"As Greg Paul and Phil Zuckerman (2008) and many people have noted, the least religious of these European countries also have a very high standard of living and better sense of well being. They share another thing in common: they are countries with strong social safety nets (guaranteed health care, job security, good retirement and vacation benefits, good child care). In these countries (especially in Scandinavia and Germany), most people no longer worry much about these mundane matters of survival, and no longer feel the need to pray to a deity to protect them against the lack of health coverage, few benefits or job security, scanty retirement savings, and lack of child care that plagues many middle and lower class people in the U.S. Yet their economies are thriving, their standards of living are very high, and they have relatively few people who are poor."
My bold.

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